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The curfew that was Imposed on the North West Region as a result of the whisking off of the Sub Divisional Officer of Batibo, got extended. The trillion dollar question that is begging for an answer is " Can a people be subjugated and subdued through violence and at the same time accept to be governed by those they see as their tormentors"?

The curfew is as irrelevant as the person who has made it. Take away the militia that is used by the same Governor to maim, torture, arrest and even make some disappear, then that curfew is raped and abused. Curfews are imposed in Countries where there is a law and order and not in lawless and reckless nations.


The Governor can't show any authorization warranting the curfew and can't show how effective it has been. Was the Sub Divisional Officer for Batibo whisked off at Night? It was a broad day light operation and it was smooth and hitch free. LA Republique Du Cameroun must stop dreaming that it can use its military might and artillery to crush the mind set of a people who have said " Enough is enough" The now famous declaration of the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroon's is irreversible, irrevocable and permanent.

Ayuk Tabe was only the voice of a people so distraught, disappointed and short changed by the Francophone Cameroonian, whom he trusted but can't continue to trust because her trust was raped and abused. The said curfew runs from 8pm to 6am and was prolonged or extended on Sunday the 18th of February, 2018.According to the press release any defaulter will be severely dealt with.


Cameroon- Electoral Campaigns 2018-Caveye Yeguie Djibril: " If the other political Parties carry out vast campaigns, the CPDM party will react"

Taking into consideration the fact that 2018 is an electoral year, a lot of political Parties are involved in canvassing for votes and political stratagem.
The speaker of the National Assembly and the Number three Personality in the Nation by state protocol has assured the President of his Party, Paul Biya that all is assured for a gigantic win of the CPDM in the Far North.

This assurance is made following a very strong mobilization of party officials and stalwarts on the ground, doing a lot of field work.
Those at the basic organs of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement are canvassed and mobilized to win more voters for the CPDM, so that it remains the party with the highest seats in both Senate and in the National Assembly.
Taking into consideration that he is the leader of the Regional Delegation of the Central Committee of the Cameroon Democratic Movement for the Far North, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril has started holding meetings with militants of his party on the 14th of February 2018 in Maroua..
During this meeting, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril reiterated his fervent appeal on the base for the support of the New Candidature of Paul Biya at helm of the state who has been President for 36 long years.

He went further by saying that much should be expected since the real campaigns shall begin next week, beginning with the campaigns for the Senatorial Elections programmed for the 25 th of March 2018.

" Recapitulating the catch phrase of the 2016 mega meeting of April 2018, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril still hold this maxim" If other Political parties act the CPDM shall react " Cavaye Yeguie Djibril claims the Far North bastion of the CPDM were the very first to call for the candidature of Paul Biya at the next Presidential Elections. He calls on the party to make sure it maintains the leadership position in all the forth coming elections in Cameroon.
In continuation, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril calls for unity and fraternity despite the differences and quarrels that exist here and there for the interest of the CPDM, explained the third personality.

The secessionists according to Dr. Frank Ebogo have moved from burning down state effigies, attacking structures like buildings and now have moved to s new gear, kidnapping of Administrative officers. This is an indication that they have grown in strength and stamina and their strategies aren't possible to be predicted any longer.

These declarations were made over the airwaves of Equinox Television channel. To have killed three Gendarmes officers and holding the Sub Divisional Officer of Batibo is a dangerous signal of more threatening attacks. Blames have now been apportioned on the Brigades Commander of Gendarmerie for Batibo.


This blame is just shifting of blames or a blame game. The assailants were supposed to have been neutralized by his elements if he was skilled and professional. The Strategist went further to say that even if it would have been somebody to be kidnapped, it won't have been Sub Divisional Officer, a symbol of state authority.

The brigade Commander would have requested for reinforcement since his area falls within a war zone. Taking into consideration that Batibo has a Gendarmerie Brigade and A Police Post, these two forces for the maintenance of Public order, would have been put to use. Then the most unanswered question that remains is " why didn't these forces pursue these assailants"?

Nigeria releases 475 Boko Haram suspects for rehabilitation

A Nigerian court has released 475 people allegedly affiliated with Boko Haram for rehabilitation, the justice ministry said, as the country’s biggest legal investigation of the militant Islamist insurgency continued.

The first person convicted for the kidnapping in 2014 of Chibok schoolgirls, sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment last week, was also handed an additional 15-year sentence, to run back-to-back, the ministry said in a statement.


More than 20,000 people have been killed and 2 million forced to flee their homes in north-eastern Nigeria since Boko Haram began an insurgency in 2009 aimed at creating an Islamic state.

Humanitarian groups have criticised the Nigerian authorities’ handling of those detained for infringing on the suspects’ rights. Some of those whose cases were heard last week in a detention centre in central Nigeria had been held without trial since 2010, according to the justice ministry statement.

“The prosecution counsel could not charge them (with) any offence due to lack of sufficient evidence against them,” it said.

In October, the ministry said 45 people suspected of links with Boko Haram had been convicted and jailed. A further 468 suspects were discharged and 28 suspects remanded for trial in Abuja or Minna.


Between the scissors and the pen, fashion designer Wazal Ayissi makes no difference. His overflowing inspiration led him into writing and narrating the story of King Wazalion in the Wazalvilles Kingdom:

"The Legend of Wazal as narrated is a tale that has its framework in Africa. It is not just a story for entertainment. Imagining this tale through the cosmic strip aims this part of Africa which is the basin of Lake Chad and the countries that make up this region, including Cameroon.

Landscapes - architecture - customs - prohibitions - rituals - clothing cultures - fabrics - accessories - hairstyles - colors of everyday life ...

Through the comic strip 'The legend of Wazal' I tell my culture, my source of inspiration, my gift, my passion for fashion that I received from my late father, the couturier Ayissi Nga Pierre Célestin:

The Rector of the University of Yaoundé ii annulled The professional Doctorate thesis of this candidate for being politically inclined . In a special press release and correspondence addressed on the 13th of February 2018, addressed to the Dean of the Faculty of law and Political Sciences, the Rector of the University of Yaoundé' II, said over CRTV 8: 30 pm news that he was astonished that the University of Yaoundé II,Soa, had begun preparing students to defend their first PhD Thesis in the Professional Doctorates this year.

According to the Rector the students couldn't be allowed to graduate because their course content haven't been completed and the award of such Doctorate Degrees will only tantamount to fraudulent certification and its effect on the University shall be devastating. According to the Rector of the University of Yaoundé ii, the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science is fraudulent and has exhibited intellectual dishonesty.


" Furthermore it can tantamount to outright insubordination and gross violation of the ethics regulating academic activities in Universities in Cameroon" Moreover the Rector of the University of Yaoundé ii equally said that the thesis of Mr. Gilbert Ngomou lacked the fundamental legal justification to be validated as thesis and failed to meet the exigencies of the award of a Doctorate in Political Sciences in Cameroon. In a telephone chat with the Dean of the faculty of Law and Political Science These thesis were supervised by Magloire Ondoa, the Dean of the faculty of law and Political Science.

It's believed that since the 15th of February ,2018,Adolf Minkoa She,the Rector of the University of Yaoundé ii and Magloire Ondoa are at daggers drawn. This contentious atmosphere is hampering serenity in the campus and University life in general. The bone of contention started with the choice of his thesis titled" public order and governance in the Ministry of Mines,Industries and Technical Development" This thesis was presented by Gilbert Ngomou, the former Director for General Affairs at the Ministry of Mines, industries and Technical Development.

It was the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, the collaborator of the rector of the University of Yaoundé II , Adolphe Minkoa She that this thesis was annulled.


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