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The guy who claims to be Paul Biya's first son Georges Gilbert Baongla (who is rumored to laying the ground work to run as an Independent Candidate and replace his father as President of Cameroon in 2018) rubbishes Government  Ministers, Parliamentarians and other senior CPDM militants for bilking SONARA (in Milliards)  for their selfish interests. He claims (with supporting documentation to justify his assertions that the Cameroon Pipeline is exposed to hazardous conditions like an attack from Terrorists (for example) because it is guarded by a small inconsequential "Fly by Night" Security company (that does not even have batons to chase away a fly) owned by a Government Minister. His own Beti brothers are not left out in his "Tell All" outburst. He further claims that in that amarda of high crimes against the State (of southern Cameroons) are the President of National Assembly, Ministers, other Hausa and Bamileke regime dignitaries. He calls it "Organized Mafia of a dimension not even seen in movies" around SNH, SONARA, SCDP and all others involved in the Petroleum sector including the very lucrative Transportation and sub-contracting SONARA deals that his father (the current President) knows absolutely nothing about. The Southern Cameroonians simply become pawns in a web of intrigue and scheming not knowing exactly what is going on around them while thieves come in, sign deals and fatten their bank accounts in millions of dollars.

I have been saying this for the longest time: The key for Southern Cameroonians emancipation will start and end with the control of our Natural Resources. (Mentchum Waterfalls, Tourism, Buea Mountain, Sonara, Natural Mamfe landscape, Timber, CDC, Tole, Ndian plantations, Yoke, Jutissa, Ngie Wild Life Parks, Alahbukam Gold mines, Lake Pinyin and much more). Southern Cameroons can and will be able to sustain itself.

Think about it: Mentchum Falls alone if well canalized and developed can provide electricity to the whole of West and Central Africa (by all credible analysis).

The North West Province alone is an agricultural untapped oasis & Eldorado once we do away with all those poisoned Eucalyptus implanted by the French in our territory for their SONEL use. Those who have visited Wum, Befang,Kejem Keku, Ndop, Fundong, Jakiri, Nkambe, Batibo, Widikum, Awing, Santa Njong (like me) know exactly what I am talking about. For other researchers, dig deep in your faculties to try to understand why Lake NYOS was bombed by foreign powers. Southern Cameroons is a very RICH soon to be country. Talking about Electricity generation, Nigeria alone with a population of almost 170 million people can sustain our folks for the next 100 years if we put the right people in the right place to the the JOBS they are trained for and pay the commensurate salaries. I think the FRENCH know exactly what they stand to loose; hence their high handedness in using their Military to squash any dissenting voices from Southern Cameroons.

Herewith a bunch of francophone guys and UDC Senator Ms Ndam Njoya (the wife of Party owner Foumban Mayor Adamou Ndam Njoya) discussing about a Southern Cameroonian Refinery with not a single opinion or input from anyone from Southern Cameroons. Ask anyone who claims to be a so-called SC CPDM apparatchik, if they know exactly what is going on in Cameroon with the mostly francophone "Elites" stealing our monies with brazen impunity. While the recording might be a few months old, it was News to me. I don't know what the President's son hopes to achieve (in his 2018 purported Presidential bid) by exposing these humongous theft by many government officials but it takes some amount of guts and courage to do so in front of a National Television. He even ended by challenging those he accused with "Ils ne peuvent rien me faire. J'ai des documents accablants en mains. Je ne parle pas en tant que fils du President. Je suis in citoyen a part entiere et je ne peux pas laisser qu'on lynche mon pere alors qu'il ne maitrisse pas les contours  de cette mafia dangereuse". No more no less.

And so, the 2018 Bafia Dance to replace tonton le President has just started.
Un seul mot!!! You be the judge.

Mishe Fon

DISCLAIMER: Statements and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not reflect in any way those of

The appointment of Chi Cornelius is contained in a presidential decree read yesterday on CRTV, the national state-run broadcaster. Dr Asafor is the pioneer secretary general of the multi-task commission placed under the unshakeable control of the Head of State.

The commission headed by former Prime Minister Peter Mafani Musonge has the daunting task of ensuring equality between English and French as well as the promotion of the different cultural backgrounds that make Cameroon unique.

This comes at a moment when the commission members are preparing for their official start of duty on Thursday.

The fifteen members of the Commission for the Promotion Bilingualism and Multiculturalism are to be commissioned on Thursday 27.04.2017.

The ceremony will take place at the Conference Centre in yaounde under the watchful of eye of Prime Minister Philemon Yang.

The fifteen-member commission was created in January 2017 by President Paul Biya as one of a series of measures to solve the current Anglophone Problem besetting the country.

The creation of the commission was one of a host of measures meant to curb the unrest in West Cameroon.

Government has so far put in place an ad hoc committee to propose solutions to the concerns raised by Southern Cameroonians. Two billion francs CFA has equally been put in place to assist lay private schools.  A department of Common Law has equally been created in all Francophone state-owned universities. A department of French Private Law has also been created at the University of Bamenda and its sister, the University of Buea.

The creation of this commission does not seem to solve the problem as many people still believe that bilingualism is not the target. The most important thing is rather the preservation and promotion of the culture of West Cameroon.

Since reunification, the constitution of Cameroon demands equal treatment for both official languages: French and English. Yet more than sixty years later English has been relegated to the position of subject while French takes central stage as the king of the jungle.

It is ridiculous that some Southern Cameroonians, including the likes of brother ERIC CHINJE, think that we can continue to live in union with LRC in some form of FEDERALISM. This sounds to me like saying that Satan and God can figure out and arrangement to live together in heaven or that French and British people who are both european citizens, can form a federation and live together as one entity ! The recent exit of Britain from the European union is telling. I want to ask these advocates of federalism the following questions:

- How many times did Ahidjo or Biya ever receive Foncha, Muna, Fonka Shang when they were 2nd personalities of the Republic ?
- How many times has Biya received HRH Fon Angwafor who is 1st Vice President of the CPDM to discuss party issues or state issues, even in these times that anglophones are crying out loud against marginalisation?
- How many times has Biya visited Bamenda that he declared in 1985 to be his 2nd home ?
- How many of the so called " grands projets " that Mr Biya hopes will take his country LRC to emergence in 2035 are in Southern Cameroons?

- How come Biya announced the construction of the Limbe deep seaport since 1998 but abandoned that project in favour of Kribi ?
- Do you know Zacheus Fornjindam (son of Southern Cameroons ) was imprisoned on trumped up charges of embezzlement of 80 millions, then sentenced to life imprisonment, just because he was about to complete the ship yard ( chantier naval ) in Limbe that would have been repairing the biggest ships on the Atlantic coast and boosting the economy of Southern Cameroons ?
- Do you know that the same Fornjindam accused of embezzling 80 millions and sentenced to life jail, left 40 billions in the coffers of chantier naval Douala which were rapidly squandered by his beti successor Antoine Bikoro but never charged of any embezzlement and it is government now paying the salaries of the largely beti workers of that structure ?
- Have you ever seen francophones, even their so called intellectuals, rise up in solidarity with anglophones any time anglophones have been humiliated with insults such as: enemis dans la maison, biafrais, anglofous, les gens qui refechis a gauche, les bamendas esclaves, les vaut riens, etc. And recently Biya himself insulted us as " les extremistes ". You can continue the list. Instead, they team up to defend and make understand that it is all our fault and we deserve such insults !

In 1990, a CTV/CRTV colleague and collaborator of our brother Eric Chinje by name ZACHARIE NGNIMAN, wrongfully and shamelessly accused anglophone students of the then University of Yaounde of having sang the Nigerian national anthem on campus and referred to them as traitors of the nation. The anglophones in Yaounde in particular were arrested and tortured, many killed and dumped in unknown mass graves and not even Eric Chinje had the courage to raise his finger against these lies that exposed anglophones to genocide. On the contrary ZACHARIE NGNIMAN was later promoted to member of parliament while his boss Eric Chinje who himself suffered huge humiliations in CTV/CRTV resigned to look for solace out of the country.

It puzzles me that some Southern Cameroonians still think that some new breed of francophones will crop up and start considering Southern Cameroonians as their equals. It will never happen. Humiliating and wiping out the anglophone existence is a policy that is deeply rooted in the psyche of francophones.

They have created the common law departments in the francophone universities with the intention to teach common law to francophones, then admit them into ENAM, train them as common law magistrates, post them to courts in Southern Cameroons to continue the control of our judicial system with the argument that they understand common law. How can we be so blind not to see the writing on the wall ? These people have corruption, dishonesty, cheating, brutality, mischief, subjugation and exploitation as their way of live !

I have lived with Francophones for 40 years and it is clear to every generation of them that anglophones can never have the same rights like them in " their country " because we were the ones who begged to join them in 1961. Reason why they accept that Fru Ndi won the 1992 presidential elections but understand that Biya was right to seize the victory because he could not allow a foreigner to rule their country. Tell francophones as a whole that the post of Head of State of LRC should rotate between anglophones and francophones. The answer is an out right no and their argument is that anglophones are a minority and cannot expect to rule the francophone majority for what ever reason. After all to them, we were the ones who begged to join them in 1961 and so we must accept what ever treatment they mete on us.

In the face of all these humiliations and subjugation, and the established treachery that characterises the francophone way of life, accepting federalism with LRC will be accepting to enslave ourselves and future generations of Southern Cameroonian for eternity. God has ordained our liberation now like he liberated the children of Israel from Egypt and we must take it now or forget about it for ever. It is either total independence or it is slavery for ever ! We must continue to pay any price till we restore our independence and free ourselves and children from slavery under LRC.


DISCLAIMER: Statements and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author, and do not reflect in any way those of

The US military in partnership with the Cameroon arm forces, the multinational task force of the Lake Chad basin commission, and inter-agency partners are taking part in an exercise which began yesterday at the Douala Naval Base named Unified Focus 2017 in Douala in an effort to focus on the fight against terrorism.

According to the U.S. Army Africa deputy commander, Brigadier General Moore, Unified Focus is a brand new concept.

Moore says “We brought together representatives from all of the regional militaries, non-governmental organisations, to have intellectual and academic discussions on security issues so that we may provide some solutions and move forward with the security problems and the fight against Boko Haram and ISIS West Africa”.

Cameroon Generals present also express optimism and salute the idea behind Unified Focus. According to them the exercise aims at getting best results.

“Exercise Unified Focus is an AFRICOM exercise that effectively mobilises both national and regional efforts for the best results in the fight against terrorism,” says Cameroonian Major General Sally Mohamadou, Commander of the 2nd Military Region of Cameroon.

Two children have been found dead in the West Region after reportedly ‘inhaling a toxic gas’ from their mother’s charcoal oven. The two kids are aged 7 and 2; a boy and a girl respectively.

Reports say it all began on Saturday 22.04.2017 when their mother lit the charcoal oven to cook her corn chaff.  And this morning they were found dead in the house.

The mother who is in a clinic responding to medical attention is recovering gradually. She is expected to help in shedding more light on the incidence when she regains strength.

The father of the kids is currently speechless in the face of the shock.

My Fellow West Cameroonians,

A few hours to the start of our "Civil Disobedience", the weapon we have been divinely instructed to use against the forces of oppression that wreak havoc and cause bloodshed, I wish to remind you again that:

1. Our struggle is a peaceful resistance, not a violent one. No citizen, worthy of West Cameroon should take part in any form of violence or take part in any bloodshed. Teachers will not go to school, so children, don't bother to go to school. The indigenes of West Cameroon are heroically and collectively resolved to resist until their demands are met.

2. Any one who dreams of enjoying the citizenship of West Cameroon should do well to keep their children at home so that State provocateurs will not use them to inflict violence on our community again. We have known shame, lack, abuse and all forms of human suffering, but only self-discipline will take us through.

3. Our God is God of justice and truth. He defends the weak. He delivered Israel from the hands of Pharaoh with his mighty army. He will do same for us. So, we do not have to fight to achieve it. God will do it for us.

4. Anyone who plans to betray this cause should imagine what will happen when God finally gives us the victory. The shame will be too much for you and your future generations. Think about that and don't doubt what God can do.

5. Finally, I thank the Church and all the Men Of God for their prayers and intercessions. We look forward to a nation that will serve God in truth and in spirit, free from intimidation, marginalization and the fear of the unknown.

God bless our peaceful struggle.

Dr. Fontem A. Neba
Secretary General
Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium

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