Eyong Orlando http://cameroon-concord.com Thu, 26 Apr 2018 22:56:13 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Government refutes claims about closure of Douala airport http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-refutes-claims-about-closure-of-douala-airport http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-refutes-claims-about-closure-of-douala-airport Cameroon: Government refutes claims about closure of Douala airport
The Director of Cameroonian airports has said in a communiqué published on 18 April 2018, that rumours circulating about the closure of the Douala international airport are unfounded. {loadposition myposition}
To clarify those who had been given wrong information, the D G of the ADC, revealed that an audit which is said to have led to the suspension of the Douala international airport, has not even taken place. “Information has been circulating on some newspapers, radio and TV stations, relayed by social media about an audit by the international civil aviation organisation, which supposedly consequently led to the closure of the Douala international airport” the communiqué stated The communiqué went on to stress that the auditing at the Douala international airport is still to take place “the audit program of the aviation organisation is as follows: the Yaounde –Nsimalen international airport (fom 18-21 April 2018), the Douala international airport (from 22-27 April 2018)”. {loadposition myposition2}
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Football: Is Cameroon to finally host AFCON 2019! http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/football-is-cameroon-to-finally-host-afcon-2019 http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/football-is-cameroon-to-finally-host-afcon-2019 Football: Is Cameroon to finally host AFCON 2019!
CAF has official sent the logo of the 2019 African cup of Nations to the Cameroon Football Federation. {loadposition myposition}
The logo was sent with Cameroon’s ‘baptism’ name for the competition “Total AFCON Cameroon 2019”. This could prove that they no longer have rivals, who would make Cameroonians fear the competition might not take place in their country. The issue of Cameroon hosting the Afcon, has hardly ever been certain. This is because there have been numerous threats, to strip Cameroon of their hosting rights. At first it was a battle between Cameroon and Morocco, whom many thought would take over the organisation of the African competition, but they finally announced their support for Cameroon. Other fears stemmed from the fact that Cameroon could not present ready pitches and other infrastructure as expected. Most of the works were still under construction. The creation of the logo is now a clear sign that the hosts of the 2019 edition of the African Cup of Nations remain Cameroon. {loadposition myposition2}
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SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/sdf-partisans-say-they-never-wanted-to-be-appointed-senators http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/sdf-partisans-say-they-never-wanted-to-be-appointed-senators SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators

After the publication of the list of appointed senators by Paul Biya, without even one SDF member, some supporters of the main opposition party have said they never wanted to be appointed.

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Jean Robert Wafo, of the Social democratic front, and who also is the assistant mayor of the Douala 2 council shares the same view.

He granted an interview to the equinox radio, and said it's something normal to them "looking at the list of the recently appointed senators, we come to realise that we are in a country of dishonesty, where it is the same people who are in power for years. For us we have remained loyal to our policies."

We have always declared among ourselves in the SDF that we will always be part of public institutions through elections and not by nomination." Jean Robert Wafo revealed.

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Cameroon-senatorial appointments: Senators vow to fight for Biya's stay in power http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-senatorial-appointments-senators-vow-to-fight-for-biya-s-stay-in-power http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/cameroon-senatorial-appointments-senators-vow-to-fight-for-biya-s-stay-in-power Cameroon-senatorial appointments: Senators vow to fight for Biya's stay in power

Paul Biya, made public on Thursday 12 April 2018, a list of 30 appointed senators, to add to the 70 elected ones on 25 March, and a host of these recently appointed individuals say, they will do everything for Biya to stay in power.

After, the announcement of Biya's appointments, the homes of the appointed ones became flooded with people coming from all over, to congratulate them.

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Media organs were equally present to get first hand reactions from the 8 newly appointed and 22 reappointed senators, who expressed immense satisfaction.

"I'm expressing my gratitude to the head of State, and I will do everything to keep earning his trust.  I will start sensitising the population in my Division and Region, to have themselves registered on electoral lists. I will do everything I can so that the president is re-elected, so that great accomplishments should continue to be a reality." Mpongmoni Jean Marie told the CRTV.



Mohaman Gabdo, Moussa Sambo, Djaratou Mohamadou


Alirou Mamadou, Daouda Oumarou, Mme Hadjidjatou



Nkodo Laurent, Mpongmoni Jean Marie, Mbida Mvondo Albert




Bihina Eloundou Floribert, Abanda Metogo Valère, Abessolo Nomo Thierry Martial




Ze Nguelé Réné, Diwala Moni Hilarion, Aboui Marlyse




Aleokol Jean Marie, Voumia Rigobert, Gbwa Zacharie


Extreme Nord


Mahamat Bahar Manouf, Dakollé Daïssalla, Babaya Chefchef




Essena Mahamat, Daroue Jean Claude, Moustapha Halilou



Madiba Songue,Etame Massoma David Siegfried,Ngayap Pierre Flambeau




Essombadje Patrice, Celestin Ketchanga, Mme Ngossing epse Dikobo




Aboubakari Abdoulaye, Hayatou Aïcha Pierette, Boubakari Ousmanou




Bouba Samari Bernard, Mohamadou Bayero Fadil, Nihi Dawaye




Fon Doh Ganyonga III, Fon Chafa Issac, Mme Regina Mundi




Djadje Manu Guy Dado, Atanga Charles, Aga Martin Kum




Mbombo Njoya Ibrahim, Ndjomo Kamga Honorée, Niat Njifennji Marcel




Paboutam Mariatou epse Montapon, Kamdem Didier, Ouembe Ken Samuel.




Ngally Ngoua Pierre Henri, Menye Ondo François Xavier, Bisseck Paulette



Mme Ndo Angeline, Edou Emmanuel, Oyono Robert



Fon Mukete Essimi Ngo Victor, Chief Anja Simon Onjwo, Leke Bessongo Akemfor




Mambe Aniece, Monono Humphrey Ekema, Mbou Lucie

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Commonwealth games 2018: Cameroonian athletes reported missing in Australia http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/commonwealth-games-2018-cameroonian-athletes-reported-missing-in-australia http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/commonwealth-games-2018-cameroonian-athletes-reported-missing-in-australia Commonwealth games 2018: Cameroonian athletes reported missing in Australia

Five Cameroonian athletes taking part in the 2018 commonwealth games in Australia, have gone missing.

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The five athletes whose names are, Ollivier Matam, Minkoumba Petit David, Arcangeline, Fouodji Sonkbou, Ndzie Tchoyi Christian and Fotsala Simplice, disappeared on Monday and Tuesday.

This is not the first time Cameroon is experiencing such a situation. In London during the Olympics, Cameroonian athletes left the competition without authorisation.

Three athletes had earlier been announced missing, Olivier Matam, Ndzie Tchoyi and Simplice Fotsala. From five now, it is possible that the number increases given that the competition is not yet over.

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Cameroon: Agbor Balla condemns kidnappings, calls for release of Justice Mbeng Martin http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-agbor-balla-condemns-kidnappings-calls-for-release-of-justice-mbeng-martin http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-agbor-balla-condemns-kidnappings-calls-for-release-of-justice-mbeng-martin Cameroon: Agbor Balla condemns kidnappings, calls for release of Justice Mbeng Martin

Cameroonian barrister Agbor Balla, following the news about the abduction of Justice Mbeng Martin, has strongly condemned the kidnappings that are taking place in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.

He made the call after his colleague Justice Mbeng Martin fell prey to armed groups in the Southwest Region.

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"During the early hours of Sunday April 8 2018 reports from family sources confirmed that an armed group abducted Justice Mbeng Martin, former Vice president of court of Appeal, Southwest.

'We deplore the kidnapping in the strongest possible terms. These abhorrent attacks on civilians by armed groups must stop now. I call on all those with the means to engage to stop these violations and return Justice Mbeng Martin.

'Suppressing freedom of speech, association and attacking others with different views do not represent the values we ought to build. We must not be bullied into silence through the barrel of a gun by armed groups.

'The incident regrettably indicates the serious deterioration in the security situation, escalation of the Anglophone crisis and peak of radicalisation in our communities. It is therefore imperative that we take steps to ensure that kidnap for ransom or to score political concessions is no longer perceived as a lucrative business model.

'To put an end to the Stalemate, all parties must seek constructive negotiations which will lead to a peaceful settlement, long term stability and equal opportunities for every citizen." Barrister Balla said in his release of Sunday 8 April 2018.

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Cameroon-Yaounde: 5 die in road accident http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-thisday/cameroon-yaounde-5-die-in-road-accident http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-thisday/cameroon-yaounde-5-die-in-road-accident Cameroon-Yaounde: 5 die in road accident

Five deaths have been recorded in a road accident which occurred on the Mbalmayo-Yaounde road axis.

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The tragic incident took place on Friday 06 April 2018 at about 8:30pm.

In the accident, five deaths and several injured persons were recorded.

According to what Cameroon concord, a transportation vehicle of the Caravane agency, coming from Ebolowa, crashed against a trailer, carrying sand which had had a breakdown.

This happened precisely at the level of the Ovangoul village, as CRTV sources reveal.

The situation comes up when Cameroon is struggling to battle against road accidents, by organising road safety campaigns.

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Cameroon: Satisfied with President Biya's performance, a CPDM stalwart is ready to pay the 30 Million caution fee for the 2018 Presidential Elections. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-satisfied-with-president-biya-s-performance-a-cpdm-stalwart-is-ready-to-pay-the-30-million-caution-fee-for-the-2018-presidential-elections http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-satisfied-with-president-biya-s-performance-a-cpdm-stalwart-is-ready-to-pay-the-30-million-caution-fee-for-the-2018-presidential-elections Cameroon: Satisfied with President Biya's performance, a CPDM stalwart is ready to pay the 30 Million caution fee for the 2018 Presidential Elections.

Wonders they say shall never end as this CPDM party stalwart promises to pay Biya's caution fee of 30million CFA francs.

This business magnet must have come from outer space to be judging Biya's regime performance as satisfactory and worth celebrating.

El Hadji Relounanou Charaboutou announced during the false match of the purported living together in Douala iii, Stability,peace and social cohesion.

This was around New Bell and precisely at Douala ii.

The purported match which eventually became a CPDM rally was to bring together those of English, French and Hausa speakers as a sign that these different people were living together and in perfect harmony.

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Falsehood isn't going to stop this crisis that has ravaged Cameroon and damaging the very foundation of the nationhood.

It attracted political opportunist, who wasted no time to become tambourines , showering praises to their god, Paul Biya.

They called upon their militants to support Paul Biya , the President of Cameroon, who is an incarnate of peace,stability and social cohesion.

As proof of his loyalty to President Paul Biya, El Hadji Relounanou Charaboutou, the President of Association of Muslim Elites for the Development of Cameroon( ASSEMDEC) and former president of the Wouri ii Section of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, the ruling party.

He has declared his intention to pay the presidential elections caution of 30 million francs.

If nobody is seeing this gesture of his as politics and positioning, the donor claims it's his own way of showing support to the head of state, Paul  Biya for his great achievements.

He calls on Paul Biya not to leave power, especially when the nation is at the verge of exploding.

El Hadji Relounanou who equally is a philanthropist,engaged in humanitarian gestures, doesn't want to create any sensation.

This is because Biya Paul is capable of paying that caution himself.

El Hadji Relounanou Charaboutou announced that even if Paul Biya rejects the offer, he will say that it's that of his community as their support.

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Atanga Nji restricts the sales of arms in six Regions of Cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/local/atanga-nji-restricts-the-sales-of-arms-in-six-regions-of-cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/local/atanga-nji-restricts-the-sales-of-arms-in-six-regions-of-cameroon Atanga Nji restricts the sales of arms in six Regions of Cameroon

The Minister of Territorial administration Atanga Nji Paul, has restricted the sales of arms in some Regions of Cameroon and says his decision comes as a result of the threats public order is facing.

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Atanga Nji signed a communique on 4 April 2018 to reveal to the public that the proliferation of illicit arms has reached a disturbing level at which public order is severely menaced.

He went on to say that, several persons own both modern and locally made guns without authorisation from the government.

The six Regions involved in this suspension till further notice include, Adamawa, Centre, Litoral, West, Northwest and Southwest Regions.

The Minister warns and demands the owners of arms without authorisation to give them back to the competent authorities in 30 days from the date of release of this communique

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Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-petitions-at-the-constitutional-council http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-petitions-at-the-constitutional-council Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council.

The social Democratic Front( SDF) and the Cameroon Democratic Union( CDU) all saw their petitions squashed and thrown into the dustbin of history.

The Social Democratic Front saw red as her petition for the cancellation of the Senatorial election in the South West Region got squashed.

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The Social Democratic Front petitioned for the cancellation of the senatorial elections in the South West Region based on the tense sociopolitical atmosphere that characterized the elections in the South West, especially in Kupe Maneguba Division, Lebialem and Manyu Divisions.

The Constitutional council's reason for quashing the petition is that the SDF petition wasn't properly constituted by legal justifications and by a legal expert.

Such disgusting excuses as the reasons for this quashing is a total humiliation for the SDF that shouldn't be acting as novice in such matters of great importance.

It was in total disbelieve and bewilderment that the SDF saw their petition squashed and dumped dustbin.

Citing Mr. Njenje Valentine Kleber as the complainant or petitioner, the constipated constitutional council ruled that he wasn't competent to deposit the petition.

 The same constipated constitutional council gave a different reason why that of CDU's petition was squashed.

The petition of CDU was deposited at the chambers of the Constipated constitutional council by Youmo Koupit Adamoua, requesting the annulment of the senatorial elections in the West.

His petition was based on the numerous irregularities that took place during the Senatorial elections in the West, especially in Menoua Division.

The constipated constitutional council rejected the petition as well based on lack of proof or substantial proof.

Haven invalidated all the petitions brought forward to the Constipated Constitutional council, the said results are ready to be published.

Anybody who expected anything the contrary from the Constipated constitutional council,led by retired Chief Justice at the Supreme Court, Atangana Clement Ndzi, could only be circus clowns.

The purported Constipated Constitutional council wasn't created to bring any sanity to the Cameroon's electoral process but to give false credibility to a heavily rigged and election engineered by these Beti oligarchs.

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