Eyong Orlando http://cameroon-concord.com Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:45:46 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb CHAN2018: Cameroon beaten by Congo in first game http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/chan2018-cameroon-beaten-by-congo-in-first-game http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/chan2018-cameroon-beaten-by-congo-in-first-game CHAN2018: Cameroon beaten by Congo in first game

The lions have lost their first match of the African Nations Championship to Congo 0-1.

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This means they are on the last spot of group D with no point. Congo top the group with 3 points, Burkina Faso and Angola follow with 1 point each.

They played well enough to lead the clash but unfortunately for Song's team, a penalty was awarded against them, through which they conceded one goal.

It was also due to wasted opportunities, which they failed to materialised. There were a good number of instances where they were face to face with the Congolese goalkeeper, but there was no skill for the finishing.

They play their next game against Angola on 20 January 2018.

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CHAN-Morocco: Cameroon plays first match http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/chan-morocco-cameroon-plays-first-match http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/chan-morocco-cameroon-plays-first-match CHAN-Morocco: Cameroon plays first match

Rigobert Song and his boys begin the fight for their first ever African Nations Championship trophy on Tuesday 16 January 2018. 

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Cameroon will clash against Congo at 8:30 pm this evening.It will be their third participation. The last two participations of the Cameroon side in the CHAN, did not end up in success, so this year, fans expect them to make a difference.

Coach Rigobert Song has said that the first game of every competition is always very crucial thus they will do their best, not to lose today's clash.

The path to this level has not been a bed of Roses for the intermediate lions as they went through a whole lot of tough moments, especially in their most recent friendly encounters, against Conakry, Morocco and Nigeria in which they did not get the results they had gone out for.

They are in group D, alongside other teams like, Angola, Burkina Faso, and Congo, whom they clash against, this Tuesday.

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Marie Archangelo: Author of CRTV news jingle is no more http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-thisday/marie-archangelo-author-of-crtv-news-jingle-is-no-more http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-thisday/marie-archangelo-author-of-crtv-news-jingle-is-no-more Marie Archangelo: Author of CRTV news jingle is no more

The music community in Cameroon is bereaved as they lose to death, one of theirs, Marie Archangelo.

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Cameroon concord learned that Marie Archangelo died on Thursday 11 January 2018.

She had her last breath at her residence in Yaounde, after suffering from a tumour that made her face hard to be recognised.

''We received news of her demise with so much sadness. But at the same time, we believe that she has gone to rest, because after having suffered for a very long time, it is truly a rest well deserved'' the first daughter of the deceased said.

Marie Archangelo had suffered for two years with her ailment. Revelations indicate that, in spite of the number of places she was taken to for medical attention, there was still no way.

The late mother of 9 was a native of Mbangassina, in the Mbam and Kim Division, and sang patriotic songs like; ''va de l'avant Paul Biya'', ''Cameroon nouveau'' and ''Kaele''.

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African Nations championship 2018, begins today http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/african-nations-championship-2018-begins-today http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/african-nations-championship-2018-begins-today African Nations championship 2018, begins today

The long awaited CHAN2018 kicks off today 13 January 2018, after intensive preparations by countries concerned.

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This year's edition is the 5th and shall be hosted by Morocco, who play the opening match this evening against Mauritania. The competition is scheduled to run from 13 January to 04 February 2018.

Cameroon is one of the participants, placed in group D which is made up of other teams like; Burkina Faso, Angola and Congo, whom they are to play their first encounter against on 16 January.

In spite of the toughness faced in their preparation for this competition, the coach of the intermediate lions, Rigobert Song, assured the public of their readiness and promised to give their best.

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African Union: ''Trump must apologize for calling Africans shitholes'' http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/african-union-trump-must-apologize-for-calling-africans-shitholes http://cameroon-concord.com/headlines/african-union-trump-must-apologize-for-calling-africans-shitholes African Union: ''Trump must apologize for calling Africans shitholes''

The organisation representing African countries in the US, has demanded that Trump apologises for comments he made against African countries on Thursday.

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The American president is reported to have insulted Africans as ''shitholes'', an insult which many Africans based in the US did not take lightly.

Donald Trump has denied making such utterances. He is even backed by two Republicans, who were at the white house meeting.

On Friday, the American president tweeted that the language which he used during the meeting with lawmakers to discuss immigration legislation, has been ''tough'' but he added that the words used against him, were ''not the language used''.

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Honourable Wirba expresses himself on Arrest of Ambazonian leaders in Nigeria http://cameroon-concord.com/boko-haram/honourable-wirba-expresses-himself-on-arrest-of-ambazonian-leaders-in-nigeria http://cameroon-concord.com/boko-haram/honourable-wirba-expresses-himself-on-arrest-of-ambazonian-leaders-in-nigeria Honourable Wirba expresses himself on Arrest of Ambazonian leaders in Nigeria

The member of parliament of the Jakiri constituency in the North West Region has reacted bitterly to the arrests of Interim president Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Co.

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The vibrant MP, made public a press release ''Comrade Sisiku Ayuk Tabe were in a closed door meeting to discuss ways to handle the influx of Southern Cameroonian refugees into Nigeria fleeing Cameroon military brutality.

''The refugees from my findings, live in very deplorable and inhumane conditions and that becomes a very huge problem especially to women some of whom are pregnant and young children.

''I therefore strongly condemn these abductions and urge the Nigerian and Cameroonian Governments to make their positions known for the world to see. I also join the many voices in calling for the immediate release of Comrade Ayuk Tabe and the 9 others and may I remind both the Nigerian and Cameroonian Government's that they will be held responsible if anything happens to our fellow compatriots.

''The Ultimate end of all social change is to establish the sanctity of human life, the dignity of man, the right of every human being to liberty and well-being- - Emma Goldman'' an excerpt of Honourable Joseph Wirba'S release read.

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Samuel Etoo's reaction to claims that he is bleaching his skin http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-thisday/samuel-etoo-s-reaction-to-claims-that-he-is-bleaching-his-skin http://cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-thisday/samuel-etoo-s-reaction-to-claims-that-he-is-bleaching-his-skin Samuel Etoo's reaction to claims that he is bleaching his skin

There have been controversial claims especially on social media, that Etoo is bleaching his skin.

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People making such comments as betatins reports quoting je wanda magazine, do so after comparing the former captain's photos of the past and the ones now in which he appears lighter.

The Cameroonian born attacker, gave some justifications for the state his skin in an interview with Je Wanda Magazine. ''it is a laser treatment, that will last about a year, and one of the immediate unpleasant effects is that it lightens my skin slightly after each session. But fortunately, my natural colour comes back sometime later.

''I am firmly against the bleaching of thee skin. There is nothing more beautiful than one's  natural colour, what ever it is'' Samuel Etoo explained

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ENS Bertoua/ Faculty of medicine Garoua: Paul Biya launches entrance into newly created institutions http://cameroon-concord.com/local/ens-bertoua-faculty-of-medicine-garoua-paul-biya-launches-entrance-into-newly-created-institutions http://cameroon-concord.com/local/ens-bertoua-faculty-of-medicine-garoua-paul-biya-launches-entrance-into-newly-created-institutions

Jacque Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher education, has signed and released a communique,  announcing competitive entrance examinations into ENS  Bertoua and Faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences Garoua.

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Those going in for Garoua, will write on 28 January 2018, while candidates for ENS Bertoua write on 30 January for the first cycle and 31 January for the second cycle.

85 spaces are reserved for the faculty of medicine in Garoua meanwhile ENS Bertoua has 250 spaces.

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CAF inspection mission expected in Cameroon today http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/caf-inspection-mission-expected-in-cameroon-today http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/caf-inspection-mission-expected-in-cameroon-today CAF inspection mission expected in Cameroon today

The awaited inspection mission sent by CAF, will arrive Cameroon this Thursday 11 January 2018.

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The team is made up of 10 members of the CAF executive committee and other individuals from an independent audit company.

Work starts tomorrow 12 January to run till 23 January 2018. Their objective is to see the level at which developments are, ahead of the upcoming AFCON, to be hosted by Cameroon.

Before this,  Minister Bidoung Mpkwatt had organized a conference on Wednesday 10 January to brief the public on the inspection mission's purpose and what he expects of them.

The Minister of Tourism and Leisure, Bello Bouba Maigari, equally chaired his own conference during which he assured the public and hotel managers that every thing will be set before 2019's AFCON.

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AFCON2019: Bidoung Mpkwatt unveils program of CAF inspection mission's visit to Cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/afcon2019-bidoung-mpkwatt-unveils-program-of-caf-inspection-mission-s-visit-to-cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/list-player/sports/afcon2019-bidoung-mpkwatt-unveils-program-of-caf-inspection-mission-s-visit-to-cameroon AFCON2019: Bidoung Mpkwatt unveils program of CAF inspection mission's visit to Cameroon

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, has unveiled the programme outlining how the visit of the CAF inspection commission will unfold in Cameroon.

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Bidoung Mpkwatt made the revelations during a meeting in the conference hall of the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium on Monday. The visit is to begin on 12 January 2018.

12 and 13 January 2018 in Yaounde

14 and 15 January in Garoua

16 and 17 January in Bafoussam

18 and 19 January in Douala

20 and 21 January  in Limbe and Buea

23 January at the CAF center in Mbankomo. And this is where the inspection visit will end.

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