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La Republique is a country of never-ending wonders. The question of wrong and misleading translations has become an integral part of our nation. In spite of the huge presence of so-called National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism, terrible translations still prevail, especially during examinations.

The case of the Advanced School of Mass Communication in Yaounde is so shocking that one does not know where to start from. This is a school that trains journalists and other members of the communications chain.

Let us start with the student identity card. On this card delivered a few days ago, “Nom” is translated into English as Name while “Prenom” is replaced by Surname. Most shockingly, “Matricule” in French is unaltered in English.

“Prenom”  in English is given name, first name or Christian name . “Matricule “refers to registration number.

The worst part of the story is the case of the end-of-year exams that ended on Friday. “Les caracteristiques du recit journalistique” was translated into English as “What are the characteristics of the storytelling?” on a question paper for Level II, journalism students.

 Another question on the same paper followed in the same line: “Comment s’articulent les relations entre les agents technico-artistiques en studio et sur le plateau?” The English version of this question read: “Relationship between the anchor and technical artistic agents in the studio and on the TV stage.”

We may not be translators yet there is every indication that something is wrong with these translations.

 In case you still doubt it, the examiners realized that everything was not going right and came in to propose an even-worse version of the second question in English while students were already several minutes into the exam.

We may have to end here, for there are many other cases that we can still examine.

This shocking reality leaves one wondering if Cameroon does not have trained translators.

A woman and the driver of a transport vehicle are currently in detention in Bafoussam after being caught with a huge quantity of bush meat.
They were arrested on Thursday night in Foumban during a  routine patrol by forestry and wildlife officials.
The lady, owner of the cargo, has reportedly made failed attempts to buy her way out. But officials say justice must take its course.
The close to 300kg of meat seized is said to come from protected species like wild cats, antilopes, buffaloes and baboons.

Officials of the West Regional Delegation say hunting wild animals in the region is not prohibited.Hunters need to fulfil the necessary requirements.
It comes as a surprise  that money is rejected because of 'justice', given that Cameroon is one of the most corrupt nations in the world.
And men in uniform are notorious in this light. This explains why  competitive entrance examinations into police schools... are so coveted that a man can see his soul to have his name or his son's on the list.

The South Regional Delegate for Communication lost her life on Friday in a fatal road accident along the Edea-Kribi highway, Cameroon-Info.Net reports.

Liliale Florence Fobe was driving to Kridi when her car crashed into a lorry. Eyewitnesses claim that the accident was caused by another lorry from the opposite direction, which had tried to force its way out.

The deceased, accoding to Cameroon-Info.Net, was just 46 and mother of three.

She has reportedly occupied that position for close to a decade before passing on.

She was originally a journalist by profession following her training at the Advanced School of Mass Communication in Yaounde.

Mr Paul Biy the long serving ruler of Cameroon in 2015 announced the fourth population census in his kingdom which has not taken place till date. 
For this process to be completed, the central bureau for population census and studies (BUCREP) needs a sum of fcfa 30 billions which is not even available..... " We need to recruit 33000 young people with at least  an advanced level certificate who will each earn a salary of fcfa 150000 per month so as to commission them in the 16000 census zones across the country... More to that, we equally need 4x4 wheel drive vehicles in their numbers to facilitate movements in remote areas ......and what you need to know again is that, we are to operate digital and all the workers must possess smart phones  with GPS..... So you can see that the task is daunting" Bernadette Mbarga, general manager of BUCREP told Cameroon Concord.
Despite these challenges, the prime minister and head of government, Philemon Yang has recommended beginning 2018 as deadline for the census results to be published. This certainly for political reasons as the country will run major elections next years.
Though the process is on a snail pace, some 500 workers out of the 33000 required, have been deployed nationwide for cartographic studies. They are also expected  to carry out general census on agriculture and livestock... " in our teams, we have agents from the ministries of agriculture and livestock. This will help us to have a clear cut idea on the activities carried out in various localities. The cartography enables us to know the number of churches, mosques schools... And we are presently at 55% rate of realisation nationwide for the preliminary phase of the census which cost fcfa 5 billions.." According to Atoine Marie Ngono, head of communications unit and public relations officer at  BUCREP.
The GM, Bernadette Mbarga reaffirmed that if the  necessary conditions are met on time, the results could be out by March 2018.
Another source in the structure revealed that they have sort after some financial partners and the world bank has promised fcfa 3 billions meanwhile the African development bank says it will give about sixty 4x4 wheel drive vehicles.
Despite these endeavours, the task still remains daunting and the future of the fourth population census is bleak.
The results of the last  population and housing census in Cameroon  in 2005 did not really situate the exact number of Cameroonians as the population is still estimated at above 23 million people.
With this confusion and ambiguity in the of inhabitants in the country, any attempt towards balance development and the purported emergence by 2035 is a farce.

Cameroon military have neutralised a suspected female suicide bomber early today in the city of Kolofata in the Far North region of Cameroon as reported by French Newspaper L'Oeil du Sahel.

Boko Haram, one of the world’s deadliest extremist groups, has used at least 130 women and girls in suicide attacks since June 2014, when a woman set off a bomb at an army barracks in Nigeria, according to The Long War Journal, which tracks terrorist activity.

Since then, women and girls, often with bombs hidden in baskets or under their clothes, have killed hundreds of people in attacks on fish and vegetable markets, schools, a river dock and even camps for people who fled their homes to escape the violence.

Boko Haram’s abuse of women first shocked the world three years ago, when it stormed a school in Nigeria and fled with about 300 girls, many of whom were never found. Hundreds of other women and girls have been abducted, imprisoned, raped and sometimes intentionally impregnated, perhaps with the goal of creating a new generation of fighters.


A suicide explosion early Friday, 23.06.2017 in Mora, Far North region of Cameroon has left two dead and one seriously injured. The two dead are the suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

Attacks in the border area also appear to have increased since the start of Ramadan.

The Council of Muslim Dignitaries and Imams of Cameroon has dispatched its members to the area to educate the population and instruct local Muslim clerics to be watchful.

The council’s president, Moussa Oumarou, says terrorists use this holy month of fasting to deceive young Muslims that if they die fighting for Allah they will go straight to paradise. He says poverty makes youth more vulnerable to that message.

The governor of the Far North region, Midjiyawa Bakari, declined to comment on the cause of the violence, but said residents should remain on alert.

Throughout its seven-year insurgency, Boko Haram has attacked government and civilian targets in Cameroon and neighbouring Nigeria to win territory and instill fear across northern Nigeria. Leaders promise young foot soldiers martyrdom, conscripting them and sending them into battle lightly armed and with little training. The group has abducted thousands of women and children.

Today's attack comes barely two days after suspected militants killed 10 people in another suicide attack in the town of Kolofata-Northern Cameroon.Boko Haram has been wreaking havoc in Cameroon since 2014, killing about 2000 civilians and at least 150 soldiers and policemen and displacing hundreds of thousands of people in a war that does not seem to go away.

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