Local|f6be11 http://cameroon-concord.com Sun, 08 Dec 2019 03:38:25 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon:Minister of public works Nganou Djoumessi son's life at risk. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-minister-of-public-works-nganou-djoumessi-son-s-life-at-risk http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-minister-of-public-works-nganou-djoumessi-son-s-life-at-risk Cameroon:Minister of public works Nganou Djoumessi son's life at risk.

Boris Judicaël Nganou,Senior Executive at Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel, Cameroon's leading public telecommunications operator),  is involved in an alleged scandal of misappropriation of a sum of 3 billion in the Camtel Mobile Network (CMN) project of which he was the Director, the time when the latter was Minister of Economy, Planning and Spatial Planning (MINEPAT) ).{loadposition myposition}

He was already part of a group of Camtel leaders and former leaders banned in March 2018 from leaving Cameroon by a decision of the General Delegate for National Security, pursuant to the instructions of the President of the Republic.

It is therefore possible that in the days to come, the two officials will be taken to one of the prisons in Yaoundé, as has become a custom in Cameroon where the slightest questioning amounts to a presumption of ... guilt and leads on a detention pending trial, even the "justice" is embarrassed too much of the rules of criminal procedure to wring havoc on the rotten Republic who know too well make their shenanigans undetectabe.

The case of embezzlement of public funds to Camtel could lead to life imprisonment for its actors and protagonists if they were convinced of the crime, considering the exorbitant amount of the sum at stake

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Cameroon: Gambling,the other addiction of the youths. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-gambling-the-other-addiction-of-theyouths http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-gambling-the-other-addiction-of-theyouths Cameroon: Gambling,the other addiction of the youths.

More than thirty years after the arrival of the first casinos, PMU and other slot machines, gambling experiencing real success with the Cameroonian youth with the arrival of "Pari Foot".{loadposition myposition}

The kiosks of " Pari Foot " have invaded the streets of the big cities of Cameroon and even those of small remote localities.

We now find slot machines in almost every bar and dozens in almost every neighborhood.
During the day and in the evening, students under the age of 10 or more, high school students young people with no jobs and sometimes women scramble to win and "become a millionaires."

It is 9 o'clock this Wednesday morning at a place called Pétrolex d'Olembé (a district of the first district of Yaounde), Stephen and Andy in their early twenties watch the results of meetings the day before.

Both lost in Tuesday's game. Stephen bet for more than 2,000 FCFA and Andy says he lost 1,500 FCFA. They are going to bet again this Wednesday.

"It's the game. One day you lose, another day you win. One day I will win. My friend earned 800 thousand FCFA the other day, "says Stephen.

The young clothing salesman, spending 10 to 15 thousand FCFA per week to play "Pari foot."

Our attention is attracted by a young student of about 15 years in high school uniform of Nkozoa. He goes quickly to the manager of the kiosk to whom he gives 50 FCFA to receive in exchange the list of matches of the day.

"He's a regular," says the kiosk manager. However, there is a mention that proscribes games to minors under 18 years.

"The principle of the game is simple. We play from 300 FCFA. You can choose up to 15 matches, "explains the kiosk manager.

"There are people who often bet here 15,000 FCFA per day," he adds.

Many Cameroonians are addicted to gambling. They hope to make millions and get out of their poverty.

In these games rooms, we meet women, police and military but especially young people.

Until 2016 there was only one sports betting company in Cameroon. Mutual Urban Cameroonian Bet (Pmuc).

Since the liberalization of the sector we have seen the appearance of the " Pari Foot " and Cameroonian football fans have become notorious snags with the hope of winning every day.

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More than 4 million Cameroonians will be without electricity on Tuesday. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/more-than-4-million-cameroonians-will-be-without-electricity-on-tuesday http://cameroon-concord.com/local/more-than-4-million-cameroonians-will-be-without-electricity-on-tuesday More than 4 million Cameroonians will be without electricity on Tuesday.

The connection of the substation of Nomayos (Center), will affect the power supply in two regions out of the ten that counts Cameroon.{loadposition myposition}

The capital Yaounde but also all the cities of the central and southern regions is more than 4 million people will be deprived of electricity on Tuesday from 6 to 12 hours (5 pm to 11 pm GMT) announced Minister Gaston Eloundou Essomba of Water and Energy.

"This interruption is essential to connect the substation Nomayos substation to the electricity transmission network," said Gaston Eloundou Essomba.
The post, he says, is "necessary for the forthcoming commissioning of the new cement production unit at Nomayos ".

The new 90/30 Kilo volt substation with an installed capacity of 36 Mega volt amps will enable, among other things, the power supply of the new industrial clinker grinding unit, as well as that of several localities, and the coverage of the industrial zone. Yaounde-west.

As a reminder, the Cement factories of Cameroon (Cimencam) have built a clinker grinding station in Nomayos estimated at 27 billion FCFA. It is located in the commune of Mbankomo, Department of Mefou-and-Akono Central region.

With this new plant, whose first CEM II 42.5 type cement (Robust) was produced on January 28, 2019, Cimencam aims to produce 2 million tonnes a year.

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Cameroon: Tiko plantation workers sustain severe injuries after attacked by unidentified gunmen. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/tiko-plantation-workers-attacked-by-unidentified-gunmen-and-rendered-fingerless-and-earless http://cameroon-concord.com/local/tiko-plantation-workers-attacked-by-unidentified-gunmen-and-rendered-fingerless-and-earless Cameroon: Tiko plantation workers sustain severe injuries after attacked by unidentified gunmen.

Some Tiko plantation workers were attacked yesterday by unidentified gunmen and rendered.  Fingerless and earless. Sources say “they were attacked for going to work.{loadposition myposition}

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and food

These gunmen took time to chop off the hands, fingers and ears of about least six plantation workers. The injured workers are presently receiving treatment at a medical facility in Tiko as security officers open investigations to track down the perpetrators. This is not the first time plantation workers in Tiko are suffering such attacks from gunmen in the locality. Close to two dozens of workers have had their fingers chopped off in previous attacks in the area.

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Open Letter to: The Ambassador of the State of Israel Yaoundé, République du Cameroun http://cameroon-concord.com/local/open-letter-to-the-ambassador-of-the-state-of-israel-yaounde-republique-du-cameroun http://cameroon-concord.com/local/open-letter-to-the-ambassador-of-the-state-of-israel-yaounde-republique-du-cameroun Open Letter to: The Ambassador of the State of Israel Yaoundé, République du Cameroun

From: A Collective of Anglophone Cameroonians in the Diaspora.


Shalom, Your Excellency!


We, a collective of Africans from Southern Cameroon, the English-speaking part of Cameroon, which is going through a bloody civil war and refugee crisis, have the honour to address this letter to you. We are friends of Israel. Some of us live legally in Israel, some of us have studied in Israel or visited Israel on business or attended academic conferences there, while others have paid religious pilgrimages to the holy sites in Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, Bethlehem, Nazareth, the Mount of Olives, the Jordan River, etc.


We wish to state that we followed with interest, the widely-disseminated press release of February 4, 2019 from the Israeli Embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroon, condemning the televised anti-Semitic and tribalistic comments of Cameroon’s Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice, Hon. Jean de Dieu MOMO. The minister implied that the Jewish victims of Hitler’s monstrous and unspeakable genocide were in fact the culprits of the genocide.We condemn in the strongest possible terms, terms this attempt by Mr. MOMO to make light of the massacre of millions of innocent men, women and children for personal political gain.{loadposition myposition}


We therefore welcome the decision of the Cameroon government to apologize unreservedly for these ignorant and extremely hateful remarks which were in fact a veiled attempt to justify crimes against humanity directed at minorities in Cameroon.


Honorable Ambassador, while we condemn historic crimes against humanity, as well as diminishment of those crimes, we must not turn a blind eye to contemporary human rights violations and crimes against humanity, even though these crimes do not rise to the level, scope, or magnitude of the Jewish Holocaust.  We are talking about well-documented crimes against humanity being committed in the English-Speaking Southern Cameroon as we speak by the Cameroon military, and specifically, the elite military unit, BIR (Brigade d’Intervention Rapide), which is trained, equipped and commanded by former Israeli military officers.



On February 7, 2018, Israeli human rights lawyer, Eitay Mack, and 15 other Israeli human rights activists wrote to the Israeli Defense Export Agency, Israeli Ministry of Defense, complaining about the massive human rights violations of the BIR in North Cameroon as well as Southern Cameroon (North West and South West regions).  The Israeli activists ably and accurately presented the historical and political dimensions of the on-going Anglophone problem in Cameroon. They documented the crimes against humanity committed by the BIR, and reproduced denunciations of these crimes by the African Union, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the European Union, Amnesty International, and multiple other governments and organization.




According to human rights observers, the Israeli-supplied Cameroun army and BIR have attacked and burned down more than 100 villages, and killed thousands of civilians. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that more than 50, 000 Southern Cameroon refugees have so far crossed into Nigeria, while more than 200,000 people are internally displaced. Many of these refugees will head to Europe, others will head for the shores of Israel


In the light of this human right catastrophe in which Israel is directly and indirectly involved through its training and equipping of the notorious BIR, Mr. Eitay Mack and his colleagues called on the Israeli government to stop exporting Israeli weapons to the BIR. They concluded that:

“The citizens of Israel, the State of Israel or the Knesset have never declared war on the residents of the English-speaking provinces of Cameroon, and have never voted to support the eternal reign of an aging dictator.”


The Collective of Anglophone Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora, which considers itself afriend of Israel, associates itself with the sentiments of Mr. Eitay Mack and his Israeli human rights activist colleagues, and call on the government of Israel to refrain from being a partner in crimes against humanity in Southern Cameroon.


Your Excellency, please accept the expression of our highest consideration


The Collective of Anglophone Cameroonians in the Diaspora.

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Cameroon: Tchiroma donates 2 million for displaced Southern Cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-tchiroma-donates-2-million-for-displaced-southern-cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-tchiroma-donates-2-million-for-displaced-southern-cameroonians Cameroon: Tchiroma donates 2 million for displaced Southern Cameroonians

During a meeting in the North of Cameroon ordered by the head of State, for a fund raising aimed at gathering money to support those affected by the Anglophone crisis, Tchiroma has contributed 2 million.

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The total sum raised during the weekend was 42 526 000 FCFA, that is 20 million given at the spot and the rest in the form of promises.

The Governor of the North Region has set the deadline as 8 June 2018 at 5:30 pm, in order to permit late comers to catch up.

Among those who contributed are the Minister of basic education, Youssouf Adidja Alim, who contributed 1 million, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Public Health, Alim Garga Hayatou with 1 million, the Secretary of State, at the Ministry of Defense Koumpa Issa, who contributed 1 million, the Governor of the North Region, 1 million and Minister Tchiroma himself.

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Cameroon: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle appointed board chair of Douala General hospital http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-elvis-ngolle-ngolle-appointed-board-chair-of-douala-general-hospital http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-elvis-ngolle-ngolle-appointed-board-chair-of-douala-general-hospital Cameroon: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle appointed board chair of Douala General hospital

In a presidential decree made public on Monday 2 July 2018, Pr Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, has been appointed board chair of the referral hospital in Douala.

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He will be taking over from Nalova Lyonga, who occupied the post before.

The professor shall be working together with, Luma Henry Namme and Penda Ida Calixte, who were equally appointed by the same presidential decree.

Other hospitals in Cameroon, also witnessed appointments like the Yaounde General Hospital (Djientcheu Philippe and Eyenga Victor Claude) and Yaounde Gynaeco-obstetric and paediatric hospital (Meke Tsitol Philippe).

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Southern Cameroons: This is the Upper sixth Student who was shot by gendarmes in Bamenda http://cameroon-concord.com/local/southern-cameroons-this-is-the-upper-sixth-student-who-was-shot-by-gendarmes-in-bamenda http://cameroon-concord.com/local/southern-cameroons-this-is-the-upper-sixth-student-who-was-shot-by-gendarmes-in-bamenda Southern Cameroons: This is the Upper sixth Student who was shot by gendarmes in Bamenda

Friends have identified him as Michael, also known as Hazard, for his football skills. Michael is an Upper Sixth Student of St. Paul’s College Nkwen, he was murdered in cold blood by Gendarmes in the area.

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Eye witness accounts say when the situation in Bamenda became tense Friday evening wherein Ambazonia fighters were suspected to have arrived town, a special security measure was put in place.

Michael like many other passengers boarded a taxi but fell in the hands of the Gendarmes around Nkwen who told the driver to stop but he didn’t respect the order, seeing this danger and knowing how Military behaves, some passengers forced the driver to stop before running for safety.

Gendarmes then opened fire on the vehicle killing the driver, commonly called “papa Abigail”, father of three children, he died at the hospital from bullet wounds.While Michael, who had just written the Advance Level General Certificate of Education Examinations, GCE, was shot dead.

Earlier, Ambazonia fighters in an exchange of gunfire killed Police officer Alian Tachkounte Tchounte around Hospital Roundabout. Gunshots were also heard in Bambui, the university community but residents had gone indoors as evening approached. Shop owners were forced to shut down and run for safety as Ambazonia fighters stormed neighborhoods blocking major roads.

A witness said, “Seems Amba boys have finally entered town. I rushed out of office and took the Mulang road thinking I was being smart to take a short cut to the house but I met road blocks around the council area .I met policemen who were already there dismantling the blockage."

The governor of the North West region is yet to react to Friday’s incident which saw the entire city panicking. It was same day four individuals of the Tubah Council were abducted by Ambazonia fighters around Bambui, the first Deputy Mayor of Tubah, Chekelem Boniface escaped after being hinted by another staff that the situation was tense along the direction he took.

source: cameroon-info.net

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Cameroon: Government officially announcies death of kidnapped Batibo DO http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-officially-announcies-death-of-kidnapped-batibo-do http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-officially-announcies-death-of-kidnapped-batibo-do Cameroon: Government officially announcies death of kidnapped Batibo DO

After the kidnap of the sun divisional officer of Batibo, during the 20 May festivities, government have finally revealed that he is no more.

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The information was made public by the Prime Minister on Thursday Wednesday 20 June 2018 at the star building, when he was presenting the humanitarian assistant plan for the Northwest and Southwest Regions. he was tactful not to announce it in an official manner.

"State authorities are not left out in the terrorist attacks in the two English Regions of the Country. i will cite just a few examples, the kidnapping of the Sub divisional officer of Batibo. Equally, 15 attacks have been recorded against  traditional authorities" the prime Minister said.

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Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: In name of the government,Tchiroma rejects in strong terms Amnesty international report http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-anglophone-crisis-in-name-of-the-government-tchiroma-rejects-in-strong-terms-amnesty-international-report http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-anglophone-crisis-in-name-of-the-government-tchiroma-rejects-in-strong-terms-amnesty-international-report Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: In name of the government,Tchiroma rejects in strong terms Amnesty international report

The Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakari organised a press conference on Thursday 14 June 2018, in order to debunk the allegations of Amnesty international concerning the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, which according to them, are false.

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Since the begining of the unrest in the English speaking Regions of Cameroon, Amnesty International, an organisation for the fight of human rights has written several reports about the issue from 2017 to 2018.

In their reports, the organisation holds the Cameroonian army guilty of causing havoc within the population and merciless torturing of alleged secessionist terrorists.

in reaction to the accusations, the government as usual through their communication minister Issa Tchiroma Bakari, organised a press conference on 14 June to give their own part of the story and prove the human rights organisation wrong.

The public outing of Tchiroma on Thursday was meant to tackle Amnesty International's report of June 12 2018.

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