Local|f6be11 http://cameroon-concord.com Thu, 15 Nov 2018 22:07:22 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Tchiroma donates 2 million for displaced Southern Cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-tchiroma-donates-2-million-for-displaced-southern-cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-tchiroma-donates-2-million-for-displaced-southern-cameroonians Cameroon: Tchiroma donates 2 million for displaced Southern Cameroonians

During a meeting in the North of Cameroon ordered by the head of State, for a fund raising aimed at gathering money to support those affected by the Anglophone crisis, Tchiroma has contributed 2 million.

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The total sum raised during the weekend was 42 526 000 FCFA, that is 20 million given at the spot and the rest in the form of promises.

The Governor of the North Region has set the deadline as 8 June 2018 at 5:30 pm, in order to permit late comers to catch up.

Among those who contributed are the Minister of basic education, Youssouf Adidja Alim, who contributed 1 million, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Public Health, Alim Garga Hayatou with 1 million, the Secretary of State, at the Ministry of Defense Koumpa Issa, who contributed 1 million, the Governor of the North Region, 1 million and Minister Tchiroma himself.

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Cameroon: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle appointed board chair of Douala General hospital http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-elvis-ngolle-ngolle-appointed-board-chair-of-douala-general-hospital http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-elvis-ngolle-ngolle-appointed-board-chair-of-douala-general-hospital Cameroon: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle appointed board chair of Douala General hospital

In a presidential decree made public on Monday 2 July 2018, Pr Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, has been appointed board chair of the referral hospital in Douala.

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He will be taking over from Nalova Lyonga, who occupied the post before.

The professor shall be working together with, Luma Henry Namme and Penda Ida Calixte, who were equally appointed by the same presidential decree.

Other hospitals in Cameroon, also witnessed appointments like the Yaounde General Hospital (Djientcheu Philippe and Eyenga Victor Claude) and Yaounde Gynaeco-obstetric and paediatric hospital (Meke Tsitol Philippe).

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Southern Cameroons: This is the Upper sixth Student who was shot by gendarmes in Bamenda http://cameroon-concord.com/local/southern-cameroons-this-is-the-upper-sixth-student-who-was-shot-by-gendarmes-in-bamenda http://cameroon-concord.com/local/southern-cameroons-this-is-the-upper-sixth-student-who-was-shot-by-gendarmes-in-bamenda Southern Cameroons: This is the Upper sixth Student who was shot by gendarmes in Bamenda

Friends have identified him as Michael, also known as Hazard, for his football skills. Michael is an Upper Sixth Student of St. Paul’s College Nkwen, he was murdered in cold blood by Gendarmes in the area.

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Eye witness accounts say when the situation in Bamenda became tense Friday evening wherein Ambazonia fighters were suspected to have arrived town, a special security measure was put in place.

Michael like many other passengers boarded a taxi but fell in the hands of the Gendarmes around Nkwen who told the driver to stop but he didn’t respect the order, seeing this danger and knowing how Military behaves, some passengers forced the driver to stop before running for safety.

Gendarmes then opened fire on the vehicle killing the driver, commonly called “papa Abigail”, father of three children, he died at the hospital from bullet wounds.While Michael, who had just written the Advance Level General Certificate of Education Examinations, GCE, was shot dead.

Earlier, Ambazonia fighters in an exchange of gunfire killed Police officer Alian Tachkounte Tchounte around Hospital Roundabout. Gunshots were also heard in Bambui, the university community but residents had gone indoors as evening approached. Shop owners were forced to shut down and run for safety as Ambazonia fighters stormed neighborhoods blocking major roads.

A witness said, “Seems Amba boys have finally entered town. I rushed out of office and took the Mulang road thinking I was being smart to take a short cut to the house but I met road blocks around the council area .I met policemen who were already there dismantling the blockage."

The governor of the North West region is yet to react to Friday’s incident which saw the entire city panicking. It was same day four individuals of the Tubah Council were abducted by Ambazonia fighters around Bambui, the first Deputy Mayor of Tubah, Chekelem Boniface escaped after being hinted by another staff that the situation was tense along the direction he took.

source: cameroon-info.net

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Cameroon: Government officially announcies death of kidnapped Batibo DO http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-officially-announcies-death-of-kidnapped-batibo-do http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-officially-announcies-death-of-kidnapped-batibo-do Cameroon: Government officially announcies death of kidnapped Batibo DO

After the kidnap of the sun divisional officer of Batibo, during the 20 May festivities, government have finally revealed that he is no more.

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The information was made public by the Prime Minister on Thursday Wednesday 20 June 2018 at the star building, when he was presenting the humanitarian assistant plan for the Northwest and Southwest Regions. he was tactful not to announce it in an official manner.

"State authorities are not left out in the terrorist attacks in the two English Regions of the Country. i will cite just a few examples, the kidnapping of the Sub divisional officer of Batibo. Equally, 15 attacks have been recorded against  traditional authorities" the prime Minister said.

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Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: In name of the government,Tchiroma rejects in strong terms Amnesty international report http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-anglophone-crisis-in-name-of-the-government-tchiroma-rejects-in-strong-terms-amnesty-international-report http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-anglophone-crisis-in-name-of-the-government-tchiroma-rejects-in-strong-terms-amnesty-international-report Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: In name of the government,Tchiroma rejects in strong terms Amnesty international report

The Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakari organised a press conference on Thursday 14 June 2018, in order to debunk the allegations of Amnesty international concerning the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, which according to them, are false.

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Since the begining of the unrest in the English speaking Regions of Cameroon, Amnesty International, an organisation for the fight of human rights has written several reports about the issue from 2017 to 2018.

In their reports, the organisation holds the Cameroonian army guilty of causing havoc within the population and merciless torturing of alleged secessionist terrorists.

in reaction to the accusations, the government as usual through their communication minister Issa Tchiroma Bakari, organised a press conference on 14 June to give their own part of the story and prove the human rights organisation wrong.

The public outing of Tchiroma on Thursday was meant to tackle Amnesty International's report of June 12 2018.

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Ex-Minister Biyiti Bi Essam appointed Cameroon’s ambassador to Israel http://cameroon-concord.com/local/ex-minister-biyiti-bi-essam-appointed-cameroon-s-ambassador-to-israel http://cameroon-concord.com/local/ex-minister-biyiti-bi-essam-appointed-cameroon-s-ambassador-to-israel Ex-Minister Biyiti Bi Essam appointed Cameroon’s ambassador to Israel

President Paul Biya has appointed former Communication and Poste and Telecommunication Minister Jean Pierre Biyiti Bi Essam Cameroon’s ambassador to Israel.

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He was fired from government in 2015.

The appointment is contained in a presidential decree published on Thursday.

MrBiyiti Bi Essam is well known for allegedly diverting into his account a huge part of the money disbursed to organize the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.

About FCFA 770 million was reportedly sent to his account, a sum which he reportedly payed back when the law was at his heels.

This appointment has raised much dust in Cameroon. Most people say the old system is simply being recycled. President Biya is known for calling back retired members of his administration.

The same complaint was raised when former Prime Minister Peter MafaniMusonge was called to head the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism several months ago.

Many othersare wondering if it implies that the regime has endorsed US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Jerusalem is a highly disputed city between Israel and Palestine. Recently, Mr Trump successfully moved his country’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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Jean Baptiste Placca: RFI journalist Says Paul should make way for his succession http://cameroon-concord.com/local/jean-baptiste-placca-rfi-journalist-says-paul-should-make-way-for-his-succession http://cameroon-concord.com/local/jean-baptiste-placca-rfi-journalist-says-paul-should-make-way-for-his-succession Jean Baptiste Placca: RFI journalist Says Paul should make way for his succession

Jean Baptist Placa a journalist with RFI, after observing the happenings in Cameroon, has said the president needs to start seeking ways to organise his succession at the presidency.

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The man made the statement after wondering how someone like Biya, after 36 years in power could find it difficult to chose someone among the collaborators he has been working with for a long time to take over from him.

“Paul Biya has been in power for over 36 years now, after having been prime minister for 7 years, secretary General at the presidency among other posts. Since 1962, he has been so active with the state for close to 56 years now, but it seems none of his collaborators whom he has been training is able to take over from him. I think there, Cameroon has a problem” the RFI journalist said.

According to him, Paul Biya could chose one of his collaborators to succeed him.

Placa made the observation after the utterances of the US ambassador against the Cameroonian president. He said he could not imagine Cameroonians dressed in the CPDM party wear, shouting on TV and insulting the ambassador for  saying what he had observed and thinks about Cameroon.

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GCE: GBHS Fundong catches fire, exam scripts reduced to ashes http://cameroon-concord.com/local/gce-gbhs-fundong-catches-fire-exam-scripts-reduced-to-ashes http://cameroon-concord.com/local/gce-gbhs-fundong-catches-fire-exam-scripts-reduced-to-ashes GCE: GBHS Fundong catches fire, exam scripts reduced to ashes

Unknown men have visited the GCE scripts of the Government Bilingual High School in Fundong.

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During the incident which occurred on Monday night, the administrative block of the institution was reduced to ashes including all of its content, which consisted of scripts which were written on the first day of the exam session.

The men came at night, when there was a heavy downpour during which the military had fallen asleep.

Government Bilingual High school Fundong is the biggest accommodation center in the Boyo division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon with over 600 students.

While the dust of the razed Fundong school is still to settle, there are other cases like that of the Muyuka examination center, which had to be transferred to Buea, after a gun battle on Monday 28 May, between the military and armed men, suspected to be Ambazonian fighters .

Candidates of the affected center are expected to relocate to Buea where their new center is. Center number 1110 GBHS Muyuka will now be in Center number 1101 in Buea.

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20th May: Ghost towned celebrations in English Speaking Regions http://cameroon-concord.com/local/20th-may-ghost-towned-celebrations-in-english-speaking-regions http://cameroon-concord.com/local/20th-may-ghost-towned-celebrations-in-english-speaking-regions 20th May: Ghost towned celebrations in English Speaking Regions

The celebration of Cameroon’s National reunification day has been evaluated to be very poor this year, ranging from participation to merry making.

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In some areas like Kumbo, reports have it that the march past lasted just for 35 minutes and with a very timid turnout of the population. There were no spectators and not up to 10 schools participated.

On the part of Bamenda, there was a better turnout, more than that of 2017, even though not up to what the celebration used to look like in the past.

In Yaounde, Paul Biya watched SDF supporters march with hands on their heads, a significance of the fact that they were not happy with what was happening in the Anglophone Regions of the country. Some are even said to have marched half naked.

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Cameroon: Nigerian army to participate in 20th May march past http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-nigerian-army-to-participate-in-20th-may-march-past http://cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-nigerian-army-to-participate-in-20th-may-march-past Cameroon: Nigerian army to participate in 20th May march past

180 elements of the Nigerian Guard Brigade which is equivalent to the presidential guard in Cameroon, will be taking part in the National Reunification day, Biya's country is celebrating within some hours.

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They arrived Yaounde, on Wednesday and started with rehearsals on Thursday, at the 20th May Boulevard.

The is comes as a tradition that has been existing for the past years during the 20th May celebrations in Cameroon, when the military of a neighbouring nation, joins the countries armed forces to march.

Thursday 17 May's edition of Cameroon Tribune reveals the main objective of this visit is to show that there are excellent relations between the two countries, especially as they are fighting against the Boko Haram terrorist group.

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