Local|f6be11 http://cameroon-concord.com Tue, 22 Aug 2017 05:09:01 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Bloodbath in Muyuka as ghastly accident claims over 20 lives http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9077-bloodbath-in-muyuka-as-ghastly-accident-claims-over-20-lives http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9077-bloodbath-in-muyuka-as-ghastly-accident-claims-over-20-lives Bloodbath in Muyuka as ghastly accident claims over 20 lives

The dreaded and blood thirsty Buea-Kumba highway has once more drained blood from users of the inter-urban road network, with one of the most fatal incidents recorded last weekend. The accident, between a nineteen-seater bus and a cargo truck which occurred in the wee hours of Saturday 19, August at Mile 29, Ekona, is said to have claimed some seventeen lives at the spot.

Eye witness account hold that, the heavily-loaded cargo truck from the nation’s industrial hub, Douala, collided with a nineteen-seater bus transporting members of the Buea-based “wana wa wonja” choir, from Muyuka to Buea.{loadposition myposition}

As reports hold it, upon descending the sloppy Mile 29 hill, the cargo truck, cripplingly loaded with beverages and other consumer goods, experienced a brake malfunction which delivered the truck into the unwelcoming arms of the nineteen-seater bus whose members, this reporter gathered, were from a night vigil.

Even though it is yet unclear how many passengers boarded the bus, the corpses recovered from the accident scene were nineteen while the driver of the cargo equally lost his life bringing the death toll to twenty. The sole survivor of last weekend’s accident was the conductor, AKA “motor boy” of the cargo truck.

Even though he acquired severe bruises, by the time of this report, he was said to be receiving medical attention in a nearby health centre. Speaking at the scene, the Divisional Officer for Muyuka, Tambe Tabot, called on the all whose relatives travelled to Muyuka that morning and never returned to visit the Buea mortuary for identification and collection of corps.

Meantime, while elements of the national Gendarmerie were trying to scrap and assembly the body parts spread all over the scene, “smart” youths of Muyuka neighbourhood were busy scatting away with cartoon of the beverages and consumable goods. Not even the pool of blood at the since of the incident or those on the ground could deter them from turning the ugly scene into a profitable one.{loadposition myposition2}

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Illegal boat impounded in Bakassi waters as government strive to boost fish production. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9075-illegal-boat-impounded-in-bakassi-waters-as-government-strive-to-boost-fish-production http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9075-illegal-boat-impounded-in-bakassi-waters-as-government-strive-to-boost-fish-production Illegal boat impounded in Bakassi waters as government strive to boost fish production.
Cameroonian navy officials have arrested and impounded a fishing vessel operating in a restricted area in the Bakassi waters. The vessel that had on board three Cameroonians and two Chinese according to navy sources was caught in possession of immature fishes and  said to be using unauthorized fishing net.
{loadposition myposition}
The vessel was thus docked at the Bota wharf in Limbe before handing it over to the authorities of Livestock, fisheries and Animal industries  in the south west region. The owner of the vessel who was also arrested and ferried to Buea paid a sum of 6 million fcfa as fines before being freed though the content of the vessel was auctioned.
However, government in this light has doubled effort in revamping the fishing sector. The Maritime Artisanal Fisheries Development Mission (MDPAM) has invested a sum of 810 million fcfa in the sector to encourage sustainable production. The amount was disclosed in Douala during the board meeting of the structure. New methods of fishing as well as preservation mechanisms were slso discussed during the meeting chaired by Dr Taiga, minister of livestock fisheries and Animal Industries.
 The executive secretary of MDPAM, Salvador Ngouande reiterated the need for Cameroonians to invest in the sector so as to curb the high importation rate of fish in Cameroon while also rebuking those involved in illegal fishing and smuggling.{loadposition myposition2}  
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Douala Airport: Lebanese man apprehended with illegal diamond worth FCfa 630 million http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9069-douala-airport-lebanese-man-apprehended-with-illegal-diamond-worth-fcfa-630-million http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9069-douala-airport-lebanese-man-apprehended-with-illegal-diamond-worth-fcfa-630-million Douala Airport: Lebanese man apprehended with illegal diamond worth  FCfa 630 million

Abadi Choudi, a British citizen of Lebanese origin, has just been arrested at the Douala international airport, the Cameroonian economic capital, with a cargo of rough diamonds worth an estimated FCfa 630 million, we learned from customs sources.

Born in Monrovia, capital of Liberia, a country ravaged from 1999 to 2003 by a civil war financed in part by so called blood diamonds, the smuggler arrested in Douala was apparently tailed by Cameroonian intelligence agents, before being caught red-handed.

Some sources close to the case suspect that the diamonds seized in the luggage of Abadi Choudi come from the Central African Republic (CAR), big producer of these precious stones, which shares a long land border with Cameroon, in the Eastern region.

We can recall that on 2 December 2016, on the eve of an assessment mission by the Kimberly Process (international mechanism to track diamonds sold worldwide, to avoid using them to finance wars, Ed.) in Cameroon, a report from the NGO Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) had denounced “the incapacity” of the Cameroonian public authorities “to implement the Kimberley Process”.{loadposition myposition} 

Entitled “From conflict to illicit: Mapping the diamond trade from the Central African Republic to Cameroon”, this report revealed in particular that Cameroon is allowing conflict diamonds from the Central African Republic to cross over its borders and into the legal supply chain due to poor controls, smuggling and corruption ».

These accusations were denied by the local monitoring Committee for the implementation of the Kimberly Process, and were also not confirmed by the mission of experts from the international committee, who investigated in several towns in the Eastern region of Cameroon, during the first half of December 2016.

As a reminder, the logging and mining region of Eastern Cameroon officially hosts approximately 60,000 Central African refugees supervised by the UN-HCR, and whose links and communication with their homeland were not but, mainly due to the porous nature of the border between Cameroon and CAR.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Bamenda-Northwest Region: Baptist Comprehensive College Nkwen goes down in flames http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9066-bamenda-northwest-region-baptist-comprehensive-college-nkwen-goes-down-in-flames http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9066-bamenda-northwest-region-baptist-comprehensive-college-nkwen-goes-down-in-flames Bamenda-Northwest Region: Baptist Comprehensive College Nkwen goes down in flames

More schools set on fire as a Baptist college is visited with flames in Nkwen Bamenda by unknown individuals. This took place on Sunday 13 August 2017, early in the morning.

Residents of the concerned neighbourhood were shocked as they woke up to see Baptist Comprehensive college, uncontrollably consumed by fire. They sought to know those behind the act but instead, they found themselves facing more unanswerable questions like, why the school was chosen of all the other schools around the area.{loadposition myposition} 

No time to waste with irrelevant questions at that moment, fire fighters had to be called. They arrived and battled with the fire but could not save the building from being razed down by the heavy flames.

Soon it will be the so called school reopening in September. Where will the students of that institution have their lessons? No one knows.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroon: Severe accident on the Yaounde-Bafoussam highway http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9061-cameroon-severe-accident-on-the-yaounde-bafoussam-highway http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9061-cameroon-severe-accident-on-the-yaounde-bafoussam-highway Cameroon: Severe accident on the Yaounde-Bafoussam highway

Severe traffic accident on the road leading from the the western region into Yaounde this morning at 5am.A fully loaded 70 seater bus belonging to a local travel agency rammed the tail end of a trailer that had a breakdown in the middle of the road. {loadposition myposition} Eye witness reports claim that the Trailer had no clear warning signs to caution on coming vehicles, but for some heaps of grass that was placed on the tarmac. No deaths were recorded at the scene of the crash, however, many passengers were left with life threatening  injuries. The accident occurred precisely at  Maham near Bangangte.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Hysacam Bamenda gets brand new trucks to improve on its mission to keep the City of Bamenda : http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9055-hysacam-bamenda-gets-brand-new-trucks-to-improve-on-its-mission-to-keep-the-city-of-bamenda http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9055-hysacam-bamenda-gets-brand-new-trucks-to-improve-on-its-mission-to-keep-the-city-of-bamenda Hysacam Bamenda gets brand new trucks to improve on its mission to keep the City of Bamenda :

On the 30th of January 2017 the group Hysacam was awarded the contract by the Government of Cameroon in association with the Bamenda City Council to collect and manage urban waste in the city of Bamenda. The newly created Hysacam Bamenda branch officially launched its activities and began work in the city on the 23rd of February 2017.{loadposition myposition}

Ensuring to meet up with its mission in Bamenda, the group Hysacam recently presented 6 brand new Renault trucks and a chain foot front loader to manage household waste in Bamenda. With these equipments, Hysacam can now access all streets and interior neighborhoods in the city to ensure Bamenda is kept clean.{loadposition myposition}

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North West Region: Bangolan chieftaincy crisis, villagers seek Pacific resolution. http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9037-north-west-region-bangolan-chieftaincy-crisis-villagers-seek-pacific-resolution http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9037-north-west-region-bangolan-chieftaincy-crisis-villagers-seek-pacific-resolution North West Region: Bangolan chieftaincy crisis, villagers seek Pacific resolution.

Elites and youths of Bangolan village drawn from all over the country rallied at the palace of their Fon, HRH Chafah Isaac XI in Yaounde on Saturday August 5th in a general meeting to concert on  measures that can enhance lasting peace and harmony in Bangolan. They all agreed to prioritise dialogue, love for one another and to encourage other youths to shun violent extremism tendencies. Chairing the opening ceremony of the meeting, HRH, Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan reiterated that he has forgiven everybody nor matter their offences and  he is also ready to rehabilitate those who went astray. He added that he has never stopped praying asking God to open the eyes of some of his subjects who took the wrong direction to come back to their senses.{loadposition myposition}

The grand rally which brought Bangolan indigenes from Bamenda, Ndop, Babessi, Foumbot, OBALA, Yaoundé, Ebolowa, Kribi, Ayos, Douala,Ntui,just to name a few ended with ground breaking resolutions arrived at. Top amongst the resolutions include the continues preaching of peace and reconciliation which they all acknowledged are conditions sine quanon for socio economic development of their village which has been in ruins for over a year now. Participants also denounced the lackadaisical attitude portrayed by some Bangolan natives towards this moment of misunderstanding in the village and called on all to join the peace and reconciliation wagon for the common interest of their village.

However they also regretted the recent brouhaha which broke up between Bangolan and  Babessi leading to the seizure of a huge portion of their farm land with crops by the Babessi people. All efforts to arrive at a consensus with the Babessi traditional council regarding the retrocession of the land to Bangolan has been futile as the Babessi people insist if they must dialogue, it should be in the presence of Fon Chafah whom they recognize as ruler of Bangolan till date.

It should be recalled that the present stalemate in Bangolan erupted in February 2016 when some ignorant youths plotted an abortive coup to unseat FON Chafah who has been on the throne for 35 years. His step brother late Mbipefah James Salim a protagonist of bellicose activism was tipped for the command post but was snatched by the cool hands of death, a situation which many believe the ancestors were furious with the overzealous prince for desecrating the land by attempting dethrone his brother who was enthroned 35 years ago by their father under the watchful eyes of the entire village and the administration.{loadposition myposition2}

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JAKIRI: HONORABLE WIRBA AND CORA MOVE IN TO RELIEVE STORM VICTIMS http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9029-honorable-wirba-and-cora-move-in-to-relieve-the-victims http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9029-honorable-wirba-and-cora-move-in-to-relieve-the-victims JAKIRI: HONORABLE WIRBA AND CORA MOVE IN TO RELIEVE STORM VICTIMS

A Powerful storm hit part of Jakiri town on the 24th of July 2017 destroying a vast number of houses and farms. This suddenly made families and individual homeless in desperate need of food.Many have been taken in by neighbors or have move to other areas where they have relatives.

strong wind in jakiri-Bamenda
The CORA Relief Team

The CORA relief team immediately visited the disaster area and continued working with the affected families in the days that followed. The team came up with the shocking realisation that more than 55 families were affected. CORA staff encouraged the victims to resettle where they could, while CORA figure out how to bring in relief. {loadposition myposition} 

Hon. Wirba who is the Director General of CORA schedule a meeting with the victim on the 1st of August 2017 at CORA Head Office in Jakiri with the following objectives.

1. To do a head by head count of the total number of famillies and persons affectedby the tragiC incident.
2. To give moral an psychological support to those affected.
3. To pray for and with the victims.
4. To give guidance on how to accept a tragedy that befell them and how to start picking up their lifes and moving on.
5. To offer disaster reliefs to the families affected.

Cora relief team

Cora Director General, Hon. Wirba, appeals for help for the Jakiri storm disaster victims.

The devastating storm disaster

Destroyed more than 40 houses
Displaced more than 55 families
Destroyed more than 10 hecters of crops around the houses.
Affected more than 1000 persons

Follow the link below and donate ---> http://coracarecharity.org/major-storm-hits-jakiri-destroy…/

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Nemesis strike: Late Mgr. Bala’s casket military escort perishes in ghastly car crash http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9021-nemesis-strike-late-mgr-bala-s-casket-military-escort-perishes-in-ghastly-car-crash http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9021-nemesis-strike-late-mgr-bala-s-casket-military-escort-perishes-in-ghastly-car-crash Nemesis strike: Late Mgr. Bala’s casket military escort perishes in ghastly car crash

Thousands of mourners, who were conveying the mortal remains of the late Bishop of Bafia, Mgr. Jean Marie Beniot Bala, to its final resting place, August 2, were bemused when the military escort who was leading the ending convoy collided with a Toyota car.     

The Motorcade rider, Buba Gautier, died en route to the Efok Hospital, after the ghastly car crash.

The mortal remains of the deceased Bishop of Bafia were removed from the Yaounde General Hospital Mortuary in the presence of members of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon, NEC, clerics, family members, friends, Christ lay faithful and the personal representative of President Paul Biya, Justice Minister, Laurent Esso. {loadposition myposition} 

During the Requiem that took place at the Our Lady of Victory Cathedral Yaounde, Mgr. Joseph Akonga Essomba in his homily stunned the mourners when he stated without blinking that the killers of Bishop Bala were present in church, pretending to be weeping even more than the bereaved.

“The hypocrites responsible for the evil killings of our colleagues are here present and pretending to be sympathizers and well wishers. They are struggling to destroy the church from within,” Mgr. Essomba declared.

He re-echoed the Bishops’ stand that Mgr. Bala was brutally murdered.

The Priest said no matter the evil plans against the men and women of God, the Catholic Church shall always remain very strong and objective.

It will not crumble for it is built on a foundation of Jesus Christ, who is the truth and the light.

Tongues are already wagging that even if the Government is shielding the murderers of the Prelate, God will avenge the death of his servant. {loadposition myposition2} 



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Cameroon: GCE Board Registrar narrowly escapes death from assailants http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9020-cameroon-gce-board-registrar-narrowly-escapes-death-from-assailants http://cameroon-concord.com/local/9020-cameroon-gce-board-registrar-narrowly-escapes-death-from-assailants Cameroon: GCE Board Registrar narrowly escapes death from assailants

Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono, Registrar of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board, July 30, narrowly escaped death from yet to be identified assailants.

Dr. Ekema Monono was ambushed while doing sports in the early hours of the day.

Speaking to Cameroon Concord, Monono said “I usually leave my house for jogging around 5.30am. On that fateful day I was jogging on the road from Buea Town down through Bokwai Village to the Buea Central Market, when I realised some young men jogging behind me.  I thought they were also doing sports. {loadposition myposition} 

But when a taxis that was transporting people early that morning to the Muea Market drove past and a passenger shouted from inside: “Na that bad boys them that! When I turned to look at them, the young men all took-off and ran into the valley of the Catholic Church Great Soppo.

I thought of continuing with the sports, but it dawned on me that those boys could return for me so I sped off back home safely,” the GCE Board Registrar recounted.

Monono revealed that recently, one of the examiners at this year’s GCE session was ambushed and robbed of his phones and other valuables.

So far, it cannot be determined whether Dr. Monono’s case was an opportunistic ambush or a pre-meditated one, but conspiracy theorists have already been drawing conclusions and levelling accusations as to who could have been behind the ambush that was foiled, thanks to an observant but unidentified passenger in a taxi. {loadposition myposition2} 

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