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Apr 20, 2018

Cameroon: Government refutes claims about closure of Douala airport

The Director of Cameroonian airports has said in a communiqué published on 18 ...
Apr 20, 2018

Football: Is Cameroon to finally host AFCON 2019!

CAF has official sent the logo of the 2019 African cup of Nations to the ...
Apr 15, 2018

SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators

After the publication of the list of appointed senators by Paul Biya, without ...
Apr 13, 2018

Cameroon-senatorial appointments: Senators vow to fight for Biya's stay in power

Paul Biya, made public on Thursday 12 April 2018, a list of 30 appointed ...
Apr 11, 2018

Commonwealth games 2018: Cameroonian athletes reported missing in Australia

Five Cameroonian athletes taking part in the 2018 commonwealth games in ...
Apr 9, 2018

Cameroon: Agbor Balla condemns kidnappings, calls for release of Justice Mbeng Martin

Cameroonian barrister Agbor Balla, following the news about the abduction of ...
Apr 5, 2018

Atanga Nji restricts the sales of arms in six Regions of Cameroon

The Minister of Territorial administration Atanga Nji Paul, has restricted the ...
Apr 4, 2018

Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council.

The social Democratic Front( SDF) and the Cameroon Democratic Union( CDU) all ...
Apr 3, 2018

Ambazonian Fighters Arrest Divisional Officer for Wabane in Lebialem Division

The Divisional Officer for Wabane in Lebialem Division has been arrested by ...
Apr 3, 2018

Cameroon: Former indomitable lion, Onana Eloundou is no more

The former national team defender, Onana Eloundou, who took part in the 1982 ...
Apr 3, 2018

Samuel Etoo not happy with Jeune Afrique for pulling 'April fool' using him

Cameroonian football professional Samuel Etoo, is very angry with Jeune Afrique ...
Mar 31, 2018

CAF office in Yaounde closed and inaugurated in Madagascar

A new CAF office has been inaugurated in Madagascar on Friday 30 March 2018, ...
Mar 29, 2018

Senatorial elections: CPDM denies SDF's victory in the Northwest

Some members of the Northwest Regional commission for vote counting do not ...
Mar 28, 2018

Senatorial Elections: President of Constitutional council installs vote counting commission

A 21-member vote counting commission for the March 25 senatorial elections in ...
Mar 27, 2018

Atanga Nji Mocks NW Fons For Crowning Biya 'Fon Of Fons'

Paul Atanga Nji, Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration has told the ...

Sports / Games

April 20, 2018
CAF has official sent the logo of the 2019 African cup of Nations to the Cameroon Football Federation. {loadposition myposition}The logo was sent
April 11, 2018
Five Cameroonian athletes taking part in the 2018 commonwealth games in Australia, have gone missing. {loadposition myposition}   The five
April 03, 2018
The former national team defender, Onana Eloundou, who took part in the 1982 world cup in Spain, is dead. He died on Monday, following an illness.
April 03, 2018
Cameroonian football professional Samuel Etoo, is very angry with Jeune Afrique and France 24 for using him for their April fool prank.
March 31, 2018
A new CAF office has been inaugurated in Madagascar on Friday 30 March 2018, after the closure of the one which used to be in Yaounde.
March 26, 2018
Lionel Bong, a defender who plays for Young Sports academy, and who was called to the national squad ahead of the clash against Kuwait on Sunday 25

Cameroon Today

Paul Atanga Nji, Cameroon's Minister of Territorial Administration has told the Fons of the North West Region to stop complaining about upheavals in the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon. According
February 14, 2018
African rulers have shown the world that primitivism is still very much alive in Africa and that leadership in most French Africa is still controlled by the monstrous FrancAfrique which is very
April 07, 2018
Five deaths have been recorded in a road accident which occurred on the Mbalmayo-Yaounde road axis. {loadposition myposition}   The tragic incident took place on Friday 06 April 2018 at about
July 14, 2017
Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique and Camair-Co GM Ernest Dikoum have appreciated the state of preparedness ahead of July 20, 2017 inaugural flight. From the look of things, the Bamenda airport is

The Commonwealth Secretary General is the lead scribe for the over 2.1 billion Anglo-Saxon individuals in the world! Anglo-Saxon Communities are committed to uphold: Democracy, Human rights, International Peace & Security, Tolerance, respect
and understanding, Freedom of expression, separation of powers, Rule of Law, Good Governance. The English language is the rallying factor and the Anglo-Saxon culture of integrity is the binding glue of this organization. Cameroon’s record in the
upholding of the commonwealth values is catastrophic:

1. Democracy- ELECAM far from being independent is composed of a majority of people appointed by the head of state who were high profile members of his political party. Biya’s surrogate once said “You cannot be the referee and Player and loose the match!” Hailing this powerless institution that cannot even declare election results is a crime! The People’s Clamor for Federalism was met by the dictator’s fist and declaration “the form of state is not up for debate!”; just at the time when we thought democracy was about “power to the people by the people”; not by the dictator! Will Patricia Scotland praise this perverse dictatorship or shun it?

2. Human rights- After the killing of over 1oo recorded unarmed citizens by life bullets, the continuing arbitrary arrests and torture of thousands of Anglophones, the open extortion by the Biya’s forces who ask for money to release people they illegally arrested and falsely accused; given the summary execution of local communities and villages by BIYA’s Forces, what will Patricia Scotland say?

3. International Peace & Security- With the exodus of over 7000 registered refugees to Nigeria, and tens of thousands more hiding in the bushes for fear of execution; many escaping for their lives from the violent and indiscriminate clam down on innocent & peaceful civilian communities by Biya’s forces (thus creating the International Insecurity and declaring a “merciless war” on his own people, now
become a resistance force of freedom fighters), How will the Rt Honorable Patricia
Scotland say to address Biya’s violation?

4. Tolerance- When Government takes away kitchen knives from entire communities, seizes all their farm tools, cutlasses and every metal instrument found and brandishes them as weapons ceased from terrorists to the international community, even though NOT ONE PERSON was killed by a knife or machete; how will these farming communities survive? How will Patricia Scotland respond?

5. Respect and understanding – With the UN, Francophonie, France, USA, Commonwealth, International Crises Group, Transparency International, Cameroon Civil Society, Political Parties, Secessionists, and virtually EVERY observer of the conflict having called on “Genuine and Inclusive Dialogue” as the way to solve this conflict and Biya in disregard and disrespect of all these opinions declares war on civilians after claiming he is committed to dialogue; When not one meeting is called by Biya for dialogue in 11 months, but soldiers are sent to kill civilians; How will the learned diplomat Patricia Scotland handle this?

6. Freedom of expression- With an officially published ban by the Government since December 2016 on the discussion of this crises on the air, and the regular crackdown on journalist for showing images or giving an unbiased report as “adding oil to the crises”, the press has almost stopped reporting on the conflict, and a silent genocide is now going on unattended to – How does Patricia Scotland intervene to enhance freedom of expression?

7. Separation of powers- In a state where the Presidents of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament as well as all of the parliamentary bureau members are voted based on instructions of the Party President Mr. Biya, and where these two houses CANNOT debate on the “Anglophone Crises” for over a year because Mr. Biya has not authorized it; the Legislative is mortgaged and Mr Biya has 100% control over all what happens there. In a country where the head of state is the supreme head of the Judiciary, and is the only one to convoke and chair the National Judicial Council, that is supposed to be able to judge him and Parliamentarians; the Judiciary has no independence; justice is violated. Like in every country, the legitimate head of the Executive is also commander in chief of the armed forces, Cameroon is no exception! Interestingly, here, the Executive, the Military, the Judiciary, the Legislative, and the Media are ALL directly controlled by Mr. Biya, the 35 Year absolute dictator over Cameroon with absolute power over all institutions. What will Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, preserver and protector of the common wealth value of separation of powers do?

8. Rule of Law – The Cameroon Constitution carries an article on the declaration of property by public officials which neither Mr. Biya, nor any other public official respects. The constitution safeguarded the rights of the Southern Cameroonians when
they joint the union, but was out rightly violated in 1972 by the abridging of the federal state. Today it safeguards a decentralization that has never been put in place, 21 years after! The Presumption of innocence does not exist in Cameroon law
practice, on in law books. Suspects are detained without bail and others kept in jail for years without trial in violation of the laws of the state. On the other hand, white-collar men whose crimes are known and the evidence public, are kept in
positions of leadership with the right to abuse their authority as a tool to squash down on all attempts at protesting! Peaceful protesters carrying peace plants are killed with live bullets, while no soldiers is even wounded; but the protesters who
should have been protected by the forces of law and order are called “terrorists”! How will Patricia Scotland uphold Commonwealth value of human rights and rule of law?

9. Good Governance - This of course has for years been the main reproach and hindrance to all of Cameroon’s mighty and lofty projects with its great potential… Bad governance and corruption! The World Bank and all other economic and political
partners have put that in perspective. With less than 10% of school attendance rate in the NW & SW “Anglophone” Regions, the shut down of Private & confessional
schools, and unapologetic summary executions and wide scale extortion by forces of “Law and Order” of the Biya regime, who have terrorized citizens into seeking refuge in neighboring Nigeria; will Rt Honorable Patricia Scotland have the courage to speak up? Will she be wrapped into Biya’s neatly laid out diplomatic bribery scheme to blindfold her and soak her in the riches of the land, thus distracting her from her real mission OR will she take the gentleman’s position of integrity to stand up against injustice, and enforce the upholding of Commonwealth Values in Cameroon-a commonwealth state? EVERY ONE of these values which are directly and openly violated in this state? The English language is the rallying factor and the Anglo-Saxon culture of integrity and respect of values is the binding glue of this Common Wealth organization!


The disaster of an Anglo-Saxon University, flooded by Francophone Teachers who teach in French and have no idea of the Anglo-Saxon culture was skillfully avoided by the old dictator with 35 years of political maneuvering to his account. Over the years, this ancestral regime has perfected the art of manipulation and diplomatic tricking as a means survival!

Having accepted that Patricia Scotland publish her schedule and tours on her page, and given her the assurances of the security forces protecting her to the “Anglophone Regions” which are now “stabilized and where all has returned to order, with schools going on, and the graduation of UB fully planned” the regime ridiculed the Rt Hon. Scotland in the usual most subtle but firm manner by
Torpedoing all of her plans and causing her to loose face in front of the Anglo-Saxon community without even knowing it:

Scotland is widely published as wining, dinning, Praising, and dressing in the with 35 year dictator’s in his impressively sumptuous gold plated palace! While the shameless 35 year old dictator convinces her IN FRENCH that the “Bilingualism committee” will solve all the problems of a crises in which innocent people were being killed daily and internet access selectively cut in two regions.

Interestingly, after 35 years as head of state with over 50 years as a high profile civil servant in Cameroon, and since the inception of the Bilingualism Committee, Mr. Biya still cannot express himself in French and should be punished by the said committee by removal from power as that disqualifies him from public office; but he is still there, proving that the committee is a tool to deceive the international
community that the regime is trying to solve a problem. But of course Rt. Hon Scotland was already well stuffed in gifts and goes on to praise the government’s efforts to solve the crises.

Rt Hon Scotland is "bribed" amongst other things with the highest honors in the Cameroonian orders, amongst other discrete sumptuous gifts offered to soften her positions and blind her views. The Biya Regime's approach of a few gifts for your birthrights seemed to have worked wonders on the "Honorable" Lady! This is seen by the shocking one-sided nature that her trip finally takes! She is firmly prevented from carrying out her scheduled visits to English speaking Cameroon which is "at peace" and where "school are on and all is well" in the name of "security reasons" in the peace! She criticizes the parliamentarians who had been to the field and recorded over 122 deaths, 7000 refugees, and are calling for dialogue like her, while praising, dinning and winning with the men who for over one year have "Refused to discuss the crises in the senate and parliament" and who have sent a well trained army to kill peaceful protesters holding up peace plants! Mention about the refugee crises, the deaths of hundreds of innocent protesters, mass graves found, bunker prisoners, torture chambers, and whole villages razed by military helicopter were scares or none existent in her talk!

The ban on all medias houses from filming and showing images of torture in the militarized zones, the selective cut of internet imposed since September 28, 2017 in the two regions, the fact that promised dialogue has NOT even been initiated, but rather a civil war has been started as government systematically harasses, arrests and kills youths of arms-bearing ages did not make it to the pages of the "honorable" Lady's speech! The surprising fact that Rt Hon Scotland engaged Biya's game, completely isolating the Anglophone community in Cameroon, "supporting" the war to kill the innocent protesters, and their minority members of parliament, without so much as a courtesy visit, thus siding with a 35 year dictator showing that she had been completely compromised and has thus sacrificed Commonwealth values on the altar of personal gain. She has been wrapped around the fingers of the old fox – Biya, just like the few "Anglophone Elite" whom he will later sent to meet and talk to her about how well the nation is doing! Having been played, by the master hustler, Rt Hon Scotland has two options: praise the master hustler and accept having been ridiculed and compromised by the old fox, or take up her dignity and save face by in turn playing the master hustler at his game and upholding the commonwealth values which she incarnates.

The wonder on the minds of the 8 million Anglophone Cameroonian who were hoping that Rt Hon Scotland will make the difference and get to see the realities they have been suffering for 56 years and how they are currently being treated as slaves is, "If the commonwealth prelate can so easily be compromised by Mr. Biya's gifts and tricks, IS THERE ANY HOPE, other than an all out civil war?" Rt Hon Scotland the ball is in your court… uphold Commonwealth values, shun M. Biya and seek justice for the Anglophone Cameroonians who are the ONLY PEOPLE by whose Anglo-Saxon culture you came to Cameroon, or be responsible for the blood of the thousands who believed in your good offices! You were yourself marginalized, compromised and your mission cunningly deviated by M. Biya and his team, its not too late to sound the alarm for the sake of innocent

lives being destroyed under in Southern Cameroon! Mola Atang

Note: The master of obstruction of Justice, Bribery and corruption has done again. Is the commonwealth sacrificing the lives of eight million southern Cameroonians for few pieces of gold?

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Business / Economy

April 04, 2018
Formerly the managing director of BICEC, Alain Ripert has been promoted to the position of administrator of BICEC and member of the board of CEPAC in
April 03, 2018
LOME, Togo, April 3, 2018/ -- The upgraded version of Ecobank’s (www.Ecobank.com) revolutionary mobile app has attracted 3 million new customers in
March 16, 2018
Switzerland disburses CFA3.4 billion to promote renewable energy projects in Cameroon. This was revealed on March 14, 2018, during the first meeting
March 16, 2018
 Port autonome de Kribi (PAK) has just launched a call for expression of interest to pre-qualify the companies that are willing to operate the
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The Hygiene and Sanitation Company dawned their beach duty equipment such as trucks, Caterpillars and general cleaners today, the 12 of March, 2018
March 09, 2018
Philémon Zo’o Zame, managing director of Cameroon’s telecommunication regulatory agency (ART) took a step further in the agency’s fight against the

Health / Medical

March 20, 2018
According to the National Cameroon daily, Cameroon Tribune, the Regional Hospital under construction as well as refurbishment shall become functional
March 19, 2018
From 2018 to 2020, the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will provide CFA108 billion to Cameroon to help the country fight against the
March 01, 2018
On this day February 28, Germany and UNICEF have launched the second phase of the project named "S'attaquer à la malnutrition chez les enfants de
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From the 22nd to the 27th of January 2018, Bafoussam was the venue of intensive training of the North West Rapid Response Team (RRT). The team was
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November 24, 2017
Coffee may not only give you a morning boost; it also may have significant health benefits. So says a review by British scientists of more than

Daily / Newsbrief

April 20, 2018
The Director of Cameroonian airports has said in a communiqué published on 18 April 2018, that rumours circulating about the closure of the Douala
April 09, 2018
Cameroonian barrister Agbor Balla, following the news about the abduction of Justice Mbeng Martin, has strongly condemned the kidnappings that are
April 06, 2018
Wonders they say shall never end as this CPDM party stalwart promises to pay Biya's caution fee of 30million CFA francs. This business magnet must
April 05, 2018
The Minister of Territorial administration Atanga Nji Paul, has restricted the sales of arms in some Regions of Cameroon and says his decision comes
March 20, 2018
As reported by Cameroon Tribune, a large contingent of the African Standby Defence force, shall have joint or combined military training drills,
March 19, 2018
On March 14, 2018, during the hearing at the correctional chamber of Eséka court, Jean Pierre Morel, the current managing director of CAMRAIL said

Headlines On Cameroonian English Tabloids

Showbiz / Music

February 18, 2018
Between the scissors and the pen, fashion designer Wazal Ayissi makes no difference. His overflowing inspiration led him into writing and narrating
February 16, 2018
The people of Bambalang -kingdom in Ndop will on Sunday 18th February 2018 exhibit a rich custom at the cultural festival known as SHA'ATANG. This
January 25, 2018
On Thursday 25th of January 2018, the Miss Cameroon Committee, the President of the Jury for the 2018 edition have been invited this Thursday, 25th
January 17, 2018
Scandals of such magnitude in Cameroon keep multiplying on a daily basis. How could a young luxuriant beautiful woman without brains be crowned Miss
September 27, 2017
Reports going round suggest Nigerian duo P Square have split up after a misunderstanding . Peter and Paul Okoye, twin brothers, have reportedly gone
July 15, 2017
Reports say a documentary on the life of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon will be presented at the Ecrans noirs film festival

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