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Presidential elections 2018: Biya is no longer safe as he looks forward to next year’s elections

Meanwhile the leader of the gangster regime “papa” Paul Biya is being called upon by his followers from North to South, East to West, and even out of the country to present his candidature for the upcoming presidential elections next year, despite his over 30 years of arbitrary rule, others think enough is enough, including some of his close collaborators.

These close collaborators as analysed by Camer News, stand as a big obstacle to Biya in obtaining a sixth mandate for himself. Whether already in Kodengui or still moving around scot-free, they pose a big threat to Chantal’s husband given that they have foreign support which is making them stronger than he thinks.

 Before the beginning of every of his mandates, according to Camer News, Biya always wanted a perfect government for himself and that is why he made sure he instructed the members of his government and their leader the Prime Minister, to leave no stone unturned to brilliantly transform the economic situation of the nation in terms of development, in order to improve the living conditions of the population.

All of these dreams have never been realised. Times without number, President Biya has signed documents authorising his so-called big projects which never end up being a reality. “I expect from this government, a new page as it engages in its specific duties, especially in those sectors where regular inactivity have set in. I equally demand of them manifestation of cohesion and solidarity in the exercising of their duties, which is a tenable asset of success”; those were His Excellency Biya Mvondo’s words during a council of Ministers which was held on the 03rd of July 2009. Four days after this, Philemon Yang was handed over the keys of the Star Building. In spite of all of this talking, Biya’s directives were never respected or executed.


 Ministers, who are supposed to remain within the confines of their gruesome salaries, do not do so. They have big crocodile eyes that cannot stay of the contents of public coffers. They want to sweep everything away, not even accomplishing what they were appointed for.

Unfinished projects are now the order of the day. A good number of minister have been sent to languish behind bars in Kondengui, for swindling state funds, which were supposed to be used for State projects. These projects usually end up halfway or are not even started. There is the Bamenda ring road which is yet to be a full reality, as it is not yet complete. There are other domains of development, like the Lom Pangar hydro electric dam which Cameroonians wonder if they are eternal projects that don’t get terminated. This does not even move those in power to change their behaviour. They still keep on stealing money which does not belong to them.

If an investigation is done, it will be discovered that, all those who accuse others of embezzlement and secession, are the real secessionists themselves. They just want to hide behind and do their bad deeds.

At this point in time, even if Biya surrounds himself with the top body guards in the world, his security will still be at the mercy of some of his close collaborators who are just waiting for his downfall, not even for the good of Cameroon but for their own personal gains.


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