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Brenda Biya, daughter of the  president of La Republique du Cameroun, is sitting the Competitive entrance examination into the National School of Administration and Magistracy.
Biya Eyenga Elle Anasthasie Brenda is going in for treasury , Cycle B. {loadposition myposition}
Her name is on the 325th place on the list of eligible candidates.
She enters the exam room on September 9 and 10.
ENAM is one of the most prestigious institutions in Cameroon. Not everybody can pass the exams. It is rumoured that you need a godfather to have your name on the list of successful candidates.

This rare move by the daughter of the country's strong man has been received with mixed feelings by the public.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Paul Biya congratulates himself for a good partnership with IMF Cameroon: Paul Biya congratulates himself for a good partnership with IMF

"World financial institutions have so far been according us much confidence which is gradually helping us to attain our plan in terms of growth.

It is no doubt that we are facing falling prices of basic commodities of which fuel is not an exception, especially in the world market.

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The sum of 667 million dollars, has been loaned to us by The International Monetary Fund. This collaboration is aimed at stabilising our economy and increasing job opportunities" the president explained.

According to him, much progress is being witnessed in Cameroon. He keeps on borrowing but we don't see what is being done with the money. It remains a wonder how it will be reimbursed to the lenders.

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Cameroon: Biya Retreats To Mvomeka After Annulling Geneva Trip Cameroon:  Biya Retreats To Mvomeka After Annulling Geneva Trip

The Head of State Paul Biya, went to visit his village last Saturday, after cancelling his journey to Geneva in Switzerland.

On his table, are many documents about issues which he needs to sort out like, the organisation of the 2019 AFCON and the BIR vessel which capsized in the South West Region.

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He is expected to be back by tomorrow Friday in Yaounde, where he will prepare to receive the Head of the Chinese EXIMBANK, and then afterwards go on an official trip in August.

Biya is reported to be very angry with his security service that allowed his daughter Brenda Biya to distribute wine in all of Meyomessala.

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Presidential elections 2018: Biya is no longer safe as he looks forward to next year’s elections Presidential elections 2018: Biya is no longer safe as he looks forward to next year’s elections

Meanwhile the leader of the gangster regime “papa” Paul Biya is being called upon by his followers from North to South, East to West, and even out of the country to present his candidature for the upcoming presidential elections next year, despite his over 30 years of arbitrary rule, others think enough is enough, including some of his close collaborators.

These close collaborators as analysed by Camer News, stand as a big obstacle to Biya in obtaining a sixth mandate for himself. Whether already in Kodengui or still moving around scot-free, they pose a big threat to Chantal’s husband given that they have foreign support which is making them stronger than he thinks.

 Before the beginning of every of his mandates, according to Camer News, Biya always wanted a perfect government for himself and that is why he made sure he instructed the members of his government and their leader the Prime Minister, to leave no stone unturned to brilliantly transform the economic situation of the nation in terms of development, in order to improve the living conditions of the population.

All of these dreams have never been realised. Times without number, President Biya has signed documents authorising his so-called big projects which never end up being a reality. “I expect from this government, a new page as it engages in its specific duties, especially in those sectors where regular inactivity have set in. I equally demand of them manifestation of cohesion and solidarity in the exercising of their duties, which is a tenable asset of success”; those were His Excellency Biya Mvondo’s words during a council of Ministers which was held on the 03rd of July 2009. Four days after this, Philemon Yang was handed over the keys of the Star Building. In spite of all of this talking, Biya’s directives were never respected or executed.

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 Ministers, who are supposed to remain within the confines of their gruesome salaries, do not do so. They have big crocodile eyes that cannot stay of the contents of public coffers. They want to sweep everything away, not even accomplishing what they were appointed for.

Unfinished projects are now the order of the day. A good number of minister have been sent to languish behind bars in Kondengui, for swindling state funds, which were supposed to be used for State projects. These projects usually end up halfway or are not even started. There is the Bamenda ring road which is yet to be a full reality, as it is not yet complete. There are other domains of development, like the Lom Pangar hydro electric dam which Cameroonians wonder if they are eternal projects that don’t get terminated. This does not even move those in power to change their behaviour. They still keep on stealing money which does not belong to them.

If an investigation is done, it will be discovered that, all those who accuse others of embezzlement and secession, are the real secessionists themselves. They just want to hide behind and do their bad deeds.

At this point in time, even if Biya surrounds himself with the top body guards in the world, his security will still be at the mercy of some of his close collaborators who are just waiting for his downfall, not even for the good of Cameroon but for their own personal gains.

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Biya's close aid snubbed in Paris in Desperate effort to strike Biya-Macron Encounter Biya's  close aid snubbed  in Paris in Desperate effort to strike Biya-Macron Encounter

The Director of Civil at the Presidency, Martin Belinga Eboutou is reported to have been humiliated in Paris as he tried to negotiate for a tete a tete between Paul Biya and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron.

The high level diplomat who is alleged to be on medical leave in France approached the French Elysie to begin procedures for the high level meeting . But instead of his fellow Director of Cabinet to appear for talks, Belinga Eboutou was received by an attache'e  at the President. It still remains unclear whether  both parties arrived at any concrete result.

The incident has left majority of Cameroonians smiling over the humiliation of one of Biya's closest disciples. It has also raised speculations as to how much money could have been mobilized for the trip. Since billions of tax payers effort is rumored to have been harnessed to bribe French officials to facilitate the meeting.

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Paul Biya has been seeking for a chance to meet Emmanuel Macron since the dramatic election of the 39 year old into the Champs Elysee . He recently held talk with the  French Ambassador to Cameroon, Gilles Thibaut who told CRTV reporters at the Unity Palace that a meeting between Biya and Macron is on the pipeline.

The reason behind Biya's desperate move is still unknown . But it's no secret that Macron wants a new order in France- Africa relations with Biya and other sit tight leaders scared of the unknown. The silence of the France's strong man over the Africa issue since his coming to power has unsettled most leaders including Biya who might want to use the meeting to size up how the French man sees him. The Anglophone crisis , the 2018 Presidential election and a potential Devaluation of the Franc CFA are some issues giving him sleepless nights and Macron's position on these files will enable Biya know where he is treading.

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Appointment and dismissal of DOs in Cameroon: Paul Biya the “most perfect Cameroonian” Appointment and dismissal of DOs in Cameroon: Paul Biya the “most perfect Cameroonian”

The president of La Republique signed a series of decrees appointing and dismissing local administrators on Monday.

The message,that was read on the lone state broadcaster CRTV, brought tears and joy to several families.

And what was probably disturbing about it is the fact that most of those who were sent on retirement or fired are as young as the president’s grand children. They certainly got to those positions when Paul Biya had been in power for several years.

Paul Biya who took over from Ahidjo in 1982 is hoping to make miracles by 2035 and make his country an “emerging nation”.

For that reason, he dismisses and retires those who are either too “old”, too weak to think clearly or “unproductive”.{loadposition myposition}

On his part, he is strong, young enough to take the nation to emergence by 2035. Eighty-four years is not a problem.

There is every indication that our “father” does not want to admit that age is also weighing on him. During celebrations marking  the National Day in Yaounde at the 20th May Boulevard, there were signs of fatigue on his face.

What is he telling Cameroonians? That he is more intelligent; smarter; stronger and more Cameroonian than everyone else?

A single regime yet several prime ministers have come and gone. More than three decades of “change’. That’s strange.

In fact, if the regime must hold tight to the string of powers, let there be no retirement or dismissal.{loadposition myposition2}

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Chantal Biya’s 20th May outfit provokes controversies on social media Chantal Biya’s 20th May outfit provokes controversies on social media

The first lady of Cameroon wore the fabric of her spouse, President Paul Biya’s political party, the CPDM to the march past ground.

This is unlike what used to obtain in recent years. Immediately she set foot at the 20th May Boulevard, social networks like, Facebook and Whatsapp, started swelling up with comments about her outfit like, “this year we are surely celebrating the National CPDM day” for those who saw no reason why she had to dress that way, while others argued that its normal for one to represent their party with their outfit.{loadposition myposition}

This is a day which the regime faithfuls consider as the National Reunification day, but everybody was surprised to perceive “mama Chantou” as she is affectionately called, with the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement party uniform.

Some observers even proposed that, she should have joined the civilians of her party who were marching past, if she really intended to put on a political party’s attire.

Another aspect which together with Chantal Biya’s own case illustrated the fact that, the party in power wishes to take control over everything in the country, is the unimaginable number of CPDM militants who paraded. Many of them took part compared to the other groups who seemingly were few in numbers

The number of Biya’s paraders was too enormous despite the fact that, only few individuals had to be selected per group according to instructions, to participate in the civilian march past, in order to hasten the pace of activities.{loadposition myposition2}

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No phones at the unity palace during reception ceremony No phones at the unity palace during reception ceremony

In a communiqué signed by the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakari, mobile phones will not be allowed into the Unity Palace during the reception organised by the presidential couple, marking the 45th edition of the so called National Reunification.

Yesterday 19th May, it was made public by the State manipulated TV and Radio stations, that the power mongers of Etoudi had restricted the accessibility of guests with phones into the presidential mansion after the March past at the 20th May Boulevard.

This was done with the pretext that cell phones could obstruct the smooth control of the population that is expected to be present at the unity Palace.{loadposition myposition}

This calls for much questioning, as the public does not imagine how mobile phones could stand as an obstacle to the easy access of guests to the after-march past ceremony.

Some are suggesting that there is something which they want to hide from the world, while others speculate that the old age of President Paul Biya who is now 84, does not permit him to act vibrantly as people in his position ought to, during such ceremonies and thus will not want the public to notice that.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Biya enjoys absolute dictatorship as the country crumbles Cameroon: Biya enjoys  absolute dictatorship as the country crumbles

The principle of separation of power which is a basic tenet in democracy is a far fetched dream in la republique du Cameroun. The 84 year old tyrant unilaterally controls the executive, judiciary and the legislative arms of government. Going by section 8 of the crook and biased 1996 Constitution, Mr Biya is the president of the republic, head of state, Chief of defence force, Head of the higher judicial council amongst many other prerogatives conferred on him. It is unheard of in modern democracy to know that a president elected by the people, appoint and dismisses top government and military officials at will without any objection from anywhere.
The gerontocratic Yaounde government is 90 percent manned by natives of the Bulu, Ewondo and Etone clans (Beti tribe). The non beti government officials including those from the Anglophone Community are people who swear to defend the interest of the ruling party even if it means jeopardising the well-being of the population. {loadposition myposition} 
Shockingly, it has been revealed that for over 30 years of Biya’s reign over Cameroon, he has used over 500 cabinet ministers with southern Cameroons getting just 70 ministers without portfolio out of it. More to that, very important and strategic ministerial positions are being occupied by natives from the Bulu community where Mr. biya originates and most of these persons are his old friends and classmates.
Nonetheless,it wouldn’t be an affront to the Beti military regime to say that the judiciary is not independent. Biya appoints judges in tribunals mainly to settle political scores rather than to serve justice to litigants. The recent illegal arrest, torture and detention of one of Southern Cameroon’s legal luminary, chief justice Ayah Paul Abine is a glaring example.The legal sector is marred with high level bribery and corruption, justice goes to the highest bidder.
On the other hand, many have described the Yaounde based parliament as a robber stamp, group of stooges and hand clappers. The coming of the senate, has added nothing but rather helped to drain tax payers money with the huge salaries they receive from Mr. Biya.The national Assembly on its part has never adopted any private member bills but only those emanating from the francophone dominant government.Controlling government action which is parliament’s fundamental role is an exception with the Ngoa Ekelle glass house MPs.
It should be recalled that Paul Biya took over power from Ahmadou Ahidjo in 1982 and two years after, he changed the name of the country from United Republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon without consulting the parliament nor conducting any referendum. He has ruled Cameroon since then till date and he is preparing to run for another mandate at the age of 85 come 2018. {loadposition myposition2} 

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A letter To Grandpa A letter To Grandpa

Permit me go straight to the point, is your butt stuck to that armchair? From the womb I saw you sat there, Now I near the tomb, you're still there Grandpa, is that your heritage? Why hold fast with eagle's grip?

Off it you knocked off big brother, Sent him to shake hands with ancestors Now like fish he's smoked on strange soil, Why do this evil to your fellow blood?{loadposition myposition}

You overturned the table with trickery, And sat your butt like King Kong.  You run your household with iron fist And set eyes everywhere to watch your back, What are you scared of, old man?

Your skin is older than your hair, Can you bribe age with goat's hair? A sower of wheat must reap wheat. Now you dread your own kind, You flood your yard with watchdogs, They watch your step like guardian spirits, You spend every dime to oil their lips. When you sneeze everyone catches cold. Are you a bear to your household? You zip every mouth that points a finger And give them a bed in a parrot's cage. Can a cage turn a parrot into a dumb? The neighbours are all watching!

You sneak out and in like rat moles, How long will you run from your shadow? Your hands are painted with camwood, Why are your children deserting you? See how they flock into neighboring houses, You set your forest on wild fire. Why would the beasts not flee for refuge?

Now amend your ways while time rolls. Get your wrinkled butt off that armchair. Do with haste before it gets scorched. Those parrots you caged at the backyard Are muttering your name day and night. Amend your ways before you become one Grandpa.

I sincerely mean no disrespect,

Your grandson!

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