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Albert, Reuben , Ernest , Pius and Lapiro!!!



Do you know anyone here
Who has heard of my good friend Albert Mukong
A man I call my political father
Who spent his life fighting for freedom
Shaming the French and evil neocolonialist
And was prisoner without a crime
Can you tell me what you know about him
For I just went on exile and he was gone
He stood for a lot of good, equality and justice
As it seems the good and brave die early
Does any body here
Know of anyone who knows Reuben Um Nyobel
A brave warrior, patriot and nationalist
Who courageously said no to demonic France
As they refused to leave our beloved land
Making a sham of what they called independence
Placing their stooges to plunder our land
Chasing and silencing our national hero
Fighting courageously even to death
And yet before I was of age to think
He was gone and a monument of my memory
As it seems the good and brave die young and early
Has anyone here
Seen or heard of our friend and father Ernest Ouandjie
Before I could grow up he was taken from us
Deprived from joining his nationalism spirit
And his determination to keep France out
Caging the betrayals of political stooges
Who sold the nation for neocolonial games
He bravely fought for our independence and freedom
But before we could turn around he was gone
And became an imprint in our national psyche
As it seems the good and the brave die young and early.
Has any body here
Seen my good old friend and brother Pius Njawe
He stood for and fought many good causes
For our freedom, our justice and our integrity
But before I could hold his hand he was gone
Taken from us just when we needed him most
Can someone please tell me where he’s gone
For it seems the good and the brave die young and early.
Has anyone here been to buffalo
Did you see our hero Lapiro
Was he looking happy or sad
He stood for and fought many good cause
Same as Albert, Reuben, Ernest and Pius
But before I could turn around to put facts together
That he is and was not LP Judas of M he was gone
Taken away from me holding his hands to say I know
The tricks of the real devil and the devils in sheep clothing
For I know now only the good and brave die young and early.

Has any body here
Seen me seeking for the brave and good ones
Who amongst us will take the mantle to lead
To wear the amour of goodness and bravery
Of Albert, Reuben, Ernest , Pius and Lapiro
Who here would not love the things they stood for
Did they not try to find and do some good
For you, me, us, our nation, our people and our world
As they started out to set us and our land free
and from their works and memory and sacrifices
we will be free soon and someday when we choose
and I thought I saw Lapiro holding hands over fako mountain
with Albert, Reuben, Ernest and our good friend Pius
Singing and praying for us not to forget their sacrifices
As they have just gone home and watching over us
As it seems the good and brave die young and early

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