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The Hygiene and Sanitation Company dawned their beach duty equipment such as trucks, Caterpillars and general cleaners today, the 12 of March, 2018 over unpaid arrears. This strike action is aimed at putting pressure to bear on the state of Cameroon, so that these unpaid arrears can be cleared.

The two months of unpaid arrears makes work cumbrous and challenging because it's with money that the cleaning of the city is facilitated. These workers went to the head quarters today as early as 5am. " we do the very challenging and assiduously and our work must be valued" We breath in stinking and smelling odour, which is nauseating throughout the day.

We must not be taken for desperado and garbage. No truck shall leave for work today without salaries paid" declared Nestor, one of the workers of Hysacam. It must be noted that it was a peaceful demonstration on the street leading to the headquarters and they weren't blocked. Besides the two months unpaid arrears, the workers also complained about a very long history of irregular payment of salaries, rents,unpaid family allowances,health insurance and other mutual benefits according to Roger Nchoungou Njoundap, one of the staff delegates.

This strike action was carried out without the notifying the employer. According to the trade unionist, it was just a spontaneous reaction of workers who have gone for months without their salaries. A very urgent staff meeting was called for at 5pm by the Director of the Douala branch office. " The employers aren't happy with the attitude of the workers because the Company is going through a very difficult moment.

We are going to go through the third month without salaries. Nevertheless the staff representatives are going to explain to them the procedure. The employers assessed that the procedure is too slow and too long" Work generally got halted this morning" when there was too much work to be done. The Staff representatives collectively wrote a letter the Branch Manager on the 9th of March, 2018,expressing the difficulties that workers go through.

The Branch manager promised informing the General Manager ( Michel Ngapanoun. The General Manager admitted only owing one month of salary arrears and has refused to comment on the issue of the strike before holding a crisis meeting was held a few hours letter.

Two years after, the family of decease are still waiting for the much trumpeted Government assistance. The numerous promises made on the spot by some Government officials haven't materialized as was expected. How can vague promises made by lies telling ministers of a rogue regime ever materialize. " We have been dejected and abandoned by authorities of the state of Cameroon. After the decease of Monique Koumatekel, there were many of such Government officials who were coming to see us. The Senior Divisional Officer, the Governor... They were many that came to see, comfort and console us.

They promised to assist us in whatever way possible. " This complaint is that of Sen Annette Plastide, the mother of Monique Koumatekel, who died on the 12 of March,2016, when she was pregnant with twins. She was left unattended by the medical staff of Laquintinie Hospital of Douala. Her friend Tacke Rose out of sympathy decided to do the operation herself in order to at least rescue the unborn twins. " once this incident happened, it attracted a lot of high personalities within the nation, foreigners,the press,,representative of Political parties and others, who came to give their support for the family members of young Monique Koumatekel, wishing to have passage to make their promises, which have now turned two years after those vain promises were made.

These promises have never been fulfilled. The family once more deplores the insensitive nature of the government immediately after the burial was competed" " The Government was solely responsible for the mortuary fee and the cost of burial needs such as the coffin and the hearse. Thereafter the government went comatose. After the burial of my daughter, they have never come back to see us. Not even to know how the family was fairing" regretted the mother of the decease. The father of three kids that were left behind by Monique Koumatekel according to him, confided that" A lawyer came demanding that a bank account be opened so that money contributed by the philanthropist could be saved.

This money could be used for the upkeep of the children and that he was going to be a share holder. This account wasn't functional as reported by Nouvelle Of the 12th of March 2018. Fortunately, some good persons with good will have always been supporting the family of the deceased Monique Koumatekel . For instance a association established in Italy is taking care of the children and pays their fees each year and their school needs.

Two Gendarmerie elements were killed on Sunday after their check point was destroyed by restoration forces defending the territory of Southern Cameroon's.

These two had left their post to answer to nature's call and were repelled by the restoration forces. The military also lost weaponery namely: AK 47 and Fal to the restoration forces.


Senator Paul Tchatchouang has written a complaint to the Constitutional council. Senator Paul Tchatchouang is the outgoing SDF Senator for the West Region.

According to him, the Senatorial candidate for the CPDM contesting the forth coming Senatorial election, slated for the 25 of March, 2018 is an imaginary candidate or at worst a phantom. Outgoing SDF Senator holds that as a native of Bafoussam, there isn't anybody by name Joseph Teingnidetio. He therefore calls for the annulling of this fictitious list by the CPDM because it fails to respect the legal prescription as requested by the electoral code.

Senator Paul Tchatchouang holds that indicates bad faith on the part of the CPDM. Using article 164 of the Cameroon Electoral code as his base of argument, outgoing Senator for the SDF, has violated the law.

According to this article 164, it's imperative that each candidate's name, surname, date of birth, Professional career and residence be documented.

Philémon Zo’o Zame, managing director of Cameroon’s telecommunication regulatory agency (ART) took a step further in the agency’s fight against the unlawful operators in the sector.  

Indeed, the managing director has just published another statement informing that the unlicensed operators could incur fines between CFA100 million and CFA500 million.

He reminded those operators that they were allowed a 6-months deadline from May 2, 2017, to submit their license application.

This deadline has passed and in line with the agency’s mission, a team will check the licenses this month.

 Philémon Zo'o Zame also said that he was amazed to notice that despite the various notices from ART, some operators and added-value suppliers still operate in the telecommunication sector without a license.


Did Paul Biya burn Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o's opportunity card as a possible successor by dismissing him and appointing Rene Sadi as a Minister without any portfolio? These two personalities have often been presented by opinion holders as potential candidates to succeed Paul Biya,in case of incapacity.

Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o is under police scrutiny and scanner while Emmanuel René Sadi is maintained though without any portfolio, following the cabinet reshuffle that took place on the 5th of March, 2018. Following these very tense atmosphere following the cabinet reshuffle, the head of state has destroyed the chances that Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o had in the succession race.

As far as Emmanuel René Sadi is concerned, Mutations speculates that " Emmanuel René sadi' greatest blunder and weakness was the failure of the implementation of the Decentralization process, coupled with the unresolved sociopolitical crisis rocking the Anglophone regions of the Cameroon's.

It's been more than a month since the Sub Divisional officer for Batibo was arrested and closely followed by that of the Regional Delegate for Social Affairs all in Momo Division" A situation that was never announced by the deposed Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization,Emmanuel René Sadi.

As a sanction, he was demoted from his ministerial portfolio as he was a disappointment to the head of state" According to Mutation the succession path is now closed. This closure of the succession path therefore means that Emmanuel René sadi will no longer have the privilege to control the National territory and as such forfeit his huge network of appointments of Sub Divisional officers, Senior Divisional officers and Governors. Very close and intimate observers, according to the press think that whenever the President reflects in that direction, " he feels the need to place trusted ones under police scrutiny.

The President does not only protects his adversaries but as an utmost priority desire preparing his departure from the political scene discretely. When Emmanuel René sadi was the Secretary General of the CPDM, the illustrious son of Yoko was already highly esteemed and prepared as Paul Biya's successor . As concerns Alain Edgar Mebe Ngo'o as reported by Mutations, he was brutally sent out of the race.

The erstwhile Minister of Defence and Transport has now seen his dreams and aspirations shattered and battered. He can't any longer succeed his father and as such withing the very close cycle of potential successors of Paul Biya, only Laurent Esso and Louis Paul Motaze are still in contention. Louis Paul Motaze had been repositioned as the Minister of Finance while Laurent Esso maintained as the minister of Justice and keeper of the seals. They have preserved their respective opportunities to possibly succeed Paul Biya.

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