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According to the National Cameroon daily, Cameroon Tribune, the Regional Hospital under construction as well as refurbishment shall become functional in December 2018. It must be noted that hospitals aren't only infrastructure, far from that. A hospital should have standards, should meet the aspirations of the patients, care givers as well as the staff, should provide the much needed services and by specialized personnel.

If this is done, patients won't be flown out of the country as medical tourist. If this is checked, hospitals in the Country shall be able to raise a lot of revenue for the state and can even foot their bills. This joyous announcement was made in Garoua during the visit of the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda, that took on the 14th of March, 2018.

However this pompous announcement is only coming as an exigency of the African Nations Cup tournament, earmarked for 2019 in Cameroon and Garoua, being one of the designated stadia. Cameroon lacking behind in terms of medical care delivery, was tasked to construct more top quality health facilities that can meet the demands of the Confederation of African football. Is it today that the Ministry of Public Health has understood that the suffering people of Garoua badly need a specialized hospital? Why hasn't it being upgraded to a Specialized hospital?


An Ambzonian frontline activist who has been on the raders of the Yaounde regime is on the verge of being deported from Germany.Gwan Philip Ngassa who is a frontline activist and one of the demonstrators at the British and French Embassies in Berlin Germany has been in deportation custody  eversince January ending of 2018.

Mr Gwan Philip is an asylum seeker in Germany.He is a member of the Southern Cameroon National Council which has been putting pressure on the Biya regime and calling for an Independent state of Southern Cameroon. Mr Gwan Philip Ngassa was also one of the protesters at the United Nations Headquarters In Bonn Germany in early January of 2017. During this protest action against the regime of Mr Biya, the Cameroon regime sent in spies to take down names of protesters to which Mr Gwan Philip was booked.If deported, Mr Gwan Philip will face the same like that of Mr Ayuk Tabe and 419 others who were forcefully deported from Nigeria on 26th January 2018.

The SCNC issued a statement calling on the Germany authorities to show merc.Below is the statement:

                                                                                                                                                    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
This is to certify that Gwan Philip Ngassa is a registered member of the Southern Cameroons National Council, a pressure group fighting for the independence and full sovereignty of the former British Southern Cameroons.

That Gwan Philip Ngassa has been facing persistent harassment, arrest, torture and detention because of his frontline role in the struggle for the liberation of the oppressed minority English speaking people of Cameroon.

That we are thankful to God he succeeded to escape, no matter how he did it and whatever his plans, he must not come back to Southern Cameroon until he hears from us.

That We have finally laid our hands on a photocopy of the warrant for his arrest which weighed on his head and which was delivered by the said ‘’La Republic’’ agent based in the southern Cameroon to the person of the Attorney General of that English speaking Region Resident at Buea for Rioting and provoking Violence through social media against ‘’La Republic’’ (French Cameroon) following the present English Speaking separation movement.
That due to his courage and zeal for change as he demonstrated it physically by his public demonstrations and also through the Media from his Facebook posts denouncing the recent and ongoing series of killing of English Speaking Cameroonians back in Cameroon.

That many of our leaders have been killed and some have been arrested dismissed from their jobs and moved to Bafoussam and Yaoundé which are both French speaking regions of Cameroon.

That the main leader Sisiku Ayuk and 47 others were arrested in Nigeria and brought to one of the ‘’La Republic’’ French speaking regions of which we know not their whereabouts.

That right now there exist no freedom of speech and security in the English speaking regions of Cameroon as people fighting for the independence and freedom of the English regions of Cameroon as Gwan Philip Ngassa did before his escape are been tortured, locked up and killed by the ruthless ‘’La Republic’’ government .

we are issuing this document therefore to solicit for understanding and compassion to the German authority to grant Gwan Philip Ngassa mercy for him to be able to have a stay there in Germany because right now our country Cameroon is going through tremendous violence and killing especially the Anglophones, and coupled with the fact that he is one of those fighting for the liberation of the Anglophones with a warrant on him, Cameroon will not be favourable to him to get into now.

Therefore, we advise it will be hazardous for Gwan Philip Ngassa to make any appearance anywhere in Cameroon, because if caught he will be tortured and sentence to life imprisonment and worst of all his life may be terminated because Cameroon judiciary is the most corrupt in the world supporting government activities.

Nonetheless, we are taking up the matter seriously with the administration and should feed you with the latest development, and we shall be very grateful if you understand with us and keep Gwan Philip Ngassa in your country for his safety.
Accept our warmest regards:




On March 14, 2018, during the hearing at the correctional chamber of Eséka court, Jean Pierre Morel, the current managing director of CAMRAIL said that an international independent expertise was needed to determine the real causes of the 2016 Eséka train derailment.

According to his statements, after the incident, CAMRAIL set an inquiry commission to determine what happened. The experts then concluded that at some point of the journey, the train was over speeding. That speed has been the cause of this accident, they said. However, they did not explain the reason why the train suddenly revved up even though there was no sign of anomaly since the train left Yaoundé.

He also explained that Cameroon’s government acquired the wagons involved in the accident following an international call for tender the country launched in 2010. He further added that according to the concession agreement, between CAMRAIL and Cameroon, the country was responsible for the replacement of the rolling stocks. Moreover, he said, after the 40 wagons were constructed by CSR Nanjing, the technical testing (in accordance with the international standards) was positive.

Jean Pierre Morel continued saying that security being a “constant concern” for CAMRAIL, the railway company not only implemented the security measures set by the former operator REGIFERCAM but it also strengthened them based on Bolloré group’s experience in the management and operation of rail networks in Africa.  

According to our sources, during the next hearings, the court will hear Didier Vandenbon, CAMRAIL’s managing director at the time of this accident, and the train driver who was driving the train involved in the accident.

For the record, on May 23, 2017, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, secretary general at the presidency published a statement which revealed that an investigation launched and conducted by the government concluded that CAMRAIL had the overarching responsibility in this accident.


From 2018 to 2020, the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will provide CFA108 billion to Cameroon to help the country fight against the diseases mentioned.

During a ceremony organized for the purpose, officials of the ministry of health announced that this fund was the highest obtained by Cameroon since the collaboration between Cameroon and the global fund in 2003.

For the record, Cameroon was provided CFA203 billion in the 15 years of its collaboration with the global fund. Most of that amount was utilized in fighting AIDS and malaria, the deadliest diseases in Cameroon.

Ndu council has distributed 13600 textbooks to schools in the sub division,books gotten late last year through its development partner ESERVI Yaoundé. 

The Lord Mayor Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugap while handing the books to the school heads this Wednesday March 14,cautioned them to use it judiciously for posterity.

Ndu is a town and commune in Donga-Mantung, a department of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It lies at the northeast edge of the Bamenda Grassfields, on the eastern arc of the Ring Road.[1] It is the highest elevation town in Cameroon. 

 President Paul BIYA chaired a Council of Ministers meeting at the Unity Palace on Thursday 15 March 2018. This was the first contact with Members of Government after the 2nd  March cabinet reshuffle and the first of such cabinet meeting since 2015.

Below is Mr Biya's full speech at his rare cabinet meeting:




15 March 2018

 Mr. Prime Minister,

 Honourable Members of Government, You are welcome to Unity Palace on the occasion of this Council of Ministers Meeting which is taking place following the cabinet reshuffle of 2 March 2018. I would like to warmly congratulate those who have been newly promoted, as well as those who have been maintained.

Do strive to be worthy of the trust bestowed upon you! I urge you to work diligently so that, together, we meet the multiple challenges confronting our country. Our people expect nothing less from us.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Despite an unfavourable global economic context, the consolidation of our economic performance, the improvement of our people’s living conditions and the fight against unemployment must remain the Government’s core priorities. In this light, it is necessary to pursue the smooth implementation of the Programme concluded with the IMF.

There is also an urgent need to finalize the implementation of major structuring projects, the Emergency Growth Acceleration Plan and the Special Youth Plan. The operationalization of the Kribi Deep Sea Port and the second bridge over the Wouri augur well in that regard. 2 These and many other projects that have been or are soon to be completed may be commissioned this year. However, despite these excellent performances, we must not forget that much remains to be done. As I underscored recently in my message to the Nation, the Government should continue to put a special focus on outreach services, such as water and electricity supply, health, and road infrastructure.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I strongly reiterate my instructions on the need for judicious use of public resources, reduction of public spending and the fight against corruption. 

Each of you, in your respective spheres of competence, should rise to the performance challenge. The pursuit of the general interest and efficiency, solidarity, team spirit and respect for hierarchy, should guide your action at all times and in all circumstances; they constitute the standards by which you will be judged.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Thanks to the firm action of our defence and security forces, we have been able to drastically curb the atrocities perpetrated by criminal groups in the Far North, North-West and South-West Regions. Efforts in that regard need to be continued, especially to ensure that economic and social activities return to normalcy. Our populations countrywide have continued to express their desire to be closely involved in running the affairs that directly impact their daily lives. The creation of the Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development is geared towards speedily addressing these repeated calls.

In the short term, I am expecting detailed proposals and a timeline for fast-tracking the on-going decentralization process. 3 Several elections are scheduled for this year, starting with the senatorial elections which will be held in the days ahead. Necessary measures must be taken to ensure that they are conducted in total calm and security.

The effective establishment of the Constitutional Council, whose members have just taken the oath of office, is a further guarantee of our determination to forge ahead with our democratic process. The necessary resources must be provided to ensure its optimal functioning. I am pleased with the efforts made thus far regarding preparations for AFCON 2019. I urge the various government services concerned to step up these efforts for Cameroon, Africa and the world to celebrate a grand and excellent football festival.

 Mr. Prime Minister,  Honourable Members of Government, The daunting task devolving upon you requires the full and total commitment of each and every one of you. It is your duty to fully mobilize the human resources under your authority to provide concrete answers to the legitimate concerns of our people. Such is and should always be the ultimate goal of your action. Thank you for your attention.


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