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Darkness at Noon.

An ordinary Sunday, ’tis midday,
Folks lolling about curse only constant power fits
Which keep weekends bereaved in grassfields.

A friendly sun, in clement raiment robed,
Timidly strokes his countless flora and fauna wards
From his slow-moving time-tested chariot overhead.
Suddenly the sky puts on real nasty look-
Just another lull before an ordinary storm, it seems.

But the dark elements in a trice went berserk,
Loosing elephantine fury on everything in their path.
Did nature mistake noon for heart of night,
When spoiler legions from nether down,
Visit swarming plagues on mankind?
The mad rush of dark whirling wind and winged debris
Ball-tossed and rocked all, wreaking havoc incorporated,
And leaving in its wake widespread wailing.
Did someone once talk of elemental fury?
Real desert tornado played tropical guest this day!

No heralds of forked fire and rumbling bursts from beyond
Were worthy enough to be fore-runners this great arrival!
So suddenly like countless re-birthed dragon - furies in one,
The monstrous marauding mastodon of a whirlwind arrived,
Leaving flustered folk aghast, agape - visibly scared
That the much talked about end had finally come.

With savage gleeful bursts unseen for ages,
The elements raided nooks in hellish show of force,
Mocking man’s cruelty that feeds fat but on kith and kin!
Alarmed baobabs swayed and bowed in homage,
While frail houses, trees and plants joined the macabre dance,
Trembling and tumbling as screams added on screams.

A bit of dark monstrous primal chaos,
Had visited man at odds with his ultra-technology ethos;
Mission accomplished, the prehistoric monster vanished instantly,
Leaving here wailing and there uneasy quiet,
Born of numbing pain that the havoc seared into sundry hearts.
Did the weather really shed tears for man, that silent sobbing
That lingered long after Discord’s bit had melted into the vast void?

To imagine that immortals passed by with some kind of warning,
That they could have used the dark fury of the invisible elements,
To warn man about scurvy trends that blight nobility!
Possible, since there’s no chaos can surpass nature’s -
The earthquakes, the tsunamis,- surely man now knows his frailty.
Surely he tries to fathom what would be if all cosmic forces
Were to join to cause a similar commotion!
Of course the last of the big bangs
Would simply smite our world of subtle sin
Into inexistence.

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