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From CNU to CPDM: Anatomy of a Satanic political existence

On November 6th 2015, the militants of the governing Cameroon People Democratic Movement[CPDM] in the entire nation celebrated with their chairman President Paul Biya now 82 years, his thirty-three years at the helm of leadership in Cameroon. President Paul Biya came to power in 1982 after the resignation of Amadou Ahidjo on November 4th. Paul Biya took over office on November 6th after a constitutional coup manipulated by Ahidjo in connivance with Solomon Tandeng Muna the then Speaker of the House. For 33 years as president, Mr. Biya has made very costly political and socio-economic mistakes. As the Commander-in-Chief he has made political pundits to wonder aloud the direction he is leading Cameroon to. 

The nation-wide celebrations by the CPDM was an occasion for the president himself to address burning state issues such as the mass exodus of Cameroonian youth, an Anglophone Head of State and a peaceful democratic power transition. "This", he has failed to do and may not do until nature imposes its inevitable will on him in one way or another. The creation of the Cameroon National Union (CNU) Party in 1966 better known by its French acronym Union Nationale Camerounaise by President Amadou Ahidjo arose out of the amalgamation of the two main political parties of East and West Cameroons-Union Camerounaise (Cameroon Union) and the Kamerun National Democratic Party (KNDP) of John Ngu Foncha. Ever since the formation of the CNU, Cameroon existed as a one party state until 1990. The CPDM was founded in Bamenda in 1985. There is no evidence on record that the CPDM was registered as a political party in Cameroon.So, the party therefore has no legal or legitimate existence. This explains partly why many consider it as a crime syndicate which is used as a conduit to legitimize dictatorship and to rape the nation’s economy at the expense of the people.

The advent of the CPDM, saw the Green-Kaki tickets state -managed elections in 1988 that purged many remnants of Ahidjo;s regime from power. After the creation of the CPDM, the chairman of the party himself instituted a ferocious, criminal gang of network that has preyed on the blood of many Cameroonians. President Paul Biya, through his CPDM crime syndicate and many other criminal networks overseen by corrupt blood thirsty appointees have over these thirty three years held the nation captive making the ability of reasonable challenge to his despotic governance near impossible.

The manner in which this was done was disclosed by the first government delegate to the Yaoundé City council-Andre Fouda. At the time all roads were heading to Bamenda for the official launching of the CPDM, Fouda a prominent East Cameroonian refused to accompany the president to Bamenda. Fouda recounted that the birth of the CPDM was to destroy the nation. And he will not be part of that destruction. Fouda later on revealed before his death that those who had been and who would be appointed by Biya will be left with no option than to pay homage to him for eternity. And that would be possible because once appointed they would be placed in a tight position not to criticise the actions of the president. For once in power, the appointees would be given unrealistic projects to execute and he/she would end up consuming the budget without realising the projects. That has the resultant effects of making the appointees to keep their mouths shut. If at any time a sacked regime baron questioned in private or public presidential acts, his or her dossier would be readily available for arrest, detention, trial and conviction. And that is how so many top brass of the regime are suffocating in jails across the nation.

The formation of the CPDM has established a destructive system that threatens the public and private life of the nation. CPDM appointees are compelled by all standards to sing “dima bola”. The CPDM bourgeoisie club passing for a political party devised means by which it has hijacked the state by crippling the private sector making it to turn to the state for survival. This has encouraged galloping corruption making it an indispensable tool of Paul Biya’s government of personal power. The fact that after 32years President Biya is still holding on to power with no sign of wanting to quit office is evidence that the president has simply run the nation aground. Added to this trauma is a more complex reality.

The complicated and sophistry succession dynamics have animated national debate with many erstwhile vanguards of the corrupt contraption accused for the failures of the regime, ridiculed and jailed. President Biya after thirty three years in power is undoubtedly a spent force with no vision and sense of direction towards which he is leading the more than 20 million Cameroonians. All the nation relies on is counting the minutes and seconds of time hoping that God in His eternal grace may intervene and provide a remedy to their dire condition. While waiting for “HOPE”, the for better or for worse remains their only companion. The best and the brightest brains of the nation that includes a mass vicissitudes of Cameroonian youths fleeing from all forms of threats to their very existence including economic pressures have fled and sought refuge in foreign lands. With two years to the end of his current mandate and the fact that the ruling CPDM party under President Biya has not delivered its election promises, or even to implement a single item of the book the president allegedly wrote on “Rigour and Moralisation” it can now be said that the president has ran out of ideas. Age is on him and with too many wars within and along Cameroon’s borders; he is incapable of leading the nation to meet these challenges.

What a majority of Cameroonians expect of the president now is for him to take advantages of these rather insulting celebrations to introduce consultative talks with the civil society across the political spectrum in order to source ideas on how to bring about economic and governance reforms, a redefinition of the national idea, genuine constitutionalism and a major culture of change that is badly needed among political elites as opposed to personal and partisan interest. President Biya may already have missed yet another opportunity, one too many to initiate this national discussion. The fear is great that it may already be too late for the population to listen to him any longer.

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