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My heart bleeds for Cameroon

Cameroon a small Country that has become famous for scamming deals even by the regime in place

A rotten regime that stage manages all its activities via its propaganda media the CRTV

Cameroon Radio and Television has never been a public media

It's always being a Paul Biya's machine for manipulations and deceit of a docile people


The regime is on book to be composed of the most dangerous liars and crooks

People who have created an unholy alliance aimed at destroying this blissful Country

What else can be the agenda of a rogue government that has ruled for thirty long years

Thirty long and wasted years that has forced our Country backward as opposed to when it


Gained its semblance of autonomy and Independence from France and then annexed former British Cameroons

Through its manipulations and deceit that has characterized this Country for the past Fifty long years

Cameroonians are groaning in deep pain and all the rotten government can offer is to weep sentiments

So as to achieve sympathy vote from blind and naive voters who have refused to read between the lines


How can a Country be going to vote an Octogenarian who has never drawn a clear cut line between the

State and party,so that the County can be freed from the scamming tendencies of the party turned state

The government is always inclusive and never exclusive and divisive like our fragmented Country

So fragmented so that divide and rule can become a tool and the modus oparandi  



Alluta continua victoria acertia, i say to all foot soldiers fighting for equity and justice

Our war shall be won and victory saluted , when the youths shall denounce all the fake promises

Offered too late to youths whose place in the future of this pays is absent, except in speeches and text

Ever and always aimed at deceit and manipulation that has often swept off ground the feet of the youths



Today the bells of truth are ringing and our youths are called to listen

Shall we continue to be victims of lies and false promises?

Nay we have had enough and it churns our tummies like bad food

Please our rulers tell us the truth and we shall listen and be pleased


Tell us that only death shall remove you from the seat of authority

For the elections are flawed and rigged by you and for your interest

Your stay has become eternal and even elections have lost their grandeur

Voting seemingly has become something that you do for formality.


Ndim Bernard Nguoche

Poet and writer

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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