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Equinoxe Radio Can now confirm that nothing came out of the meeting with Garga Haman and Consortium last night in Bamenda. Wilfred Tassang Tells Journalist Prince Nfor Hanson Nchanji that "forget about the meeting with Garga Haman Adji,he came to play around."

Garga Haman Adji who was present at the Unity Palace on January 6th 2017 for the Presentation of New Year Wishes to President Biya had the opportunity to  have a one -to-one chat with H.E the President of the Republic, and after that chat, CRTV Presidential reporter George Ewane caught up with him, and in his own words, boasted;

“The President has asked me to go to Bamenda and bring back those who want to leave us. And I promised him that I will do“

Upon arrival in Bamenda yesterday, Garga Haman Adji refused to grant interviews to anxious journalists, saying ‘it is not time for noise making or interview‘. Sounding positive of the impact of his presence in Bamenda, he said ‘ I am here for dialogue and when solution is out people can now celebrate‘.

During his visit to discuss with the consortium, he paid a courtesy visit to Ni John Fru Ndi during which the SDF chairman expressed  his grievances on the issue of corruption of the Biya regime, the marginalisation of  Anglophones was best expressed as they compared notes on the horrendous state of the road into the North West Province. A 30 km stretch that took him 4 hours to navigate.

Who is Garga Harmann?

In his early career life, Garga worked as Sub-Director of National Security,Deputy Director of the Ministry of Finance, Secretary-General of the Ministry of the Civil Service, and Finance Director of the National Electricity Company of Cameroon.
He then served as State Inspector and Deputy Director of Inspection and Administrative Reform Following the April 1984 attempted coup in which northerners were implicated, Garga was arrested and held at the Kondengui Central Prison. He wassoon released, however, and he was appointed Director-General of Boston Bank Cameroon on 24 October 1984. President Biya appointed him to the government as Minister of the Civil Service and the Supreme State Audit in 1990.

Reflecting later on his appointment, Garga said that ‘he was pleased by it because he thought Biya had recognized his determination to fight corruption and would allow him to do so freely‘.After the legalization of multiparty politics in December 1990, Garga founded a political party, the Alliance for Democracy and Progress; it was legally recognized on 4 June 1991.While in government, Garga worked to fight corruption. As head of the Supreme State Audit, he reported that various senior officials owed a total of357 million F CFA in missing funds, identifying 42 of them who were alleged to have stolen one million F CFA or more.Garga argued that the senior officials should be put on trial to demonstrate that corruption would not be tolerated, but no action was taken against them.
Garga’s ministerial portfolio was then modified on 9 April 1992, when he was appointed as Minister of the Civil Service and Administrative Reform; he thus lost his authority over the Supreme State Audit.

According to Garga, Biya did not explain to him why he had altered his responsibilities, but Garga believed it was done because Biya and those around him disapproved of Garga’s hard-line stance against corruption.Frustrated by the situation and feeling that Biya lacked confidence in him, Garga resigned from the government on 27 August 1992. He denied that he was persuaded to resign by opposition leader John Fru Ndi, although he campaigned in support of Fru Ndi’s candidacy in the October 1992 presidential election.At the time of the election, Biya said that Garga had resigned because he Biya was unwilling to do what Garga wanted.Biya won the 1992 election according to official results; however, Garga claimed that the election was rigged and that Fru Ndi was the actual winner.When Biya launched the anti-corruption campaign in early 2006, Garga expressed cautious approval, saying that Biya was finally doing what he had recommended in the early 1990s and that it was “better late than never“, buthe also said that the anti-corruption campaign needed to extend much further. According to Garga, many ministers and heads of state corporations were corrupt.On 15 March 2007, President Biya appointed Garga to a three-year term on the Coordination Committee of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. At the swearing-in ceremony on 30 May 2007, Garga collapsed, but he received quick medical attention and recovered within minutes.

In the press, his collapse was blamed on the very crowded atmosphere in the hall, as well as the fact that he had been standing for about an hour.
In a nutshell, Garga has demonstrated on several occasions,that he was not a part to Biya’s corrupt system, reason why reports say his relationship with the SDF’s Chairman has been harmonious,a motivation of why President Biya sent him to Bamenda.We await to see if he does what Muhammad.

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