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Cameroon: Unstable Opposition makes mockery of democracy

History has proven and still holds that there can be no valid democracy without a strong Opposition. God is not a fool to have allowed Satan stand against Him this long, going by Christianity.

But what we observe in Cameroon is just the reverse. There is no Opposition in Cameroon.

Recently, something caught our attention. Leaders of two of the leading parties in Cameroon expressed very divergent views about the status quo in the nation.

While the leader of the leading opposition party (Social Democratic Front) was crying foul against the government for being unable and unwilling to handle the numerous problems plaguing our nation, his counterpart of the Cameroon Democratic Union (UDC) was calling on his militants to “preserve the heritage of our fore-fathers”. Adamou Ndam Njoya made the call on Wednesday in the West Region.

According to him, there is nothing wrong. The Foumban Conference has been given the right attention. As a result, his militants must hold tight to National Unity.  But that is his own point of view, which must not necessarily match Fru Ndi’s. The chairman of SDF sees a “decaying state of our nation”. Mr Fru Ndi raised the concerns in a letter addressed to his militants on 7th May, calling on them to boycott National Unity Day on 20th May.

 In a country of less than 30 million people it is quite unconceivable that more than two hundred opposition parties should pretend to stand against a single government. How many followers can each party have?

By the way, what is the main motive for creating a party? Are we creating parties because we want to ensure the respect of democratic values or simply because we want to put something into our pockets, given that recognized political parties are given financial assistance by the State during election campaigns?

Certainly, the Opposition is not an enemy of the government. But a strong Opposition is the watchdog of every democracy.

And the sheer number of political parties in Cameroon would not be a problem if the leaders of such movements had a focus. Unfortunately they are as divided and confused as you can imagine. If there were a good focus for each party, most of the leaders should have had similar ideas, which would have bound them together in a strong coalition that could do what was done in the Gambia months ago.

 How can we explain the fact that a political party should participate in an election just to tender its votes to the ruling party?

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