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Christians of Bamali in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region are still to come to terms with the rumour that one of their priest was caught trying to have carnal knowledge of an 18-year-old boy.

The victim is said to have been very close to the priest, given that the Man of God was recently transferred to the congregation before the incident.

As the rumour continues to spread in the village, the Christians have given their reservation to the rumour and have rallied behind the priest.

According to them, this may just be some distractions from idle minds because homosexuality is not only evil, but is also against the teaching of the church, which they said the priest understands more than them.

The reaction of Cameroonians to men in uniform is as, alarming, old and threatening as the presence of colonial masters in Africa and Cameroon (in particular).

But as Cameroon celebrates National “Unity” Day, things are losing their masks gradually.

The Ministry of Defence has invited and urged Cameroonians to go closer to men in uniform at the 101 air base in Yaounde in a bit to understand how they operate. This, they say, is to make the military a little familiar with civilians, in line with the theme of this year’s National Day  which entails harmony between the military and civilians.

Through this encounter, most Cameroonians will fall in love with the profession and join it as soon as possible. This is another objective of the move.

However, the secrets of the corps will not be revealed to civilians, the message reiterates.


This is a wonderful move to be lauded by many, especially those who have had any dark memory about the men in uniform in Cameroon.

People who have had a foretaste of the brutal presence of the “white man” in Africa may tell you better.

I can still recall a certain day when a friend recounted a hyper-shocking story to me. That was in 2012 in Ndop (North West Region).

A certain member of the Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIR) had returned home for a break just to find out that his sister was pregnant.

Without any delay, he took matters into his own hands and gave the author of the pregnancy the kind of cruel beating that only Jesus Christ can explain its twists and turns.

He was a “BIR” and nothing could be done against him.

The same drama happened in a village in the same Region, not far from Ndop, after all.

Another “BIR” beat a man to death on the grounds that the latter had made his sister pregnant.

In fact, these two are just isolated cases in a line of uncountable life stories.

The presence of men in uniform can only be likened to the dreadful thought of hellfire, for Christians, most importantly in rural areas where most people do not know their rights.

We may not have to cite cases in our village where people just offer drinks to gendarme officers like water flowing down a river. And to an outsider, it gives the impression that the villagers are generous to a fault, even more than the Bible recommends.

Today the 19th of May,2017, a troop of French speaking Cameroonian Police stormed homes at Alabukam, Chuboh and Mile 8 neighbourhood arresting,molesting and collecting bribes from peace loving Anglophones, who because of being fed up with the lies they are fed with by CRTV,chosed to obtain dishes so as to be informed.

How can people be deprived of their dishes that host close to forty different channels just because of one channel? Is this not a hall mark of stupidity and stupendous attitude exhibited because of the kind of junk education most Cameroonians have received from our backward professional Police Schools? Does this not infringe on the fundamental privacies of citizens that the constitution stands to safeguard and protect? These Police officers, Gendarmerie officers as well pompous BIR battalion and Soldiers must be called to order before it's too late.


Freedom of information,freedom of assembly ,freedom of movement are fundamental human rights enshrined in the United Nations Charter and prefaced on the purported Constitution of Cameroon. All of these rights have been raped,tortured and shattered in the erstwhile Southern Cameroon and especially in the North West Region.

What justifications and what explanations can the state give for destroying satellite dishes from people's private homes because they are watching a particular channel which is purportedly outlawed in the Countr?.

This portrays to the civilized world that the people we fondly call police are empty in their skulls and can only mar the image of the nation through their primitive acts and mannerism.

Anglophone teachers in Yaounde who went protest have resumed the marking of the Government Common Entrance today after negotiations with Basic Education authorities.

The teachers went on strike following the slashing of their marking dues from 120 FCFA per script marked to 27 FCFA .


Worst still Basic education authorities displayed arrogance when they were approached by the disgruntled teachers leading to a break down in talks.

They have finally regained their marking centres after lengthy talks Thursday, with officials of the Ministry of Basic education.

It has been agreed that the cost per script will be at 60FCFA. Conditions for their feeding, transportation and additional bonuses have been increased.

Part of Kumba Grand stand razed to "frustrate" National Day but Government Delegate insists the event must hold Unknown arsonists are belived to have set the back section fo the Kumba grandstand ablaze. The incident which the Government Delegate says was targetted at frustrating National Day affected the roof and pillars.

A manhunt has been launched to fish out the person or persons behind the act, the City's Manager Victor Nkele Ngoh reveals. The Government Delegate has denounced in strong terms attempts by these persons to thwart the National Day which appears to be going "hitchfree" as he says.

The incident which occurred on the night of Wednesday breaking Thursday has brought to light the neglect of the ceremonial ground by municipal and administrative authorities.

During the heart of the anglophone crisis, various social networks showed the hoisting of the SCNC flag at the grnad stand.

The facility is gradually becoming a hideout for men of the underworld who consume marijuana and even mess it up with faeces. In the meantime, repairs are being carried out on the damaged section while elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion , BIR are guarding the grand stand ahead of Saturday's showdown.

A Special recruitment of 70 Science teachers into the Higher teachers training College ENS Yaounde has been launched by the Ministry of Higher Education. The entrance exam targets  candidates of the GCE 2017 Session who would have passed in Science subjects. 35 places are up for grabs in mathematics while the rest goes to the other subjects.


By launching this "concours," observers say Government is trying woo candidates in the North west and south west regions who are dragging their feet to take the exams. The GCE practicals which started this week has registered a timid turn out in the anglophone regions owing to the crisis. And officials fear the situation might be the same during the written phase. They believe that Government is therefore using this entrance exam to swell GCE participation.

Government went ahead with official exams despite the teachers strike in the english speaking regions which has kept children away from school for 6 months. Critics raised fears over the physical and mental preparedness of candidates in these regions but that has not detered government who is using every means to encourage students to take the exams.  The minister of secondary education, Jean Ernest Massina Ngalle Bibehe was in the two regions where he gave specific instructions for a good conduct of the exams which is now under threat fom unknown arsonists and "mysterious" forces of nature.


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