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Some 400 new CPDM party shirts displayed at the Mbonge Marumba Grandstand recently fuelled a discord between SDF and CPDM militants.

When the CPDM Section President for Meme II, Senator Andrew Otte Mofa, announced that some opposition militants had decamped, commotion engulfed the grandstand.

At first, three persons previously militants of the SDF showed up for decoration in the CPDM party regalia.

While this was in progress, more persons forced their way out of the crowd to the high table for decoration as SDF militants who had decamped to join the CPDM party.

The influx of tens of such persons caused the Section President cum donor of the party fabric, Otte Mofa to suspend the sharing of the party shirts to the new militants.

 Otte said the sharing was going to continue after those who changed their former party have registered at the level of CPDM Sub Sections found in their areas of residence.

The sharing of the new party shirts to the SDF militants seemed to have caused other CPDM party sympathisers without the fabric to attempt a smart move to get one.

Given the item on the agenda at that point in time, it was difficult to decipher SDF militants who had decamped to the CPDM.

It was equally difficult to decode those CPDM militants who came out because they wanted to get hold of one of the 400 shirts.

At the time of dressing the new militants, Senator Otte had mentioned the name of one SDF militant before advancing to  request for the others to show up for the cross-carpeting ritual.

Given the uncontrolled rush for the shirts, the activity was temporarily suspended.

The CPDM party barons at the occasion moved on to greet the SDF militants who had decamped to the CPDM.

Before now, the Senate Questor brandished the shirts to his comrades at the Section Conference, boasting that it was the first of its kind in the entire Southwest Region.

To him, having already sewn party shirts distributed to militants was a sign of a Section, whose activities at the base remain unshakable.

For the CPDM militants, it was announced that the party shirts will be shared to them at the level of the four court areas that constitute Mbonge Sub Division.

'Wonders shall never end' in mr Biya's country. Members of his tyrannical government have embarked on a gimmick scheme known as 'rehabilitating major infrastructures' around the country, which is an official way to guarantee the swindling of state funds despite the country's present economic breakdown.
It is unheard of and very  disheartening for the government of Cameroon to inform public opinion that the Yaounde conference centre which has been there since 1982, has purportedly been renovated for fcfa 10 billion. An amount some critics told Cameroon Concord could even construct two other new and modern conference centres with sophisticated and up to date equipment. ...looking at this structure, does it worth the said amount for renovation? I can only see new chairs,some bulbs and a change of paint meanwhile these rubbers in white collars go on the media to lie blatantly that they have spent fcfa 10 billion to refurbish the structure. Ndi Jonas, a Yaounde based politician lamented.
Nonetheless, this is an old habit of the Yaounde regime reputed for multiplying bills in the phase of any major project. Recently, the local organizing committee of the female African cup of nations hosted by Cameroon last year demanded fcfa 24 billion to organise the event but ended up doing the show for less than fcfa 4 billion thanks to the watchful eyes of PM Yang after Cameroonians cried foul. Another affair breaking nerves is the sum allocated for the construction of the sixty thousand seater  Olembe stadium in Yaounde which stands at fcfa 163 billion. The same stadium is constructed in Mali,  Gabon and other countries for fcfa 26 or less than billions. Prof. Nkou Mvondo, lecturer at the University of Ngaoundere described fcfa 163 billion as 27 containers full of fcfa 10000 notes and said mr Biya and co are  ruling Cameroon as if they are the last rulers and after them, Cameroon will stop existing. This is an aberration he exclaimed. However le Cameroon c'est le Cameroon.

Plans are underway to create a cancer treatment centre in Cameroon.
It was disclosed on Thursday in Yaoundé when the director of civil cabinet at the presidency held talks with an Italian professor.
Professor Vittorio Colizzi , a renowned research fellow in Europe, revealed during a press conference after the meeting that some Cameroonian and Italian universities are already collaborating in research.
The plans had been nursed several years ago and were revived when President Paul Biya visited Italy months back.
Cancer is fast becoming a real headache for the entire world.

The body in charge of cancer in Cameroon says about 14000 new cases were diagnosed in 2016 in the country.
About 15000 people are believed to contract cancer in Cameroon every year.
This comes just hours after the former  candidate for the US presidential election was diagnosed with brain Cancer. John McCain, who is reportedly considering treatment options, was beaten by former President Barack Obama in 2008.
Cameroon is good at misplacing priorities. Currently, she is celebrating the rehabilitation of the Yaoundé Conference Centre, where a huge sum of money has disappeared.
And unfortunately, the idea of this cancer treatment centre may remain in the air for the next couple of years.

Saturday, 22 July 2017 15:39

Cameroon 'ready' to host enlarged AFCON

The head of Cameroon's FA says his country will be ready to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in spite of the sweeping changes made to the event during the week. "I spoke this morning with our country's hierarchy and the decision is that Cameroon is ready to host," Tombi A Roko Sidiki told BBC Sport, on Friday. Instead of the traditional 16-team finals, the AFCON has moved to 24 teams beginning from 2019. Before winning hosting rights Cameroon had no plans of receiving 24 teams. These changes came after a symposium organized by Caf in Morocco during the week.

This comes amid growing concern over Cameroon's readiness for the event which had prompted sports minister to reiterate his country's level of preparedness days back during a media outing. Some nations, particularly Morocco and Algeria, have expressed their desire to replace Cameroon should they step back. "Morocco will not hesitate for a second to respond favourably to any invitation to host this Nations Cup," said the country's FA president Faouzi Lekjaa, the BBC reports.

"There are some countries that who would like to host this competition but they should keep quiet and think about other editions and not 2019 because Cameroon will be ready," Tombi A Roko Sidiki told the BBC. Caf has also moved the calendar of the finals from January-February to June-July. This will help African players to avoid clashes between their nations and clubs abroad.

Cameroon's Information Mninister has accused Amnesty International of becoming a propaganda machine for the Islamist radical group Boko Haram.
Minister Tchiroma Bakary was speaking to the BBC on Thursday at the backdrop of accusations of brutal torture of Boko Haram suspects by Cameroonian security forces.
In a recent report, the rights group accused Cameroon of beating, waterboarding and forcing Boko Haram suspects into stress positions.

And some died as a result.
But Mr Tchiroma rubbished the reports, insisting that the country's security forces were out to protect the "physical integrity" of the nation and there was no need to kill innocent civilians.
He remarked that by persistently accusing Cameroon, Amnesty International has become a propaganda tool for Boko Haram.
"Why don't Amnesty International ask Mr Shekau[Boko Haram leader] to leave us alone?" he asked, the BBC reports.
This is certainly not the first time Amnesty International is accusing Cameroon of human rights violations.
But Cameroon has always dismissed every bit of it.

Cameroon has dismissed allegations that her gendarme officers murdered 97 Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi peninsula.
The incident reportedly happened about two weeks ago.
Cameroon's information minister considers the claims as "baseless" and "unfounded".
However, the minister insists that some Nigerians on cameroonian soil had refused to pay taxes on grounds that they were foreigners.
Every foreigner who respects Cameroon's laws is welcome, he pointed out.

The fishermen, who constituted the majority of the alleged victims, had been killed after they refused to pay a  levy on fishing boats , according to media reports.
The Bakassi peninsula is a disputed area at the borders of Nigeria and Cameroon which was ceded to Cameroon in 2005 by Nigeria following a ruling by the International Court of Justice.
Nigeria is currently investigating the allegations.
In the meantime, one wonders why it has taken so long for  Cameroon to react.
Some 34 Cameroonian military persons are still missing after their boat capsized on a mission to the Bakassi peninsula.

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