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The public procurement sector in Cameroon showed a better performance during 2016. At least, this is what the Deputy Minister in charge of this sector, Abba SAdou, revealed. Commenting recently during the launch of the new year for public contracts, this Cameroonian government member declared himself satisfied with the rate of executing of public contracts in 2016, which was around 70%, we learned.

Moreover, he specified, “we have a rate of launch for calls for tenders of 98% in 2016 and a rate of signed contracts of 100%”. Before adding: “it is today difficult to talk about fictitious markets. We have a satisfactory audit rate for contracts fully completed, at 75% in six regions. We are still awaiting documents for four other regions. But globally, the general trend is good”.

The results thus obtained, after several years in the early stages during which the rates of execution of public contracts in Cameroon rarely went beyond 50%, are the consequence of the reforms initiated in the sector. The most important ones being the creation of the ministry specifically dedicated to public procurement, the revision of the procurement code to speed up the procedures to award contracts, and the project for awarding contracts online under development.


The 480 militants of the CPDM of Paul Biya and the FSNC party of Issa Tchiroma Bakary respectively , joined the UNDP section of Mayo-Ourna. The militants are from the villages Tcharatché and Banli, in the Mayo-Ourna district, of the Benoué division.

The reception ceremony for the defectors was chaired by Iya Boro Ahmadou, member of the central committee of the UNDP and the representative of the national president, Bello Bouba Maigari.For the occasion, a meeting was held in the town of Bardarké where the new UNDP militants received party uniforms and their individual membership cards.

According to the explanations of the president of the UNDP section of Mayo-ourna, the reception ceremony of the new militants had been an culmination of a long process initiated by the resigners a few weeks ago. “We reassure ourselves of the sincerity of the new activists we presented to the general public.They made their desire to join the UNDP since November 2016 , “said Alhaji Oumarou Mouhamadou Nana. Sanda Madi, theCPDM leader of the resignants of the subdivision , said that he had acted with his comrades and brothers for the benefit of their locality. “We realized that the CPDM was using us and our interests were not a concern. Our village lacks drinking water. We are in the dark and No promises were made by the CPDM .

This day is a new day for us and for our new political family, “he said. Same for the president of Banli’s FSNC sub-section. For Yaya Saidou Maidadi, member of the central committee of the UNDP , ​​the reception of the former activists of Biya’s CPDM and the FSNC of Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the minister of communication, is the response of the UNDP to the simulacra of resignation Organized on 6 November 2016 in Garoua by the party in power .

“Now we will respond piece by piece.The ceremony of Bardarké is the beginning of a long series of welcoming of new members in our political formation throughout the Northern region. 2017 is the year of the UNDP , ​​”said Saidou Maidadi.On his telephone, to Cameroon Infos. Net the section president of Bardarké refrained from commenting on the mass resignation of the militants of the Tcharatché sub-section.

He confirmed that he had received a letter of resignation from some activists in his section.In recent months, the leaders of the two parties regularly organize ceremonies to welcome new activists. On November 6, 2016, nearly 200 UNDP militants joined the CPDM in the 2nd Garoua commune, a stronghold of Mohamadou Ahidjo, the son of former President Ahmadou Ahidjo.


Several youths were Tuesday and Wednesday January 11 and 12, arrested in Mutengene, Southwest Region and taken to yet to be identified detention centers in the country. The Cameroon Journal gathered that the youths were picked up along Tiko Road, Limbe Road and Buea Road exits of the town where they had gathered at night, burning tyres and mounting barricades on the road to prevent trucks transporting fuel from the National Oil Refinery in Limbe to Yaoundé.Witnesses said the youths were acting in solidarity to the ongoing crusade for West Cameroon independence.

Eyewitnesses say multiple gunshots were heard across Mutengene at about 2:30 amon Tuesday and at about the same time Wednesday morning.“On Monday night, several people were arrested at Atlanta and Rangers neighborhoods along Limbe road. On Tuesday morning, a truck from the gendarmerie came and picked up more people from those areas. Nobody knows where they were taken to,” a Mutengene resident told The Journal.

Another eyewitness who craved anonymity blamed the protesters. “The Consortium which is commanding the strike asked everyone to stay at home, but these boys will not listen. Businesses and schools were all closed on Monday as we observed a ghost town.

Tuesday businesses resumed but schools remained 100% closed,” he said, noting that people like this make things difficult for the consortium” because they cannot be struggling to release people in Yaoundé while others are getting themselves arrested here in Mutengene.

“Unconfirmed reports say some 17 truck loads of security officers left Yaoundé Wednesday night for the Southwest region. The region was hitherto seen by government as a lesser threat, as security was before reinforced solely in the Northwest region since common law lawyers strikes sparked a crisis in both regions.


Thursday, 12 January 2017 11:37

CAF President says all is set for AFCON 2017

CAF President, Cameroonian Issa Hayatou, has reassured that all is set for the kick-off of the 31st edition of Africa Cup of Nations, Gabon 2017.

Hayatou had to make the confirmation to the population and those still doubting that the continental football jamboree is actually going to hold two days to the competition.

“CAF was in contact with the local organizing committee and its secretariat followed up preparations. We can assure you that there is no problem and the competition would kick-off as planned on January 14”, the fifth CAF President said.

Hayatou spoke to the media on arrival at the Leon Mbah International Airport yesterday at 5:30 pm from where he was taken to the Hotel reserved for CAF officials.

The 31st Total Africa Cup of Nations brings together 16 teams set to play 32 matches till the end of the tournament on February 5.


On 2 and 7 January 2017, the Cameroonian army surrounded again the town of Ngoshe, one of the strongholds of the Boko Haram sect in Nigeria, the Cameroonian Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, revealed during a press conference organised this past 10 January.

According to this government member, this operation again resulted in important losses for the Boko Haram Islamists. We learned that their bomb manufacturing workshops were destroyed, and 150 Nigerian hostages held in captivity for months were freed by the Cameroonian defence forces, who unfortunately lost three soldiers during the clashes.

This is the 2nd time that the Cameroonian army launches a major attack on the Nigerian town of Ngoshe, where a Boko Haram command base was located at the time. Indeed, in February 2016, during the “Arrow Five” operation, Cameroonian soldiers neutralised 162 Boko Haram terrorists in this town and destroyed four bomb factories.

The Cameroonian defence forces then lost two officers. They were Lieutenant-Colonel Kwene Ekwele Beltus Honoré, 39 years, and Captain Pipwoh Yari Emmanuel, 31.

Cameroon's national football team is trying to rebuild as they head to the Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Gabon.

Thousands of fans of the Indomitable Lions cheered their team Tuesday in an international friendly between Cameroon and the Mighty Warriors of Zimbabwe.

The Lions came from behind to secure a one-all tie after Zimbabwe's second goal was disallowed.

But fans were not impressed with the team, which is missing seven regulars who declined invitations to join Cameroon for the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

Don't expect too much from team

Supporter Timothe Ndoba says he is prepared to be disappointed.

Ndoba says the present national team of Cameroon does not make anyone dream of success. He says when the main players refused to join, he decided to watch every training session of the new players and realizes Cameroonians should not expect too much. He says when watching other big African football nations like Algeria, Senegal or Ivory Coast you can see only luck or surprises will allow Cameroon to qualify for the tournament's second round.

Another supporter, 24-year old Lewoh Simon says most of Cameroon's players are inexperienced.

“I am only seeing new, new players that I have never even heard about, so I do not know how far they will go,” Simon said. “There are players like Joel Martip, Tchouppo Mouting. Did you (the coach) care to ask them why they refused to come?”

Martip and Mouting are among the seven regulars who decided to skip the tournament. In all, 14 of the 23 players who will represent Cameroon in the tournament are new faces.

Top players stay in Europe

National team coach Hugo Broos says the players refused because they are involved with championships on their European teams and could not find one month to sacrifice in Gabon.

But media outlets have criticized the 64-year old Belgian's handling of the team. He is accusing of sparking conflicts with his regulars by using them as reserves during matches.

Sports analyst and former Lions member Michel Kaham says the players' refusal to show up has made fans lose confidence in the team.

Kaham says the public has the right to doubt because it is not the best team to represent them. He says although people are skeptical, there are good players on the team, who unfortunately are not as good as those who refused to play. He says it is an opportunity for those who were called to give their best and make the skeptical public trust them.

Coach asks for respect

Despite the missing players, Broos thinks his team can reach at least the quarterfinal stage of AFCON 2017.

Broos says he is asking supporters to respect his choice of players, even if they hate him. He says he had no option after seven of his players refused to come, categorically stating that they prefer to remain with the European clubs. He says he decided not to insist or to force them to come because they would not play for the love and passion of the game and if it was not their wish to come.

Cameroon, who has won four Africa Cup of Nations titles, will be playing in Group A in Libreville alongside host Gabon, Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau.


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