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A truck carrying sand has crushed two people in  Nyala, in the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala.
The incident occurred on Monday, 22.02.2017 at 10:30 a.m.

The two victims are a callbox operator by name, Ngo Minong Elizabeth, 45 and the rider of the motorbike involved in the accident, Kambe Alain Georges.
According to  Tresor Tanon(Journalist) from Canal2 International, the accident happened when the rider of the motorbike tried to overtake another vehicle. He reportedly came face-to-face with a taxi before the truck came from behind and ran over two of the three occupants of the motorbike.
The third person,who could have part of the blame, reportedly jumped off the vehicle upon seeing the imminent danger.
This fatal incident comes barely two days after the celebration of "National Unity Day".
Road accidents have become too frequent in Cameroon. At least 14 people lost their lives in road accidents in the last two weeks.

The Gendarmerie Brigade of Banga Bakundu a village along the Kumba road has been burnt down to ashes. The people of Banga Bakundu in the South west region precisely in the Meme Division on witnessed a raging fire in the early hours of Saturday morning. Anglophone protesters have described it as a ghost visit.

An inhabitant of this village whose name we got just as Samuel said “what we are witnessing is strange to this village because nobody was seen around here at the time the fire started and with the present situation in the country, fingers are pointing to the inhabitants which is exactly what our people have been trying to avoid”.

Upon receiving news of the incident, the Divisional Officer for Mbonge took off to expect the incident but did not reach destination for he was involved in an automobile accident on the way and was taken to the hospital somewhere in the South West Region. He is in a stable condition and is fast responding to treatment.

Until moment, the cause for the fire is still unknown and the forces that be are working on it to know what actually provoked the raging flames that caused so much damage.

Candidates going in for the Technical General Certificate of Examination BACC, are expected to begin the practical session today across the national territory, With about 359,000 expected in various examination halls. This year's exam is holding within the anglophone crisis which has adversely affected school owing to the teachers protest.

Reports from the North West and South West regions predict a timid turnout in examination halls this morning. The South West region with less than 2200 registered candidates and North West region with 1651 registered candidates are the lowest in the 2017 GCE BACC log book as revealed by the Director of the Baccaleureate Board, Dr Zacharie Mbatsogo.

In the North west region, Cameroon Concord was reliably informed that a student could be spotted in a hall. But could not confirm if exams had already started.Students we are told will be writing under tight security . In GTHS Buea , the Vice Principal refused to comment.

The Director General of the CRTV Charles Ndongo, has apologised to the French community for the false information that the well renowned 8:30pm TV news presenter Adele Mbala, dished out to the public on the 15th of May 2017.

It took a week for the State media organ’s boss to react to Adele’s poor performance on that faithful day.

Adele Mbala who is the director of TV programs of the CRTV, a week ago, read a fictitious list of the appointed members of Emmanuel Macron, the new French president’s administration.

What made her error abominable was the fact that, the list of those newly appointed officials was still to be made public. It is not as if the names were already known before she had mistakenly compiled something else.

Ever since she made that error which is unheard of for a professional as herself, she had been distanced from the 8:30pm news set.

She had started reading news on Monday 15th May, which had to run thus till Friday 19th May. She could not go on till that Friday as is always the case, due to her unprofessionalism. Evelyne Owona Essomba is the one who took over the following day, after the mishap.

The French embassy in Cameroon did not take that lightly, as they pointed out that it could consequently lead to deterioration in diplomatic ties between the two nations. Severe protests by the French embassy, is one of the reasons why Adele Mbala disappeared from the limelight after disgracing herself.

The Ebola outbreak in the Democratic republic of Congo increased to 29 cases from the previous 21.

The World Health Organization says of the number, two were confirmed by laboratory officials.

“As of this morning we have 29 suspected cases,” World Health Organization spokesman Christian Lindmeier said

It comes barely a week after the WHO announced the outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever in a remote area of northern Congo.

Cases have occurred in four separate parts of a region called the Likati health zone.

Authorities say they are monitoring the situation closely but added that no new deaths have been recorded either. Some 416 people have been screened and being monitored closely.

The latest outbreak is DR Congo’s eighth since 1976 and the most by any country.

The Ebola virus causes fever, bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea, and it spreads easily by contact with bodily fluids.

Mr Atanga Nji, one of loyal and faithful slaves of the Biya military regime, was heard and seen live  telling journalists of the lone state broadcaster, the CRTV, that all Anglophones are today regretting for having allowed themselves to be manipulated by some terrorists, selfish and egoistic individuals from the diaspora, whose sole aim is to divide Cameroon and unsit president Biya.

The disowned son of the North West Region in order to please his master, cooked up lies that,  about five thousand militants of the ruling CPDM party marched in Bamenda to commemorate the so called National unity day and that this year's celebration can not be compared to previous editions due to the massive turn out.

After listening to him, many have  asked the question how can people refuse to send their children to school, declare ghost town days in the region and ask for total boycott of meetings organised by the party, suddenly change their minds to go and march?

To further demonstrate his ploy and evil plans to obscure the image of Southern Cameroonians before his occultic grand master of a president, Mr Atanga Nji said, most Anglophones have come to terms with him in his initial stance that there is nothing like an Anglophone problem in Cameroon.

Atanga Nji, who is incharge of special duties at the presidency, a position equal to that of an errand boy was talking to CRTV during post 20th May celebration feast at president Biya's residence in Etoudi, Yaounde.

Moreover, eye witness accounts that, 20th May celebration in Bamenda was a mere drama. The governor hired thugs from the West Region including the military and some few francophone students to stage the march pass drama at the Bamenda grand stand.

It should be noted that this same Atanga Nji was the first person to run to the media at the wake of the Anglophone crisis to debunk all allegations against Anglophone marginalisation in La République du Cameroun.

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