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Concord Essen

Concord Essen

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Embattled President Paul Biya has asked his cronies to dislodge over 9000 predators, who have been plundering tax payers’ money, under the guise of State workers.  

The ghost workers have been marauding the State through undue salaries.

Biya’s instruction to his bloated Government is contained in a recent circular pertaining to the 2018 State budget.

The instruction is to enable Government reduce the State wage bill.

 In 2000, Government carried out a census of State workers that revealed that there were over 7,000 ghost workers, who were unduly preying on the State payroll.

Since then the number of ghost worker has increased to over 9000.

From investigation carried out by Cameroon Concord, it was realised that there are genuine civil servants who earn more than two salaries and take home fraudulent allowances every month.

Tongues are already wagging that Biya’s instruction will yield little or no dividends, since those who are defrauding the State of tax payers’ money are his close aides.

 The head count, which will begin in 2018, compels every Ministry and State department to provide an exhaustive list of all those effectively working.

The Inter-ministerial Committee that will carry out the exercise will have to pay particular attention on certain Ministries where fraud and complicity are rampant.

The Ministries of Secondary Education, Basic Education, Public Health, Agriculture and Rural Development and Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries have been cited.

It is reported that besides those who abandon their jobs but not salaries, many civil servants extend their study leaves without permission.

In order to fish out such public service criminals, Government is designing a project to merge Operation Antelope and SIGIPES operation carried out by the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms.

The Operation Antelope is the computerisation of salary.

Meme SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, has imposed a six hour restriction on commercial bike riders in Kumba, due to security worry.

Ntou’ou Ndong has urged other administrators to implement the decision.

The order prohibits bikes in Kumba from plying the road between 11:00pm and 5:00am.

The SDO said the decision shall be in force “till further notice”.

Article two of the decision states that anyone who contravenes the embargo will be punished in line with the laws in force.

Ntou’ou Ndong’s order comes, a couple of weeks after fire was contained at Kumba III Sub Divisional Office.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the incident occurred in the night of Sunday breaking Monday, July 3.

In the same vein, some unidentified persons set a vehicle belonging to the Kumba Army Rescue Unit ablaze.

Fire incidents on public property in Kumba have been witnessed at the Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Station and Government Secondary School, GSS Barombi Kang among others.

Reacting on the decision, Serge Fapou, a commercial bike rider said it will affect the income of bikers.

Fapou, however, expressed hope that the administration has taken decision for the general good.

Another bike rider said, prohibiting them from working at night is not a cure-all to the security problems in Anglophone Regions. The rider said they have been cases where riders report acts of vandalism, plots to steal or burn property, to the administration.


After 54 years, Cameroon a bilingual country with British and French colonial heritage  will now have a Common law Bench at the country's highest court. This follow the enactment into law a bill reforming the Supreme Court to allow the creation of the Supreme Court.

According to the law signed on July 12, officials appointed to the Common law Division must have an Anglo Saxon background. The Common law Bench shall have competence over issues relating to the Common law .

This was one of the biting issues raised by protesting Common law lawyers which sparked the Anglophone crisis. After giving a deaf ears to this demands, Government sluggishly swung into action. The Minister of state, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals on March 30, 2017 announced the creation of the Bench amongst others measures.

Esso said at the time that , the measures are intended to improve on the functioning of the judiciary and also to satisfy the legal and judicial disposition of the constitution in section 1 paragraph 3 which stipulates that the official languages of Cameroon shall be English and French both languages having equal value.The Minister even claimed , that before the lawyers went public with their claims, the President of the Republic had initiated reforms regarding the functioning of the judicial system and had presided judicious measures.

A bill relating to this was sent to Parliament during the just ended session and  was adopted, paving the way for Biya to sign the Ordinance creating the structure.

While some Common law practitioners have appreciated the move, Barrister Fru John Soh has rubbished the move saying it is too late.  A fire brand critic, Ekinneh Agbor Ebai is worried about the clause "Anglophone Saxon background." This is what has raised concerning the issue: "But in the context where many Francophones are sending their children to Anglophone colleges, what does "Anglo-Saxon" legal background really mean? What happens if a Francophone attends SASSE College; graduates from UB and proceeds to the Common Law Department at ENAM where he graduates as a Magistrate and is subsequently appointed to the Common Law bench? Sounds like marginalization through the back door; or am I missing something here? And is it too little too late as the train seems to have already left the station?"

Common law lawyers continue to ground courts in the North West and South West regions in a crisis which has taken an unprecedented  dimension with the Biya regime paying in hard currency for innitially downplaying the demands raised by the lawyers.




In the first official diplomatic move after the election if our president H.E S. AYUK TABE, the UN Security Council played host to a delegation led by our legendary Free MOLA NJOH LITUMBE.

Mola Njoh writes:

Yesterday, by prior appointment, I led a small delegation of Southern Cameroonians, comprising two men and two women, to re-present the Case of the Uncompleted Decolonization of the former British Administered UN Trust Territory of Southern Southerns, over which the UN General Assembly, by Res. 1608(XV) ot 21st Apr. 1961, fixed the date of S. Cameroons independence to be on 1st October, 1961, upon joining the sovereign state of La Republique du Cameroun, in a Federation of 2 states equal in status.

Sadly, that independence was suppressed by the neighbouring state of La Republique du Cameroun that has instead annexed Southern Cameroons and converted the former UN trust territory into two provinces of its own country, contrary to Arts 102/103 of the UN Charter, Art. 4b of the Constitutive Act of the African Union, and in open violation of Res. 1514 (XV) and 1541(XV) of 14th and 15th Dec. 1960 of the UN General Assembly which is the supreme Organ of the UN.

The Political Affairs Dept of the UN received my delegation with extreme courtesy and promised to convey our concerns to their hierarchy.

Mola Njoh Litumbe

On WWednesday, 12.07.2017, Abine Ayah Ayah, son of Chief Justice Ayah Paul recounted on his social media wall what happened as he left hospital with his sick dad.

Below is what he wrote:

"As we left hospital for SED, under very tight security as usual, with dad being escorted and paraded around like a criminal as always is the case, I witnessed some French speaking Cameroonians saying: (translated)

"That's one of those terrorists, that old fellow. He will rot in jail, we pray so. He taught he was strong, let him prove to the state now just how tough he is. They are the ones who want to divide and destroy Cameroon. Take him back to Prison his home and hope he rots in there. May he never see freedom again...."

I listened to all that with my own ears. Well, they are forgiven for their ignorance. If only they knew the truth and what the anglophone problem is all about. I enjoyed their freedom of speech though it's a pity we can still find this dimension of ignorance and hate speech at such a crucial epoch..."

This post comes barely a few days after Ayah's son wrote exclusively how deplorable it felt like, to be in La Republique’s detention.

He had gone to the military tribunal in Yaounde on Wednesday, 7 June 2017, to attend the court hearing of some Anglophones who were locked up in relation to the strike in the English speaking regions of the country, before being arrested.

He said he came to understand what our Anglophone brothers and sisters have been going through in La Republique cells. “There is need to pray for all those under detention, especially the Anglophone detainees on the account of the Anglophone crisis” Ayah disclosed. Most of them have been languishing in pain for months now, but the authorities in charge are not helping it in any way with the constant postponement of their court cases.

Ayah Ayah also talked about his father’s manipulated retirement, which has greatly reduced his chances of slipping off the hands of the regime’s forces. This will only help to worsen his health which is not even the best, according to sources.

The Advocate General’s son could not forget his mom who bailed him “thanks be to God for letting my entire family and especially my mom for bailing me out of this wahala”. After the release, he felt the urge to call on the rest of the Ambazonians to pray for those in detention, for they are in hell.

A suspected baby thief has been apprehended by the law enforcement officers at Ngange neighborhood in Douala with a two months old baby.

The said lady whome the police do not want to disclose her identity for security reasons claims the baby belongs to her sister who is in Kyossi in Ebolowa in the South Region.

The 25 year old lady has been arrested and kept behind police bars at the Second Police District for investigations to open.

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