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According to a report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the economic situation in Chad, this country in recession (growth rate of -3% in 2016 according to President Déby) due to the drop in international prices for crude oil received from Cameroon, in 2016, a bilateral loan worth a total of FCfa 30 billion. This revelation by the IMF confirms the comments of the Chadian Head of State, Idriss Déby, who, addressing his government and the management of this party in an audio archive recorded on 26 December last year, confessed having “begged” for financial resources from various “partners” of his country.

This help search, President Déby specified in the above-mentioned document, was meant to “pay the salaries” of civil servants, whose monthly payroll, he recalled, moved from FCfa 2 billion in 2002, to approximately FCfa 50 billion nowadays.

The financial help provided by the State of Cameroon to Chad, first country to send troops to fight against Boko Haram alongside the Cameroonian army, thus added up to the decisions taken by the Central Bank of CEMAC States last year, to help the countries in this community in reducing the public deficits incurred by the drop in oil revenues.

With regards to Chad, who only got FCfa 25 billion (against FCfa 400 to 700 billion in the past) in oil revenues as at 26 December 2016, according to Idriss Déby, the BEAC decided between March and April 2016, to increase the upper limit for the refinancing of Chadian commercial banks.

This measure was in addition to the decision taken by this issuing institution to halve the volume of minimum reserves imposed to banks operating in the CEMAC zone, to boost their liquidity and therefore increase their capacity to finance the sub-regional economies.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017 15:56

FIFA approves 48-team World Cup

By enriching national associations – financially and competitively - outside traditional strongholds Infantino inevitably stands a better chance of consolidating his own position of power. It is a move first deployed by Joao Havelange and perfected by Sepp Blatter. However, just because the expansion of the World Cup to 48 teams stands to benefit Infantino on a political level does not mean it is a bad idea.

FIFA has got some high-profile backers of the new initiative on board, including World Cup champion Diego Maradona and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho. "I'm delighted by Gianni's initiative because it gives chances to teams that otherwise would start the qualifiers knowing they had no chance of getting to the World Cup," Maradona said this week. "It gives each country the dream and it renews the passion for football, it appears to me to be a fantastic idea."

The World Cup has been in a constant state of evolution and we should not fear the latest revamp. The 32-team World Cup format might well feel right for this generation and the 24-team format probably felt right for the generation before that. But there is a balance to be struck between legitimate, compelling competition and offering more countries the chance to get there. That’s what any true “World Cup” should be about.

As it currently stands – given that UEFA supplies 13 of the 32 teams while CAF gets 5 and the AFC gets 4.5 – the existence of an imbalance in the favour of European teams cannot be denied. By upping the African and Asian quotas this FIFA Council decision goes some way to redressing it.


Reports say government has released all youths who were arrested in connection to the deadly riots of December 8, 2016. They were arrested for supposedly supporting teachers and lawyers long-drawn-out strike which turned deadly after security officers opened fire on protesters, killing four and injuring several others.Their release is being touted as a fulfillment of one of the conditions demanded by the Teachers and Lawyers for any dialogue to hold.

Early last week,government modified the list of gov’t’s ad-hoc committee members put in placeto find solutions to the problems raised by teachers of the Anglo-Saxon sub system of education in Cameroon.

This was also one of the prerequisites set by the teachers.At the same time that gov’t is pretending to resolve the impasse, it is trying to by pass leaders of teacher’s trade unions by dealing directly with teachers and asking that they resume work this Monday January 9.

While Ernest Behene, Minister of Secondary Education was holding a meeting with leaders of the on-going sit-down strike in Bamenda, Philip Ngole Ngwesse, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Paul Elung Che, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Finance and other government officials were in their divisions of origin to convince and in some cases coerce teachers to go back toschool on Monday despite the fact that government is yet to find solutions to their problems.

Reports abound of cases where these officials have given out huge sums of money to proprietors of private schools and principals of government schools in abid to have them go back to class.Secondary Education Minister is also on asix-day tour in the North West region to ensure effective resumption of classes. He was booed and jeered in Ndop when he started reading his speech in French.


President Paul Biya,Friday January 6 received New Year wishes from members of the Diplomatic Corps and national dignitaries during a ceremony that took place at the Unity Palace.Even Friday’s Unity Palace event was heavily attended, the absence of leading opposition leader, John Fru Ndi, was very conspicuous.

Though it is not exactly clear why the National Chairman of the leading opposition party, whom we gathered was officially invited, boycotted the annual event, SDF sources who spoke to The Cameroon Journal Saturday on condition of anonymity said Fru Ndi’s absence was deliberate and was in protest against the unserious manner in which the Biya regime is handling genuine concerns raised by Anglophones.Our source said Fru Ndi was vehement that he could not afford to go to the Unity Palace to wine and dine at a time when his fellow Anglophones are suffering under the weight of gross injustices and marginalisation from the Yaounde regime.

In 2016, it would be recalled, Fru Ndi was amongst the several national dignitaries who showed up at the Unity Palace for a similar ceremony. Both President Paul Biya and the SDF Chieftain on the occasion discussed at length.Our reporter also contacted Fru Ndi yesterday to have him comment on the subject but he didn’t take his callon several attempts.

Friday’s ceremony as it unfolded
The ceremony to present New Year wishes to President Biya was in two parts. The President first received best wishes from Members of the Diplomatic Corps before later meeting with national dignitaries.It was Mgr. Piero Pioppo, the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea who is also Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, who opened last Friday’s ceremony with an address presented to the Head of State.

Delivering his address in both English and French, the prelate commended Paul Biya and the People of Cameroon for their outstanding hospitality toward refugees from Nigeria and the Central African Republic while equally lauding the country’s remarkable stability.In response to the message delivered by the Apostolic Nuncio, President Biya observed that Mgr. Piero Pioppo’s appraisal was objective, and used his response to reiterate the need to protect what he described as “Cameroon’s unity in diversity.”While meeting with members of the national constituted bodies, Biya, besides the normal hand shakes, also engaged in brief chats with some state personalities.


The president of Anglophone teachers association has today issued a press statement praising God for the effectiveness of the ghost town that paralysed businesses and schools in the English speaking regions of Cameroon on Monday, 9.01.2017:

Dear brothers and sisters of West Cameroon, yesterday was a day like no other I have witnessed before. I am sure you and I new the ghost would come to town. We all, I am much surer did not foresee the size of the ghost.

In our last communication, we did affirm from the Good Book that when the Lord fights, He make sure that none doubts who fought. In Judges 6, Gideon physically led the army that God had reduced to 300 heads. In 2nd Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat gathered the spoils for days without drawing a bow.

Dear comrades, in Judges 6:17, Gideon asked the Lord for a sign. We did ask Him of a sign that He is with us in this struggle. Monday, Jan 7th 2016, the Lord released a host of angels who effortlessly chased everyone off the streets of our towns and villages.

This morning, our God says if we will only harken to His directives, He will fight for us and we shall take long to gather the spoils. He says those He has put at the helm of the Consortium may not come with big titles from the academia and the Bar, but He, the Lord of heaven's armies has chosen them to confound the "wise" and the "prudent".

I pray that we allow the Lord to lead His army. He has laid out a plan for this struggle part of which the Consortium has published, part which shall be unveiled with time. Let it be known however, that in this plan, there is no room for arms of any sort, neither is room made for killings and destruction of any time.
Rather, great room is made for holy worship and praise, prayer and fasting, and most of all, love for one another, including love towards Yaoundé; great love.

If you doubt God, then ask yourself what was it the Consortium did to achieve the success registered yesterday. 10% effort for 110% success! That's our God. He tells us we shall inhabit cities we did not build and harvest from fields we did not plant.

If we trust Him, then we should listen and follow the Consortium.

The GHOST from heaven has returned.
Today, normal activities resume, BUT no schools, no courts.
Praise God.
Communication of Jan 10th 2017, 06:15am.

Deacon Tassang Wilfred
Programmes Director of the Consortium

A ghastly accident on the Douala Yaounde road has claimed the life of the Divisional Delegate Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development for Wouri Divion today at Dibamba, a small locality in the outskirts of the Economic capital-Douala.

Sources say A truck collided with  a pickup truck in a head on collision.The Pickup truck driver was pronounced dead on the spot.The accident occurred  at about 4 pm on Monday.The exact cause of this horrific crash is not yet known. Villagers from around the area had arrived on the scene to rescue the occupants  trapped inside the mangled vehicle.

This also comes barely a few days after several passengers were killed in a similar frontal crash between  a 70 seater coach and a truck on that same "highway".

More than 10,000 people died in road accidents in Cameroon last year, according to the transport ministry.


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