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Four people from a single family are reported dead in a fire accident in Yaounde, political capital of Cameroon.

The tragic incident occurred at a market in Ngoumou in Mefou et Akono Division of the Centre Region.


The accident which is thought to have been caused by petrol claimed four lives and damaged five houses.
Eyewitnesses recount that the incident occurred when a petrol seller tried to light a candle at  aroun 10 p.m. local time on Monday.
The inflammable liquid reportedly caught fire and set the whole household ablaze, killing the sixty-year old petrol seller, his wife,   and children.

The neighborhood had been suffering from electricity blackout for days, Crtv reports.
This is the second fire accident recorded in Cameroon in one day. Earlier on Monday a school was set ablaze in the North West Region.
 No human lives were lost even though five classrooms were reduced to ashes.

Six persons lost their lives in a car accident in the Littoral Region on that same Monday meanwhile seven others perished in two other separate road accidents at the weekend.

Surprises have never ceased to be occurrent in Cameroon through Cameroon Radio and Television Channel. Yesterday the 15th of May 2017,another drama was staged by CRTV dramatists. They interviewed a Bamilike in Kumba who said he has lived in Kumba for fifty years and another Hausa from the North was interviewed from Old Town Bamenda,who equally said he has lived in Abakwa for twenty years.

I want to remind that Junk of a Journalist to understand the following dynamics and truths:

The Bamilikees were forced to resettle across the Mungo and precisely in areas around the erstwhile Southern Cameroons because of the heavy hand of La Republique Du Cameroun on them that was aimed at completely wiping them out from the surface of the earth.
Hausas across the World come from Nigeria and as migrants who settled in Abakwa in 1910,one cannot call them strangers.


We cannot afford to say that because French men and women who have lived in Britain for centuries can today say they are Britons?

This falsification and manipulation cannot be given a pass mark by any right minded and right thinking Cameroon nor does it hand wink international public opinion.

Why did the CRTV not brandish the binding treaty that ratifies the two Cameroons and nullifying the Internationally recognized Simeon-Miller Agreement separating French Cameroun and British Cameroon?

Can CRTV be bold enough to trace our historical trajectories and call each word and pronounce each statement or sentence just as it is supposed to be read?

Can CRTV be bold enough to criticise the crab across Cameroon that passes for translations on bail boards whereas we purportedly have A School of Translators and Interpreters?

Can CRTV tell us how can it be possible to be harping on the relevance of the much trumpeted 20th May farse in the name of National day,when we all know that it was meant for the United Republic of Cameroon, wheras today it's that French Cameroun that obtained its independence from France that is celebrating it.Jointly celebrating it alongside Anglophones is fraudulent and posses as a checkered history.


The SDF's decision not to be part of this year's National Day has attracted a media campaign, a move which the party's scribe Senator Jean Tsomelou has described as attempts to destabilize the party.

The socialist movement is accused of eating from the same plate with the regime. Monday's editions of French dailies, "L'independent" and "Le Soir" carried stories on the SDF with claims that the party had received over 6.5 billion FCFA during the 2011 Presidential and the 2013 Municipal, legislative and Senatorial elections.


In the midst of this scandal, the Secretary General of the SDF has lashed out at attempts from some people to tarnish the image of the party. In a communique released yesterday, Senator Jean Tsomelou argues that these French dailies are being sponsored by a cabal to hit the party. He doubts how many publications will work on a story, treat it similarly at the same when it was not a press conference.

He says the party will reserve the right to take to court these media organs and journalists for defamation.

Observers however say if would be difficult for the SDF to claim it has never received money from the state since MPs, Senators and recently mayors all receive some form of remuneration from the state. Beyond party assistance it is also alleged the SDF chairman,  John Fru Ndi had received assistance from the state purse during the death if his wife. And that millions were spent for in the build up to the historic meeting between President Paul Biya and John Fru Ndi in 2010. But whether such money received implies that the state is financing the party is the bone of contention.

SDF says the law of 2012/001 of 19 April 2012 modified and completed by law number 2012/017 of 21 December 2012, gives room for political parties not only SDF to receive funding from the State and not a gift from State. And such subventions doesn't mean that the party is funded by the regime. However critics say such legislation gives room for political "blackmail" and political parties should be able to auto finance themselves and stop receiving subventions from the state.

If What the SDF says is True,why then did the Newspapers Attempt to SET such an AGENDA at this moment.

The spectacle at the Douala port last night  almost similar to what befell anglophone lawyers last year appears to be crumbling activities at the facility. Dockers besieged the port at 10pm, Monday demanding the fulfillment of promises made to them last week over their deplorable working conditions. But were met with stiff resistance from security officer to rained shots and threw tear gas to disperse the roaring crowd .

No one has been reported dead but many workers have sustained injuries.but this did not dampen the spirit of the striking workers who have once more paralyzed the port this morning.

The workers are demanding an improvement in their working conditions; most of them do not have health and social insurance coverage neither do they earn good wages.  Unqualified personnel are recruited over those who are competent. A situation which has adversely affected the loading and off loading of vessels at the Douala port.


The disgruntled workers this time are blaming some of their trade union members whom they accuse of trying to circumvent their struggle with the support of unscrupulous officials and management of the Douala port. They lament that the negotiations which were conducted between their representatives, the administration and management of the port is not yielding fruits. For example the government is yet to say anything positive about the increase in salaries as well as the respect of conventions in the maritime sector.

They want these conventions ratified so that trained personnel are fit to work in the sector.

Cameroon Concord has observed that over the years dockers have been churned out from a school situated near the Douala Reunification stadium to the total indifference of authorities.

At press time, more security reinforcement has been sent to stifle any uprising at the port as administrative officials are seeking a platform to dialogue with the workers again.

The population of Mbve, kumbo in the North West region was surprised yesterday as a man came up with a loud speaker moving around and reminding people of today and May 20th ghost town.
Sources say the seemingly irritated man used more than 15 minutes in Mbve encouraging the market population not to give up on the Anglophone struggle. He went inside the market with his loud speaker equally warning parents against sending their children out for this year's GCE which he described as the government's strategy to devalue the exams.

According to reports the population was shocked with the young man’s performance and no fear for his life.

“Like everyone else, I was really surprised that it took that long with no arrest. Am sure the police must have been taken unaware but I felt like telling the man to get on the bike and run off but he was ready for anything without fear. As he said “black legs should call the colonial police if they so wanted” Says an eyewitness.

When he came out of the market he went off towards Tobin, he was pursued by two policemen who did not succeed in getting him.

Recently the short-sighted government of la republique du Cameroun, has promised to carry a number of reforms to appease the disgruntled and marginalised Anglophones.Amongst these measures include the laying of the foundation stone of the University teaching hospitals of Bamenda and Buea.

The NW and SW Regions have become tourist destinations for the ministers of basic and secondary education who spend time preaching back to school sermons to parents. the recruitment of contract teachers, allocation of funds to support private schools amongst others in the education sector.


More to that, the decaying and obsessed government of mr Biya has also deceived Cameroonians that it will carry out the redeployment of French speaking magistrates from English speaking regions back to their francophone regions, the creation of a common law bench at the supreme court and the department of common law in the highly corrupt national school of Administration and Magistracy, known in its French acronym as ENAM. All these mouth watering reforms are mere promises which have as objective to lure Southern Cameroonians to drop their struggle for independence.

The people of the Republic of Southern Cameroons have come to understand that you can fool a people for long but not for a life time. Forerunners of the Anglophone battle for restoration have cautioned all Ambazonians not to hit or fall prey to the seductive and deceitful promises of la Republique.

Many Anglophone sympathizers have asked the question; why all these measures now? Meanwhile at the start of the upheaval, some slaves of the Biya regime like Paul Atanga Nji and other francophone ministers took to the media to say there is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon.They were disgraced by their master, the 84 year old president who acknowledged later on that there is actually a problem.

The Anglophone crisis has taken a drastic turn of forward forever and backward never despite the counterfeit reforms announced by the crafty and centralised Yaounde government.


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