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Some disgruntled elites of the grand north, confidentially hinted Cameroon Concord that, serious fire works are underground in the region ahead of a second memorandum which is aimed at exposing the ills of the Biya regime towards the majority illiterate populations of the region who have spent over 30 years of their lives voting for an ingrate in the person of mr Biya.

They added, Biya has vehemently abandoned the juicy part of Cameroon where he harvests the greatest number of votes. This highly awaited memorandum which is in gestation is headed by Aboubakar Ousmane mey,( brother to Alamine Ousmane mey, Biya's finance minister) is the second after that of 2002 which was signed by a majority of those who are in government today. According to another reliable source, the document will touch issues related to the abject poverty, socio-economic negligence of the region. Top on the agenda our source added, is the decision by the elites to bring back the corpse of former president, Ahmadou Ahidjo for a befitting burial. It is also scandalous to understand that not even a franc as president Ahidjo's pension has ever been paid to his wife, Germain Ahidjo who is still of the elites lamented.

Another bond of contention is the creation of a single party for the entire region to unseat the Biya hegemony but this idea has been dividing the elites as some of them believe that, there is no civil administrator in this country who will sign such a daring initiative. This move will help foster the unity and solidarity between the elites who are totally against the Yaounde regime regardless of the fact that, Biya works with a handful of some selfish Indigents of the region such as, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, who has been the country's speaker of the National assembly for over 20 years, Ayang Luc, President of Economic and Social council, The famous communication minister Issa Tchiroma, Bouba Bello amongst others work unfortunately so hard to protect their interests rather than those of the population.

It is been said news of this memo is causing severe panic and sleepless nights at Etoudi, coupled with the ongoing Anglophone crisis. A press conference to announce the publication of the pamphlet will be held in the days ahead.

“In October 2016, I fell sick so I asked for permission from my boss, the captain of our unit in Kousserie to go to a hospital in Garoua (CHU) in order to carry out some medical tests. He gave me four days. At the hospital, the doctor asked me to wait for five more days before I could have the results. Looking at the situation at hand, and discovering that I had no means to pay my fare back to my work post and then to the hospital again after five days, I begged my boss to understand the circumstances of my prolonged stay, but he refused.

I had no choice but to wait for those five days. On the sixth day, I took the results and left for Kousserie. On reaching there, the captain had already sent my message to Yaounde for absence from work in times of war. My salary was suspended and I equally had to answer before the military tribunal.

I stayed calm even though I still needed more money for my treatment. I begged for permission again from our head, who refused again. I went to another captain who was not under our unit and explained my situation, then he gave me 15 days. I travelled and I came back when I had to return, in 15 days.

When I came back, the head of our unit was not happy with the fact that I took my problem to another person. I had no place in the office for over a month. After the one month, I was reconsidered but under strict conditions for more than 30 days which I humbly accepted.

In early March 2017, I missed the promotion of Gendarme officers to higher ranks. Frustrated, I made up my mind to go to our boss’s office on Friday to ask him to at least reinstate my salary. All of a sudden he ruthlessly chased me out of his office and even brandished his pistol at me.

I went out quietly and looked for a well loaded AK47. Afterwards, I came back to the office and shot the captain. Going outside, I saw the secretary trying to escape, I equally gave her own dose of bullets. I also shot one of my gendarme mates but before I did that, I told him “my man forgive me, between you and I, there is no problem”.

Somewhere behind the building, two female gendarmes were discussing with a woman who lived beside. I shot the woman. The other two started running. One of them while running, hit an obstacle, fell down and started begging “please don’t kill me I’m getting married in November” she pleaded. Despite that, I hit her with six bullets. Her colleague sought refuge in a nearby police station. I followed her there and asked the authorities to release her to me. They refused saying “this is not a gendarmerie station, go and wait for her at the gendarmerie”.

The reason why I killed the two ladies was because they were the ones fuelling up my situation with the captain. They did not call to inform me that a message about me had been sent to Yaounde and they also spent their time telling the captain everything that I did in town”.

Some 34 military personnel are reportedly missing after their vessel capsized off the coast of Debuncha on Sunday at about 6am local time. The vessel,dubbed "Le 'Mendumba'"of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, was on a supply mission to Bakassi, according to official sources. Three of the men have been rescued, reports say.

According to a communiqué from the Minister delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Defence, there were 37 people including the crew on board the vessel. The cause of the incident is still unclear. However, the same communiqué states that the vessel had become "abruptly agitated". After losing contact with the vessel, the control entre raised an alarm.

Search teams were immediately dispatched to the area. A military helicopter helped spot traces of fuel from the sinking vessel. The area likely to lodge the vessel has been mapped out. The search continues while an investigation is underway. A "crisis cell" has also been created to handle the tragedy.

Top officials in the military have already met in Yaoundé. This comes at a time when Nigeria is investigating claims that Cameroon killed about 97 Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi peninsula some days ago. The tragedy is believed to have been sparked by a fishing levy by Cameroon on the fishermen.

Eight people are reported dead while about 49 others have been injured at a football stadium in Senegal.
It occurred at Demba Diop stadium in the capital, Dakar, at the end of the League Cup final between Stade de Mbour and Union Sportive Ouakam, reports the BBC.

The BBC reports that fighting started between rival fans. The police intervened with tear gas, provoking panic and a stampede which led to the collapse of the wall.
Further reports say the spokesman for the president has announced a halt in election campaign on Sunday as a sign of respect, and that there should be "punishments serving as a warning", according to the BBC.
The score at the end of normal play time was 1-1. During the first period of extra time Mbour scored to take the lead. When the final whistle went off violence broke out.

Sunday, 16 July 2017 13:11

GCE 2017: Scripts stolen in Yaoundé

The registrar of the GCE Board has confirmed rumours that more than 200  scripts were stolen at the Franky Comprehensive High School in Yaoundé, capital of La Republique du Cameroun.
Humphrey  Ekema Monono was speaking to Cameroon Calling on the CRTV on Sunday.
Monono said the scripts disappeared barely two days into the exams.

After consulting hierarchy, the students were given another set of questions, he said.
The boss of the GCE Board revealed that they "suspected  the authorities around the school" for the theft, given that the main door "was never broken into".
The marking of what has been termed "political GCE" is underway.
Humphrey believes that the  results could be  released during the second week of August.
Due to the unrest in West Cameroon, the General Certificate of Education examinations have faced unprecedented problems in recent years.
Some students have been killed while many others have received life-time injuries.

Transport buses covering long distances in Cameroon have one common characteristic. What we observe is the sale of 'medicinal products' on board buses linking major cities of the country.
What's so dramatic about this phenomenon is the fact that people inhale substances they don't know, even when they don't have 'any major health problem'.
I observed a strange sight on Saturday on board a bus travelling from Yaoundé to Ebolowa.
A certain man in his forties or so got on the bus and started his campaign. Shortly afterwards, he offered some powdery substance to a few passengers to inhale.
They took the substance and did as prescribed.

Behold, they started sneezing as soon as possible. For the next one hour or more, the sneezing was unstoppable.
Among them was a little girl of about eight years old. She was the first to start sneezing. And she did it so dramatically that most passengers turned to look at her occasionally. In the end she fell asleep.
And what shocked me  most was the fact that the products , for they were many, were never bought, not ev
en by those who had tasted one of them. And the disappointed 'doctor' jumped off the bus after a short drive.
That's part of the bus hospital saga.
On nearly every bus, you find someone who claims to blend traditional African medicine with science.
Some even limit themselves only to modern or Western medicine which they sell to passengers without any consultation or diagnosis.
Toothpaste, toothbrush, biscuit, candy, and a host of other products are also sold on buses.

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