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The  prosecution has conceded to the bail of leaders of the consortium Barrister Felix Balla Nkongho and Dr Fontem Neba.
This decision was revealed May 24, 2017 following an application by the lawyers of the accused for their clients to be granted bail at the onset of the case, an application to which the prosecuting counsel asked for an adjournment to reply in a later session. The application it should be noted was made by seven erudite lawyers including London based Strass Khan.

The final decision however lies on the presiding judge who will deliver her ruling on June 7th 2017. Hopes are rife that with the prosecution not opposing, the chances that the judge will grant the bail come the 7th of June, are 90%.
The prosecution pleaded for the presiding judge to place the accused persons under judicial supervision to enhance their presence anytime need be. Judicial surveillance means Drs Balla and Fontem could be freed but given a fixed zone to live in and not go out, and could be forced to always sign a document weekly in a competent service to show that you are present in the territory.

The defense lawyers  have also pleaded that they should be confined but allowed to stay in the south west region. But a lawyer who is observing the case has told this reporter that it is likely the court will not subscribe to that, and might instead rule that they be confined  in Yaounde.
Unfortunately, the bail of the other accused persons including Mancho Bibixy were rejected on grounds the lawyers did not put a convincing case to the judge.

Coincidentally, the next court session which clashes with the Higher Judicial Council convened by the Head of state, Paul Biya will hold a day after that of some Anglophone Church leaders who have been dragged to court by a consortium of parents demanding reparation for a lost school year though school fees were collected by mission schools.

The two goals of the encounter came in at the 12th and 14th minutes of play netted by Al Ahly's two strikers, O. Ajayi and Momen Zakari respectively.  This second defeat saw the teams chances of qualifying for the quarter final of the CAF Champions leageu competition compromised. The nation's lone surviving team present in continental competition lost its first group stage game to Wydad Casablanca of Morocco 2nil. Coton's last group stage game which might be just to fulfill all formalities will be against Zanaco FC of Zambia.

Meantime back at home, the mtn elite one championship enters day 15 of play this wednesday with matches programmed in stadiums across the nation.

The top game to watch out for will pit leageu leaders Eding sport of the Lekie with 29 points  verus colombe of Sangmalima in Yaounde. Southern Cameroon's loan football team in the Championship, Yong sports Academy of Bamenda posioned 8th with 20 points,  takes on Aigle of Dschang in a grass field derby.

In the other matches, Racing  Astres , Bamboutos  Dragon, New Stars  Apejes, Feutcheu  Canon, Lion Blesse  UMS of Loum.

In an interview broadcast over the Equinox private Radio station yesterday morning, a journalist of the CRTV attempted to put the fallen 8:30pm news presenter on the innocent vein.

Emmanuel Atangana as he is called, explained that it was not Adele Mballa’s fault that she read unverified information

He put the blame on a member of the production team, who is said to have brought the false list of Emmanuel Macron’s government, 15 minutes into the evening news broadcast. He further precised that, Adele Mballa on the set, did not have enough time to proofread the information as norms demand.

What is unclear about his justifications is that it took him over a week to cook up that story. The circumstances surrounding the mischievous performance had to be disclosed earlier than now.

“I myself have committed errors in my career as a news presenter because of the trust I had in colleagues, so please don’t sing about her own case all over, as if she is the first to experience that. It can happen to anybody”, outlined Emmanuel Atangana. He went on to give examples of other journalists, “Charles Ndongo and Alain Bellibi who are some of the top personnel of the State broadcaster, have equally made silly mistakes. Am not so bitter about this matter because I work at the CRTV, but because it can happen to anybody”.

It’s worth noting that, other members of the production team that were there that evening, will equally go down for tarnishing the National station’s image.

Since the 15th of May that the incident took place, CRTV has not been stable, as the Director General Charles Ndongo’s position is as well threatened.

Amnesty International has been denied access to organise a planned news conference scheduled for Wednesday 24 May 2017.

The rights group, together with local civil society groups, had invited international and national media persons to the media outing at Hotel la Falaise in Yaounde.

The contents of hundreds of letters from across the world demanding the release of some three young persons sentenced to ten years in prison were to be made known to the media persons.

But Amnesty International later declared that access to the hall had been denied by hotel personnel, according to Cameroon-info.Net.

In the meantime, the team is looking for a second option, Cameroon-Info.Net reports.

The three men who are currently behind bars have been found “guilty” of complicity with terrorism and failure to denounce terrorist acts.

Fomusoh Ivo Feh and two of his friends were arrested in Limbe (in the South Region) in 2014 for sharing a joke by SMS on Boko Haram.

The message which they had gotten from a soldier (a friend) read, “Boko Haram is recruiting 14-year olds and above. Requirements: passed in four subjects plus Religious Studies.”

Terrorism in Cameroon is tantamount to a death penalty, according to a controversial terrorism law passed in 2014.

The three men have appealed the court ruling.

This is certainly not the first time special events have been called off by the hosting structure for reasons known only to those who can alter the course of things in Cameroon.

Recently, Canal2 International controversially annulled a programme featuring the leader of the Cameroon Doctors’ Trade Union (Symec). The labour union’s boss had planned to shed more light on the bone of contention between the doctors and the central machinery in Yaounde.

The 4 workers of the Buea council who embarked on a hunger yesterday Tuesday 23rd May 2017 demanding over  44 months of unpaid salaries have vowed to resume striking if nothing satisfactory is done about it.

It should be noted that the total 44 months is divided as follows: 22 months for a lady, 17 months for the leader Hans Mangam, and 5 months each for two others.

Many Cameroonians have condemned the situation and call on the government to react to the plight of the workers.

“I don’t know why some Mayors think only about themselves. How a Mayor who claims his constituency does so well, allow his workers to go without food. This is shameful. The government should do something about this quick before it goes out of hand” says an angry observer

The governor of the south west region Bernard Okalia Bilai has instructed the secretary general, the chief of cabinet and the south west regional chief of councils, to have a dialogue with them. The officials at the governor’s office have promised to take a major decision over the matter in the coming days.

The government of Cameroon has found the French rail company Camrail responsible for the fatal Eseka train accident that claimed more than 100 lives and left close to one thousand persons injured in 2016. Camrail is blamed for excessively high speed, 96 km/h on a terrible rail track where the normal speed ought to be 40km/h. The president has disbursed FCFA 1bilion worth of supplementary assistance to victims and relatives of the derailment. The president has also announced the erection of a monument at Eseka in remembrance of the victims of the accident.

The incident which is one of the most deadly train accidents in the history of Cameroon occurred in Eseka, Yaounde on 21st October 2016. After the terrible incident, the president of Cameroon instructed the prime minister to lead a commission to investigate the causes of the derailment, propose ways of preventing such catastrophes , determine the people to carry the blame as well as evaluate the management of the accident… That was on 25th October 2016, four days after the accident The results of the investigations hold Camrail (the French company in charge of rail transport in Cameroon) responsible for the accident.

According to the government, Camrail did not only fail to respect speed limit. In fact, the locomotive had unreliable brakes. Camrail failed to examine the locomotive and wagons before departure. And most importantly, complaints from the conductors were ignored, they say. The investigations also revealed the problem of overloading. Rumours that followed the accident claimed that some passengers stood up while others even took refuge in the toilets. Government recommends better involvement of the State in Camrail in a bit to curb further complications. The people who are to blame for the accident are to be duly held responsible, says the message.

President Paul Biya has instructed the prime minister to ensure the respect of the measures and decisions outlined in the communiqué. The president also urges CamraiL to finalise reparation measures it undertook as soon as possible. The results of the investigation were to be published after one month, that was in November but they took several months to reach the public on Tuesday 23 May 2017. The communique was read on Tuesday on the state-run CRTV.

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