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Information: The incompetence of Cameroon's Paul Biya

1. In 36 years you have moved Cameroon from a middle -income Country to a heavily indebted poor Country with 75% of the population living below poverty line.

2- You took over a Country in peace in 1982 and 36 years after it has become a very high risk Country threatened by wars. Wars in the North West and South West, Far North and East. Road blazers, Abductions and Great banditry.


3- Due to your weaknesses and lapses, the North West and South West have seceded from the rest of Cameroon that you were given to administer in 1982.

4. To attain the emergence envisioned in 2035, one needs a growth rate of at least 7% for at least 10 uninterrupted years. You took off as a new administrator with a growth rate of 13% and sadly today it has dwindled down to 3.2%. Is this the rate at which the envisioned emergence awaits us if we make the mistake of taking you back as our administrator?

5.Invocation for you? What is it that you call innovation? In a country where you offered 32 GB laptops with 2MB of RAM to students,where the the internet is prohibitively expensive and no Wi-Fi in university campuses, where the laboratories aren't equipped, where the administration is still in hand.

6- In 36 years you have left up to 75% of unemployed or underemployed youths, you have no program other than your emergency plans. Women have been reduced to prostitution.

7- Exclusion is your mantra of leadership that has been instituted that uses tribalism as a mode of governance.

8- where are Cameroonian artist represented? You have even managed to destroy our football culture. Culture does not talk about our football, Africa in miniature without tourist, what a paradox?

9-You badly attend any AU meetings. The only places you visible are at the UN GA, China, and the Intercontinental in Switzerland. Your embassies are in a state of clinical death with irremovable ambassadors, certain Countries without ambassadors or a whole part of the Continent without representation. What place do you occupy that even in CEMAC,Our weight is no longer felt.

10- If the homeland is in your heart as you purportedly claim, state how many times in the past 7 years you have visited your regions despite Security crisis, attacks, Extra Judicial executions,kidnapping despite floods, famine,no visits and no compassion for those who elected you.

To conclude in 36 years we will remember you who left the body of your predecessor who bequeathed power to you is still abroad in Dakar Senegal for close to 30 years. It's due to your mismanagement style that 14 banks were closed in five years in power. You are that person who had sold out our flagship of our industry, the one by whom the IMF and its structural adjustment plan arrived twice, the one by which we became HIPC,,the one by whom the gangrene of corruption and embezzlement of public funds has arrived, the one by whom many Cameroonians have been massacred. There isn't any positive record in 36 years to allow me even in the dream to vote for you. Take your retirement and leave Cameroon. We'll do better without you.

Addul -Kadir Ahmadou's response on my wall after the publication of the 10points of the program.

Stitched by Mireille Tchiako. # Paul Biya. # Etoudi 2018.

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