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Yaounde: Paul Biya and the art of elevating Sisiku AyukTabe

Do not despair. It is what one young man told me this morning and then he added curiously: "we are winning". What are you winning? I retorted, to which he calmly whispered:"Our restoration". Then I moved from my neighborhood to another one and ran into a group of Anglophone Cameroonians. They were conversing and one identified me and asked: "have you heard the news?" I replied: I suppose it is about the arrest of AyukTabe". He nodded affirmatively and told me: "learn to call him President AyukTabe". Then he said: "They have just made matters worst like they did with the consortium".

As I left them and boarded a taxi for Akwa, I felt that, the youngman was correct. And before I could settle at the French cultural centre, I got a phone call from a friend who sounded defiant: "Good things don't come by easily". And she added: "Those people who were on the fence must now understand that Biya thinks his dialogue is long overdue". She concluded: "soon we will have a country where peace will reign and it will be one of the most prosperous".

Confused, I asked: "are you talking about this Cameroon?" She cried: "No! I am talking about Ambazonia". I didn't continue any further, I understood that what has happened in Nigeria is a kind of divine intervention to salvage this struggle from calapse.

Paul Biya has by default helped give a revolutionary creditial to AyukTabe. In the underworld, you become, a leader not only after having murdered an innocent person, but after going to jail. In politics, especially that which has to do with fighting against despots, it's synonymous gangster acts.

If you have not been arrested , harassed or go to jail, you are not respected. It was based on this background that, some people were contesting the leadership of AyukTabe. However, thanks to the maladroit gesture of Abuja and most importantly, Paul Biya, AyukTabe has crushed any revolt.

He will come out of custody with a new tag: arrested abroad. Sisiku AyukTabe can say thank you to Paul Biya, but he has always been an ally of Anglophone nationalists. In 1984, he used his pen to create Fon Gorgi Dinka and now through his gauche act , he has put fuel in the tanks of restoration movements and more, Unite them.

If after reading the above you still have doubts that Paul Biya is an ally, albeit by default to the Ambazonian course, then I don't know what else to say or write in order to to convince you.

Elie Smith

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