Politics|2C6700 http://cameroon-concord.com Thu, 15 Nov 2018 19:55:34 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix). http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/the-alleged-story-behind-the-death-of-the-proprietor-of-miss-bright-hotel-mr-tantoh-felix-buea-cameroon-revealed-by-his-daughter-2-2 http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/the-alleged-story-behind-the-death-of-the-proprietor-of-miss-bright-hotel-mr-tantoh-felix-buea-cameroon-revealed-by-his-daughter-2-2 The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix).

The daughter of Mr Tantoh who was killed by unidentified gun men took to her Facebook page yesterday 14 November 2018 and revealed some stories about the death of her father as seen on the screenshots below.


This is an open letter to Lucy Tabe late Miss Brights wife.. {loadposition myposition}

Part one.


Since my dad died I have been very quite about certain things, not because am a fool. You (Lucy Tabe) go around telling lies to people so you can get sympathy. I will share the story to everyone so they know the kind of wife you have been to the man who made you what you are today.
July 17 at 2:35pm (7:35pm Cameroon time) I had a text from my dad asking if I was ok, an I said yes . 2 days prior to that we paid some men to follow you up coz my dad suspected you of cheating... it came back you were cheating with a married man in Maryland...look at the pictures.... my dad was heart broken and he asked u and off course you denied it. I was the last person who spoke to my dad befor his demise ( when he told me Steph someone is at the door I will call u back & that was the last I heard of him). 5:38pm American Time you (LUCY)called me & and told me my dad has been killed by his best friend ( his name I will withhold) . That same day I purchased our ticket for the next day to go to Cameroon. Once we got to Cameroon all the cars documents where handed to you plus 3 million which was found in one of the cars. you requested for him to be buried 3 days after that which the family declined. On thé 23rd which was a Monday at 3am Cameroon time you transported all his 5 luxury cars out of his compound. When u were questioned about your action you claim the Fon of Bamendannkwen asked you to do so. Which were all lies. The family decided to ignore that act and focus on their lose. After so many meetings we picked a date sept 7 which was the date you picked due to your daughters surgery. We all abided to that dates an all burial preparations where done. Sept 1 st u called me requesting I buy u and your kids flights back to the Cameroon after u had told the family you already bought the flights . I declined coz we were not in good terms. Sept 6 th i tried reaching you only to discover you were no were to be found ( so many stories came out but God alone knows where u were at that time). You placed a court order on my dads corpse which didn’t allow us bury him on that day. All burial preparations had been done at that time .which was a loss but I didn’t complain because I knew the kind of Person I was dealing with. On several occasions you tried doing the burial but it was abortive. On the 10th u tried biting him as a rejected corpse by calling the council to do the burial and again it was aborted. Today Wednesday 14th of November you succeeded in doing the burial without no family member , no children n non of your family. I just have one question for you. What did my dad ever do wrong to deserve this treatment? From what I gathered you have sold 3 of his cars which that’s what you used to finance all your atrocities. You plan on selling the hotel and fleeing to the USA to apply for asylum in the name of the government killed your husband. Am not writing all these to gain sympathy but it’s to tell the world what you did to a man who showed you love. I don’t need any of what my dad left you can have it coz that’s what u have been fighting for. Don’t forget when he was alive u could barely manage the shops he opened for you. Ask yourself can you manage what he left for the next 2 years?How will your kids look at you? Did you mourn you husband? I know you don’t have a conscience but heyyy we have God who doesn’t like ugly.

Part two

After his death on our way to Cameroon you told me let’s go to Cotonou Benin for protection. I asked you protection for what and against who. You went quite. You go around telling people to borrow you 23 million to do your husbands contract. I pity who ever gives you that money. 4 days after his demise you went to all his banks so you can have assess to his money but you were told that you are not his second signature. When you were told that I was his second signature to all his accounts you went wild. You even tried to bribe some of them to give you asses to the exact amount on the accounts. You then decides to start selling his cars because financially you were down. Your Maryland married man advised you to sell everything and start your life in the USA. My question to that man . Do you think if you marry her she will treat you different? Just a question. You went ahead & filed for the letter of administration ( you told the lawyers not to include my name on it as a beneficiary) I really don’t care about things like this. Back to the night my father died..... only you & I knew that my dad had to leave town that day I not return.... ???? only you & I knew he changed his traveling date. My question to you. Why are you bent on burying him without his family and chiefs. Is there anything you are hiding. Why can’t you sleep at the house in Bomaka ( you claim we drove you out what a lie). Did you tell them that you saw something in your room which chased you out and you never returned since then. No you didn’t. What did u go to do in Cotonou Nigeria ??. These are just questions which I would like to know the answers. How did you know the last things my dad said when he was attacked by these unknown men......coz no one was there. Why are you Bent on not accepting to bury him with family or give family assess to his corpse . I will leave it right here. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. Don’t forget you have kids. You go around painting a very bad picture of me. That I was not my fathers child/ am a bastard. Only an illiterate will ask such questions. You go around sleeping with men while your husband lies in the freezer and today you bring out you married certificate that you were legally married to him. Hahahahaha tell them the last time my dad slept with you..... off course you will lie.... he never slept with you when he found out you were sleeping with that guy in buea his name I will not call. He even drives my dads cars around town .. oohhhhh what is this life we leave in. Lucy Tabe don’t forget all these things are vanity. We are all passerby’s. My dad died because someone was so greedy. One of the bayangi boys that killed my dad was arrested and he decided to confess only for us to come the next day he was dead....what a life we leave in. Tell them why it took you more than 3 years to come to the USA after your last trip some years back. You came here and slept with one young guy and his wife called my dad and complained. You were almost thrown out of you married. Did you ever ask yourself who begged on your behalf. No you didn’t. Well I have a massage for you. You have buried him fine. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. I rest my case. This is just part of the story but I needed the world to know what kind of woman you are. Thanks {loadposition myposition}

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An Open Letter To Francophone Cameroonians. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/an-open-letter-to-francophone-cameroonians http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/an-open-letter-to-francophone-cameroonians An Open Letter To Francophone Cameroonians.

Dear Francophones,

I am indeed very pleased that you guys did not take to the streets today after the contested election results were released by a controversial Constitutional Council.{loadposition myposition}


I was indeed scared that in the event of any violence, many of you who are all barks, and no bites, would simply pack up your stuff and head to the southwest as many of your Bassa, Bamileke, Ewondo and Batanga people did when Ahidjo and the French unleashed a reign of terror on you guys in the 1950s and 1960s when a few of your people thought they could fight for independence.

We, in Southern Cameroons, never had our independence through any bloodshed. We had a culture of parliamentary democracy wherein freedom of speech was key and elections were just an exercise in which the people sincerely chose who had to lead them.

We never used any brutality to address differences and we ensured that people were punished for the crimes they committed and not for the opinions they held. We were a safe sanctuary for many people who were unsafe in their country.

That is why there are many of your folks in the Southwest, a territory whose sub-soil is very rich, and some of them were foolish enough to betray Southern Cameroonians when we made up our minds to challenge the corrupt Yaoundé government that had marginalized us for decades.

These folks whom I consider as Southern Cameroonians will continue to live with us, but I must be prompt to add that those who do not share our pain and aspiration should learn to be neutral. They must understand that the people’s pain is real and it could lead to violent reactions.

I would like to clearly point out that some of the most engaging of our supporters have been descendants of those refugees who fled to our land and I truly appreciate their contribution to our effort to make our problem known across the globe.

When we felt we had been pushed to the wall, we decided that it was time for the world to be aware of our pain and suffering. Our battle was also a fight against corruption, injustice and disrespect.

You simply did not understand us, and you were adamant despite our attempts to explain why we were reacting the way we reacted. Your all-knowing attitude never allows you to humble yourselves. True widow, you should know, comes with humility.

Instead of joining us to help get things on the right path, many of you opted to side with the government. You called us names. You told the world we were arrogant and that we had little or no respect for your Republican institutions. While we were angry, we knew your time would come. It was just a matter of time.

Some of us understand that the noise you make is simply designed to hide your cowardice and ignorance. You are a people who can easily be intimidated and you are corruptible. It is therefore no surprise to us that your leaders always use bread and sardine to corrupt your minds during elections like the one that has just ended or when you are angry.

The past presidential election has simply proven that you lack the right mentality to challenge your tormentors. It has proven that we, Southern Cameroonians are not arrogant, but principled and determined to ensure errors of the past get corrected and this must happen sooner rather than later.

It now seems like there is a lull in the chaos in Southern Cameroons, but there cannot be any respite when there is no justice. Do not be mistaken. We still have unfinished business and we still have a stomach for a fight. As long as your government continues to run the show like a personal estate, we will continue to find creative ways to erode its authority.

While you continue to eat your bread and sardine, we will use all the means available to us to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

The blood of those who have been slaughtered by your troops will not go in vain. We believe in the philosophy of one for all and all for one, and we will continue to work as a team to get the government to the negotiating table where we will find the ultimate solutions to our issues.

Your cowardice did not start today. Your government knows your weaknesses. You are all noise and no action. We, the minority, gave you freedom of expression. Today, speak as if you were born with it.

In the process, we lost many of our brothers and sisters. We also gave you multiparty politics. In the process thousands were slaughtered in our part of the world while you spent your time drowning yourselves in alcohol. The physical scars are still there in cities like Bamenda and Kumba.

All you know is to gossip and seek to break down courageous men and women who really want to engineer genuine change within the country. You use your fake intellectualism to distort debates and bamboozle your own people. Your unreliable ways make it hard to work with you.

The mere sight of a police officer sends you into fear even when you have not committed any crime. Your leaders understand this and they are using it to their advantage. That is why prior to the proclamation of today’s election results, all your major cities were on lockdown.

I would not like to make this letter long but will promptly advise that you are the architects of your own hardship and disappointment. You do not know how to work together. Every single one of you is more intelligent than the other.

You have to throw away your coat of self-importance if you must jettison the invisible shackles of slavery that have been put on you by your own people. Learn from us and you will deliver happiness to future generations.

Do not be scared of death, after all, the Bible you read clearly points out that for you to go to Heaven, you must die. We, Southern Cameroonians, are prepared to lay down our lives to ensure our children do not experience the marginalization we have gone through.

You must muster courage if you must defend your victory. Prof. Kamto is your president. He won the election. Running away from soldiers stationed by the government will not take Prof. Kamto to the United Palace. If you need change, you must do the right thing. It never comes on a platter of gold.

{loadposition myposition2}


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It never rains, but it pours. Cameroonians and Cameroon are in for tough times http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/it-never-rains-but-it-pours-cameroonians-and-cameroon-are-in-for-tough-times http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/it-never-rains-but-it-pours-cameroonians-and-cameroon-are-in-for-tough-times It never rains, but it pours. Cameroonians and Cameroon are in for tough times

The country’s future is gradually heading to the rocks. The monarch’s health is fast deteriorating and this does not augur well for a country that is already mired in political and military chaos that is tearing the people apart.

On Tuesday, the very first results from tests carried out on Mr. Biya clearly indicated that the “monarch” had a health crisis on his hands. A Cameroon Intelligence Report source in Switzerland has hinted that the situation is concerning and from every indication, the monarch has not got much time left. The source added that the trip to Switzerland was prompted by the fact that his health condition was already becoming an issue to his close collaborators.

Many of Mr. Biya’s collaborators fear that he might not be able to take the heat that comes with a strenuous exercise like an election campaign. The people around him are concerned and are working round the clock to ensure nothing filters out.

{loadposition myposition}

But bad news always travels very fast. Like lies, bad news loves flying and news of Mr. Biya’s poor and declining health is on many lips at the Unity Palace where many fear he might not make it this time around. His party members, especially those of the Central Committee, are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that if the inevitable happens, they will be able to have a candidate that will unite the party and win the upcoming presidential election.

Cameroon Intelligence Report has been reliably informed that the ruling party’s ailing secretary general, Jean Nkuete, has been worried over the last few days. While putting a brave face in public, the secretary-general who has been scarred by vitiligo, has been displaying some signs of frustration and anger. He has been Mr. Biya’s major pawn in their game to keep power for decades. But with the monarch’s health failing, Mr. Nkuete knows that the young hawks in the government might elbow him out of the corridors of power.

Ruling party stalwarts know that there is bad news in the offing. Their party has not endeared itself to the people of Cameroon. Its mismanagement of the economy has hurt many Cameroonians and this is no good news for a party that is looking forward to re-election. Although the ruling CPDM has never really won an election, it is scared that with millions of voters clearly displaying their frustration with the party, their rigging machinery may not deliver the results they expect.

The fear within the ruling party is huge. The Southern Cameroons crisis that has put the country in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons has hurt the ruling party in a big way. The ruling party has clearly mismanaged a protest, giving it a chance to grow into a full blown civil war.

A member of the ruling CPDM has aptly captured the mood in the country and party. In a secret interview with the Cameroon Intelligence Report correspondent in Yaounde, the party stalwart, who elected to be anonymous, said the country could spiral out of country if care was not taken. He took a swipe at the president whom, he said, behaved as if nothing was happening in the country. He chided his colleagues in parliament and senate who had done everything possible to ensure that the Southern Cameroons crisis did not get discussed in both houses.  

The member of the party’s central committee hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report that the party was gradually falling apart just as Mr. Biya himself who is gradually yielding to a failing heart and a distended prostrate. The party needs to carry out some fundamental changes, he said, adding that the country itself needed an extreme makeover. A sea change in economic policies will enable the crumbling economy to once more find its feet, he said.

“Our party which many erroneously think it is a great party is coming apart. The internal succession battles are ripping the party apart. With Mr. Biya’s health going south, it is clear that his days are numbered. He has been the one holding the party together and now that many party members suspect his health is failing him, they think that someone else should replace him so that the party can have a fair chance at the upcoming presidential election. Mr. Biya seems to wield a lot of power both within the party and the country, but honestly, he is not the person running the show. The country is in very unsafe hands and those who have warmed their way into Mr. Biya’s heart are clearly mismanaging things,” the desperate CPDM Central Committee Member said.

He added that “what our country is going through today in the two English-speaking regions of the country clearly offer us a manual on how best to mismanage a problem. We have already lost more than 2,000 young men and women, including our uniformed officers who should have not been sent to the English-speaking regions in the first place. We of the ruling party must learn how to listen to our people if we have to endear ourselves to the population.”

He also added that “I will never say this in public, but I think the arrogance that has become the hallmark of my party is due to the fact that we have always rigged elections. If the people actually had to decide on who has to win elections, I think my fellow party members will learn how to be humble. Arrogance and greed are suffocating our country and the ruling party. Some people think the country belongs to them and anybody who holds a contrary view is immediately branded a terrorist. That is not how to run a country and a party. We have only succeeded to transform Cameroonians into our enemies and this gives the opposition parties a clear advantage.”

Cameroon, he underscored, was headed in the wrong direction. “We cannot continue to slaughter each other and the president is behaving as if nothing is happening. He has lost total control of how to address this huge fire that he ignited when he declared war on Southern Cameroonians. From every indication, it is clear that the government has not got a plan to put an end to this crisis. The soldiers are all trembling and the fighters on the ground have succeeded to intimidate everybody. Many of my colleagues who are either senators or parliamentarians are all scared of going to their constituencies. They know what awaits them out there. They have been working with the corrupt government to rob the people of their happiness and the time of reckoning has come. None of them can really stand up to the people’s scrutiny.”

“We all are scared. The country is gradually imploding and if we are not careful, we may go the way of many of our neighbors. I am not from Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia, but the pain and suffering the crisis in that region is spinning into the French-speaking part of the country is a great concern even to the president. With huge crowds moving into East Cameroon, it is clear that the Amba boys or whatever they are called, could use that opportunity to set up shop in many of our big cities. This is no good news for many of us who really want a peaceful resolution of this problem.”

“The fear is all the more unbearable when we see those videos of people being shot and killed at point blank in the country’s northern region. What will northerners be thinking of the country’s military which is predominantly Beti? The international community has clearly lost faith in us. Human rights groups such as Amnesty International are working hard to expose our government’s brutality and lack of respect for human life. I am indeed at a loss for words. The evil I see in our country leaves me awake all night. We cannot continue to pretend as if we are not human beings. If we cannot deal with the situation, then we should let the United Nations to come in and put an end to the needless killings that are giving our country a very bad name,” he regretted.

In his view, while Cameroon is falling apart, the country’s president is in Geneva, Switzerland, in search of proper medical attention for his failing heart and prostrate. He stressed that the 85-year-old monarch, who had presided over his country’s destiny for almost 36 years, had been dealing with a failing health for more than ten years and his country of choice when it comes to treatment is Switzerland.

“The president is suffering. His health is a serious issue to his collaborators and many fear that he might not make it to the end of the year. He is suffering from shortness of breath and he can barely stand and walk. His wife and children are all in fear, as the 85-year-old has been spotting a sorrowful and lonely figure. There is bad news on the horizon. The fear is that if the president disappears from the scene, there could be some chaos in the country. For now, there is a lot of confusion and many of his collaborators have already begun jockeying for recognition as the next-of-kin even when the constitution is clear about what will happen in the event of a vacancy,” our source said.

He chided the president for having not built a state-of-the-art medical facility in his country. He said the president was more interested in his own wellbeing instead of working for every Cameroonian to feel safe at home.

“What does he think other Cameroonians are saying about him? Each time he is sick, he heads abroad for treatment. What if other leaders had not developed their own medical facilities? He behaves as if he is a special being. We are all human and it is wrong for him to be misusing state funds for his health. Cameroon deserves better. We have the human resources and our financial resources can grant us even the best medical facility in the world. We have a leadership crisis and Mr. Biya has clearly demonstrated that the fate of his compatriots is not important to him. How many women still die in our country while giving birth? How many children die even before attaining five years? We need new leadership in this country. We need people who can reverse some of the destruction the current government has wreaked on our people. You may not believe me. The CPDM has people with great vision, but they are hardly ever given a chance to display what they are capable of doing. Once this group of people leave power, you will see a new CPDM,” he said.

But it is not only the political front that bears bad news for Cameroonians. The country’s economy is in a total mess. Major rating agencies of the world have just delivered bad news to Cameroonians. Their government is no longer credit-worthy and any loans delivered to the country, will come with a huge price tag.

Currently, Standard & Poor’s credit rating for Cameroon stands at B with a stable outlook. Moody’s for its part, rates the Central African country at B2 with a negative outlook. Fitch’s credit rating for Cameroon was last reported at B with stable outlook. Generally, a credit rating is used by sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors to gauge the credit worthiness of a country like Cameroon. The lasting ratings thus have a huge impact on the country’s borrowing costs.

The ratings by these agencies is indeed a big punch to the country’s liver. Receiving a downgrade from Moody’s is the worst thing that can be happening at this time to a struggling country like Cameroon.  The change from stable to negative is a clear indication that the country’s economic indicators are trending very low.

A downgrade simply implies that credit rating agencies no longer have confidence in Cameroon’s financial future and its ability to continue servicing its debts. In other words, Cameroon’s default risk on its debts is getting higher by the day and even more worrying for Yaounde is Moody’s reason for such a negative rating.

According to Moody’s, persistent political instability (the Southern Cameroons Crisis) in the country is a major worrying factor. In the agency’s view, there is heightened uncertainty. Credit ratings are like red flags to potential lenders. They give an idea to lenders on a country’s ability to pay back its debt. This implies that the lower the country’s credit rating, the less likely that institutions will be willing to lend money to such a country.

It should be recalled that as Southern Cameroonians threaten to walk away from their ‘political marriage’ with East Cameroon, this is sowing uncertainty in the minds of many potential investors, especially those who have a huge interest in the country’s oil and gas sectors.

If Southern Cameroonians succeed to walk away, then Cameroon will be losing about 60% of its wealth. Southern Cameroons is blessed with enormous wealth and the Yaounde government holds that it is by terrorizing Southern Cameroonians that it will succeed to keep them under control and in ignorance of what is happening to their resources.

It should also be noted that for almost 50 years, the Rio Del Rey estuary in the South West region of Cameroon has been the source of more than 90% and at times 100% of all the country’s hydrocarbons, specifically oil. Since 2014, Cameroon has exported more than US$5.88 billion worth of products, of which more than US$2.65 billion, about CFAF 1,650 billion, has been from crude oil alone. This is a significant amount of money and the Yaounde government cannot afford to lose such revenues.

The government is scared, especially as the possibility of a secession is there. All its efforts to lay the matter to rest have been futile. Its divide-and-rule strategy has simply fallen apart as North westerners and South westerners clearly understand that they are united for a purpose that will bring them happiness and prosperity. Not even the government’s military violence has succeeded to take the wind out of the fighters’ sail. The more the government kills, the more determined the fighters become.

And the chaos that is playing out in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon has given Moody’s more fodder for its cannon. Rating agencies have always called the Yaounde government to reason. The government’s legendary mismanagement has been a cause for concern for this rating agencies and international development finance institutions which have always urged Yaounde to be more transparent in the management of its oil revenue.

Cameroon is in for rough times both politically and economically. As the health of the country’s president continues to become a huge concern, many investors will be holding off on their plans to invest. The situation has been complicated by the bad news from Moody’s. Cameroon is not credit-worthy. That is the message from the rating agency and investors have to beware of a country that is incapable of improving its political and economic environment.

The government is not reliable and it lacks the means to put out an insurgency that started like a simple protest. The chaos in the country’s English-speaking regions and Boko Haram’s relentless bombing of ordinary citizens in the country’s northern part, are not giving Cameroon a good name. Investors love peace, but Cameroon is only capable of delivering chaos. Investors will therefore not be putting their money in a place rating agencies now consider as a black hole. Cameroonians have to take their government to task if things have to change. If things continue the way they are, then the country is heading for a possible political and economic implosion.

{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon Presidential Elections: MRC candidate releases Communque http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-presidential-elections-mrc-candidate-releases-communque http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-presidential-elections-mrc-candidate-releases-communque Cameroon Presidential Elections: MRC candidate releases Communque


Information from the National Commission for the Recording of Votes on the results of the last presidential election is currently circulating in social networks. This information shows the victory of candidate Paul BIYA. The MRC and the coalition formed around the candidacy of Maurice KAMTO, categorically reject these results which are the product of minutes manufactured, that false observers of Transparency International, unmasked, were intended to make accept the opinion national and international.{loadposition myposition}

The coalition continues to claim the victory of Maurice KAMTO in this election, according to the truth of the polls on the evening of October 7, 2018.

In addition, the coalition rejects all forms of violence that the regime would like him to endorse. It wishes to inform national and international public opinion of the regime's responsibility in orchestrating acts of provocation to trigger post-election violence that it wants to blame on the coalition.

For illustration :

1) the questioning and hearing by the security forces of some of our activists in various localities of the country;

2) the intimidation of our activists and sympathizers in the neighborhoods by people who seem to belong to a militia;

3) the incitement to ethnic hatred by the distillation of tribalist statements between communities;

4) the spread of hate speech in the public media and some private media;

5) the arbitrary arrest and detention of Mr. Thierry OKALA EBODE, Deputy National Treasurer of the MRC, whose only fault is to have denounced a fraud, constituted by the usurpation of his identity by another voter; the latter having acted with the help of the president of the polling station is curiously protected until now;

6) the expulsion, manu militari, of the representatives of the MRC of most polling stations in the three regions of North - Adamaoua, North and Far North -, as well as in the regions of the East, the South and certain departments Central, Western and Southwestern regions;

7) permanent harassment of coalition members by the security services.

The coalition urges the people to remain vigilant and protect their victory.

(e) Coalition around candidate Maurice KAMTO

{loadposition myposition2}

bogus@bogus.com (Concord Newsdesk) Politics|2C6700 Mon, 15 Oct 2018 09:52:31 +0000
Information: The incompetence of Cameroon's Paul Biya http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/information-the-incompetence-of-cameroon-s-paul-biya http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/information-the-incompetence-of-cameroon-s-paul-biya Information: The incompetence of Cameroon's Paul Biya

1. In 36 years you have moved Cameroon from a middle -income Country to a heavily indebted poor Country with 75% of the population living below poverty line.

2- You took over a Country in peace in 1982 and 36 years after it has become a very high risk Country threatened by wars. Wars in the North West and South West, Far North and East. Road blazers, Abductions and Great banditry.{loadposition myposition}


3- Due to your weaknesses and lapses, the North West and South West have seceded from the rest of Cameroon that you were given to administer in 1982.

4. To attain the emergence envisioned in 2035, one needs a growth rate of at least 7% for at least 10 uninterrupted years. You took off as a new administrator with a growth rate of 13% and sadly today it has dwindled down to 3.2%. Is this the rate at which the envisioned emergence awaits us if we make the mistake of taking you back as our administrator?

5.Invocation for you? What is it that you call innovation? In a country where you offered 32 GB laptops with 2MB of RAM to students,where the the internet is prohibitively expensive and no Wi-Fi in university campuses, where the laboratories aren't equipped, where the administration is still in hand.

6- In 36 years you have left up to 75% of unemployed or underemployed youths, you have no program other than your emergency plans. Women have been reduced to prostitution.

7- Exclusion is your mantra of leadership that has been instituted that uses tribalism as a mode of governance.

8- where are Cameroonian artist represented? You have even managed to destroy our football culture. Culture does not talk about our football, Africa in miniature without tourist, what a paradox?

9-You badly attend any AU meetings. The only places you visible are at the UN GA, China, and the Intercontinental in Switzerland. Your embassies are in a state of clinical death with irremovable ambassadors, certain Countries without ambassadors or a whole part of the Continent without representation. What place do you occupy that even in CEMAC,Our weight is no longer felt.

10- If the homeland is in your heart as you purportedly claim, state how many times in the past 7 years you have visited your regions despite Security crisis, attacks, Extra Judicial executions,kidnapping despite floods, famine,no visits and no compassion for those who elected you.

To conclude in 36 years we will remember you who left the body of your predecessor who bequeathed power to you is still abroad in Dakar Senegal for close to 30 years. It's due to your mismanagement style that 14 banks were closed in five years in power. You are that person who had sold out our flagship of our industry, the one by whom the IMF and its structural adjustment plan arrived twice, the one by which we became HIPC,,the one by whom the gangrene of corruption and embezzlement of public funds has arrived, the one by whom many Cameroonians have been massacred. There isn't any positive record in 36 years to allow me even in the dream to vote for you. Take your retirement and leave Cameroon. We'll do better without you.

Addul -Kadir Ahmadou's response on my wall after the publication of the 10points of the program.

Stitched by Mireille Tchiako. # Paul Biya. # Etoudi 2018.

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Cameroon: President Biya appoints new ELECAM director general http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-president-biya-appoints-new-elecam-director-general http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-president-biya-appoints-new-elecam-director-general Cameroon: President Biya appoints new ELECAM director general

Elections Cameroon has a new director general following the sacking of Abdoulaye Babale by a presidential decree on Monday.

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Essosse Erik is taking office when the electoral body is preparing crucial elections this year. Cameroonians will elect a new president, legislators and municipal councillors later in the year.

Abdoul Karim is the deputy director general.

Sacked Babale is accused of “gross misconduct”. Media reports say there had been a misunderstanding between the former director and the board chair of ELECAM.

Abrams Egbe has blamed Babale of financial and human resource mismanagement.

A board meeting of the body was held on Friday to stage a vote of no confidence against Babale.

Key executive staff of the supposed independent electoral body are appointed by the head of State. And who ever bites the finger that feeds them?

Mr Biya, who has been in power since 1982, is likely to run again, though he has not declared his candidacy yet.

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bogus@bogus.com (T.S) Politics|2C6700 Mon, 28 May 2018 22:25:24 +0000
2018 Presidential elections: European Union not to send Observation mission to Cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/2018-presidential-elections-european-union-not-to-send-observation-mission-to-cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/2018-presidential-elections-european-union-not-to-send-observation-mission-to-cameroon 2018 Presidential elections: European Union not to send Observation mission to Cameroon

The head of the European Union to Cameroon, said they will not send an observation mission during the presidential elections to take place in the country.

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The ambassador disclosed the information on 7 May during a Canal 2 international TV program, produced in partnership with the Cameroonian section of the international Union of the Francophone press (UPF).

Hans Peter Schadek told the public they will not send any mission to Cameroon during the presidential elections after he was asked what role they intend to play in the country during the upcoming polls.

A source from the European Union delegation to Cameroon said Biya's country is not in their program this year. "An electoral observation mission of the European Union for the moment has not been envisaged for Cameroon this year. Generally speaking, resources are limited and the EU has to establish a worldwide plan before hand and prioritise the beneficiary countries. At this instant, the EU has not received any invitation to come and observe the elections in Cameroon this year. Thus for the moment, Cameroon is not part of the EU plan for 2018" the source disclosed.

The source goes further to add that if Cameroon finally indicates that their attention is needed they might send a reduced mission.

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bogus@bogus.com (Eyong Orlando) Politics|2C6700 Thu, 10 May 2018 08:12:43 +0000
Cameroon: Marcel Niat at helm of Senate for 5 more years http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-marcel-niat-at-helm-of-senate-for-5-more-years http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-marcel-niat-at-helm-of-senate-for-5-more-years Cameroon: Marcel Niat at helm of Senate for 5 more years

It is now official that Marcel Niat Njifenji will retain his post as the president of the Senate in Cameroon for the next five years.

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The son of the West Region, is serving his second mandate on that post, an outcome which became a reality after he won 89 votes out of 96 on 4 May 2018. The 7 SDF Senators opted for empty ballots.

Senator Marcel Niat was first elected president of the senate in 2013, the time the Cameroon upper house of the parliament just came into existence.

Immediately after his voting on Friday, he took his seat of the president of the senate and the election of the other members continued.

The election of another key personality was that of the CPDM Senator from the North, his majesty Aboubakary Abdoulaye, as first vice president of the senate. He had 90 votes out of 97.

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bogus@bogus.com (Eyong Orlando) Politics|2C6700 Sat, 05 May 2018 09:34:01 +0000
SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/sdf-partisans-say-they-never-wanted-to-be-appointed-senators http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/sdf-partisans-say-they-never-wanted-to-be-appointed-senators SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators

After the publication of the list of appointed senators by Paul Biya, without even one SDF member, some supporters of the main opposition party have said they never wanted to be appointed.

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Jean Robert Wafo, of the Social democratic front, and who also is the assistant mayor of the Douala 2 council shares the same view.

He granted an interview to the equinox radio, and said it's something normal to them "looking at the list of the recently appointed senators, we come to realise that we are in a country of dishonesty, where it is the same people who are in power for years. For us we have remained loyal to our policies."

We have always declared among ourselves in the SDF that we will always be part of public institutions through elections and not by nomination." Jean Robert Wafo revealed.

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bogus@bogus.com (Eyong Orlando) Politics|2C6700 Sun, 15 Apr 2018 04:32:50 +0000
Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-petitions-at-the-constitutional-council http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-petitions-at-the-constitutional-council Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council.

The social Democratic Front( SDF) and the Cameroon Democratic Union( CDU) all saw their petitions squashed and thrown into the dustbin of history.

The Social Democratic Front saw red as her petition for the cancellation of the Senatorial election in the South West Region got squashed.

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The Social Democratic Front petitioned for the cancellation of the senatorial elections in the South West Region based on the tense sociopolitical atmosphere that characterized the elections in the South West, especially in Kupe Maneguba Division, Lebialem and Manyu Divisions.

The Constitutional council's reason for quashing the petition is that the SDF petition wasn't properly constituted by legal justifications and by a legal expert.

Such disgusting excuses as the reasons for this quashing is a total humiliation for the SDF that shouldn't be acting as novice in such matters of great importance.

It was in total disbelieve and bewilderment that the SDF saw their petition squashed and dumped dustbin.

Citing Mr. Njenje Valentine Kleber as the complainant or petitioner, the constipated constitutional council ruled that he wasn't competent to deposit the petition.

 The same constipated constitutional council gave a different reason why that of CDU's petition was squashed.

The petition of CDU was deposited at the chambers of the Constipated constitutional council by Youmo Koupit Adamoua, requesting the annulment of the senatorial elections in the West.

His petition was based on the numerous irregularities that took place during the Senatorial elections in the West, especially in Menoua Division.

The constipated constitutional council rejected the petition as well based on lack of proof or substantial proof.

Haven invalidated all the petitions brought forward to the Constipated Constitutional council, the said results are ready to be published.

Anybody who expected anything the contrary from the Constipated constitutional council,led by retired Chief Justice at the Supreme Court, Atangana Clement Ndzi, could only be circus clowns.

The purported Constipated Constitutional council wasn't created to bring any sanity to the Cameroon's electoral process but to give false credibility to a heavily rigged and election engineered by these Beti oligarchs.

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bogus@bogus.com (Eyong Orlando) Politics|2C6700 Wed, 04 Apr 2018 18:34:00 +0000