Politics|2C6700 http://cameroon-concord.com Sat, 16 Dec 2017 11:15:07 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Senate President Gets FCFA 2 Billion For House Repairs http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senate-president-gets-fcfa-2-billion-for-house-repairs http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senate-president-gets-fcfa-2-billion-for-house-repairs Cameroon: Senate President Gets FCFA 2 Billion For House Repairs

Senate President Gets FCFA 2 Billion For House Repairs A whopping sum of FCFA 2 billion of tax payers' money is now being used to repair the residence of the Senate President in Yaounde. The edifice that is near the lakeside residence of the Prime Minister is the former residence of erstwhile Chief of Army Staff, General Pierre Semengue. Although the contract for the renewal of the building was awarded a long time ago.{loadposition myposition}

The Post learnt that the scribe took exception to the fact that the project was over-billed. He reportedly argued that such a huge sum of money is too much for repair works on such a building. To him, FCFA 2 billion should not be spent on such a building that is also expected to host the cabinet of the Senate President. But the Senate Scribe was forced to reverse his decision when the Presidency gave its final word on the issue. Insiders moot that Meva'a M'Eboutou almost burnt his fingers because he did not know that some big guns at the Presidency also had interest in the contract. However, observers hold that FCFA 2 billion is too much for such a project. "This contract is a blank cheque for the embezzlement of public funds.

How will any normal person agree with the fact that FCFA 2 billion is not being used to construct a new edifice but to repair an old building for the president of the Senate?" one Senator, who elected not to be named, wondered in a reaction to The Post. He further asked: "How can such a huge sum of money be used for the comfort of one individual when millions of Cameroonians are suffering without roads, electricity, water and other basic necessities? For one thing, FCFA 2 billion is half of the very tiny budget allocated to the Ministry of Communication in the 2018 national budget. Critics are already chiding Government for misplaced priorities. The situation is akin to that of the moribund Economic and Social Council that gulps FCFA 2 billion every year, even though only four of its 30 members are still alive. Statistics indicate that almost 40 percent of the State budget usually gets into private pockets through the over-billing of con-tracts.

One of the scandals that animated the Mounchipou Affair that cropped up in 1999 was that a contract to fell a small tree infront of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications was awarded to somebody for FCFA 10 million. Many suchshady deals that border on the embezzlement of public funds abound. Eventhough, the building is being repaired, the current President of the Senate, Marcel Niat Njifenji, can only enjoy its comfort if President Biya reappoints him next year. Niat is one of the 30 Senators that President Paul Biya appointed in 2013. Since then, he has been living in his normal residence at the Nlonkak neighbourhood in Yaounde.

The post Newspaper

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Cameroon: Vuvuzula blasting Opposition Parliamentarians held everybody spellbound today at the National Assembly http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-vuvuzula-blasting-opposition-parliamentarians-held-everybody-spellbound-today-at-the-national-assembly http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-vuvuzula-blasting-opposition-parliamentarians-held-everybody-spellbound-today-at-the-national-assembly Cameroon: Vuvuzula blasting Opposition Parliamentarians held everybody spellbound today at the National Assembly

Every passing day drama continues at the hemicycle of the Cameroon's National Assembly as the parliamentarians of the Social Democratic Front keeps their demand for the inclusion of the Anglophone crisis on the agenda alive. Where else they quip, shall the crisis rocking the nation that has been tagged as the Anglophone crisis be discussed if not at the National Assembly? {loadposition myposition}

The much trumpeted empty slogan of Cameroon being one and indivisible get defeated here when the the purported head of state declares a senseless and clueless war against the Anglophones after tagging them as terrorist and secessionists. The Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement isn't qualified nor competent to govern Cameroon because it lacks the vision and the ability to pilot the affairs of governance, because of mediocrity and incompetence.

Even the speaker of the National Assembly by his lack of pedigree does not qualify to be the speaker of the National Assembly. This reflects even in his mannerism and conduct.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Patrice Nganang arrested for 'despising President Biya,' says lawyer http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-patrice-nganang-arrested-for-despising-president-biya-says-lawyer http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-patrice-nganang-arrested-for-despising-president-biya-says-lawyer Cameroon: Patrice Nganang arrested for 'despising President Biya,' says lawyer

The lawyer of detained Cameroonian writer Patrice Nganang has issued a communiqué shedding more light on the situation of his client.

"I'm happy to inform you that I have finally found Patrice and we have spoken.

"He was arrested on [December] 6 and driven to Yaoundé in a vehicle which was already on standby," the lawyer has said.{loadposition myposition} 

Patrice Nganang is detained by the judicial police in Yaoundé, with his phones and other items seized, according to the lawyer.

"He was told the reason for his arrest the following, which was that he had held the president [Biya] in contempt".

Nganang is accused of having posted 'unacceptable' information about Biya on Facebook.

It was not until 13pm on Friday that Patrice was given the opportunity to contact his agent.

The lawyer has added he would meet his client at 5pm [Friday ] for a defence strategy.

In the meantime, the detained author is in good health, the lawyer has revealed.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Anglophone crisis: 'SDF opposition senators making gains ' http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/anglophone-crisis-sdf-opposition-senators-making-gains http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/anglophone-crisis-sdf-opposition-senators-making-gains Anglophone crisis: 'SDF opposition senators making gains '

The Anglophone crisis will be discussed during the next meeting of chairmen in Cameroon's upper house of parliament, it has been reported.

SDF lawmakers have been battling for the past weeks for the crisis to be handled in parliament.

Senators of the main opposition party continued the struggle on Thursday at the senate, even after attempts by the president of the house to silence them.{loadposition myposition} 

Reports going round say, Marcel Niat Njifenji had invited the leader of the SDF parliamentary group and four of his comrades into his office before the start of deliberations in a bit water down their anticipated strike action.

But the talks failed.

During the deliberations later on Thursday Senator Jean Tsomelou raised the Anglophone crisis and everything came to a halt once more.

Cameroon-Info.Net quotes a source close to Marcel Niat as saying that it was at this point that the house speaker made the promise to include the Anglophone crisis on the agenda of the next chairmen's meeting.

Pundits are wondering why the crisis cannot be handled during a plenary meeting.

In the meantime, President Biya maintains his silence while waging war against those he considers terrorists.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Justice Ayah Paul: Manyu SDO's communique could amount to International Criminal Court prosecution. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/justice-ayah-paul-manyu-sdo-s-communique-could-amount-to-international-criminal-court-prosecution http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/justice-ayah-paul-manyu-sdo-s-communique-could-amount-to-international-criminal-court-prosecution Justice Ayah Paul: Manyu SDO's communique could amount to International Criminal Court prosecution.


Unlike the many intelligent Camerounese I have heard/read, I have not had the privilege to chance on a constitutional provision on how war can be declared in Cameroun. To my mind, there are only implications in the constitution as to how that can be done.

The constitution provides that, under certain prevailing circumstances, including a threat to the territorial integrity of Cameroun, the President of the Republic could, by decree, declare a state of emergency/siege and take all the necessary steps to ward off the threat.

It follows that, even if war is that necessary step, the necessary declaration must be preceded by the declaration of a state of emergency/siege absolutely. Also must that declaration be by a presidential decree.{loadposition myposition}

When administrators do supplant the President of the Republic with communiqués as the Manyu SDO has just done, their acts are unconstitutional and therefore null and void.

It may be instructive to add that even when war has been regularly declared, international law on warfare must be strictly observed. One of such laws forbids the deliberate targeting of civilians and civilian settlements. The Manyu SDO’s communiqué, to say the least, is in flagrant violation of the law on warfare. It could amount to an offence within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

There can be no greater responsibility for those in power than the necessity to evacuate civilians when in grave danger. It beats the imagination that it is rather those authorities that are pushing citizens into the forest and refugee camps abroad.

I have never spared any effort to give counsel to the Camerounese Government free of charge even as they have thousand of legal advisers on huge salaries! Curious it is that I recently paid for this altruism by official plots for my elimination and 223 days in captivity.

Glory to God on high!

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Cameroon: The drama continues at the National Assembly http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-the-drama-continues-at-the-national-assembly http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-the-drama-continues-at-the-national-assembly Cameroon: The drama continues at the National Assembly

 The social Democratic Front held the Assembly hostage today by singing and whistling and howling against the irrelevant Speaker of the House of Assembly because their request that the problem plaguing the Anglophone regions be discussed.

Unfortunately dialogue isn't the language that the French speaking dominated National Assembly understands.{loadposition myposition}

Yang Philemon wanted to address the house but the microphone that he was supposed to use was seized from his hands.

The sheepish speaker had sheepishly called in the elements of the Beast tagged BIR, Presidential guards to help quell the mounting tensions and the Social Democratic Front member member of the House of Assembly insisted that for the session to continue, these band of rogues and state bandits must be withdraw.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: Agitated parliamentary session http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-agitated-parliamentary-session http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-agitated-parliamentary-session Cameroon: Agitated parliamentary session

The ongoing ordinary session of parliament is one of the most heated in recent times.

This agitation is not the result of the confrontation between the lawmakers and members of government defending their budgets. It's rather the protest by SDF lawmakers that's heating the house.

SDF lawmakers began by boycotting the opening ceremony of this final session, before embarking on what has been termed "blockade" meant to push through talks of the Anglophone crisis in parliament.

There has also been the fire incident which burnt down the most part of the lower house of parliament.

And logically, SDF MPs are absolutely right to force the Anglophone crisis onto the agenda.

The fight against Boko haram was included on the agenda of parliament without any uproar. After deliberations, the fight was intensified.

Why can't the Anglophone crisis be discussed as well? Isn't it a national problem , too?{loadposition myposition}

Or is the lower house of parliament an affiliate of the executive power?

In a country where seriousness prevails, the massacres of November 22 and October 1 would have been investigated by a special commission of enquiry set for that purpose.

More than 100 persons reportedly died during the two incidents, when Southern Cameroonians organized 'independence' manifestations.

The people of Southern Cameroons are waiting for something beyond what the president has offered teachers and lawmakers, and the release of an insignificant number of Southern Cameroonians.

And the persistence of ghost towns and school boycott in Southern Cameroons speaks volume of the determination of the people as well as the scale of the crisis.

As the crisis prevails, parents respecting the government to the point of sacrificing their children may finally get won over by activists clamouring for the restoration of the statehood of Southern Cameroons, if President Biya remains silent.

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Cameroon : 'President Biya approves of SDF protest ' http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/anglophone-crisis-president-biya-approves-of-sdf-protest http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/anglophone-crisis-president-biya-approves-of-sdf-protest Cameroon : 'President Biya approves of SDF protest '

A militant of the ruling CPDM party has claimed that President Biya has approved of the recent protest staged by SDF MPs to push talks of the Anglophone crisis through in parliament.

Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamnding was speaking to Radio Balafon on Monday.{loadposition myposition}

MPs of the main opposition party started by boycotting the start of the final ordinary session of parliament for this year. They later stormed the National Assembly with chants against the ills of the Biya regime concerning Southern Cameroons.

Pascal Charlemagne personally congratulates the MPs on their move.

"I can assure you that since yesterday [Sunday ], President Biya has approved of the stance [of SDF MPs]...

"The national president [of CPDM] is in agreement with the move taken by SDF.

"He believes that there's need for dialogue, that the Anglophone crisis can be talked out [...]," the man is quoted as saying on Radio Balafon by Cameroon-Info.Net.

Since the start of crisis last year, Mr Biya has not made any meaningful declaration that can soften the hearts of striking people.

But there are rumours he is planning a visit to Bamenda in December.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon:Marafa cries out from Kondengui http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-marafa-cries-out-from-kondengui http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-marafa-cries-out-from-kondengui Cameroon:Marafa cries out from Kondengui


My name is Marafa Hamidou Yaya,

I am a former minister of territorial administration and ex-secretary of state at the presidency,

{loadposition myposition}

I have been locked up in a military camp in Yaoundé since April 16, 2012 by  Paul Biya,

He accuses me of stealing $29million meant to purchase a plane for him,

On the contrary, it was his uncle, Meva'a M'Eboutou, who ordered the disbursement of the money against my will,

When I was leaving the presidency, the plane was about to be delivered,

The only crime I committed is that I told Paul Biya to not stand for presidential elections after that of 2004,

From that very moment, I became the man to be killed,

His nephew Bonivan(MP in 2008 and chairman of the defence commission at the National assembly) wrote a report claiming that I wanted to seize power [from Paul Biya],

I was sentenced to 20 years in prison without the least proof.

I'm innocent of all the charges against me,

In fact, it's my political ambition that is inspiring fear,

According to the US department of state and the committee for the liberation of political prisoners, I'm a political prisoner,

I'm Marafa Hamidou Yaya; I'm illegally detained on Paul Biya's orders; I want freedom and rehabilitation.

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Many unanswered questions surround Glass House fire http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/many-unanswered-questions-surround-glass-house-fire http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/many-unanswered-questions-surround-glass-house-fire Many unanswered questions surround Glass House fire

While an investigation has been opened to ascertain the real cause of the fire that razed more than four floors of the Ngoa Ekelle Glass House hosting the National Assembly in the night of November 16 breaking into the early morning of November 17, 2017, many questions are lingering on the lips of Cameroonians on how such a heavily guarded and important national edifice could succumb so easily to a fire.
Government spokesman and minister of communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakari while ruling out the presumption that the fire incident may be the result of arson attack, said all indicators point to the fact that this could have been caused by an electrical short circuit. He however called on Cameroonians to remain calm pending the results of the investigation.{loadposition myposition}

His assessment of the fire incident, to many, left more questions than answers. Many conspiracy theorists have been quick to suggest that this was an insider job aimed at covering up some unwanted traces. Others also suggested that this might be the handiwork of a group of persons who have been responsible for arson attacks on public and private property mostly in the North West and South West regions of the country.
Another question regularly raised by the average Cameroonian and still begging for answers is why and how could such a structure be razed in the heart of the Nation’s capital which is supposed to host a good armada of firefighting equipment.
These questions and more will obviously be answered after the investigation is completed.
Meanwhile, work will continue unperturbed at the Lower House of Cameroon Parliament during this ordinary session dedicated to the examination and adoption of the 2018 state budget despite the fire incident.
The decision was taken last November 18, 2017 during a crisis meeting chaired by House Speaker, Hon Cavaye Yeguie Djibril as the dust is yet to settle over the fire incident which material damage is still to be quantified.
The House Speaker insisted that while waiting for results of the ongoing investigations into the cause of the fire incident, adjustments to facilitate the progress of work should be taken immediately so that the tabling, scrutiny and adoption of bills must be done within the stipulated deadline.
The crisis meeting was attended among other bureau members by SDF MP, Hon Awudu Cyprain Mbaya in his capacity as Questor. Shortly after the one hour crisis meeting consultation, they visited the affected parts of the building led by the House clerk, Victor Yene Ossomba to assess the damages.
The fire incident left the SDF Parliamentarians homeless as their Parliamentary Group office was burnt to ashes alongside other important offices.
It is worth noting that the accounting office was spared by the fire outbreak.
In a press statement read out by Senior Vice Speaker, Hon Hilarion Etong whose office was equally ravaged by the fire, it is explained that “work will continue so that the 2018 state budget be adopted within the legal time frame, that the House Chamber which was not hit by the fire will henceforth play host to plenary sessions and committee works.”

Culled from The Sun Newspaper

Written by


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