Politics|2C6700 http://cameroon-concord.com Fri, 21 Sep 2018 18:55:39 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: President Biya appoints new ELECAM director general http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-president-biya-appoints-new-elecam-director-general http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-president-biya-appoints-new-elecam-director-general Cameroon: President Biya appoints new ELECAM director general

Elections Cameroon has a new director general following the sacking of Abdoulaye Babale by a presidential decree on Monday.

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Essosse Erik is taking office when the electoral body is preparing crucial elections this year. Cameroonians will elect a new president, legislators and municipal councillors later in the year.

Abdoul Karim is the deputy director general.

Sacked Babale is accused of “gross misconduct”. Media reports say there had been a misunderstanding between the former director and the board chair of ELECAM.

Abrams Egbe has blamed Babale of financial and human resource mismanagement.

A board meeting of the body was held on Friday to stage a vote of no confidence against Babale.

Key executive staff of the supposed independent electoral body are appointed by the head of State. And who ever bites the finger that feeds them?

Mr Biya, who has been in power since 1982, is likely to run again, though he has not declared his candidacy yet.

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2018 Presidential elections: European Union not to send Observation mission to Cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/2018-presidential-elections-european-union-not-to-send-observation-mission-to-cameroon http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/2018-presidential-elections-european-union-not-to-send-observation-mission-to-cameroon 2018 Presidential elections: European Union not to send Observation mission to Cameroon

The head of the European Union to Cameroon, said they will not send an observation mission during the presidential elections to take place in the country.

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The ambassador disclosed the information on 7 May during a Canal 2 international TV program, produced in partnership with the Cameroonian section of the international Union of the Francophone press (UPF).

Hans Peter Schadek told the public they will not send any mission to Cameroon during the presidential elections after he was asked what role they intend to play in the country during the upcoming polls.

A source from the European Union delegation to Cameroon said Biya's country is not in their program this year. "An electoral observation mission of the European Union for the moment has not been envisaged for Cameroon this year. Generally speaking, resources are limited and the EU has to establish a worldwide plan before hand and prioritise the beneficiary countries. At this instant, the EU has not received any invitation to come and observe the elections in Cameroon this year. Thus for the moment, Cameroon is not part of the EU plan for 2018" the source disclosed.

The source goes further to add that if Cameroon finally indicates that their attention is needed they might send a reduced mission.

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Cameroon: Marcel Niat at helm of Senate for 5 more years http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-marcel-niat-at-helm-of-senate-for-5-more-years http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-marcel-niat-at-helm-of-senate-for-5-more-years Cameroon: Marcel Niat at helm of Senate for 5 more years

It is now official that Marcel Niat Njifenji will retain his post as the president of the Senate in Cameroon for the next five years.

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The son of the West Region, is serving his second mandate on that post, an outcome which became a reality after he won 89 votes out of 96 on 4 May 2018. The 7 SDF Senators opted for empty ballots.

Senator Marcel Niat was first elected president of the senate in 2013, the time the Cameroon upper house of the parliament just came into existence.

Immediately after his voting on Friday, he took his seat of the president of the senate and the election of the other members continued.

The election of another key personality was that of the CPDM Senator from the North, his majesty Aboubakary Abdoulaye, as first vice president of the senate. He had 90 votes out of 97.

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SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/sdf-partisans-say-they-never-wanted-to-be-appointed-senators http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/sdf-partisans-say-they-never-wanted-to-be-appointed-senators SDF partisans say they never wanted to be appointed senators

After the publication of the list of appointed senators by Paul Biya, without even one SDF member, some supporters of the main opposition party have said they never wanted to be appointed.

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Jean Robert Wafo, of the Social democratic front, and who also is the assistant mayor of the Douala 2 council shares the same view.

He granted an interview to the equinox radio, and said it's something normal to them "looking at the list of the recently appointed senators, we come to realise that we are in a country of dishonesty, where it is the same people who are in power for years. For us we have remained loyal to our policies."

We have always declared among ourselves in the SDF that we will always be part of public institutions through elections and not by nomination." Jean Robert Wafo revealed.

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Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-petitions-at-the-constitutional-council http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-petitions-at-the-constitutional-council Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council.

The social Democratic Front( SDF) and the Cameroon Democratic Union( CDU) all saw their petitions squashed and thrown into the dustbin of history.

The Social Democratic Front saw red as her petition for the cancellation of the Senatorial election in the South West Region got squashed.

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The Social Democratic Front petitioned for the cancellation of the senatorial elections in the South West Region based on the tense sociopolitical atmosphere that characterized the elections in the South West, especially in Kupe Maneguba Division, Lebialem and Manyu Divisions.

The Constitutional council's reason for quashing the petition is that the SDF petition wasn't properly constituted by legal justifications and by a legal expert.

Such disgusting excuses as the reasons for this quashing is a total humiliation for the SDF that shouldn't be acting as novice in such matters of great importance.

It was in total disbelieve and bewilderment that the SDF saw their petition squashed and dumped dustbin.

Citing Mr. Njenje Valentine Kleber as the complainant or petitioner, the constipated constitutional council ruled that he wasn't competent to deposit the petition.

 The same constipated constitutional council gave a different reason why that of CDU's petition was squashed.

The petition of CDU was deposited at the chambers of the Constipated constitutional council by Youmo Koupit Adamoua, requesting the annulment of the senatorial elections in the West.

His petition was based on the numerous irregularities that took place during the Senatorial elections in the West, especially in Menoua Division.

The constipated constitutional council rejected the petition as well based on lack of proof or substantial proof.

Haven invalidated all the petitions brought forward to the Constipated Constitutional council, the said results are ready to be published.

Anybody who expected anything the contrary from the Constipated constitutional council,led by retired Chief Justice at the Supreme Court, Atangana Clement Ndzi, could only be circus clowns.

The purported Constipated Constitutional council wasn't created to bring any sanity to the Cameroon's electoral process but to give false credibility to a heavily rigged and election engineered by these Beti oligarchs.

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Senatorial elections: CPDM denies SDF's victory in the Northwest http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/senatorial-elections-cpdm-denies-sdf-s-victory-in-the-northwest http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/senatorial-elections-cpdm-denies-sdf-s-victory-in-the-northwest Senatorial elections: CPDM denies SDF's victory in the Northwest

Some members of the Northwest Regional commission for vote counting do not agree on the exact figures for the results each political party.

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According to La Nouvelle Expression in its March 28 edition, the CPDM members of the Northwest Regional vote counting commission are against the results of their main adversary, the SDF.

The disgruntled faction says that one of the 7 senate places need to be given to them.

Going by the statistics after the March 25 Elections, SDF emerged at the top with 517 voices against 496 for the CPDM. All of these, do not move the supporters of the party in power, as they expected that blank ballots be taken into consideration, reports have it.

Cameroon concord, learned that Mr Suh Benjamin, an SDF lawyer, speaking to La Nouvelle Expression, is yet to understand why the party in power wants to interprete texts differently in the Northwest.

Sources from the Northwest Regional commission for vote counting, reveal that the representatives of the CPDM, have refused to sign the final documents and accept their defeat. Other sources even reveal that a petition has been filed, stating that calculations were not done appropriately.

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Senatorial Elections: President of Constitutional council installs vote counting commission http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/senatorial-elections-president-of-constitutional-council-installs-vote-counting-commission http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/senatorial-elections-president-of-constitutional-council-installs-vote-counting-commission Senatorial Elections: President of Constitutional council installs vote counting commission

A 21-member vote counting commission for the March 25 senatorial elections in Cameroon, has been installed by the president of the constitutional council, Clement Atangana.

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In compliance with article 68 of the electoral code, the 21 members of the National commission for the final counting of votes, comprised of 2 magistrates appointed by the chief justice of the supreme court, 5 representatives of the administration appointed by the minister of territorial administration, 5 members of Elecam appointed by the director general of elections and 9 representatives of the political parties that competed during the senatorial elections

Installing the Emile Essombe led commission, Clement Atangana cautioned the members, to show honesty and discipline in the discharge of their duties.

The commission has 3 days to submit the results to the constitutional council for examination and final publication.

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Senatorial Elections 2018: The Constitutional council validates the Senatorial list of the CPDM in the West. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/senatorial-elections-2018-the-constitutional-council-validates-the-senatorial-list-of-the-cpdm-in-the-west http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/senatorial-elections-2018-the-constitutional-council-validates-the-senatorial-list-of-the-cpdm-in-the-west Senatorial Elections 2018:  The Constitutional council validates the Senatorial list of the CPDM in the West.

This was the last list that was hotly contested by the Social Democratic Front and the rejection of the appeal by the SDF puts to question the objectivity and neutrality of the Constitutional council. Rejecting the SDF request for cancellation of the CPDM list, validates the list of the CPDM in the West.{loadposition myposition} 

This puts to rest the contentions at the Constitutional council after the first audience last Thursday. It's worth recalling that the SDF has made a request for the cancellation of the CPDM list in the West Region based on irregularities that were observed on the seventh candidate.

The Outgoing Senator for Bafoussam, Senator Paul Tchatchouang, one of the candidates on the SDF list. The contested candidate by name Joseph Teingnidetio according to him is an unknown whose Birth certificate indicates that he isn't from the West. The rejection of the Social Democratic Front request means that all the list that were validated by the Electoral body, Elecam shall contest in the Senatorial elections in the West come March 25th, 2018.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Cameroon: Senatorial Election: All the electoral material is now ready according to Elecam. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-all-the-electoral-material-is-now-ready-according-to-elecam http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-senatorial-election-all-the-electoral-material-is-now-ready-according-to-elecam Cameroon: Senatorial Election: All the electoral material is now ready according to Elecam.

The political parties that indicated their willingness to participate in the forth coming senatorial election were at the Elecam office to collect their campaign materials and memorabilia . {loadposition myposition} This is what the 9 political contenders have to collect for now. According to the statistics made public by SOPECAM,there are 50.800 voting papers and 65.500 campaign memorabilia. All of this chunk was printed in two days so as to meet the exigencies of the Senatorial Elections.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Zimbabwe's Mugabe says never thought Mnangagwa would turn against him http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/zimbabwe-s-mugabe-says-never-thought-mnangagwa-would-turn-against-him http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/zimbabwe-s-mugabe-says-never-thought-mnangagwa-would-turn-against-him Zimbabwe's Mugabe says never thought Mnangagwa would turn against him

Zimbabwe’s former leader Robert Mugabe said he never thought new President Emmerson Mnangagwa would turn against him and denounced Mnangagwa’s move to oust him last year as a coup, in an interview broadcast on Thursday.

Mugabe, 94, ruled Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 until he stepped down under pressure from Mnangagwa’s allies in the army in November.


Viewed by some as a liberation hero, others remember Mugabe for turning a promising country into an economic basket case and international pariah.

Mnangagwa, deputy president under Mugabe, has promised to open up Zimbabwe to foreign investment and mend ties with the West since assuming power.

Mugabe, 94, ruled Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 until he stepped down under pressure from Mnangagwa’s allies in the army in November.

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“I never thought he whom I had nurtured and brought into government and whose life I worked so hard in prison to save as he was threatened with hanging, that one day he would be the man who would turn against me,” Mugabe said in the interview with South African state broadcaster SABC from Harare.

Mnangagwa was convicted of sabotage under white minority rule and sentenced to death. But he was spared the noose because it was deemed that he was a minor when he had committed the crime.

Mugabe said he was ousted in a “military takeover” and that Mnangagwa had assumed the presidency illegally.

“I don’t hate Emmerson, I brought him into government. But he must be proper, he is improper where he is. Illegal,” Mugabe said. “We must undo this disgrace, which we have imposed on ourselves. We don’t deserve it.”

Since his fall from power, Mugabe has stayed at his Harare mansion with his wife Grace. His ousting was the culmination of a power struggle between Mnangagwa and Grace Mugabe, who was being groomed by her husband as his potential successor.

Mugabe was granted immunity from prosecution and assured that his safety will be protected in his home country under a deal that led to his resignation.

Mugabe quit as parliament began a process to impeach him, triggering wild celebrations in the streets.

Zimbabwe was once one of Africa’s most promising economies but suffered decades of decline as Mugabe pursued policies that included the violent seizure of white-owned commercial farms and money-printing that led to hyperinflation.

Mnangagwa has said Zimbabwe still wants to end discrimination between black and white farmers but will seek new ways to compensate those who have lost their properties. Former colonial ruler Britain said last month that Harare should press on with transparent and fair land reform.


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