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The case pitting the President of the interim government of the self declared Ambazonian state is at its third presiding judge though the matter seems to be a long way from concluding on preliminary objections, (PO).

It should be recalled that Judge Col. Mem Michel was pulled off the case by a presidential decree appointing him President of the Military Tribunal of Buea. The appointment is widely interpreted in many circles as an attempt by the establishment to shroud and cover up the RECUSAL against him and his two panel members. The drama in the Military Tribunal last Friday stemmed from this and several other pending motions before the Yaoundé Appeal Court, the which motions the new judge sought to overlook.

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Confusion started when the decision setting up the trial panel signed on March 28, 2019 indicated that the presiding magistrate would still be Judge Col. Mem Michel. The defence was taken aback as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Marine Corps walked in when the court opened on Friday March 29, 2019. From about 11am when the court opened to about 8pm, when it rose, the unannounced trial judge moved from one legal blunder to another with determined recklessness.
According to Cameroun's Criminal Procedure Code, when a judge is withdrawn from a matter, the new judge must start the matter de novo (afresh). Great was the consternation in court when Lt. Col. Noname decided to continue the trial process without even as much as identifying the accused. After reading the names of about eight lawyers for the defense, the judge decided it was time to arraign the appellants. It was a wrong turn taken too early in the day, as the lead counsel for the defence, Fru John Nsoh jumped to his feet, furious like a mother bear deprived of her cub. The Barrister at law duly reminded the court that there was an appeal pending and that the Yaoundé Military Tribunal could not proceed with the matter until that matter, as well as the motion also filed in the same court recusing the previous panel had been determined. Also, the learned man at law informed the court that all preliminary objections raised in limini litis must be addressed before the matter can proceed as provided for by the Criminal Procedure Code. But, as former Bar president, Etta Besong observed, it would appear the new judge came with a "cahier de charge", (with specific instructions). If not, why would a judge who was assuming the bench for the very first time insist on arraigning accused persons he hardly knew, even against fierce opposition from the defence and in total disregard of the law? It was at this point that Lt. Col. Noname had what is most likely to be the embarrassment of his legal profession, and this on his very first day as a trial judge; Barrister Veronique Fien asked to know which law gave him the authority to continue a case he should start de novo. The Navy Lt. Colonel had it wrong on all counts, seeking to impose his status as president of the court, and obviously, the unhidden might of the military.

Concerning recusals, the Code of Military Justice in its Section 23 states: " Members of the bench of the Military Tribunal may be (challenged) recused under the provisions as to form and substance provided for in the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC).

According to the above mentioned CPC, the bench or a member thereof may be recused "where he or his spouse is involved in any incident tending to show friendship or hatred toward any of the parties and likely to cast a doubt on his impartiality." In stating that the language of the Military Tribunal is French in open court, Judge Col. Mem Michel actually showed preference for the prosecution against the appellants whom he is supposed to protect, and this in flagrant violation of the constitution and more specifically, the CPC which provides in Section 354(I) that "where an accused person speaks a language other than one of the official languages understood by members of the court,...the presiding magistrate shall of his own motion appoint an interpreter". The defence have interpreted this provision to mean that since the accused persons speak and understand only English, and English and French being the two official languages of the court in Cameroun, the court must therefore address the appellants in English and not French. Worse, in stating repeatedly that the accused persons need not take part in or understand arguments on preliminary objections concerning their matter, and also denying them the opportunity to speak during the preliminary objections, Judge Mem's bench had more than shown impartiality in the case and deserved to be recused.

In deciding to proceed with the matter before him in violation of the Nationality Code which requires that the judge should stay proceedings until the issue of nationality so raised is determined by the competent court, Judge Col Mem once more showed that he had interest in the case and justice was the least of his preoccupations. Section 41 of the Nationality Code specifically instructs the judge to, suo moto, (on his own volition) suspend hearings until the question of nationality is settled by a competent court. The code also has determined that competent court to be the court of first instance of the place of residence of the accused. Not only did the Military Tribunal refuse to extradite Sisiku Julius AyukTabe and his team to Nigeria, but in usurping the office of a civilian court to determine the status of the accused persons, Colonel Mem demonstrated beyond doubt his impartiality. The place of residence of the accused persons having been determined to be Nigeria, the competent court in matters of nationality here above is the Federal High Court in Abuja, Nigeria.

It should also be noted that the Mem led bench in all recklessness admitted faulty documents tendered by the prosecution as if usurping the office of a civilian court was not enough violation. Contrary to Sections 313 and 314 of the CPC, the documents on the nationality of the accused tendered by the prosecution were not signed by a "competent" authority. Actually, they were not signed at all.

Worst of all, the bench under recusal declared that it had jurisdiction over the accused even after establishing that they are refugees and asylum seekers thereby demonstrating clear interest in the matter and openly showing friendship for the prosecution. That this was done in violation of the constitution of Cameroun and of the 1951 Convention on refugees shows that justice is not to be expected from Yaoundé.

The points above are certainly only a few of what the counsel for the defence could have filed as grounds for the appeal that is now pending in the Yaoundé Appeal Court, the which appeal the new trial judge sought to forcefully set aside and proceed with the hearing of the substantive matter.

Concerning the appeal filed by the defence against the interlocutory ruling by Judge Col. Mem on account of which hearing had to be suspended automatically, the new presiding Judge stated that he didn't see any appeal in the court file. Though the defence insisted they had filed it, and though the Court Registrar was present, the judge didn't bother to crosscheck with him. Rather, he kept insisting that there was no evidence of an appeal in the file. Barrister Yong told the judge that the file was not even supposed to be in court since it had to have been moved to the APPEAL COURT. To the utter disgrace of the profession, the Marine officer proceeded to arraign the appellants and this brought confusion in court as the entire defence team of about a hundred lawyers blocked the court. For close to 40minutes, the defence lectured the bench in stock exchange style, on court procedures and CPC procedures. So what are the provisions of the CPC concerning appeals on interlocutory rulings?

Section 437(1) states that appeals on procedural matters determined by the court shall be admissible. 437(ii) compels the appeal court to rule on the matter within seven days upon reception of the file. Section 22(ii) of the Code of Military Justice states that ".....the Military Tribunal shall by a separate decision rule on any objection made on grounds of public policy". It further states that " Public policy objections shall be all objections which if accepted would end the proceedings pending before the court".

Section 3(I) of the CPC states that the sanction against any rule of criminal procedure shall be an absolute nullity when it is:
(a) Prejudicial to the rights of the defence as provided by legal provisions in force.
(b) Contrary to public policy.
Section 3(ii) states that nullity as referred to in (I) above shall NOT be overlooked. The code further provides that nullity may be raised at any stage in the trial and by any of the parties, and compels the judge to raise it of its own motion once it is realised.

The appeal filed by the defence hinges on several points of public policy infringement by the Military Tribunal, hence, nullities.
In ruling that the Military Tribunal has jurisdiction to try refugees and asylum seekers, the court violated the 1951 Convention on refugees duly ratified by Cameroun and Nigeria. Section 32(I) of the convention restrains contracting parties from expelling refugees lawfully from their territories save on grounds of national security and public order. (III) further requests that states should allow such refugees reasonable time within which to seek legal admission into another country.

The defence having been able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused persons are refugees and asylum seekers, puts the court in a situation of absolute nullity. How then did the trial judge instead of, on his own volition, declare a nullity, rule that his court had jurisdiction over persons protected by international instruments?

Section 33 of the 1951 convention states that "No contracting state shall expel or return (refouler) a refugee in any manner WHATSOEVER to the frontiers of a territory where his life or freedom shall be threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion."
On account of the foregoing, the Yaoundé Military Tribunal finds itself in a great legal messy puddle.

At the look of things, it is going to need much more than stripes and stars to prosecute Sisiku AyukTabe and his companions. The defence team is definitely on top of the game; so far, Senior Barrister John Fru Nsoh and his men have shown proof that they have what it takes to defend their clients; mastery of the law as well as courage. While the prosecution has relied on brute military intimidation without success, the bench has already been reconstituted twice. Yet it doesn't look like the court will be getting done with preliminary objections anytime soon.

Having abducted and illegally ferried the accused persons across international borders to the very country from which they ran for their dear lives, and being tried by a military tribunal, is anybody under any illusion that Yaoundé can dispense justice? Can truth come out of falsehood? Is it possible to establish legality on after the commission of illegalities through the violation of laws, local and international? If Yaoundé can not, who will help her walk away from this ruinous threat of judicial thuggery?

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Cameroon: What is really wrong with Manyu people? http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-what-is-really-wrong-with-manyu-people http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-what-is-really-wrong-with-manyu-people Cameroon: What is really wrong with Manyu people?

Biya extends largess to 400 Manyu refugees in Yaounde. Even as soldiers have reduced his native Manyu to a killing field where youths, especially males are shot on sight, Special Duties Minister, Victor Mengot, found it worthwhile to thank Biya for donating foodstuff and other items to 400 Manyu refugees (IDPs) on asylum in Yaounde, where they are hosted by 120 Manyu families.{loadposition myposition}

The donations included: 100 bags of rice, 25 cartons of groundnut oil, 50 cartons of savon, 25 bags of beans, 25 cartons of milk, 25 cartons of sugar, 25 mattresses and 100 washing basins.
If this gang of self-serving CPDM sycophants had any sense of shame; if they had the courage of their convictions, people like Mengot and Chief Gen. James Tataw would have told Biya to stop killing their people, Rather, Mengot saw the donations as evidence that Biya has Manyu people at heart.
A motion of thanks was addressed to Atanga Nji for giving Manyu people their share of Biya's "genocide relief fund" while the real refugees who are hiding in the bushes were asked to return home so, they too can benefit from Biya's largess. The day the true history of Manyu will be written, some people will be crucified.{loadposition myposition2}

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The son of Liberia's ex-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Charged After Probe Into Missing Millions http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/the-son-of-liberia-s-ex-president-ellen-johnson-sirleaf-charged-after-probe-into-missing-millions http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/the-son-of-liberia-s-ex-president-ellen-johnson-sirleaf-charged-after-probe-into-missing-millions The son of Liberia's ex-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Charged After Probe Into Missing Millions

The son of Liberia's ex-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, an ex-central bank governor and current bank official were charged with economic sabotage late on Monday after investigations uncovered evidence of possible malpractice by the regulator.{loadposition myposition}


The case is the latest twist in a long-running scandal prompted initially by the feared disappearance of newly printed banknotes worth $100 million en route to the central bank — the equivalent of around 5 percent of the west African nation's gross domestic product.

Investigations by the Liberian government and the U.S. embassy last week established that the cash had indeed been delivered to the central bank.

However, the separate reports of the government and the U.S. embassy also highlighted possible discrepancies in the management of banknotes. The government also said a separate batch of banknotes worth $16.5 million remained unaccounted for.

Charles Sirleaf, who served as deputy governor of the central bank during his mother's presidency, was arrested shortly after the release of the reports last Thursday, along with the bank's former governor Milton Weeks and its current director of banking, Dorbor Hagba.

They were charged with multiple offenses during a public court appearance on Monday evening. These included economic sabotage, misuse of public funds and criminal conspiracy.

The court said Sirleaf and his former colleagues had printed extra banknotes for "their personal use and benefit."

Sirleaf is expected to appear in court later today. Lawyers for him and the other two defendants did not respond to multiple requests for comment. The central bank was also not available for comment. All three men have denied any wrongdoing.

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Cameroon: After cutting military aid worth FCFA 9 billion; US tightens the noose. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-after-cutting-military-aid-worth-fcfa-9-billion-us-tightens-the-noose http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-after-cutting-military-aid-worth-fcfa-9-billion-us-tightens-the-noose Cameroon: After cutting military aid worth FCFA 9 billion; US tightens the noose.

US to suspend development assistance over Anglophone crisis
In an interview granted he Paris-based Jeune Afrique magazine, Ambassador Tibor Nagy, President Trump’s “Mr. Africa” expressed American frustration with the Biya regime over its poor handling of the Anglophone crisis.

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Ambassador Nagy, who will be visiting Cameroon as part of an African tour told Jeune Afrique that: “I have received more e-mails about the Cameroon Anglophone crisis than on any other problem in Africa –at least 10 to 20 every day with photos and very disturbing videos of people be-headed with machetes; and other atrocities committed by Cameroonian security forces.” He expressed US concern Yaoundé authorities have either failed to realize the gravity of the escalating Anglophone crisis; or they are in denial there’s an insurgency and have refused to address it. [Read a synthesis of the interview below that was published in Jeune Afrique in French.]

Q-In Cameroon, the US recently suspended some military assistance...
“The USA announced that it has suspended its military cooperation with Cameroon and this is indeed unfortunate because Cameroon is an important partner in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists in the northern parts of the country. But we have very strict rules and regulations concerning military cooperation. America does not support militaries that commit human rights abuses. Some of the sanctions, especially those dealing with direct military assistance went into effect immediately after it was established that Cameroonian soldiers committed gross human rights violations. Generally, there has been a reduction of US assistance to Cameroon because of the way the government is handling the Anglophone crisis. We are worried that the government has either failed to realize the gravity of the situation; or is in denial, and refuses to address the crisis. This is particularly frustrating because we know there are certain things that the government could have done to defuse the tension.

Q-So, these targeted sanctions went into effect immediately...
“I have received more e-mails about the Cameroon Anglophone crisis than on any other problem in Africa –at least 10 to 20 every day with photos and very disturbing videos of people be-headed with machetes; and other atrocities committed by Cameroonian security forces. Granted, the government can legitimately claim that radical separatists’ forces have also committed atrocities; they are preventing schools and hospitals from functioning normally and even targeting people who violate their orders.

Q-Will America suspend all assistance to Cameroon?
“Generally speaking, US humanitarian assistance does not go through the government; what this means is that assistance in areas like HIV/AIDS prevention for example will continue to be delivered directly to those in need using partner NGOs. But the government must de-escalate the situation; failure which, the US will suspend all development assistance; in addition to military assistance that has already been suspended.“
Ambassador Tibor Nagy,
Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs

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Nigeria accuses Cameroon of violating UN Protocols http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/nigeria-accuses-cameroon-of-violating-un-protocols http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/nigeria-accuses-cameroon-of-violating-un-protocols Nigeria accuses Cameroon of violating UN Protocols

Nigeria has accused Cameroon of violating UN Protocols after Cameroon expelled Nigerian refugees fleeing Boko Haram back to Nigeria. Nigeria violated the same Protocols when they kidnapped Ambazonia leaders and renditioned them to Cameroun where they are standing trial in a Kangaroo military tribunal. Biya has just paid Buhari back in his own coins, and Nigeria is threatening retaliation which puts the Anglophone refugees in Nigeria in jeopardy.{loadposition myposition}


The Nigerian National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCRMIDP) has expressed concern over the ejection of Nigerian refugees by the government of Cameroon despite passionate appeals to Cameroon not to chase out the victims of Boko Haram attacks from Rann Local Government Area of Borno State.

In a statement issued Tuesday in Abuja, NCRMIDP Commissioner, Hajia Sadiya Umar noted: “It is highly regrettable and sad to note that despite the passionate appeal made by the Nigerian Authorities to the Government of Cameroon not to chase out the victims of Boko Haram attacks from Rann Local Government Area of Borno State, this appeal has been ignored.

“Information reaching us is that the Cameroonian Government has thrown out the displaced persons from Rann who ran into Cameroon for safety in total disregard for the appeal. And it’s a clear breach of the United Nations Charter and Convention on the protection of displaced persons which both countries endorsed,” Umar said.

According to her, the United Nations Convention on Refugees and its 167 Protocol states that no contracting state shall expel or return a refugee in any manner whatsoever to the frontiers of territories where his or her life or freedom will be threatened on account of his or her race, religion or nationality membership of a particular social group or political opinion”.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that on Jan.14, persistent attacks in Rann compelled residents of the area to run into Cameroon territories for their safety. The commissioner, however, noted that from the onset the Cameroon Government threatened to chase the Nigerian Refugees out. She said that the Nigerian Government had to remind its Cameroon counterpart of its obligation to the displaced Nigerians bearing in mind the UN convention.

“Unfortunately, today Cameroon Government has made good its earlier threat by throwing the Nigerian refugees back to the country in large number.” Umar also said that in due course, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs would take appropriate steps on the matter.

“Meanwhile, it is worthy of mention to state that Nigeria is currently hosting many Cameroonian refugees located at Cross River, Benue, Akwa-Ibom, Taraba states and some of them in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja since October 2017. And we continue to provide them with relief, care and maintenance items. This is a clear demonstration of our commitment to international community,” she said.

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Yaounde: Kamto rebellion charge deepens Cameroon crisis http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/yaounde-kamto-rebellion-charge-deepens-cameroon-crisis http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/yaounde-kamto-rebellion-charge-deepens-cameroon-crisis Yaounde: Kamto rebellion charge deepens Cameroon crisis

Cameroon's main opposition leader, Maurice Kamto, has been charged in a military court with rebellion and other offences, his lawyers have said. The former government minister was arrested in Douala on 28 January after his MRC party organised protests contesting last October's election result. France says it is "worried" by the charges.

Kamto faces charges including “hostility against the homeland, incitement to insurrection, offense against the president of the republic, destruction of public buildings and goods.”

If found guilty, he could face the death penalty, his lawyers said Wednesday.

The opposition leader, who says he was cheated out of the presidency in elections last year, was transferred to a prison in the capital Yaounde during the night by a military court.

Twenty-eight members of his Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) are also on trial for the same charges.

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Meanwhile, 100 other supporters were due to appear before the Yaounde military court Wednesday to find out if they too will face a similar fate.

The fact that a military court is the one bringing the charges against Kamto has rattled critics.

Military justice

“How is it that someone who has never carried a weapon against the government, someone who has never called for armed struggle is judged by a military court?" asks François Ndengwe, Chairman of the African Advisory Board.

"Professor Kamto being judged in a military court is an outrage to the people of good will not only in Cameroon but all over the world," he told RFI.

For Ndengwe, the charges against Kamto illustrate the challenges facing Africa's justice system, often in the hands of autocratic governments.

“It is impossible to have a fair judgment in Africa," he comments, saying this failure justified the existence of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

"Africans complained about the ICC trying Laurent Gbagbo [Ivory Coast's former president] but they shouldn't complain. Africans are not able to judge themselves according to the minimum standards of justice and equity, and this is regrettable," he said.

On the domestic front, the charges against Kamto risk aggravating the country's post-electoral crisis.

Restricting democratic space

They are a "clear sign of a new step in the restriction of public liberties that the government of Cameroon has crossed," explains Hans de Marie, a senior researcher at the International Crisis Group (ICG) in Nairobi.

"The charges could increase tribal and ethnic tension in the country, as well as social tension," he told RFI.

Implicit in de Marie's remarks is the fear of a potential civil war.

"The anger and bitterness from opposition members and civil society groups is more and more expressing itself along ethnic lines between the Beti tribe of [president] Paul Biya and the Bamyleke tribe of Maurice Kamto," he comments.

Cameroon is already grappling with unrest in its troubled western Anglophone region after residents there were repressed.

"We know from past experience that it is the restriction of liberties that has triggered the Anglophone crisis," states de Marie.

Kamto has called for an end to the two-year conflict. The opposition leader and his supporters demonstrated in several cities and towns on the 26 January urging an end to the crisis and for a recount of October's election result in which he came second.

Bogus charges

It was shortly after this demonstration that Kamto was arrested in the economic capital Douala and how we got to today's charges.

For human rights lawyer Agbor Nkongho, the charges are all too familiar.

"The charges are bogus. These are the same charges that they [the government] brought against me. It's a way to fight against dissent, repress people, and to perpetuate Mr Biya's reign as they have been doing for the last 36 years," he told RFI.

RFI was unable to reach the Cameroonian government for a response, but their position is that Kamto is a an "outlaw" after he defied warnings and declared himself the winner of last October's election results.

French foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll said Wednesday the government was "worried" by the charges against Kamto and urged Paul Biya to allow the opposition to "express itself freely."

Risk of conflict

That may not be enough.

"We find it very low compared to the gravity of the situation," says de Marie.

"None of the key partners of Cameroon has clearly condemned the arrest and detention of Kamto or asked firmly the Cameroonian government to release him," he said.

Rights groups though have condemned the attitude of the Cameroonian government, with Amnesty International saying the arrest of Kamto and his staff signalled an escalating crackdown on the opposition.

"For the sake of peace if not democracy, the international community must act," argues Hans de Marie. The risk of conflict in a country already affected by Boko Haram attacks and grappling with unrest in the Anglophone regions stands to be high, he concludes.


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Nigerian Elections:Buhari faces a tight contest against Abubakar. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/nigerian-elections-buhari-faces-a-tight-contest-against-abubakar http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/nigerian-elections-buhari-faces-a-tight-contest-against-abubakar Nigerian Elections:Buhari faces a tight contest against Abubakar.

A militant group in Nigeria’s oil-rich southern Niger Delta threatened on Thursday to cripple Africa’s top oil producer if President Muhammadu Buhari is re-elected in a vote due to be held on Saturday.{loadposition myposition}

The Niger Delta Avengers - who have been demanding a greater share of the oil revenue produced in the impoverished southern region - said in a statement they hoped to end Buhari’s rule through elections and that opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar was their preferred choice for president.

Buhari faces a tight contest against Abubakar, a business and ex-vice president, in Saturday’s elections in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest democracy.

The Niger Delta Avengers were behind a 2016 wave of violence that helped push Nigeria into recession.

The group warned that if Buhari is re-elected there would be “a perpetual recession for Nigeria” and that if elected, Abubakar should start a “restructuring of Nigeria” within six months to forestall further attacks in the Niger Delta.

No substantial attacks have been carried out by any groups in the Delta region since January 2017.

Attacks on pipelines and other facilities in the Niger Delta in 2016 cut Nigeria’s crude output from a peak of 2.2 million barrels per day (mbpd) to near 1 mbpd - the lowest level seen in Africa’s biggest economy in at least 30 years.

That, combined with low oil prices, pushed the OPEC member state into its first recession in a quarter of a century - crude sales make up two-thirds of government revenue and most of its foreign exchange.
 Buhari’s government has held talks with the militants to address their grievances over poverty and oil pollution in the Delta for more than a year and this led the group to halt attacks.

Any resumption of attacks would renew pressure on Nigeria as it recovers from its worst recession in a generation. The country is also facing separatist movements in the southeast and Islamist militants in the northeast.

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Source.: Reuters

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Cameroon's 11 February Delimma: How the mourning day became paradoxically the Youth Day. http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-s-11-february-delimma-how-the-mourning-day-became-paradoxically-the-youth-day http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/cameroon-s-11-february-delimma-how-the-mourning-day-became-paradoxically-the-youth-day Cameroon's 11 February Delimma:  How the mourning day became paradoxically  the Youth Day.

The purported youth day celebration began proper in 1967. The first six years after the truncated plebiscite of October 1,1961 which saw the creation of the Federal Republic of Cameroon, this day was celebrated initially as mourners day because according to Ahmadou Ahidjo the Cameroon's have lost a part of their territory to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This part was known as British Northern Cameroon's.{loadposition mypossition}

The truth about this day the 11th of February 1966 is that John Ngu Foncha had hired l youths below twenty from Dschang to vote for reunification on the the 11th of February 1961.

After obtaining a very slim victory margin, Foncha went to Yaoundé and was asked by Ahidjo what the state could give to these youths as compensation?

Foncha without even thinking said a national youth day be organized in honour of the youths because they helped to rig the Plebiscite results.

This is so disheartening and humiliating to believe that fraud is being celebrated as a national day and one then thinks that such a state can ever organize free and transparent elections without resorting to its rigging machinery.{loadposition mypossition2}

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Abuja: Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana drags Cameroon to Court http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/abuja-nigerian-human-rights-lawyer-femi-falana-drags-cameroon-to-court http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/abuja-nigerian-human-rights-lawyer-femi-falana-drags-cameroon-to-court Abuja: Nigerian human rights lawyer Femi Falana drags Cameroon to Court

Nigeria’s foremost human rights lawyer Femi Falana SAN has dragged the government of Cameroon to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul, The Gambia over the impending trial of 47 asylum seekers and naturalised Nigerians.

The lawyer wants the commission’s urgent intervention to end “the ongoing human rights violations of the applicants who were forcibly returned to Cameroon by the Nigerian authorities.”

Falana is asking “the Chairperson and the Bureau to urgently hold an extra-ordinary session of the African Commission to address the illegal and unfair return of 47 refugees and asylum seekers, and the continuing violations of the rights of the returnees by the government of Cameroon.

{loadposition myposition}

“We also urge the Chairperson of the Commission to speak out strongly and condemn the unfair treatment of the returnees by the government of Cameroon, and request the government to immediately release them from unlawful detention.”

The petition read in part: “Cameroon has ratified the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. At the request of the Government of Cameroon the Nigerian authorities illegally and unfairly returned 47 refugees and asylum seekers to Cameroon on Friday, January 26, 2018. The returnees are mostly leaders of the people of Southern Cameroon and who have been living in Nigeria with their families for years.”

“Some of them have been granted political asylum while others were asylum seekers in Nigeria. On Saturday, 7th January 2018, the Applicants assembled to meet in Abuja to discuss the problems being encountered by several Cameroonian asylum seekers in Nigeria but before the commencement of the meeting security personnel from Nigeria arrested the Applicants and took them to an underground detention centre in a military barracks in Abuja.”

“While the Applicants were detained in Nigeria, they were denied access to their family members, friends, lawyers and doctors. However, the representative of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees was allowed to visit the Applicants.”

“When the Applicants’ lawyers received information of the plan to deport them to Cameroon, they rushed to the Federal High Court in Abuja to stop the illegal plan. The Applicants also reached out to the Comptroller-General of Immigration, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees in Nigeria.”

“As soon as the Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees in Nigeria confirmed the information it dispatched a letter to the government of Nigeria pointing out that Nigeria has a legal obligation under international law not to deport the detained Cameroonians.”

“But in a demonstration of reckless impunity, the government of Cameroon pressured the Nigerian authorities to hand over the refugees. They were handed over to the Cameroonian security forces who forcefully took them away from Nigeria on Friday, January 26, 2018.”

“On account of the illegality of the deportation, the government of Nigeria could not announce that the refugees had been expelled from Nigeria but the Government of Cameroon decided to celebrate the deportation and threatened to prosecute the deportees for terrorism. We submitted a letter to the Office of the High Commissioner of Cameroon to Nigeria in Abuja to request for access to the Applicants who are currently held incommunicado in Cameroon. The request has to date not been granted by Cameroon.”

“Nigeria has no extradition treaty with Cameroon. Hence, the deportation was carried out outside the ambit of the extradition laws of Nigeria and Cameroon and the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.”

“In removing the Applicants from Nigeria, the government of Cameroon breached the human rights of the Applicants to enter Nigeria, reside, seek and obtain asylum guaranteed by Article 12 (3) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. The government of Cameroon also breached article 12 (4) of the African Charter, which provides that every individual shall have the right, when persecuted to seek and obtain asylum in other countries in accordance with the laws of those countries and international conventions.”

“Apart from the violation of the African Charter, the government of Cameroon breached its legal obligations under the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1969 Organization of African Unity Convention on Refugees and which have guaranteed the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Nigeria to protection.”

“The Applicants are the leaders of the movement agitating for the creation of the Republic of Ambazonia from Cameroon. In 2002, the Applicants filed a suit at the Federal High Court in Abuja to determine whether the people of Southern Cameroon were not entitled to self-determination within their clearly defined territory separate from the Republic of Cameroon. The government of Nigeria decided to settle the case out of court.”

“By a consent judgment delivered by the Court on March 5, 2002, the government of Nigeria agreed to file a suit at the International Court of Justice to have a judicial confirmation of the human right of the people of Southern Cameroon to self-determination. The government of Nigeria also undertook to take other measures as may be necessary to place the case of the people of Southern Cameroon for self-determination before the United Nations General Assembly and other international organizations.”

“The Applicants are not soldiers, but civilians. Even though they are not military men, the government of Cameroon has decided to try them before a military tribunal. The military tribunal to try the Applicants has since been constituted by the government of Cameroon.”

“Upon the arrival of the Applicants in Cameroon and without any investigation whatsoever, the government of Cameroon announced that they would be tried for terrorism. The Applicants have been detained illegally from January –November, 2018.”

“The Applicants have since been arraigned for terrorism before a military tribunal specially constituted for the purpose of persecuting them even though they have never engaged in terrorist activities in Cameroon.”

“The trial of the Applicants is scheduled to commence in Cameroon on January 10, 2019 whereas their lawyers who are based in Nigeria have been denied access to them and the opportunity to defend them.”

“It is the case of the Applicants that they had left Cameroon with their families and have been living in Nigeria where that had applied for asylum. Thus, by removing them from Nigeria the government of Cameroon has separated the Applicants from their family members who have been left behind in Nigeria.”

“The government of Cameroon is also reportedly violating the rights of the 47 returnees to personal liberty, freedom of movement (including the right to leave their country), fair trials, freedom of expression and depriving them of their liberty to be treated with humanity and respect for the inherent dignity of the human person. The situation in Cameroon is characterised by widespread and massive violations of human rights and humanitarian law with growing numbers of victims lacking access to an effective remedy.”

“The government of Cameroon’s treatment of the 47 returnees falls with the ‘worst crimes’ of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which in article 7 defines crimes against humanity to mean acts such as deportation, imprisonment or other severe deprivation of liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law, torture and other similar acts that are committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population.”

“I therefore urge the African Commission to consider the present Complaint under Articles 6, 7, 11, and 12 of the African Charter and to hold that violations of these provisions have occurred in the case of the Applicants. I further urge the African Commission to undertake an in-depth study, based on the “series of serious” and “massive” violations alleged in this Communication such as right to freedom of assembly.”

“The Applicants are filing this Application/Communication with the African Commission because no adequate or effective domestic remedies exist to address the violations alleged in this Communication.”

“Generally, local remedies must be exhausted prior to submitting a Communication to the Commission. There are, however, exceptions to this general rule. The African Commission has stated that local remedies must be available, effective and sufficient. A local remedy is considered available if the petitioner can pursue it without impediment, it is effective if it offers a prospect of success and it is sufficient if it is capable of redressing the complaint. Given the on-going human rights crisis in the country, it is impossible to exhaust domestic remedies in Cameroon.”

“In the light of the forgoing, the Applicants hereby urge the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights to: Urgently hold an extra-ordinary session of the African Commission to address the illegal and unfair return of 47 refugees and asylum seekers, and the continuing violations of the rights of the returnees by the government of Cameroon; Hold the government of Cameroon to account for violating the rights of the 47 naturalised Nigerians, refugees’ and asylum seekers’ rights to freedom from torture and other human rights.”

“The Commission should make an official visit to Cameroon with special rapporteurs having relevant mandates and put pressure on the authorities to immediately release the returnees from unlawful detention and end the politically motivated trial of naturalised Nigerians, refugees and asylum seekers.”

“The Commission should hold that the continuing detention, mistreatment and unfair trial of the returned naturalised Nigerians, refugees and asylum seekers by the government of Cameroon amount to cruel and degrading treatment and in conflict with the country’s human rights obligations, including under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.”

“The Commission should seek the guarantee of government of Cameroon about the safety of the returnees, and that they would afford the returnees fair trial while they remain in the country. Pursuant to Rules 84(2) and 118(3)(4) of the Rules of Procedure, the Commission should refer the matter to the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights.”

“The Commission should ask the government of Cameroon to immediately stop the mistrial of the 47 refugees and asylum seekers before a military tribunal and return them to Nigeria to rejoin their families.”

Source: thenigerialawyer.com

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The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix). http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/the-alleged-story-behind-the-death-of-the-proprietor-of-miss-bright-hotel-mr-tantoh-felix-buea-cameroon-revealed-by-his-daughter-2-2 http://cameroon-concord.com/politics/the-alleged-story-behind-the-death-of-the-proprietor-of-miss-bright-hotel-mr-tantoh-felix-buea-cameroon-revealed-by-his-daughter-2-2 The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix).

The daughter of Mr Tantoh who was killed by unidentified gun men took to her Facebook page yesterday 14 November 2018 and revealed some stories about the death of her father as seen on the screenshots below.


This is an open letter to Lucy Tabe late Miss Brights wife.. {loadposition myposition}

Part one.


Since my dad died I have been very quite about certain things, not because am a fool. You (Lucy Tabe) go around telling lies to people so you can get sympathy. I will share the story to everyone so they know the kind of wife you have been to the man who made you what you are today.
July 17 at 2:35pm (7:35pm Cameroon time) I had a text from my dad asking if I was ok, an I said yes . 2 days prior to that we paid some men to follow you up coz my dad suspected you of cheating... it came back you were cheating with a married man in Maryland...look at the pictures.... my dad was heart broken and he asked u and off course you denied it. I was the last person who spoke to my dad befor his demise ( when he told me Steph someone is at the door I will call u back & that was the last I heard of him). 5:38pm American Time you (LUCY)called me & and told me my dad has been killed by his best friend ( his name I will withhold) . That same day I purchased our ticket for the next day to go to Cameroon. Once we got to Cameroon all the cars documents where handed to you plus 3 million which was found in one of the cars. you requested for him to be buried 3 days after that which the family declined. On thé 23rd which was a Monday at 3am Cameroon time you transported all his 5 luxury cars out of his compound. When u were questioned about your action you claim the Fon of Bamendannkwen asked you to do so. Which were all lies. The family decided to ignore that act and focus on their lose. After so many meetings we picked a date sept 7 which was the date you picked due to your daughters surgery. We all abided to that dates an all burial preparations where done. Sept 1 st u called me requesting I buy u and your kids flights back to the Cameroon after u had told the family you already bought the flights . I declined coz we were not in good terms. Sept 6 th i tried reaching you only to discover you were no were to be found ( so many stories came out but God alone knows where u were at that time). You placed a court order on my dads corpse which didn’t allow us bury him on that day. All burial preparations had been done at that time .which was a loss but I didn’t complain because I knew the kind of Person I was dealing with. On several occasions you tried doing the burial but it was abortive. On the 10th u tried biting him as a rejected corpse by calling the council to do the burial and again it was aborted. Today Wednesday 14th of November you succeeded in doing the burial without no family member , no children n non of your family. I just have one question for you. What did my dad ever do wrong to deserve this treatment? From what I gathered you have sold 3 of his cars which that’s what you used to finance all your atrocities. You plan on selling the hotel and fleeing to the USA to apply for asylum in the name of the government killed your husband. Am not writing all these to gain sympathy but it’s to tell the world what you did to a man who showed you love. I don’t need any of what my dad left you can have it coz that’s what u have been fighting for. Don’t forget when he was alive u could barely manage the shops he opened for you. Ask yourself can you manage what he left for the next 2 years?How will your kids look at you? Did you mourn you husband? I know you don’t have a conscience but heyyy we have God who doesn’t like ugly.

Part two

After his death on our way to Cameroon you told me let’s go to Cotonou Benin for protection. I asked you protection for what and against who. You went quite. You go around telling people to borrow you 23 million to do your husbands contract. I pity who ever gives you that money. 4 days after his demise you went to all his banks so you can have assess to his money but you were told that you are not his second signature. When you were told that I was his second signature to all his accounts you went wild. You even tried to bribe some of them to give you asses to the exact amount on the accounts. You then decides to start selling his cars because financially you were down. Your Maryland married man advised you to sell everything and start your life in the USA. My question to that man . Do you think if you marry her she will treat you different? Just a question. You went ahead & filed for the letter of administration ( you told the lawyers not to include my name on it as a beneficiary) I really don’t care about things like this. Back to the night my father died..... only you & I knew that my dad had to leave town that day I not return.... ???? only you & I knew he changed his traveling date. My question to you. Why are you bent on burying him without his family and chiefs. Is there anything you are hiding. Why can’t you sleep at the house in Bomaka ( you claim we drove you out what a lie). Did you tell them that you saw something in your room which chased you out and you never returned since then. No you didn’t. What did u go to do in Cotonou Nigeria ??. These are just questions which I would like to know the answers. How did you know the last things my dad said when he was attacked by these unknown men......coz no one was there. Why are you Bent on not accepting to bury him with family or give family assess to his corpse . I will leave it right here. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. Don’t forget you have kids. You go around painting a very bad picture of me. That I was not my fathers child/ am a bastard. Only an illiterate will ask such questions. You go around sleeping with men while your husband lies in the freezer and today you bring out you married certificate that you were legally married to him. Hahahahaha tell them the last time my dad slept with you..... off course you will lie.... he never slept with you when he found out you were sleeping with that guy in buea his name I will not call. He even drives my dads cars around town .. oohhhhh what is this life we leave in. Lucy Tabe don’t forget all these things are vanity. We are all passerby’s. My dad died because someone was so greedy. One of the bayangi boys that killed my dad was arrested and he decided to confess only for us to come the next day he was dead....what a life we leave in. Tell them why it took you more than 3 years to come to the USA after your last trip some years back. You came here and slept with one young guy and his wife called my dad and complained. You were almost thrown out of you married. Did you ever ask yourself who begged on your behalf. No you didn’t. Well I have a massage for you. You have buried him fine. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. I rest my case. This is just part of the story but I needed the world to know what kind of woman you are. Thanks {loadposition myposition}

bogus@bogus.com ( mal) Politics|2C6700 Thu, 15 Nov 2018 17:55:33 +0000