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Suileman vs  Otobo:  The Pentecostal  Church Mafia

Fear Pentecostal churches. I repeat, fear Pentecostal churches. My heart aches as I try to articulate my thoughts. Any person of goodwill should be scared for Nigerians; many of whom don't know they are under the influence of powerful occultists.

Have you noticed a trend lately? Embattled accusers of Pentecostal pastors going before their congregations to offer contrived confessions and apologies. First, it was Kemi Olunloyo. And now, it is Stephanie Otobo. Both women accused two powerful pastors of sexual improprieties, were jailed without due process of law and later admitted publicly that they were being used either by spiritual forces or humans.

My objective here is not to litigate these accusations on Facebook. That's for the courts. But there's a disturbing trend here which objective and rational minds must not shrug off. If you do, it's probably because you don't understand how Mafias operate.

I'll focus on the latest confession. Otobo's.

I just saw a video. Otobo was standing before Suleiman's congregation. She introduced herself to the visibly hysterical gathering. Sidetalks, headshakes, armfolds and inaudible rants were visible. She claimed she was sent by SOME politicians and PASTORS to bring down pastor Suleiman. She implied that she was forced to eat certain things and make vows by her sponsors. She later called Suleiman "our father" to a rousing noise in the congregation. She approached Suleiman's wife, knelt and begged her forgiveness. It was quite a kabuki theatre kind of display.

Now, if you are one of those who believe that these women suddenly had divine visitations and repented, you are the most gullible creature God ever made. If you truly believe that a maverick like Kemi Olunloyo suddenly found Christ in the arms of pastor Ibiyeomie who;

* got her arrested 3-4 different times and jailed her in Kirikiri prisons WITHOUT TRIAL OR DUE PROCESS OF LAW;
* made her lose body weight and suffered depression in the process, and
* bankrupted her because of legal fees to the point that she begged and solicited for money online,

then your understanding of Christianity is garbage and you lack an understanding of the subjugating influence of power.

These women did not repent. They were subdued. They were vanquished. Their spirits were broken. When you get to that point, you will literally see or have a 'divine encounter' by force.

Take Stephanie Otobo and Pastor Suleiman's scandal for instance. This woman was arrested and jailed at the instance of Suleiman. Then she began to speak out. If she had not been arrested and jailed without due process of law by a so-called pastor, we might never have seen Suleiman's dirty laundry in public. But Suleiman made a wrong move which would later cost him public ridicule.

His first knee jack reaction to Otobo's forceful, factual and evidenced allegations was to deny ever knowing or meeting her. He later admitted knowing her as a stripper in Canada whom he led to Christ. To further prove that they were very close, Otobo claimed the pastor used to send her money. He publicly denied it. Otobo published her statement of account with his name as sender. He then admitted that he was supporting her financially as a new convert.

We all know the gist. We know how Otobo's mother went to apologize to Suleiman following series of threats from his pulpit but Otobo remained unfazed. In fact, she sued him in a court of law (which a pastor wouldn't do) through the chambers of Festus Keyamo.

Now, all of a sudden, she is claiming that some powerful politicians and pastors pushed her against Suleiman. Yet, those powerful folks abandoned her?

Folks, these women need our help. They underestimated the powers and influence these pastors wield. They found out the hard way that they were dealing with an organized Mafia of some sort. People who hide behind the pulpit to oppress the masses. No true man of God would use oppressive means to get justice. Any soul you win to Christ that way is a lie.

I don't believe Olunloyo and Otobo were sorry, or even wrong. They were broken. I know what it means to be broken mentally and financially.

I currently have a client who is being witch hunted and cyberbullied by a popular movie producer and director. My client suffered sexual harassment from him few years ago which was published on Instablog without her consent. He is now suing my client for #30million naira.

Because my client is a private citizen, a mother and a wife and because she really cannot afford a lawyer, she is considering a private apology. He wants a public apology because he has been boasting online that he'd bring her and her sponsors to opprobrium.

Don't forget that my client's story is authentic, but because the case is and will create a big hole in her pocket and a huge scar in her marriage, she wants a quiet settlement by apologizing for what she knows to be true. But the arrogant harasser wants a public show. Sounds familiar?

You see, may you never see a problem that would make you swallow your true words and end up in shame. You might do this if you're fighting men of power, influence and intrigues. Mafias.

This is what happened to Olunloyo and Otobo. They caved in to psychological and financial pressure from the least anticipated personas - so-called pastors.

Men who operate like mafias. Pastors who wine and dine with corruption and subterfuge on a regular basis. Pastors who disregard due process of law and order. That's what mafias do.

Time will prove me right. These women are not converted. They compromised.

Olakunle Allison

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