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The Impact Of Religion In Africa

oday, in parts of Africa:
Children are being killed because spiritual leaders condemned them as being evil... They become stigmatized, isolated, abandoned, abused and many times killed.


In many case, children born with certain deformities are marked for death - they are termed the devil and usually let to die. From autistic kids to albinos - the perception is very different from what it is in other parts of the world.

So, did we create evil/the devil or is it real?

Imagine, if the word evil or devil never existed? Imagine if we never knew of the devil? Imagine if we considered every one to be unique and blessed in their own way - so we see value in one other.. This is where the developed world surpasses the developing world.

In Cameroon, for example, most homes in the rural and peri urban areas still carry this picture poster on the walls in their living rooms. It shows supposedly a guy named "Jesus" knocking another guy aka the "devil" out.

The story behind this poster is partly the fuel for why we continually seek to identify and kill the devil. The investments towards killing the devil has greatly led to high levels of underdevelopment the continent continues to suffer today.

From birth, we are told / taught that we have sinned/ born with sin - the devil is the cause of our sins - so therefore our quest through life is only attainable if we fight and kill the devil. In search of the devil, anyone who looks different or unique is termed the devil - targeted, abused and sometimes killed.

The thoughts of an imaginary burning hell and a cozy heaven being our destinations in the after life - makes us invest greatly in defeating the devil so as to avoid hell and make it to heaven.

What if hell and Heaven was right here on earth with us? What if we never had this doctrine? So, did we create the devil or vice versa?

Think with reason and reason will respond.

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