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To extricate himself from this debacle of denial, Biya must face the painful truth about the nation in crisis and be under no illusion that military force can defeat the Anglophone resistance. And if the president sincerely thinks youths should assume the mantle of leadership, why, at 85 and after 35 years in power is he contesting the 2018 presidential election?

By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai*

Across the world, it is the practice of leaders to address their fellow citizens by means of national broadcast, wherein they take stock and make visionary statements about the future direction of the country. President Paul Biya’s traditional youth-day address was disappointing for failing to accurately capture the state of the nation. It was obvious the president wanted to paint a rosy picture over an otherwise gloomy state of affairs, and ended up wasting a golden opportunity to honestly engage with Cameroonian youths, whose future is being mortgaged on the altar of empty grand-standing. “In the decades ahead, you will be our country’s leaders, hence the need for you to be up to the task, by acquiring the necessary skills and experience. However, first, you must understand that the "new world” which is unfolding before our very own eyes could be tougher and more unstable than the old one,” Biya noted. No one is impressed by the hackneyed mantra that youths are tomorrow’s leaders, or that they hold the nation’s future. This is trite and sounds like a broken record. The more serious questions to ask are: what quality of youth? Which future? Biya’s claims were so hollow; his diagnosis of the problems facing youths was pedestrian; his proposed solutions were empty platitudes; indicative of leadership dysfunction and apathetic indifference by the man Cameroonians elected as their president. Little surprise the speech was roundly dismissed as empty rhetoric.

It is obvious, Biya doesn’t care about youths and his promises have lost credibility with each youth day address. How can youths who have been excluded from any meaningful participation in the running of public affairs by the greed and primordial interests of the president’s generation, be ready to face the challenges in this overly complicated, globalized world? Since this generation of youths are ill-prepared to be tomorrow’s leaders, on which generation should Cameroonians now depend for their political destiny? Is it the generation that succeeds two failed generations? Is it this generation that has been demoralized, abused, instrumentalised; onto whom has not been bequeathed any values and patriotic sense of duty to the fatherland?

Few will argue that Cameroon is a gerontocracy, where a group of tired old men tottering on the borders of senile decay have taken the country hostage. The four most important personalities of the nation, together, combine for 317 years - Biya (85); Senate President, Niat Njifenji (83); House Speaker, Cavayé Djibril (78); PM Philemon Yang (71). At age 76, Laurent Esso’o has been Minister of Justice, Public Health, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Secretary General at the presidency and is back as Justice Minister. The cabinet is full of octogenarians and septuagenarians who continue to be recycled into different portfolios. Even if their age is no problem, what about the age of their ideas? In the legislature and judiciary, the median age of the top brass is above the official retirement age of 55 years. Tired old men like Nfon Mukete, Achidi Achu, Enow Tanjong, Mafany Musonge, Philemon Yang and others in their generation, ought to have long quit the stage to become elder statesmen who, in tricky times like these, would be consulted for their wisdom and experience. Recently, Biya recycled another bunch of spent forces, all facing creeping senility, to the Constitutional Council. When will these old people retire?

The other fundamental point about the president’s address is the claim that “the situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing.” This is a big, fat lie that fosters apprehension in public consciousness, and raises questions about Biya’s sincerity to address the crisis, beyond mere lip-service. Despite the militarization of Anglophone regions, at least five soldiers were killed in sporadic attacks, a day after Biya spoke - an indication the Anglophone resistance is not about to end just yet. Biya should stop putting a bold face on an appalling situation that has all but passed crisis point. There is no better way to work one’s name into the book of infamy.

Predictably, Biya blamed falling oil prices for the parlous state of the economy. The truth is that the economic trajectory created by low oil prices was compounded by the absence of fiscal buffers. Instead of saving for the proverbial rainy day when oil prices were high, Cameroon actually increased its debt portfolio to finance conspicuous consumption. The national debt has more than tripled since debt relief under the enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative in 2006. Besides, huge contracted, undisbursed external loans of FCFA 3.7 trillion (21% of GDP) have become a drainpipe on the treasury. These loan obligations were signed in 2013 but government’s failure to meet the conditionalities stalled disbursement. Over FCFA 12 billion is wasted annually to pay interest on loans that are idle in foreign banks. According to the IMF, China holds the largest share of Cameroon’s undisbursed loans (36%).{loadposition myposition}

These undisbursed loans hang over the heads of the largely overrated but underachieving economic management team like an albatross. The country is being denied the benefits of counter-cyclical fiscal policy tools of budget and capital spending, needed to reflate the economy; further stifling productivity in real sectors of the economy, like manufacturing. With over 60% of the populace under age 25, and with poverty stagnated at 40%; according to the World Bank, Cameroon is sitting on a power keg, given that the ILO puts youth unemployment at a whopping 75%. The government must diversify the economy and create the enabling environment for the private sector - the engine of economic growth - to attract capital and foreign direct investments and create jobs. The over dependence on dwindling oil revenues and external borrowing that has bloated the national debt is unsustainable. Instead of measures taken to boost job creation, Biya said: “As at 31 December 2017, 473,303 jobs had been identified for youths, exceeding our set target of 400,000.” Whether he was speaking in metaphor, the ludicrous assumption that identifying jobs somehow translates into actual job creation provokes a certain queasiness that betrays Biya and his speech writers as incapable of creative thinking.

With gallant effrontery, Biya parodied US President John Kennedy by admonishing the youths to: “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Hear Biya: “rather than yielding to the tempting mirage of illegal emigration and undertaking a hazardous and often doomed trip, I invite you to play an active part in our great vision to achieve emergence by 2035. I believe I can safely say that the State has done much in recent years to prepare you for this lofty task.” Such glib talk is a mea culpa expression of incapacitation, and a very grave self-indictment that underlines Biya’s defeatist resignation to the fact that Cameroonian youths will continue to vote with their feet, braving the odds to seek greener pastures abroad because they see no future in a country, captured and taken hostage, by a rapacious, vampire elite that have stolen and amassed enough wealth even for their unborn generations of children.

It does not require special intelligence to recognize Cameroon is ailing. The problem is inextricably tied to poor leadership, linked to a poor recruitment process. No country, afterall, can rise above the level of its workforce, especially at the leadership level. In consolidating his personal power, Biya relies on patronage networks of cronies, loyalists and tribesmen. Many youths without connections to these patronage and ethnic-clientelism networks in the system, must bribe their way into professional schools like ENAM, which opens avenues for corruption and rent-seeking. A majority end up frustrated, bitter and disillusioned. The angst and anomie driving the Anglophone resistance are deeply embedded in the generational question. The consequences of excluding youths from the commanding heights of authority in public affairs, is so bad that the best Cameroonian youths are outside the country or outside government. This tragedy is a vicious cycle: tired old men who at one time or the other, contributed to the nation’s downturn continue to be recycled in office giving them the opportunity to continue perpetuating their failure in the affairs of the nation. More often than not, they are clueless, inept and ill-equipped for the enormous responsibility of nation-building. For example, aside his nuisance and entertainment value, what technocratic capacity has Issa Tchiroma in a communication landscape driven by information technology and social media? The nation undoubtedly gets a raw deal when the wrong people get into offices. The result is widespread ineptitude. Little wonder Cameroon’s fortunes have continued to plummet just as she diminishes in stature and integrity.

In a genuine democracy or even any context, there is something absurd in one man ruling a country for 35 years and counting. It just cannot be that there are no other capable hands to continue wherever he stops! As has been apparent in the course of history, with each passing generation, the state of leadership deteriorates in double proportion. Whilst a systemic failure to sacrifice for the nation’s greatness signposts the leadership quotient of Biya and his generation, it should now be obvious that, Biya’s inability to harness the talents and qualities of Cameroonian youths, to help lift his administration to a commanding height of moral regeneration and socio-economic progress, is a regrettable personal failure. This failure has made Ambazonia very appealing to Anglophones, as a great country waiting to happen. Not even an Anglophone president under the present dispensation will alter this dynamic!{loadposition myposition2}

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Homicide in Ebolowa: The Parent of a students beats to death a student in Ebolowa. Homicide in Ebolowa: The Parent of a students beats to death a student in Ebolowa.

The said parent said in tears that his intention was just to inflict punishment on the child for haven used the money meant for his Examination fee. The young Steve Loic , a student in a School in Ebolowa( South Region) died some days ago. He died from an adult dose of a punch given him by his own father, Pauline N, who thought he was giving him a lesson that he won't forget not even in a hurry. {loadposition myposition} The father of the decease thought he had kept the Bepc examination fees out of the child's reach, unfortunately unfortunate, that wasn't the case as the father latter learnt. The father, Pauline N got infuriated with anger and it took over a better portion of his composure. This anger caused the passing away of his son Steve Loic, who is equally reputed to be a drug addict, struggling with Tramol addiction. The Young man died on his way to the Hospital.{loadposition myposition2} 

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We wont Allow Senate Elections Hold in British Southern Cameroons We wont Allow Senate Elections Hold in British Southern Cameroons

In the highest interest of peace and security of our people whose representatives were denied a right to raise a finger or voice in both Houses of Parliament regarding their plight, our God fearing people should not fall into another dead trap called "Senate Elections" with their eyes wide open.

In today's Cameroon, it has been proven time and again that SENATORS represent the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC not the people. Let those who are seeking to become Senators therefore, seek APPOINTMENT from the PRESIDENT and not VOTES from our people they have engaged in a systematic SELLOUT and elimination.{loadposition myposition} 

It is incumbent on all of us to make sure that Senate elections exclusively organized to keep the rich and wicked minority in power while maintaining the poor and marginalized majority in permanent poverty do not hold.

If allowed to hold, this elections will continue to legalize pain and poverty in Ambaland, while undermining peace and prosperity throughout British Southern Cameroons.

Before you elect to participate in this election, please, first ask yourself, how many more people must they rape, maim, abduct, kidnap or kill before you stop endorsing their selfish agenda over our desperate masses?

Southern Cameroons must be free for all.

David Makongo

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Anglophone Crisis: Senator Mukete Victor, the Bafaw Chief and oldest senator lampoons Biya Anglophone Crisis: Senator Mukete Victor, the Bafaw Chief and oldest senator lampoons Biya

Senator Victor Mukete, the oldest senator lampoons Biya and says it's due to his nonchalant and airy nature that the Crisis rocking the nation has gone off rail.

Narrating the journey of the crisis, the Senator laments that if the members of the Consortium weren't arrested and detained, if the moderates weren't arrested and kept incommunicado, the atmosphere that we have today won't have been.

Senator Victor Mukete believes that President Ahmadu Ahidjo was more assessable than Paul Biya today and that issues affecting the livelihood of the state are supposed to be treated with figure and commitment. The senator wonders at the method of using the military or gun boat philosophy in resolving a sociopolitical crisis.{loadposition myposition} 

According to him, the military won't resolve any crisis and that the only solution will be a ten state Federation. However it's really challenging even to arrive at such conclusion because a lot of people of the Southern Cameroon's no longer desire any Federation with the Francophones whom they accuse for the death, missing ones, the maimed and the incarcerated.

The fabric of brotherhood and togetherness has been badly damaged, beyond dispute and repair. For centuries to come the bitterness that this crisis has generated, shall forever hunt those who wanted to become the state or play the state. Their excesses shall hunt them and thousands shall face human right charges at The Hague.{loadposition myposition2} 

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The thirteen Fons of Batibo demand for an end to crisis rocking the nation The thirteen Fons of Batibo demand for an end to crisis rocking the nation

The Fons of the thirteen Villages that make up Batibo Sud Division have decried the incessant torture and waste Of live caused by this crisis which gets Worse every passing hour and day.

The Governor of the North West Region Meeting with the Fons gave them an Ultimatum to bring back the Sub Divisional Officer for Batibo The Fons have made it abundantly clear That they are merely victims of the Sociopolitical crisis rocking the nation.{loadposition myposition} 

The Sub Divisional Officer for Batibo Was whisked off from the grand stand Taken into an unknown destination and Kept in incommunicado for more than a week.

Where is the state scouts investigative Police and the Gendarmerie brigade If the state had a professional team, the Sub Divisional officer won't have gone missing.{loadposition myposition2} 

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CAMEROON: SAM SOYA's Story February 15, 2018 Excerpt:(1973 – 2018) “The World Must Hear This!” CAMEROON: SAM SOYA's Story  February 15, 2018 Excerpt:(1973 – 2018)  “The World Must Hear This!”

“Gross Crime Against Humanity” perpetuated by French Republic Of Cameroon (LRC), which is part of an ongoing genocide on the people of former #BritishSouthern Cameroons (Ambazonia) under the very eyes of #United Nations Organization (UNO), #African Union (AU), #China and the #World at large.

Late Mr. Chiabah Samuel, popularly known for his jovial nature as Sam Soya, Father to 5 children and husband to Mrs. Claudine. He was beheaded at the age of 45years. He was a successor (according to African Tradition, the successor is mostly the humble one who always brings the family together) to his uncle and was living with his family in Belo
Truth be told, he was a young hustler, who had a small provision store there in Belo where he was beheaded alongside 4 others for being Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians/ English Speaking Cameroonians) including his cousin (pictures attached) (a young business man) who unfortunately was living with him while running his business in Belo (North West Region of Cameroon)
His only crime was the fact that he also used to be a weed (Locally called mbanga) seller while running his provision store. But this wasn’t new since even the police officers in Belo best knew he was a weed seller.

This gross crime against Humanity by LRC arm forces started with a video posted on the 2nd of February 2018 by these LRC soldiers on all social medias. This video (Video attached) shows us a forceful confession of an unknown guy finger pointing Sam Soya for being aware of an attack by Ambazonia Self Defense Forces that led to the dead of a LRC gendarme officer in Belo, Sam Soya was also accused of hiding the gendarme’s gun. The following day, 3rd February 2018, these very LRC soldiers proudly posted pictures of how they have beheaded Sam Soya with the guy who was finger pointing Sam Soya. I later on learned that, 3 other guys (weed smokers) including Sam Soya’s cousin who was like a kid brother to him were also beheaded.

I don’t even want to go into details about the atrocities meted on the people of Former British Southern Cameroons by LRC arm forces for asking a fair share of the National cake, because I won’t know where to start. Should I start with the 65 years granny that was roasted in her own house during burning down of the whole KwaKwa Village by LRC soldiers? Or should I be narrating how all or most of the inhabitants of Manyu County have been chased out from their houses with thousands of them now living as refugees in Nigeria? Talk less of the hundreds killings that took place on 22nd of September 2017 and 1st of October 2017. Today is about Sam Soya, “the World Must Hear This!”

After carrying out my personal investigations, pondering who Sam Soya really was, and what could actually led to such a barbaric art (an art I thought could only be done by ISIS members) by LRC arm forces on civilians, I can say for certain that, Sam was quite a victim of circumstances for this Ambazonia Struggle. Most people think late Sam was a cripple who was beheaded (pictures attached) by LRC arm forces. Actually, he was first of all a victim of 1st October 2017 when Ambazonians declared the Restoration of their Nationhood as it used to be in 1961 under the UN charters. He was shot on his leg (pictures attach) by LRC arm forces on this faithful day during the peaceful protest with peace-plant, only then he was crippled till the end of his days on the 3rd of February 2018. When he was shot on the leg, because of his straightforward and honest life, he received some financial support from friends and family both home and abroad to fruit his hospital bills. I would like to reiterate here that, according to NGO statistics, more than 200 unarmed civilians were killed on this day 1st of October 2017 by LRC arm soldiers for coming out in their numbers protesting in the streets, asking for #UN to restore their Statehood as it used to be in 1961 (UNGA RESOLUTION 1608 (XV), 21st of April 1961) with 64 Countries that voted in favor for the Independence of the people of Former #British Southern Cameroons against 23 Countries (French Republic Of Cameroon) with 10 Abstention Countries. (Picture with results attached).{loadposition myposition}

So because of the inhumane treatment (ceaseless periodical killings and abductions) unleashed on Ambazonians and continuous silence from world organizations, some Ambazonians all over the Ambazonian territory have resulted to Self Defense in accordance to International Laws which led to the dead of one Oppressive LRC Gendarme Officer in Belo. In brutal retaliation of this, instead for LRC Soldiers to carry out proper investigations and attack the assailants, they rather went after innocent civilians to pour their rage on them. This is how Sam fell again as a victim for the Ambazonia Struggle. Since he had past records of selling weed and taking part in the peaceful protest for the liberation of the Ambazonia people, he was abducted late at night in his house alongside with his small cousin living with him and some 3 other weed mates of his in Belo and slaughtered them like cows by LRC arm forces. LRC soldiers even went as far as making a publicity of their atrocity posting the pictures on every social media of how they played on their carcass.

I can’t believe the world saw this and played a blind eye.

As if that wasn’t enough, LRC soldiers later on went to his house, arrested his wife and took her to the Police Station where she was thoroughly trashed, insisting that she must go and show them where her late husband hid the gun, of which they best know that, the Ambazonia Self Defense Forces who attacked and killed their colleague had long gone into the bushes. The next day, some family members went to the mortuary and ask for the remains of their family members. But the mortuary attendant told them that, strict instructions were left behind concerning the 5 slaughtered bodies. Any family member of the slaughtered suspect had to report him or herself first at the police station before taking away the remains for burial.

So Late Sam Soya’s mum later on went to the mortuary this day 15th of February 2018 to pick the remains of her son and that of his cousin to go and bury them, she was first asked to go report herself to the police station, of course a mother is always a mother, she went there and she was asked to fill a form which was even in French (as usual) and sign, of which she did, so when she wrote the names on the form, the Gendarme Officer noticed that she had included Late Sam’s name on the list, he seized the form from her and tore it, telling her that she can only take the remains of the cousin to go and bury, but that, she can’t take that of Late Sam Soya. The mother of course refused to take just one corpse and leave the other, so she abandoned both corpses there and went back home.

As i write this late Sam Soya’s Short Story, for the world to hear and see the atrocities and the ongoing genocide on the people of Former #British Southern Cameroons by French Cameroon Soldiers, Late Sam’s remains are still at the mortuary. On behalf of the People Of Former #British Southern Cameroons, I’m calling on the world, especially #China and #Russia (Since UN has proven to be there to serve only the Interest Of #France#Britain & #USA) to please use their position as Super Powers to put an end to such barbaric art by a Fellow State on innocent civilians. 36 years in Power, dictator #PaulBiya has taken upon himself (with the blessings of France) to order his soldiers to go on rampage mass killings of English Southern Cameroonians who are fed up of being colonized by LRC for 56 years now.

- Late Sam Soya was 45 years old, and had a provision store of his own
- Late Sam Soya left behind a widow, and 5 children
- Late Sam Soya, was beheaded alongside his friends and cousin by LRC soldiers
- Late Sam Soya was killed for being an Ambazonian.
- Sam Soya – Sam Soya, RIP

N. Rabelais (Lmdd’s Pride)

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Pro Independence groups declare war on occupational forces in Southern Cameroons Pro Independence groups declare war on occupational forces in Southern Cameroons

For the first time in his life, Victor Obi believes that the only way to win freedom in Cameroon is with a gun.

"I don't want to die, but the only future is our independence, and they will not give it to us," said the student, whose name has been changed for his own safety.

The 25-year-old is camped out in a small Nigerian village just kilometres from his home in Cameroon where authorities have launched a crackdown on English-speaking Pro Independence groups.{loadposition myposition}

"They killed my sister and my brother," said Obi, his voice heavy with hatred. "I have nothing to lose."

In December, Obi says soldiers invaded his hometown of Kajifu and started shooting indiscriminately at suspected Pro Independence groups, said to be running a major training camp in the thick equatorial forest surrounding the village.

Kajifu is located in one of Cameroon's two English-speaking regions that have been pushing for independence from the French-speaking elite who rule the West African country.

On October 1, Pro Independence groups declared the two regions as the self-proclaimed republic of "Ambazonia", marking a turning point for the country's English-speaking minority, which makes up around a fifth of the population.

Cameroon President Paul Biya dispatched troops, combat helicopters and armoured vehicles to root out the dissidents, forcing tens of thousands to flee to neighbouring Nigeria.

At least 26 soldiers have been killed in the violence, according to an AFP tally.

But the civilian death toll isn't known, with non-governmental organisations and independent media barred from the area.

Though the original Ambazonia leaders have dissociated themselves from militant offshoots - they claim their struggle is peaceful - there are a growing number of attacks against the government.

'Raise an army'

On Sunday, before a national youth day parade in Batibo, a town near the Nigerian border, a government official was kidnapped and his car was burnt in an attack claimed by Pro Independence groups.

Lucas Cho Ayaba, leader of the Ambazonian Defence Forces (ADF), took credit for the kidnapping, declaring: "You kill my people, we will chase you to the gates of hell."

The ADF, along with three other militias, represent the main groups which count more than 300 fighters, according to an International Crisis Group (ICG) estimate. There are also 10 much smaller but violent factions engaged in the conflict.

Few claim attacks and it's difficult to know exactly who is responsible, said ICG researcher Hans De Marie Heungoup.

"The main issue for Ambazonian groups is that they really lack finance," he said.

"If they had money to buy weapons, train and feed their people, they could raise an army."

But amidst the chaos, one thing seems certain: the crackdown has radicalised many English-speakers, among them the farmers and managers who have long felt marginalised by Yaounde but have never been interested in politics - until now.

'They are angry'

English-speakers in Cameroon have been marginalised for too long, said Pastor John Mbe, one of more than 33,000 refugees in Cross River State, Nigeria.

"Many people have died already, we can't go back home," he said, "young people may not have guns and bullets, but I can tell you they're angry."

A source close to the militants says they have adopted the guerilla philosophy of freedom fighters in Eritrea as well as that of Nelson Mandela's anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

In Manyu, a region at the epicentre of the conflict, Pro Independence groups block roads with tyres and tree trunks to ambush and attack military bases.

The militants are armed mostly with homemade rifles, some Kalashnikovs, grenades and other improvised explosive devices.

The few sophisticated weapons they possess have been stolen from police stations.

As a result of the simmering violence, thousands of refugees are arriving in Ikom, a city just over the border in a Nigeria, raising fears that the conflict is spiralling out of control.

Black magic

No formal fighter camp has been identified, but according to several witnesses interviewed by AFP, young refugees are performing black magic rituals to prepare for war.

They gather in small groups for "juju" ceremonies, during which they cut their foreheads and rub the bleeding wound with "magic potions" to make them invincible, said a Nigerian soldier who attended one of the ceremonies.

Their presence is a growing concern for Nigeria, an ally of Cameroon, which last month arrested and extradited 47 separatist leaders and deployed soldiers along the border.

Yet that hasn't stopped the rebels from launching attacks from Nigerian territory in recent weeks, according to security sources.

At the end of January, suspected Pro Independence groups detonated an explosive device at the Cameroon border post of Ekok, partially destroying an office.

"The truth is that many militants are hiding among the refugees, and they just cross the border at will through the forest," said Lawrence Asuquo, head of immigration at Ikom.

"They launch attacks on the Cameroonian army and they run back to Nigeria. It's almost impossible to track them."


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Ambazonian Genocide: Senior Journalist Ekinneh Agbor Exposes Cameroon's Top Military Agent Ambazonian Genocide: Senior Journalist Ekinneh Agbor Exposes Cameroon's Top Military Agent

Many people doubted the fact that it was LRC soldiers who have been burning villages and school institutions in Ambazonia all along, till DIDIER BADJECK confirmed it on air, claiming that he population has been fraternizing with terrorists and deserve to be punished. Many so called Ambazonia assailants who are purportedly arrested are innocent people who couldnt run or defend themselves. Since LRC Army are unable to defeat Ambazonia warriors, they now vent their frustration and anger on the civilian population who cannot defend themselves; arresting innocent people, burning entire villages as was the case in KWAKWA, KEMBONG, BELO and parts of MBONGE.

EKINNEH AGBOR relayed this information in his post of February 12, 2017. EKINNEH AGBOR has made significant intellectual contributions to the struggle this far, writing extensively on various subjects, without mincing words, EKINNEH distances himself of all pettiness and hammers on the hard facts in strong unequivocal language, keeping it honest as usual. Though he dwells mostly on the narrative and cross examines situations subjectively in hindsight.
EKINNEH closes his debate in the interrogative, leaving room for the reader to reader to draw his own conclusions.

Read full article here:Cameroon Defence Ministry spokesman admits War crimes

EKKINEH need not express anger over the above declarations because BADJECK was simply confessing what instructions LRC gave its soldiers to carry out in the Ambazonia territory. DIDIER BADJECK actually confirmed the fact that LRC soldiers have been deliberately perpetrating CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY in Ambazonia territory in reprisal attacks all this while.{loadposition myposition}

The helpless and vulnerable population has borne the brunt of the anger of the LRC military as they have been molested, beaten, killed, abducted, their homes burned down with old people inside and their property destroyed.

BADJECK openly justified these atrocities that have been meted out on civilians on International Media, that the civilian population deserves to be PUNISHED because they are harboring terrorists in their villages,
Giving him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps BADJECK doesnt know the far reaching implications of his declarations. Being a protégé of the BIYA Regime, BADJECK believes that he is above the law like his BIYA champion who is above all the laws of the land and he can perpetrate these atrocities and get away with it.

BIYA gives the military a free hand because the regime is highly unpopular/obnoxious and has lost all legitimacy in public face, reason and it can only hinge on the military for its survival. BADJECK like the top military officials are the ones who are draining the State Treasury of billions of francs in fraudulent payments, fictitious military claims at the state treasury, and the sale of military fuel to the public and other things, in the same way as LRC top military sold ammunitions to pirates during the BAKASSI days.

The 2016 CONAC report talked of fraudulent payments worth 15 billion xaf from the state treasury but it failed to mention that top military personnel at the military court were the architects of this fraud; only the Finance officials were mentioned. BADJECK and other will be tried for Crimes against Humanity when the time comes.

MILOSEVIC perpetrated similar atrocities in the BALKANS in the 1990s and imagined he will get away with it, until the slow mill of justice caught up with him and he died in detention, his Hench men who controlled the military like RADCO VLADIC and others who masterminded the genocide fled into hiding hoping to get away with Crimes against Humanity. RADCO went into hiding for several years till the long arm of the law fished him out and he answered for his crimes.

Most of the atrocities and Crimes against Humanity that were carried out in Northern LRC during the fight against BOKO HARAM were perpetrated by LRC soldiers and blamed on BOKO HARAM. LRC claimed that the indigenous population was harboring terrorists, reason why entire villages were burned down by LRC soldiers.

The same military atrocities have been perpetrated during the Anglophone crisis, with arson, abductions, indiscriminate killings, destruction of private poverty and many other atrocities under the guise of punishing civilians who are hiding terrorists.
For those who want to sympathize with LRC, they should think again:

When lawyers were beaten, dragged in the mud and their robes and wigs confiscated in full view of the public, no one had raised finger against forces of LRC.

When University of Buea students were beaten and drenched in sewage because they were asking for the respect of their rights, no one had raised a finger.

When many Anglophones were abducted and detained in Yaoundé for several months, no one had raised a finger against LRC.

When octogenarians were brutalized in Ekona by LRC forces and many houses were looted in Munyenge, no one had raised a finger yet against these forces.

When homes were broken into in KEMBONG and young men were shot in the foot, no one had attacked the forces of LRC.

When a pregnant woman in labour died because she was prevented from reaching the hospital due to the state of emergency no one had raised a finger.

When little WIDZEREN, a 14 year old kid who posed no threat to anyone was shot in the eye, no one had shot even a dane guns.

When MENYONG GEORGE and many others received multiple shots on their legs no one had raised a broom.

When 10 people were shot dead on December 2016 in Bamenda, only a catapult was shot.

When mass killings occurred on September 22nd 2017 in Ambazonia territory, only peace plants were raised.

When foreign soldiers came and perpetrated atrocities on October 1 2017 with an estimated 150 killed, perhaps only a flag was raised. Many people with bullet wounds were prevented from reaching the hospital, reason why they bled to death because the forces showed no mercy, reason why Ambazonia soldiers have vowed to show no mercy, paying the oppressor in his own coins.

When entire villages in Manyu were raided and youths were shot in the leg just because they were boys, no one had raised a finger against the forces of LRC

Sam soya beheaded and the video was broadcast on media, it was deliberate an act, sending a message to the Ambazonians.

Why is the world almost always silent in the face of these atrocities?

Where was the world when ADOLF HITLER was exterminating the JEWS across Europe, with an estimated 6 million JEWS killed?

Where was the world when the HUTUS and TUTSIS tore each other apart?

Where was the world when Milosevic and his killer machinery were exterminating the Kosovo Albanians in the Balkans?

Where is the world as BIYA is is killing Anglophones and burning down entire villages because these people have a different political opinion from the Biya klepto-Gerontocracy that has impoverished the masses for 36 years.

Is it true that there is a conflict between State Sovereignty and intervention for Humanitarian purposes?

Will the world stand by and watch till millions of Anglophones are killed before stepping in?

Even among the Catholics who are so strict with marriage, the marriage vow FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE has its limitations. A woman cannot remain in an abusive relationship where her life is in danger in the name of marriage. A woman cannot see a man attacking her with a sharpened machete and she stays in the relationship in the name of love, knowing well that she will be killed. The church doesnt call that love but suicide. She takes up the matter with the Bishop and he grants a separation to the couple even though that doesnt give either partner to right to remarry. Good enough NEBA NATHAN is a staunch catholic; he can contradict me if Im wrong.

This brings to play the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENCE which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

Shall we stand by and give BIYA the open cheque for him to kill as many of us as possible without defending ourselves? When a defenseless people are continuously killed by armed forces, the people reserve the right to defend themselves.

Self defense is a fundamental human right that is recognized by law.

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Religion: Christians prepare to begin the lent session. Religion: Christians prepare to begin the lent session.

Lent is a special moment in the history of the Church that begins every 14 of February to mark one month of fasting and meditation to commemorate the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter.{loadposition myposition2}

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Yaoundé: Biya celebrated his 85 anniversary, yesterday the 13th of February as the Country boils. Yaoundé: Biya celebrated his 85 anniversary, yesterday the 13th of February as the Country boils.

African rulers have shown the world that primitivism is still very much alive in Africa and that leadership in most French Africa is still controlled by the monstrous FrancAfrique which is very occultist and Have the tendency of externalizing power How could Biya be smiling during the Cutting of his birthday cake and Commemoration when the war he Declared against the Anglophones isn't Abating or showing any sign of getting Resolved permanently any time soon.{loadposition myposition} The birthday commemoration was and is A distraction mechanism that he planned So as to get some comic relief from all The untold heat generated by the gaff of The Anglophone crisis made worse by His war declaration rhetorics that Has heightened the tempo of the fight What has he achieved during his 35 years Reign that he can show as his Achievements except his junk slogans That have made him a sloganeering Expert who can coin slogans even in his sleep.{loadposition myposition2}

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