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Angry secondary school teachers took their protest into the second day today after a showdown at the Ministry of Finance, Monday March 27. The teachers who are demanding salary arrears and other benefits for up to 60 months were at the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative reforms on a peaceful sit Down strike. Peter Tuesday's showdown comes in the wake of the creation of an inter-ministerial Commission to look into their grievances.

During the conclave late Monday, the minister of secondary education, Jean Ernest Massina Bibehe assured the striking teachers that Government will pay all their dues. When Camcord asked one of the protesters why they stormed the Ministry of Public service , he lamented that; "We went to the Ministry of Finance and they instead sent us back to the Ministry of Education.


We are being pushed back and forth and it's frustrating. All we want is our salary." Another teacher revealed that some of their colleagues have been compelled to stop working due to financial hardship. Most of them can't feed or pay their bills As it stands the protesters have vowed to continue demonstrations till all their demands are met.

Government has appealed for calm while solutions are being looked into the matter: As it stands the protesters have vowed to continue demonstrations till all their demands are met. Government has appealed for calm while solutions are being looked into the matter .

An Ivory Coast judge says former first lady Simone Gbagbo has been found not guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Kouadio Bouatchi said Tuesday that Gbagbo was acquitted. The prosecution had asked for a life sentence, saying she participated in a committee that organized abuses against supporters of her husband's opponent after the 2010 election.

More than 3,000 people were killed after former President Laurent Gbagbo refused to accept defeat to current President Alassane Ouattara.


Simone Gbagbo still must serve 20 years in prison after being found guilty in March 2015 of offenses against the state.

Simone Gbagbo, in custody since April 2011, has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, but Ivory Coast has refused to transfer her.


60 billion will be borrowed from banks to finance the stimulus plan of the Cameroon Airlines Corporation (Camair-Co) over 7 years. Debt service is likely to be burdensome. The budget of acquisition of the planes remains to be specified ...


7 years to equip 12 aircraft. 7 years to serve 23 cities,That is 8 national and 4 intercontinental destinations and 11 regional destinations. The whole funded to 60 billion CFA francs or 30 billion CFA francs in the course of layoff. It was Monday, March 20, that the stimulus plan of the Cameroon Airlines-Corporation was presented yesterday by Boeing consulting. The ceremony was held in the conference room of the Ministry of Transport in Yaoundé.

They were optimistic. Both the director general of Camair-Co and the transport minister: "this is one of the best stimulus plans I have ever seen," Ernest Dikoum rejoiced. "I do not envisage a failure at all, we will return here in a few years to celebrate the progress of this recovery plan," swore Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o.


Market dupes?

At the end of this ceremony, several questions remain unanswered. First the acquisition of a plane. During the ceremony, nothing was said about the terms and conditions of aircraft acquisitions so that the Camair-Co fleet would have 12 aircraft by 2024. Does the state not run  the risk of bleeding blank, especially when we know that a dreamliner plane for example costs nearly 70 billion CFA francs?

Camair-Co is also expected to be a source of heavy debt for the State of Cameroon. At the ceremony last Monday, the Minister of Transport announced that Camair-Co is now the owner of its headquarters building. More rental so. What reduced the debt of the already colossal company. However, with this stimulus package, it is the state that this time risks suffering.

International market

Debt service runs the risk of getting heavier. Indeed, Boeing consulting had suggested that the State released 60 billion CFA francs. According to Transport Minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o during the ceremony, this amount of money will be borne by a bank consortium headed by EcoBank.

This is therefore an advance on cash which the State will have to bear subsequently with interest in addition that these banks will be entitled to claim. What is around 100 billion CFA francs. Moreover, the government has kept the vagueness around funding arrangements for 12 aircraft by 2024.

Moreover, we are still unaware of the strategy and positioning of Cameroon in relation to market constraints, when we know, for example, that Africa accounts for 1.9% of international transport dominated by major companies such as Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopians Airlines, etc. With the above, is not it better that the management of Camair-Co be given at least 85% to the private history of not exposing the company to the heaviness and defects inherent in the Cameroonian administration?

Abbas Mahamat Tolli, Governor of the Bank of Central African States (Beac), has spoken on the transfer of money via Mobile Money within the Economic Community of Central African States (Cameroon, Congo , Central African Republic, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad)

"You have mobile operators who, without the authorization, or the constraints to which the banks are subject, do exactly the activity of the banks. It's better to ensure that, "Abbas Tolli said. For whom, measures must be taken to avoid the risks of money laundering and tax evasion. Or even the financing of terrorism.

"We're going to have instruments that take all of these parameters into account. We must expand the scope of supervision of these innovations so that these innovations are circumscribed. Our texts do not allow such operations to be carried out, "explained the governor of the Central Bank.


The intervention of Abbas Mahamat Tolli comes in a context where mobile phone operators in Cameroon have embarked on cash transfers in virtually every country in Africa. MTN Cameroon, for example, is currently sending money to 25 countries in Africa from an MTN Mobile Money account.

Moreover, thanks to WorldRemit, a British actor of new technologies, people living in more than 50 different countries can send money to family and friends in Cameroon with the same ease as through SMS.

The recipient has the choice of the method of collecting the money: bank transfer in any bank in Cameroon, recharge of mobile telephony with a depository MTN or Orange, or even species to be collected in one of the hundreds Partners in Cameroon.

In February 2017, the Telecommunication Regulatory Agency took stock of the data it has on mobile money in Cameroon, since its launch in 2011. Thus, until 2014, this sector has recorded transactions amounting to 72 billion FCFA. According to TRA, these 72 billion FCFA correspond to nine million transactions through SMS. At the moment, more than 6000 payment points exist throughout Cameroon. WorldRemit said cash transfers play a major role in the country's economy as Cameroonians received $ 244 million (about CFAF 134 billion) in 2015, according to figures from the  World Bank.

Gathered around the "Alternance 2018" movement, the opposition parties had planned to nominate a candidate in March to take their vote in the election. The initiative has so far gone comatose

"Alternance 2018", a movement of the civil society created by Florent Ndzana, proposed to organize in March the very first primaries of the Cameroonian opposition. But his initiative remains, so far, a far fetched dream

The opposition remains deeply divided over the choice of a single candidate for the 2018 presidential election while the Cameroon People Democratic Movement (CPDM) celebrated on March 24 its 32 years in power.

According to the chronogram adopted by the civil society movement "Alternance 2018", it was on March 15th that the primaries had to begin with a view to choosing the Cameroonian opposition candidate in next year's presidential election .

The date of 15 March has come, but was not respected when due.


"The primaries are still in sight. We have run into many administrative barriers and  the reluctance of some people. However, the leaders of the parties have  agree to organize the primaries to designate a Cameroonian opposition candidate, "said Marie Jeanne Abega, regional delegate of the" Alternance 2018 "movement for the central region of Yaoundé.

According to her, a dozen opposition political parties and as many civil society organizations have already signed up to the 2018 Alternative movement.

A move that calls for a massive vote in favor of a single opposition candidate to overcome the CPDM, the ruling party for 32 years in Cameroon.

History recalls that the failure of a single opposition candidate had already been recorded in 2004.

John Fru Ndi, president of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF), rejected the choice of his opponent Adamou Ndam Njoya of the UDC.

Fru Ndi had been eliminated because he did not speak French, one of the official languages of Cameroon. A criterion that is still contained in the declaration of candidature proposed by the Alternance 2018 movement to the leaders of the political parties of the Cameroonian opposition.

Nevertheless, since 2004, the main political forces of the opposition are divided on the idea of a single candidature.

"The actors who currently dominate the main opposition parties have so much mistrust and distrust among them," said Cameroon political scientist Njoya Moussa.

Added to this is the fact that John Fru Ndi's party does not want to share his leadership.

"In the opposition, the SDF believes that any regrouping of political formations must be done around it. However,  critics say this is the behind the  the failure of the opposition in Cameroon, "adds the teacher Njoya Moussa.

The position of the SDF has not changed on this principle of natural leadership.

"The SDF assumes and deserves its political place in the opposition,"  a memeber  of this party tells Camcord

The political hunt to the old guard of the opposition.

For its part, the union for the brotherhood UFP of Olivier Bile, adheres to the initiative of Alternance 2018 to nominate an opposition candidate for the 2018 presidential in Cameroon, but under one condition.

"We are political actors who want to bring a new dynamic to the future. It must now begin with these primaries, which for us constitute a non-negotiable condition, "affirms the president of the UFP,

The Cameroon people party of Edith Kah Walla welcomes with less enthusiasm the option of presenting a single candidate of the opposition.

"It is important to have credible elections in Cameroon. An election with two rounds clears of itself, the candidate that the opposition will support. But the current regime does not want a two-round presidential election, "said Edith Kah Walla, president of the Cameroon People Party.

With so many differences, some Cameroonians are skeptical about a single opposition candidacy during the 2018 presidential election.

The daily Mutations reports that under cover of the Social Democratic Front (Sdf) officials confessed that the party does not yet have the 80 million FCFA to organize the congress. This could explain the fact that this high mass was postponed again last Saturday during the meetings of the members of the National Executive Committee (NEC). In order to raise this money, the newspaper said that the contributions were broken down as follows, 25 million for the party, 36 million for parliamentarians, 13 million for local elected representatives and 6 million for the Regions and From candidates to primary.

The paper also points out that other party cadres indicate that the dismissal of the congress is not due to the ideas of cash tensions within the party. But rather because of the anglophone crisis that is struggling to end. They admit, however, that the question of the organization of the congress was debated at the assizes last Saturday that were held in the residence of the Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi. "We are still discussing it. And I remind you that we held more congresses than the RDPC. What is more important? Make sure that children go to school or choose their leaders, "says the Chairman.

It should be noted that the official reason that was given to justify the postponement of the SDF congress is the English-speaking problem. "The Northwest and South-West are not stable and we have to get everyone from the Regions," says Ni John Fru Ndi.

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