Sports|f6be11 Sun, 27 May 2018 21:28:25 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb AFCON Niger 2019: Lions qualify for third round AFCON Niger 2019: Lions qualify for third round

The U20 lions of Cameroon have qualified for the third round of qualifiers for the AFCON, which will take place in Niger in 2019. This happened after they edged out the Hippos of Uganda

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The match was a tough one, even though the Cameroon team dominated. They had to wait till the 67th minute to score their lone goal.

90 minutes finally ended with the Cameroon team leading by just 1-0, through a penalty; results which could not take them to the next round.

All the same, they were lucky to have scored that goal. This is because one team had to leave at that stage and for that to happen, there was a penalty shootout, which Cameroon won 5-4.

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FIFA rankings: Cameroon moves one place forward FIFA rankings: Cameroon moves one place forward

The latest FIFA rankings have been released on 17 May 2018, with Cameroon moving from the 51st to the 50th position in the world.

No major changes have been noticed in this month's rankings. In Africa, Cameroon remains 7th, while in the world classification Germany is the first, followed by Brazil, Belgium, Portugal and Argentina.{loadposition myposition}


Africa's top 10

Tunisia (14th in the world)

Senegal (28th)

DR Congo (38th)

Morocco (42nd)

Egypt (46th)

Nigeria (47th)

Cameroon (50th)

Ghana (50th)

Burkina Faso (54th)

Cap Vert (58th)

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2019 AFCON: Etoo wants to give younger generation a chance 2019 AFCON: Etoo wants to give younger generation a chance

The former captain of the indomitable lions has said he has no plans of playing the upcoming AFCON.

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He made the revelation in an interview with France Football "No no no, I stopped in 2014" Etoo said.

According to the Cameroonian professional, the younger generation needs to be given a chance "a new generation has resurfaced. They won the last AFCON. They can shine without me. I will be with them, give them advice, but I will not take the place of a young player that has dreams of giving Cameroon a trophy" the 37-year old said.

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Football-U20: Lions in Uganda ahead of AFCON qualifier match Football-U20: Lions in Uganda ahead of AFCON qualifier match

Cameroon's U20 football team left the country on Tuesday 8 May 2018 for their qualifier match against Uganda which will be played on Saturday.

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The team travels to Uganda after having a number of training sessions in Cameroon meant to polish their skills and make them ready to face any opponent in the AFCON which will take place in Niger.

One of the players coming back to play with the National team expressed his excitement. "I feel very good and great to be in my country, I will do my best to have my country qualified. I find it very good, they are good players. I think we can do something. What we have to do in the team is to score goals. Without goals we cannot win the match".

The return leg is scheduled to take place in Yaounde on the 19 May 2018

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University games-Maroua: Canal 2 journalist gets his dose for taking images of uncompleted playground University games-Maroua: Canal 2 journalist gets his dose for taking images of uncompleted playground

The university games are now on day 5 and disturbing information from Maroua has it that a Canal 2 journalist has been inhumanely handled for taking images which he supposedly didn't have the authorisation to take.

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Andre Mirabeau Mahop as his name was gotten, was accused of illegally taking images of an uncompleted playground days after the kickoff of the games.

The games are now on day 5 with INJS leading with 10 gold medals, an impact which they created within the space of just two days.

Judo and athletics stand out as the sports disciplines from which they have gotten most of their medals.

One of the INJS athletes expressed the determination that they have "we came with a total of 9 athletes and we were able to emerge with two gold medals in Judo. The team spirit is fine because, we came prepared to win. And since everybody was not able to make it, our team mates were able to make it and we are happy for them because we know that maybe next time all of us will win"  the athlete revealed.

For the University of Ngaoundere who are equally noted for their terrific performance, they seem to have regressed on the classification table. On Sunday they were first, but on Monday, during which they ended up with just one gold medal in the ladies triple jump, they declined to the second spot. They have 12 medals, 6 in gold, 4 in silver and 2 in bronze.

More medals are expected this Tuesday as a good number of finals have been programmed.

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Football: Is Cameroon to finally host AFCON 2019! Football: Is Cameroon to finally host AFCON 2019!
CAF has official sent the logo of the 2019 African cup of Nations to the Cameroon Football Federation. {loadposition myposition}
The logo was sent with Cameroon’s ‘baptism’ name for the competition “Total AFCON Cameroon 2019”. This could prove that they no longer have rivals, who would make Cameroonians fear the competition might not take place in their country. The issue of Cameroon hosting the Afcon, has hardly ever been certain. This is because there have been numerous threats, to strip Cameroon of their hosting rights. At first it was a battle between Cameroon and Morocco, whom many thought would take over the organisation of the African competition, but they finally announced their support for Cameroon. Other fears stemmed from the fact that Cameroon could not present ready pitches and other infrastructure as expected. Most of the works were still under construction. The creation of the logo is now a clear sign that the hosts of the 2019 edition of the African Cup of Nations remain Cameroon. {loadposition myposition2}
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Commonwealth games 2018: Cameroonian athletes reported missing in Australia Commonwealth games 2018: Cameroonian athletes reported missing in Australia

Five Cameroonian athletes taking part in the 2018 commonwealth games in Australia, have gone missing.

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The five athletes whose names are, Ollivier Matam, Minkoumba Petit David, Arcangeline, Fouodji Sonkbou, Ndzie Tchoyi Christian and Fotsala Simplice, disappeared on Monday and Tuesday.

This is not the first time Cameroon is experiencing such a situation. In London during the Olympics, Cameroonian athletes left the competition without authorisation.

Three athletes had earlier been announced missing, Olivier Matam, Ndzie Tchoyi and Simplice Fotsala. From five now, it is possible that the number increases given that the competition is not yet over.

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Cameroon: Former indomitable lion, Onana Eloundou is no more Cameroon: Former indomitable lion, Onana Eloundou is no more

The former national team defender, Onana Eloundou, who took part in the 1982 world cup in Spain, is dead. He died on Monday, following an illness.

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After retiring from playing football, in 1988, Eloundou's life has not been an easy one, in spite of the fact that he was part of the team that permitted Cameroon to build the powerful name they enjoy today in football.

Onana had once revealed while he was still alive, that he started to be a key player with the Cameroon national team during the African Nation's cup in Libya "Francois Ndoumbe Lea had difficulties to adapt with the turf in Libya, so I replaced him towards the end. From that day, I became one of the key players of the national team" Eloundou revealed.

One of the activities the former indomitable lion got into after his life as a football player was becoming a coach. He created a football school called Mixtout, a formation center which trained youths aged between 8 and 16 years. They had as training site, the football field of Government Bilingual High School Cite Verte Yaounde.

A time equally came when Eloundou decided to give his life to Christ. He was a Christian of the Pentecostal Church in Oyom-Abang.

The 66-year old and father of 6, dies after having played two African Nation's cups (winning one in 1984), one world cup (1982) and the 1984 Olympic games.

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Samuel Etoo not happy with Jeune Afrique for pulling 'April fool' using him Samuel Etoo not happy with Jeune Afrique for pulling 'April fool' using him

Cameroonian football professional Samuel Etoo, is very angry with Jeune Afrique and France 24 for using him for their April fool prank.

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The media organs presented Etoo as a future candidate of the 2018 presidential elections, an idea which the Cameroonian celebrated footballer did not like.

While the public had taken it serious, Samuel Etoo considers it an act of defamation "as a Cameroonian, I have always respected the institutions of my country. I think that something like the presidential elections of Cameroon, is so important to be taken this lightly" Etoo said

In the April fool article about the former captain of the indomitable lions, one could find excerpts such as, "Samuel Etoo can play as a scorer as well as other positions in the field...... I don't see why I wouldn't be able to occupy the post of the president of the Republic".

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CAF office in Yaounde closed and inaugurated in Madagascar CAF office in Yaounde closed and inaugurated in Madagascar

A new CAF office has been inaugurated in Madagascar on Friday 30 March 2018, after the closure of the one which used to be in Yaounde.

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This follows the laws of CAF, which stipulate that, an office for the CAF president has to be established in his home town. This is in order to ensure proper coordination of activities between the General Secretariat in Cairo and the head office of the CAF president.

The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of several guests like, the Secretary General of FIFA Fatma Samoura, members of the executive committee of CAF and the presidents of various African Football federations.

Madagascan personalities were equally present such as, the president of the Senate Rivo Rakotovao, the head of the National  Assembly Jean Max Rakotomamonjy, the minister of defence Ben Xavier Rasolofonirina, the minister of police Mamy Andrianisa, among other officials of the government.

During the ceremony, Ahmad Ahmad seized the opportunity to thank the presidents of African football federations, that gave him their trust by electing him the head of CAF and he equally assured the public of his commitment to take African football to the next level.

The new office is located in Mahajanga and will be made up of an office for the CAF president, a conference hall and five persons shall be present in the structure.

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