Technology Sun, 21 Apr 2019 13:03:03 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Google Hopes to Train 10M Africans in Online Skills, CEO Says Google Hopes to Train 10M Africans in Online Skills, CEO Says

Alphabet's Google aims to train 10 million people in Africa in online skills over the next five years in an effort to make them more employable, its chief executive said Thursday.

The U.S. technology giant also hopes to train 100,000 software developers in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, a company spokeswoman said.

Google's pledge marked an expansion of an initiative it launched in April 2016 to train young Africans in digital skills. It announced in March that it had reached its initial target of training 1 million people.

The company is "committing to prepare another 10 million people for jobs of the future in the next five years," Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai told a company conference in Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos.

Google said it would offer a combination of in-person and online training. Google has said on its blog that it carries out the training in languages including Swahili, Hausa and Zulu and tries to ensure that at least 40 percent of people trained are women. It did not say how much the program cost.

Africa, with its rapid population growth, falling data costs and heavy adoption of mobile phones, having largely leapfrogged personal computer use, is tempting for tech companies.

Executives such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s Chairman Jack Ma have also recently toured parts of the continent.

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Basic phones, less surfing

But countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, which Google said it would initially target for its mobile developer training, may not offer as much opportunity as the likes of China and India for tech firms.

Yawning wealth gaps mean that much of the population in places like Nigeria has little disposable income, while mobile adoption tends to favor more basic phone models. Combined with bad telecommunications infrastructure, that can mean slower and less internet surfing, which tech firms rely on to make money.

Google also announced plans to provide more than $3 million in equity-free funding, mentorship and working space access to more than 60 African startups over three years.

In addition, YouTube will roll out a new app, YouTube Go, aimed at improving video streaming over slow networks, said Johanna Wright, vice president of YouTube.

YouTube Go is being tested in Nigeria as of June, and the trial version of the app will be offered globally later this year, she said.


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Cameroon hosts 4th STEM Africa International Conference Cameroon hosts 4th STEM Africa International Conference

The fourth edition of the International Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Africa kicks off today Tuesday 30th May. The conference dubbed STEM-Africa is held in Yaoundé under the patronage of the president of La Republique.

The event which spans three days is an initiative of the University of Michigan (USA) and the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education.

STEM handles educational policies in a bit to improve competitiveness in science and technology development, with the intention of making people learn to be creators, innovators, inventors… Quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for all peoples is the main driving force behind the existence of STEM.{loadposition myposition}

The theme of this year’s edition of the event is STEM for Africa-US Frontiers in Science.

Cameroon seems to be hosting a lot of international events at a time when the socio-political and educational atmosphere looks pretty unstable. With the Anglophone Problem in West Cameroon, upcoming elections coupled with the Boko Haram headache in the northern part of the nation, there is every indication that the country is not comfortable.{loadposition myposition2}

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Facebook chooses 60 finalists in Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge Facebook chooses 60 finalists in Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge

Facebook has selected 60 finalists from the hundreds of entries it received from across the Middle East and Africa

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, May 17, 2017/ -- Facebook has selected 60 finalists from the hundreds of entries it received from across the Middle East and Africa for the Bots for Messenger Developer Challenge. The Bots for Messenger Challenge is a contest to recognise and reward developers who create the most innovative new bots on Messenger.{loadposition myposition}

Developers, in teams of up to three people, were invited to create bots in three categories: gaming and entertainment; productivity and utility; and social good.

The 60 finalist teams (10 per category in Middle East/North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa) each won a Gear VR and mobile phone, one hour of Facebook mentorship, and tools and services from FbStart (, a Facebook program designed to help early stage mobile start-ups build and grow their bots. All student teams who made it to the finals won an additional $2,000.

Facebook will contact the finalists and connect them with a mentor. They will need to resubmit their bots before midnight (GMT) on June 2 to qualify to win. For each region, three runner-up teams (one from each category) will win $10,000 and three months of Facebook mentorship. For each region, three winning teams (one from each category) will win $20,000 and three months of Facebook mentorship.

The 60 finalist teams and their bots can be viewed here:

Says Emeka Afigbo, Facebook’s Head of Platform Partnerships for the Middle East and Africa: “Facebook grew out of a hacker culture and thrives by promoting innovation on new platforms. That's why we launched the Bots for Messenger Challenge, with the aim of rewarding entrepreneurs and developers for harnessing the power of bots to create amazing new services and apps.

“We were overwhelmed to receive more than 1,000 entries over two and a half months for the Bots for Messenger Challenge from developers and entrepreneurs across the Middle East and Africa—each one of them solving a problem in an inventive way or enriching the lives of its target user.”

Media contact:
Idea Engineers
PR agency for Facebook


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Cameroon gives helping hand to Republic of Central Africa Cameroon gives helping hand to Republic of Central Africa

A delegation from the Central African Republic is in Cameroon to seek help, especially in the field of communication.

The delegation which is lead by the country’s minister of communication was received on Monday by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, government’s spokesperson and minister of communication.

Speaking after a meeting with the delegation, Mr Tchiroma disclosed that the Central African Republic had ‘nothing’ in the aftermath of the armed conflicts that she has witnessed, adding that he and Cameroon were ready to help her.

“Unfortunately today everything is completely destroyed. They have to start from scratch…” Tchiroma said. “In terms of radio, television, the printing press in their country; they have nothing,” he continued,{loadposition myposition}

Mr Tchiroma went further to reveal that he had received orders from the head of State to help any nation in need of “the experience that we have at home”.

“The reason why, open-heartedly, we are ready to receive all the managers,” Tchiroma said, adding that the state-broadcaster, Crtv; SOPECAM and the Advanced School of Mass Communication had received instructions to welcome the delegation.

He added that the second item on their agenda was to make it clear that problems could be solved without necessarily passing through war.

The Central African Republic has been devastated by internal armed conflicts for several decades. Most of her presidents have obtained power through violence. It is against the backdrop of reconstruction that the special delegation was dispatched to Cameroon.

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New alternative for newspaper distribution gathers steam in Cameroon New alternative for newspaper distribution gathers steam in Cameroon

The advent of e-Kiosque has come to revolutionise the newspaper business in Cameroon.

E-Kiosque is a platform created by Kiama SA, where publishers can put their papers for readers to buy.  Instead of CFA 400 for the hard copy of a newspaper, e-Kiosque proposes CFA 200 for the online version.

The online copy of newspapers would not be different from the hard copy.

Access to this platform is obtained by creating an account. The subscriber pays by Mobile Money, credit card or by an e-Kiosque card.{loadposition myposition}

The company credited with creating the platform claims that newspapers on the platform are well secured. A newspaper bought on e-Kiosque cannot be shared.

This initiative which has been in place since 10th February 2017 has come to solve the complications and problems involved in the distribution of newspapers in Cameroon.

For decades now, the main distributor of newspapers in Cameroon has been Messa Presse. Newspaper publishers have had to go through very tough times coping with the rush for scoop. Sometimes, it takes about two days for some papers to reach some remote parts of the nation, especially the north.

So far several newspapers have reached agreement with e-Kiosque. However, most Cameroonians do not yet have a clue about its existence. Two out of three journalism students from the Advanced School of Mass Communication are still unaware of the invention.{loadposition myposition}

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17yrs old Cameroonian wins a Google Hacking Contest 17yrs old Cameroonian wins a Google Hacking Contest

Google Code-In is a yearly hacking competition organized by Google and for the 2016 edition, the Grand Prize Winner for the competition is Collins Nji. Collins also happens to be the first Black and the first African to win this competition.

Collins participated in this competition at a very bad time. He lives in Bamenda, Cameroon, and during the period of the competition, the government of Cameroon had banned internet connections from the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon for political reasons, leaving businesses and students stranded. However, Collins prevailed over such limitations by enrolling, participating and winning the competition as the international Grand Prize Winner.{loadposition myposition}

The Google Code-In is a competition for Pre-university students aged between 13 to 17 where students are given a variety a variety of bite-sized tasks to hack open source software.

With the crippling Internet shutdown which occurred in the English Cameroons for some weeks now; Collins Nji a 17 year-old Upper Sixth student at the Government Bilingual High School Bamenda succeeded in emerging as the first Black and African Grand Prize Winner for the Google Code-In 2016 contest.

Collins a product of the Silicon Mountain tech ecosystem was particularly affected by the Internet blockade imposed by the Cameroon Government. He was forced to travel to nearby Bafoussam to submit his solutions and return to Bamenda to continue working despite the risks involved.
On January 30th Google announced the winners of this year’s contest; Collins is the first African to have won this competition. As a result, he will be traveling to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA to meet the Google Open Source team and other members of the Google Software Engineering team for a tour of Silicon Valley finest.

He will have the opportunity to meet other like-minded hackers from all over the world for an intense week of intellectual and cultural exchange.

With the damaging effects of the Internet shutdown in the English Cameroons during the past few months Collins Nji’s performance is laudable and we highly encourage all English speaking Cameroonians to be inspired by example. In his own words “When GCI started I was anxious and nervous to some extend… I had to find ways to turn my nervousness into creativity and fun. Participating was super exciting and really exhausting,  and at the end, I discovered that I gained a whole new level of experience in the Open source world.


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University of Douala: Students develop application to track undisciplined drivers on the road University of Douala: Students develop application to track undisciplined drivers on the road

Cameroonian students from the School of industrial engineering at the University of Douala, in the economic capital of the country, have just created an application which can track undisciplined drivers on the road, particularly those who do not respect the traffic lights. {loadposition myposition} 

Called “Man no run”, colloquial expression in the local slang which means “nobody can escape”, this application enables its user, through a camera and sensor, to film the licence plates of the vehicles running red lights, we learned. In practical terms, explains Romaric Saounde, one of the sponsors of the project, “when the traffic light is red, the system lies in wait for an offence. When the first vehicle crosses the first radar, it is filmed. Which means that the offence is registered, even if the system continues to wait. If the vehicle continues without stopping and crosses the second radar, the offence is confirmed and a second photo is taken. It is this second picture which is used to identify the licence number of the offending vehicle and its owner”.


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Don't buy a Galaxy Note 7-Samsung halts production Don't buy a Galaxy Note 7-Samsung halts production

Samsung has announced a total halt to production and a recall of its troubled Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, citing continued safety concerns over the device bursting into flames.

Analysts have said the move could cost the world's top smartphone maker $17bn, a huge blow as it fights Apple for domination of the market.

"We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety as top priority, we have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s," the company said in a statement on Tuesday.{loadposition myposition} 

Earlier, the tech giant had urged owners to switch the phone off over safety concerns.

Samsung said it had asked all global carriers to stop sales of Note 7s and stop exchanging original devices for replacements, while it worked with regulators to look into the problem.

"Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device," the South Korean firm said in statement.

Samsung's decision to pull Note 7s off the shelves for the second time in less than two months has raised doubts about the firm's quality control, while industry commentators have questioned transparency at the tech giant.

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Buea-Cameroon:Silicon Mountain offers 240 Free Computer Programming Classes Buea-Cameroon:Silicon Mountain offers 240 Free Computer Programming Classes

Free computer programming classes are always a blessing and for those in #Silicon Mountain – Buea Cameroon, there is a huge opportunity for you.

On the 15th of October 2016, the Google Developers Group of Buea is launching a set of 10 programming courses, in partnership with, the online learning platform and ActivSpaces, the number one tech incubator in Cameroon. The program will be launched in the office of Skylabase, another Silicon Mountain startup.{loadposition myposition}

The P/L Meetups, as the program is called, is an initiative started by the Google Developers Group Buea, in partnership with Skademy and ActivSpaces Cameroon to foster the development of computer programming and digital product development skills in Silicon Mountain (Buea, South West Region Cameroon). Last year saw the first edition of the P/L Meetups with 5 programming languages thought in 8 sessions each summing to a total of 40 sessions.

This year, 2016, The P/L Meetups will see 10 different programs each having 24 sessions summing up to 240 sessions. We are also featuring new interesting programs like Deep/Machine Learning which will be handled by SiQueries, a machine learning/ visualization startup that hails from Silicon Mountain. This year, the P/L Meetups is not all about code as Graphic Design features in the program.

At the end of these free computer programming classes, we hope to see 100 persons enriched with the skills needed for high-tech product development needed by Silicon Mountain startups.

The following programs and technologies will be taught during the free computer programming classes:

  • Machine Learning
  • Android Programming
  • Graphics Design
  • C Programming
  • C# Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Python Programming
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Node.js

The Silicon Mountain community is fast becoming a power tech hub in Africa and this program is a response from the cry of startup founders who always complain of the lack of relevant skills. There are over 5 higher institutions of learning in Buea that offer Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Computer Science. But these institutions are still struggling to deliver the recent skills needed by these startups.

The partnering organizations believe that free computer programming classes will go a long way to supply more skills in needed by startups to survive and become profitable businesses.

The organizers of P/L Meetups are also inviting people across the country who would want to move to Buea and benefit from these sessions, should do so without hesitation.

The only requirements to register is that all entrants must have a laptop, have an A Level certificate and will be in Buea during the complete period of training.


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Fighting Online Criminality:Cameroon upgrades measures Fighting Online Criminality:Cameroon upgrades measures

Participants were senior police, military and Civil Service officials employing Information and Communication Technologies.

Growing cyber criminality across the world has bled economies, stirred terrorism and leaked State sensitive information. The situation necessitates that experts must swim against the wave of cyber attacks that cost Cameroon 3 Billion FCFA last year. Cameroon has taken up various arms against cyber crime, including the creation by a presidential decree in 2010 of the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC).{loadposition myposition}

The agency seeks to check the escalation of the hydra-headed phenomenon. This and other security techniques against cyber crime have earned Cameroon the 15th position in the world and the fifth in Africa. This ranking is contained in the 2015 report by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). ANTIC Director General, Dr. Ebot Ebot Enaw, who made the disclosure, was addressing participants at one-week workshop in Buea from September 19-24, 2016.

Dr. Ebot Ebot Enaw explained that the workshop was intended to enable security officers carry out conclusive forensic research against cyber crime as well as improve the skills of civil servants with latest techniques in managing and securing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools. The human element was identified as the weakest link in the cyber security chain. The cyber training modules included extracting and analyzing digital evidence on media like hard drives, tablets and smart phones.

The 100 participants from State institutions, including the military, security services and Civil Service, equally built skills in detecting intrusions, monitoring social media, protecting computers and mobile phones and elaborating deep web.

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