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US ban its citizens from travelling to the North West & South West regions of Cameroon

A Security Alert issued by the US Embassy in Yaounde, on Aug 24, 2018, cited: "reports of increased violence in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

All but mission-essential travel by US Embassy personnel to these regions is prohibited, limiting our ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in these areas. Additionally, some medical facilities are reported to be understaffed in these regions due to the unrest. Actions to Take:

Do not travel to the Southwest and Northwest Regions.

Always carry proof of your legal presence in Cameroon, such as a U.S. passport with visa, or a residency card. Since Cameroon does not recognize dual citizenship, U.S. citizens of Cameroonian descent should never attempt to use a Cameroonian passport or identification card"

Before Biya regime apologists and CPDM cheerleaders jump up with their predictable bashing of America, the message should be clear to anyone not blinded by self-interest that the US believes the deteriorating security situation in the NW and SW casts a credibility shadow on the upcoming elections; and public life, including schools, cannot function smoothly in the NW and SW regions. You might disagree, but that is the view from Washington.


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