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“This article intends to insult no one and much work has been done in that regard. The words were carefully chosen by the author to highlight the African predicament. Moreover, this work is simply a fact finding mission to summon a wakeup call to Africans. If anyone therefore, considers that they are hurt by the writing and feel insulted, then they must come to terms with the original intent of the article”. No apologies to anyone!

You can contact the author through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Has anyone ever wondered why African’s pay particular attention to the presidential elections of the West with outmost particularity to the smallest details? The countries that enjoy this undivided attention are The USA, France and Great Britain. The reason is simple; The USA is the geostrategic gravitational pull that holds the different elements of the Western driven imperialist interstate interactions. And without the support of the USA some geopolitical interests in Africa will fall aloof. Secondly, the power stability of the globe though in a multi polarity thanks to the rise of China and India, much still oscillates around the American-Russian influence and both powers have a great say in most world affairs. France and Britain come in as the two principal players of most African politically driven destinies in the sense that as former colonial powers, they still retain some measure of control over their former colonies. To achieve this they depend largely on surrogate type presidents. The clear difference between them is that unlike Britain, and not to say the least, France maintains a rather bloody and despotic rule through the France-Afrique whereby its former colonies are continuously languishing under its rude and unfriendly dictatorship.

From antiquity through independence and until now, France has had to interfere with most African presidential elections likewise Britain. The motivation is to appoint and maintain leaders who preserve their interests while at the same time, carrying out law infringing and cosmetic peace keeping operations such as in Mali, Central African Republic and 1994 Rwanda. The mental slavery that besets some African laity could be presumed that some Africans maybe ignorant or afraid to stand up for their rights tolerate the despotic, wicked and hidden agenda behind every interaction with these powers. As earlier said champion to this one sided relationship is mainly France and Britain that enjoy an insatiable intercourse with this beggarly attitude some African states that are evangelized by their militarized leaders. As such, the principal result is that these countries finally find a way to keep their former colonies bedridden for ever so that they must never rise to greatness. Failure to do this might send countries that depend completely on Africa like France to the third world. This apparent destiny of France should therefore, be the drive to push their former colonies for total self determination. Though the masses might want it, the puppet presidents and egocentric elites benefiting from the system, are most times the speed brakes. The funniest thing about this is how some Africans wait patiently for every presidential election from the above mentioned countries in order to table their requests and pleas for help. Secondly, once the winner of the elections is declared if it’s a French election, the new president elect must arbitrate another traditional race which is aimed at catching his attention. A race that instead deepens the already much detested slavery its founders begot. The race is usually between African presidents who race among themselves for who will be the first to be received by the newly elected president. This attitude is very typical with former French colonies who beg to renew parasitic ties; most of which are not for the interests of the people for the interests of France, first, and then for the kleptocracy.

Very pathetically, this attitude over the years has given the French political class another camouflaging culture and attitude in their foreign policy whereby they tell African’s what they want to hear while at the same time, making use of their suffering as a strong campaign bases for political office. It is also a strong tenet for racial appellations which keep leveling African nations and their viable sons as sub-standard. The economic and diplomatic deprivations that follow are such that if African states do not wake up to defend their rights by overhauling the kleptocracy, then they can be sure to constantly and perpetually remain on their knees. Very typical examples of Western politicians mostly those of the European Union who use the predicaments of African societies to gain political office include; those running for positions to the European Parliament and aspiring presidential candidates. It has so much become a norm that anyone who does not add Africa in their modus operandi as regards to their foreign policy might be immediately shunned away. And to think that their policies and promises are fulfilled once elected into office, is a farce because as always, imperialism built on the racial constructivist interpersonal flow of power and energy, between the former colonial masters and their colonies, always interferes with the stronger claiming the spoil. Afrique sur 7 (2017) made it even clearer “From François Mitterrand  who wanted to be a friend of Africa to Jacques Chirac , Nicolas Sarkozy and today Francois Hollande , the cradle of humanity has been constantly fooled by these little malignant who promise him wonders before to access power. But once in command of our dear France, they do not care anymore about Africans and what they really want”. As a matter of fact, these powers owe Africans no duty for development as it all lies in the hands of Africans to put independently and collectively put bread on their table. The African continent is being exploited because it has apathetic leaders; work in complicity with foreign powers whose wicked plots constantly abuse of the masses without any credible checks and penalties. Lessons learnt from Israel reveal that they didn’t seat back and complain about the four hundred years of slavery they spent in Egypt. Rather, they developed themselves and did what they had to do and when the time came for them to have their pound of flesh in 1973, they had Egypt perfectly messed up. Today, the difference between the former slave master and the former slave is apparent. Egypt consequently understands the current deity of Israel and knows that a face to face war is suicidal. This research enthusiastically shows Africans that this is the way forward to deliverance. In international relations though soft power exists, the underlying basis of interaction is all about force and violence. Thucydides commenting the Peloponnesian wars stated clearly that “the strong do what they will and the weak do what they must”. Africa must wake up from being the weak that continues to bury patriotic leaders. Let the tables turn so that other imperialist driven Western leaders will be buried as well. This research is independent of this fact and reiterates that it’s a political culture of international relations, no emphasis or stereotypes are attached

In addition, one of the many public speeches candidates running for office especially the French presidential candidates make to blindfold their electorate is that they will accompany Africa in its path to development and will invest heavily to make African countries habitable. The seriousness and veracity in their voices breasted by carefully prepared speeches might easily fool the naïve. However, the sound minded Pan Africanist who understands the times knows the reality and can find the lie, the hypocrisy in each word, sentence, and paragraph and will certainly not buy that crab. At a time when many African patriots and intellectuals are seriously fighting to end the heavy French influence in most former French colonies, a few others especially their leaders don’t really care as much if the French have huge a influence or not. Secondly, seeing that France is one of the most detested states in Africa because of the support they constantly bring to dictators in exchange for their interests, there is a loud cry urging all to turn their gaze inwards, and focus on their collective solution path finding mission.   

This paper therefore, seeks to highlight some very pertinent issues about the relationship between the European Union and African states. Secondly, it seeks to mention some hard facts that many might not like to hear but as it stands in the material year of 2017, these truths must be told and people must wake up from slumber to face the realities of the African continent. The development of this continent is not in the hands of the West but in the hands of the sons of Africa.

This paper is sad to observe that the events that hit Africa could be said to follow a well planned sequence. These are thought to be determined by someone somewhere, whoever they might be following a path of well defined premeditated acts of genocide against the African people. From Ebola which claimed more than 14.000 lives in 2014 to the Mediterranean which has claimed more than 100.000 lives of those seeking to reach the shores of Europe by passing through Libya, one wonders why the mineral rich Africa remains despicably poor. Moreover, solutions to problems are not sought for from within instead; heads are always lifted high to the ‘mighty’ West for solutions.

In 2007 when former President Barrack Hussein Obama declared his desires to run for president of the United States of America, many thought it was just a sham and like always the white majority will kick him out disgracefully. But somehow it happened to be the reverse and for the first time fifty years after the Late Dr. Martin Luther’s Dream, America had a mulato or better still black president. When Obama was declared winner on November 2007, it a violent and assertive shock wave around the world that finally African’s especially Kenyans, will have all their problems solved. Many African’s immediately forgot about solving their domestic problems ignorantly giving way for culture and power brokers to take the political economy hostage. In addition, many immediately suffered no small look-up to Obama for help. After all, he is a son of the soil and must attend to their problems. The letters of congratulations and the motions of support that were sent from all over Africa were imminent revelation of how much the African people welcomed this great move of the American people.  Secondly, it accused the white supremacist that at last racism was if not dead, but badly crushed in America. Furthermore, it advised other countries with African minorities to follow in the same light. Whether Obama was merely a product of the white racist system brought up to camouflage the deeply rooted segregation between blacks and whites, or whether he was genuinely elected was no body’s problem as of then. The end was what justified the means proving Hess’ Law and that was, a black man was finally renting the White House. The expectations on Obama were so high that if he were to directly lift them, it’s sure that he would have immediately been crushed to death by their weight. As always when someone succeeds, it gives room for others to dream wildly and such was the case with this group of people who strongly believed and were very convinced that American embassies by virtue of Obama will all of a sudden become so righteous in visa processing. Well, only time would tell.

It’s not the intention of this paper to list the many aspirations that African compatriots of good will had on a son of their soil that is, both from the poor man down there who knew little or nothing about politics, to the intellectual up there who was very well knowledgeable about international politics. Nonetheless, it must be fully established that many of these hopes started dying off soon after Obama was sworn into office in January, 2008 and worst of all when he accompanied Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president to kill Muammer Gaddaffi in 2011 at the wake of the Arab Spring. Moreover, the rise of the killings of black young men in the USA by police officers during Obama’s Administration, leveled the gear and brought many Africans to reconcile with their reality. At this junction, Obama had lost a great number of his supporters and sympathizers in Africa and beyond. Similarly, many had woken to the sad reality that his election had nothing to do with the African people. It was all about “America first”.

The same goes for every French presidential election. Every five years some stupid Africans as if they never learn the lesson always cry to the French presidential candidates for salvation. It’s lamentable how people who detest France and accuse her of every mischief in Africa still run to them for help in times of need. Moreover, one of the pressing questions every French presidential candidate must address is the famous France-Afrique. A strong deterrence both from the media and political rivalry required that most French politicians learn by experience, to passionately sing the Grammy award song of putting an end to it once elected to office. Of course all of this is a sham and flies away in the face of logic once appointed to office.

Well, it’s on African soil that Nicolas Sarkozy did a perfect show of how much he desired to end the France-Afrique when he went to Libya and did everything to kill Muammer Gaddaffi. It’s alleged that he had taken over fifty million dollars from the latter to finance his campaign in 2007 and couldn’t pay back. The only way out of that yolk was to take advantage of the Arab Spring as a pretext to get Muammer Gaddafi out of the way. Is this not eloquent testimony that there can never be any true and genuine friendship in the world especially between Africa and the West? Maybe Africans should wake up to another resounding fact that between states there is no friendship but just interests. When the interests thrive then the states involved are the best of friends but the corresponding demise of those interests may inevitable lead to enmity. Burundi under the regime of Pierre Nkurunziza is an unequivocal example to cement this thesis.

François Hollande prior to the French presidential elections in 2012 spoke heavily against the France-Afrique showing with plenty of animosity the evil that enshrouds this practice of the French foreign policy towards Africa. Yet, when he was elected in office, the reverse was true.  Ebola struck Africa and many Africans accuse both him and the American CIA for being responsible. Until now it remains a conspiracy but the past, present as well as the projected future of France in Africa doesn’t convince many otherwise. Furthermore, Francois Hollande’s administration is said to have armed Syrian rebels in a bid to oust Bashar Assad from power. This move directly opposes the United Nations Charter Article 2 paragraph 7 which forbids member states from interfering in the domestic politics of other countries. Chulov (2012) reported for the Guardian that France has emerged as the most prominent backer of Syria's armed opposition and is now directly funding rebel groups around Aleppo as part of a new push to oust the embattled Assad regime.” Note that this started under Hollande’s Administration and shows no light of stopping with Macron who inherited the system and can do almost nothing to stop it.

Similarly, the recent 2017 French presidential candidates Marie Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron made strong remarks against the France-Afrique. It’s amazing how some light minded people took those words at heart and without restraint believed every word. Little do they know that the words of such politicians can never be taken to mean what they said because they are just playing politics and the system put in place by General De Gaulle in the 1940s, is stronger than their presidencies or terms in office.

Very particularly about the two candidates are some racially discriminating statements that have been made over the years by the Front National. Marie Le Pen the candidate for the Front National has been known to make serious comments about African’s whom she considers a nuisance to France. Afrique sur 7 (2017) reiterated that Marine Le Pen has always been presented as the enemy of Africans” and she has promised on many occasions that if elected to office, she will in hesitantly deport all Africans in France back to Africa. It’s very important to note that her Front National (FN) is regarded as a very racist wing of French politics and they are not ashamed to say it. Therefore, it baffles this paper why African’s blessed with this knowledge still look up to France for help. The same France who in the 1960s adopted a derogatory policy that all their African colonies, are simply a product of their craftsmanship and do not have the negotiating capacity to sit with them on the table for an egalitarian decision making. They considered and still consider Africans to be of a low and primitive civilization who will not survive except through them. Considering the geoenergy politics in the Gulf of Guinea the reverse is true and this should indefatigably be the fundamental diplomatic offensive of the respective countries. Therefore, with this racially depleting mentality how can they then become the Messiahs of African states? African’s must wake and stop day dreaming.

This paper will not want to belabor the point and bore the reader but straight away, will like to raise some facts that most Africans are shying away from.


It’s important to note that the causes of Africa’s problems have been identified as both exogenous and endogenous. These shall be discussed in depth in the paragraphs below. The primordial solution therefore, lies in the ability of Africans to courageously rise in unity, and mutual dependence, face each other eye-to-eye, call each problem by its name and collectively find its solution regardless of their differences. If the two most warring powers in Europe that is France and Germany could do in 1957 abandon their hatchets and precede with the creation of the European Economic Community now the European Union, then it’s also possible in Africa. Now consider the following facts below;

The France-Afrique and other related mercenary cells in Africa which are mostly run by multinational companies, and some powers were created with the same evil intention; which is to maim and perpetually kill every Pan Africanist spirit in Africans. The France-Afrique therefore, was founded by General De Gaulle as the life blood of France by which France must remain an active player of international politics in the 21st century. The systemic flow has remained ever since with an undivided attention to a constant evolution about anything that will keep it alive.

No Western presidents will ever risk their lives and office to rescue any African state. The only man who tried this in 1961 and ended up dead somewhere in the bushes of Ndola now known as Zambia, was Dag Hammarskjöld, the former UN Secretary General. The Swedish diplomat who was bent on tenaciously following after international law was a pin to the ass of the imperialist powers namely, Britain and The USA. It’s reported that these powers gained massively from the war and instability rained by armed rebel groups in The Democratic Republic of Congo, the reason why the UN boss made the trip to make a peace deal between the rebels and the central government. This initiative that was not welcomed by the above mentioned powers. The UN boss was bent on bringing a final end to this matter but was allegedly killed by the American and British CIA who embittered at his righteousness, gunned down his plane (Borger, 2017). With this eye opener Africans must come to terms that everyone who becomes president in any other Western nation, simply inherits a system by which they must operate during their tenure in office. Failure to do this might end them up like the former UN boss mentioned above. If they are very lucky then they might end up like the ousted Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast.

The 1960 French policy of assimilation as well the British policy of indirect rule whose results are the same, still applies today whereby there are governor type presidents appointed by these powers to secure their interests in Africa. It’s alleged by some political elites that Rwanda, Uganda, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi are perfect examples of these governor-types of presidents. If that is the case what can be said about Ivory Coast, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville, and Togo, etc? With these kinds of puppet-like authoritarian regimes what can one really expect as far as sustainable development is concerned? Moreover, all former colonies are still minimized and considered as nothing but provinces that are headed by governors who must take orders from Paris, or London, or Washington D.C. These governor- type presidents cannot take decisions by themselves and every attempt to go against the wills of the god-fathers is highly consequential. But this yolk can and will be broken in Jesus Name! All African folks need to do is to unite and it’s sure that there will be another French revolution on African soil. Not even the threat and politics of atomic bombs can stop the unity of a people who are resolute to their course. Those who have watched the movie “Spartacus” understand this perfectly. Liberty is not free and will not be given on a platter of gold it must be taken by force. The long awaited results must be achieved but this depends on the collective efforts of Africans if they need total liberation from these people. Lives will be lost for sure but at the end they shall break free from this yolk. “There is no help coming from the West because if they could help themselves, then they wouldn’t need Africa”. That they insatiably need Africa is eloquent testimony of their weakness if carefully and tactically approached. Moreover, it proves that beyond reasonable doubt not minding their developments that they are highly tamable.

The French economic and diplomatic policies for Africa as well as those of the European Union and the United States are highly parasitic and every ‘aid’ granted comes with very strong and intertwined strings. Errors might have been made in the 1960s prior to independence and when the terms of the independence of African states were being negotiated but all that is highly correctable now.

Imperialist powers with deep roots of dependence on African minerals like France badly need Africa to remain in the G8 and G20 otherwise, their doom is very certain. Inferno (2011) quoted Jacques Chirac who said “that most of the money in the French treasury comes from the century long exploitation of Africa and it’s time for France to return to Africans what has been stolen from them”. Therefore, without Africa France is nothing in the 21st century. It’s now understood why they cannot adopt a symbiotic relationship with Africa but the politics of force and intimidation is what they think will work best for them in order to remain on top. This therefore means that calling on France and its allies to save Africa from its many and unending problems, some of which include ousting dictators who are simply French and over Western backed governors is over fetched. So if some Africans are waiting and beckoning on them to end a system they initiated and from which they largely benefit then these Africans are fools, liars and the truth is not in them. Common guys wake up! 

For as long as Africans refuse to rise and deliver themselves from the hands of these Philistines who are both internal and external, Africa will forever remain the footstools of the West. The time to act is now.

Between states there is no friendship and every relationship initiated is simply backed by interests which could turn greedy and at the short run, very bloody. Therefore, for as long as there are interests, states are friends but once those interests seize to exist, enmity not to say the least is inevitable.

Africans must swallow these above listed bitter pills and face the dark reality that “NO HELP IS COMING FROM THE WEST” and “THEIR SALVATION IS IN THEM, BY THEM, AROUND THEM AND FOR THEM”. Once again let this paper reiterate that the interpersonal interactive perspectives of the West are built on a system of racism, fascism and its baby, imperialism. The dying West has, is and will forever remain all of the three mentioned above. No medicine can cure this ailed disease of theirs. They are eternally doomed with it and cannot help it.


It’s always said that identifying a problem is half solving it. Therefore, since it’s known as mentioned above that the problems of Africa are both endogenous and exogenous, a couple of measures should be taken to address them real quick so that generations to come, do not enter into this mess. The endogenous and exogenous causes are discussed in the solutions below but emphasis shall be made more on the endogenous problems;

Firstly, the African Union must strive to be independent and seek to address the problems of Africans independently without looking up to the West for intervention. For as long as the African Union cannot address its own problems, no African state except they follow the path of North Korea, can rise up to greater security and equality. The exogenous and endogenous problems of Africa are greatly reflected in the problems and incapacities of the African Union. It appears the African Union does not have a mastery of its own terrain, somewhat explaining the duress in its inefficiency and ineffectiveness. The endogenous problems consists of the fact that the African Union until now, is unable to finance its own projects, carry out successful peace keeping operations and solve pressing problems such as in Somalia, North of Mali, South Sudan, The Central African Republic, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast. The crisis management skills of the African Union until now seem to be dependent on the despotic West that decides what must be the outcome of every problem. The African Union has also been unable to throw out the French attachés from the Central Banks of the Regional African Economic Communities such as CEMAC, UEMOA and the Bank of Comoros. This is despicably appalling. Consequently, fourteen African countries are still under the economic enslavement of France that also benefit in return from their American godfathers.

No! Africans have the capacity to free themselves if they choose to. For as long as this continues they shall never have a proactive African Union that can use the immeasurable capacities and huge mineral deposits of Africa as a strong hold for unity in diversity. On the external point of view, the exogenous problem simply consists of the imperialist intrusions of the West who use the money they give to the African Union as bait to keep it to its feet.

What Africa needs at this troubling time is an African Union that is strong, vicious, and tenacious to foreign provocations and intrusion. A stubborn African Union that has its people at the epicenter of its operations and policies. An African Union that will painfully and patiently travail the path of managing its resources to grow wealth for the benefit of its denizens. An African Union that has a tireless tradition of practicing an emergency response to crisis with particular attention given to the sons of the soil who are expert crisis management experts. An African Union that will allow no foreign power to come in and kill or abduct one of its sons on African soil as it was the case with Laurent Gbagbo and Muammer Gaddafi, just recently. The long awaited African Criminal Court must not only be ratified but must get to work in order to address leadership crisis in the continent which make up one of the constituent reasons for conflicts in Africa. The best example for an escalating crisis only four years after the declaration of independence is South Sudan.

In an attempt to boost the self dependent ability of the African Union which is also a daring step to make this dream come true, Robert Mugabe, the veteran Pan Africanist donated the sum of 1 million US Dollars to the African Union in 2017 to help it finance its own projects and stop begging from outside vampires. This is a great step and a good example set for other African presidents to follow. But the question is how many will follow in his steps? As usual in the life time of such revolutionary leaders, many African presidents arrogantly enshroud themselves in the majesty of their palaces until such a one dies and they are faced with the very fights they ignored. A close example to cement this was the concept of the United States of Africa that was developed by the late Muammer Gaddaffi. At as that time nobody paid attention to his sermons for a United Africa and the quest to create an African Monetary Fund. It was only after his death that the African Union meeting in an extraordinary General Assembly in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, in 2014 adopted a series of laws that decided the protocol of the African Monetary Fund with headquarters to be in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the African Criminal Court with headquarters to be in Abuja, Nigeria.

One may ask why they had to wait until after Gaddaffi’s death to make this move. If the entire Africa had come together as early as 2006 when he started this suggestion and in 2010 when he officially declared it in Kampala, Uganda, at the African Union General Assembly, things would have taken a different turn in Africa. Consequently, he wouldn’t have died mercilessly in 2011, there wouldn’t have been Ebola in 2014, and there wouldn’t have been the mass deaths of many Africans in the Mediterranean who try to pass through Tripoli to Italy. When Gaddafi was in power, these Mediterranean crosses were very limited and very risky because there was no need. His country Libya was an “Eldorado”. If the African Union had acted in response to Gaddafi’s call for a United Africa, then by now there would have been many independent satellites of Africa, his dream of a currency of African states controlled by Africans would have been on its way to actualization. Instead, his proposal was met with disgust and remorse. Sarrah (2010) reported that Gaddafi has been pushing for an African unity government for years, saying it is the only way Africa can develop without Western interference, but many African states say the idea is impractical and would encroach on their sovereignty”.

Notwithstanding, the major problems of the African Union can be summarized as follows:

  • Resolve armed groups
  • Armed leaderships, and
  • Independently finance its projects and address the belligerent leadership (dictators) issues.

It’s amazing how in the last 10 years Turkey under Recep Tayip Erdogan has become so powerful and authoritative in the world stage to not only protect their interests but to also join Kuwait, The European Union and The USA as financial support of the African Union. It’s very sad to note that despite the rich, youthful and mineral capacities of the African continent, its states are sarcastically devoid of progress. With money coming from these countries, it’s difficult for the African Union to make the necessary diplomatic offenses against them when offended. Their money serves as a humiliating and humbling point where the African Union can only grumble and stay. What a shame!

Other serious concerns which remain unattended to by the African Union at a rather professional level because their persistence exuberantly encroaches the African peace include; the security crisis in Congo, the unrepentant and failed state political dissentions in The Central African Republic, the tooth aching Tuareg expansion in the North of Mali, the stateless state of Somalia, and the developments in the Horn of Africa precisely from the crisis in Yemen all threaten the entire region as well as the conspicuous Gulf of Guinea. The geopolitics in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Guinea is so particular that the absence of expert analysts preferably of African origin, who can do the job without bias, under the auspices of an independent African Union, threatens the power equation of the continent. As such it is feared that if things get really bad, it may result to the collapse of the territorial integrity of states which lead to a power vacuum. A few states in Africa are eloquent examples of the danger of domestic power vacuums most of which have a direct impact on the entire regional block. They consist of the Central African Republic, The Democratic Congo and Somalia. If much care is not taken the existential threats in the North of Mali, Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria republics will destabilize the entire Lake Chad Basin. From water and human security challenges to the devastating religious rife stapled by the respective Tuareg and Boko Haram extremists, this region is bound to break if the necessary counter terrorist measures, empirical crisis management and unbiased conflict resolution mechanisms are by-passed. With very porous borders and ill-equipped militia who cannot maintain the territorial security of their states, the threat of poaching orchestrated by Sudanese poachers adds more salt into the already salty soup. More so, as Africa continues to see the debilitating consequences of a power vacuum in the aforementioned countries, but most especially Somalia, a country subjected to statelessness by civil war, it must needs learn the lesson from the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1990 which led to the declaration of the independence of Somaliland in 1991 and Puntland in 1998. In addition, the rise of radical Islam is already a clear exposition of threat because for some time; radical Muslims benefiting from the weak boarder control between Mauritania and the North of Mali, (the Tuareg) North of both Nigeria and Cameroon, have built a garrison over large hectares of land between the two countries from where they stage their offensives. The results are apparent, the government of Mali has lost some of its political legitimacy over that area and regaining it is a constant clash of force between the Malian army and the insurgents. Similarly, and as mentioned above the militant groups, Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and Niger, Chad and Cameroon, and Al Shabaab in Somalia are a direct threat to regional peace and security. Moreover, they make up a real test to the African Union that must prove its worth to the entire continent as a regional organ enlarged with the capacity to deliver the goods of peace and security in record time.

The second solution lies on the fact that Africans must learn to trust each other as well as patronize home made products. The interpersonal communication between African states as well as the sensitization of the public about projects aimed at fostering development and the upgrading of education and technology must be devoid of ego, power and the arrogance. Most of which is centered about who has close ties with Paris, London or Washington. Africans must go past that and create an independent African identity, and antique, by which to relate with each other. The valorization of home made products and the networking of essential modes of communication between states will enhance a better regional interpersonal chemistry. By these it will be easy for states to interdependently develop and manage long term projects that will bring about sustainable development, mutual understanding, economic development and a strong diplomatic prowess. The military capacity of African states will also undergo a drastic change with the necessary equipments and ammunitions “made in Africa by Africans”. The rapid economic development that will follow will beget the creation of commissions that will be equipped with the autonomy to do their job without the inferences of other greedy states. Under the banner of unity and mutual help a conducive atmosphere will be created to help weaker states grow. These weaker states will find the right assistance to build the technological platforms needed whereby, the minerals and resources of Africa will be mined and exploited exclusively by home based African companies, controlled by African trained engineers from African universities. The corresponding results will be that the raw materials will be locally transformed and under the cover of a reliable African Union, they will only sell to the West as finished goods.

In a paraphrase, the yolk of the West can be broken if these simple holes are locked up and Africans develop the attitude of looking within them. When Africans start trusting Africans imperialism will die and the yolk of the West will be unrepentantly broken. This research believes that these simple steps could lead African states to develop a political culture whereby they independently dictate the outcomes of their interactions with the racist and imperialist West. However, hiding under the wings of the ‘mighty African Union’, a strong and viable regional organisation with an army and diplomatic missions around the world in deterrence to the European Union, they can fix and impose their own prices on the international community in order to balance the power.

Thirdly, as Africans wake up to this reality and take care to address their dream of an independent and prosperous Africa which can stand up, with the unflinching capacities of measuring up with the rest of the world, apathetic surrogate presidents who are Western instruments of oppression must be dealt with mercilessly. The Mao Zedong type of revolution that should sweep across Africa must be free from tribe or clan ties. Anyone who serves as a puppet machine of regression must be taken out alive or dead. Africa must be free!

Moreover, it has been observed lately by great minds that the bible, not bad in itself, is increasingly becoming a weapon of mental slavery. Hitherto, elements of fake gospels and brainwashing backed by selfish interests through the preaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ should be met with Godly policies of no repentance.  The strong arm of the law though tempering justice with mercy, must advocate for a strong justice and equality for all paying attention to every possible loop hole of mental enslavement. It should also push through with policies of a strong cultural revolution whereby the African people will be able to find their way back to the land of their ancestors. African historians laying aside the imperialist history of Africa must highlight references to those days when the African modernity meant a lot to Africans and where traditional rights and values did not know anything like homosexuality, bestiality, etc. Some elements of Africa’s rich antique religions and culture must be brought back in order to save the lost indigenous African identity. It’s high time for some elements of progressive backwardness with regards to Africa’s Cultural Revolution. The Chinese did it and it works for them meaning it’s possible anywhere else.

Fourthly, the rule of law and meritocracy must become an ardent policy with the constitution respected and not just regarded by the kleptocracy as a text book that can be revised at will and for the welfare of some despot. Solution three must have addressed such leaders by now. New constitutions unique to Africans, for Africans, and by Africans, which address the vast ethnic and cultural diversity of African states must be written with inspiration and consideration drawn from the recommendations and researches of African minds. African scholars of a distinguished reputation, who understand the African times, who uphold the Pan African dream and have invested heavily on it, must be celebrated to head the commissions assigned to discharge this exercise. The current constitutions which are simply a pagination of the West must be annihilated and burned. A typical example of a Western determined worm-like constitution is the constitution that Britain handed down to Nigeria in 1960 prior to the declaration of independence. Though some modifications and amendments might have been made just like the constitution of Cameroon which has been amended many times such as in 1961 which unified  the two Cameroons, 1972 which reunified the two Cameroons, abolished the federal system and marked the beginning of a United Cameroon, 1974 which created the post of Prime Minister in defiance to the already existing position of vice president under the unitary government, 1979 which made the Prime Minister the constitutional heir of the presidency and overtly abolished the vice presidency without a referendum, 1984 which abolished the unitary state of Cameroon, and 1996 which created the higher House of Representatives and the policy of decentralization. Lastly, in 2008 the most outrageous amendment which took away presidential term limits making the incumbent president, Paul Biya, president for life.

An important question to ask is how much of the Nigerian, Cameroonian; etc multiethnic diversity does their constitutions address and what is the quantity of the patriotic effervescence they bequeath? The Americans, French, Brazilians, British, Ghanaians are proud of their countries because their constitutions give them some level of security and assurance of a better tomorrow. If such is not the case with those of other African countries like Cameroon where the constitution was amended to suit the will of the regime, and in Burkina Faso where Blaise Compaore tried to modify the constitution in 2014 but failed and was ousted. More so, The Rwanda of Paul Kagame is similar with the latter who has been in power since 1994 as vice president but officially as president in 2000. He was able to modify the constitution in 2015 allowing him to remain president till 2034. Furthermore, the Museveni regime of Uganda in power since 1986 tries hard to amend the constitution in order to run for another term. Recently, the Faure Gnassingbe regime of Togo amid violent unrest and clashes between denizens and the military has tried to amend the constitution to rule in perpetuity like his father who ruled from 1967-2005. If the constitutions of these countries and many others not mentioned do not give the citizens a sense of belonging or a reason to be proud of their country, then they are useless. Furthermore, they must be cast into the bin or trampled underfoot by the citizens with a much better one free from Western influence sought to replace it. Moreover, it can be strongly asserted that the current constitution of African states most of which were simply handed to them upon their cosmetic declarations of independence, are nothing void of a repressive mechanism of the West.

In addition, policy advisers and experts in other fields of importance needed to address the pressing African issues must be Africans. More so, only Africans should occupy the top administrative and executive positions in all socioeconomic and political organisations regardless of their relationship with the West. Like the Turkish who have the culture of giving leadership positions only to their citizens, irrespective of their feelings towards them, Africans must also adopt this political culture of entrusting their destinies in the hands of Africans. If they fail, then they fail together and if they succeed, then they succeed together. Hence, it must become a standard rule that everyone watches everyone’s back so that there shall henceforth, be no other victim-like Sékou Touré of Mali, Patrice Lumumba of The Democratic Republic of Congo, Sylvanus Olympia of Togo, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, David Dacko of the Central African Republic, Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, and recently Muammer Gaddafi of Libya. All the above mentioned, valiant sons of the African soil who watered the soil of Africa with their patriotic Pan African blood in an attempt to redeem their compatriots.  

Lastly, the North Korean style of leadership must spring up from an Africa managed by Africans with some if not all of the above mentioned solutions. The North Korean style of international relations is Africa’s only way out now. Enough of this perforating, self declared unprofitable  righteous and holy politics which brings Africans nothing short of sicknesses and diseases, oppression, backwardness, economic repressive meltdown, lack of respect, and remote controlled presidents who do nothing for their people. If as of now the North Korean leadership style is a farfetched idea, then a revised form of the current Mugabe style and subsequently, the Putin and Erdogan-like leadership styles are highly indispensible. These leaders work hard for the integrity of their people and let no one talk down on their people. These are good leadership examples to emulate.

All criticisms are highly welcome.


Jesus Loves you and died for you on the cross (John 3:16)




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