Anglophone Crisis : Dead On Arrival

President Biya somehow has become a born again believer in dialogue hence dispatching his Prime Minister to go meet the same people who have been assaulted physically and psychologically with indelible prints of death and destruction.

Why should Paul Biya be taken seriously? Why should any anglophone give PM Yang an ear? Families in the North West and South West Regions are mourning, some with relatives in hospitals between life and death thanks to the instructions of the commander in-chief of the armed forces Paul Biya and that same Biya is asking anglophones to meet not even him but his errand boy? Really?????

If this is not induced "dialogue" why Biya only after ordering the torture of anglophones now realizes the need for dialogue? By the way how would Yang Philemon be meeting those he and his ministers have called dogs, thugs and terrorists? The president's envoys should be ignored wherever they go in the English-speaking regions not because there isn't a need for dialogue but because Biya's call for peace is nothing more than the peace that must exist between the lion and the goat. To Paul Biya peace means anglophones must accept subjugation by the francophone majority as a way of life. That is unacceptable.

If Biya truly wants peace, peace must be an offshoot of justice. Any dialogue must be preceded by the unconditional release of those detained, amnesty for those in exile and soldiers who committed atrocities publicly tried, both governors of the South West and North West Regions and Senior Divisional Officers sacked. Finally any meaningful dialogue must be between Paul Biya and anglophone leaders with no ties to the CPDM. Sending Yang Philemon, CPDM polit-bureau or Central Committee members out is nothing more than mission-allowance driven trips tagged as a crusade for dialogue. Anglophones are too smart to be tricked this time.

If the Yang mission is Paul Biya's idea of dialogue his message will be dead on arrival.

Divine Nchamukong

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