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After Suffering 3 Casualties in 2 Days, Restive Mezam SDO Slams 2 Weeks Curfew On Mezam.

Bemused by the turn of events, the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, ‪ Pierre René Songa, has slammed a two weeks curfew in his area of command spanning from Thursday, November 9 to Thursday, November 23, 2017

On Monday, November 6, 2017, CPDM lackeys and sycophants in all the 10 Regions of Cameroon rolled out jubilation drums to celebrate their supreme leader, Paul Biya for reigning for 35 uninterrupted years

with impunity.
They outlined the preservation of peace, construction of roads, schools, hospitals, stadia, damps and other giant development projects as the hallmarks of the New Deal Government.
Despite the numerous pontifications and praise singing for Biya as being the all and all in Cameroon’s development, these are the stack realities of Cameroon’s 35 years under the Biya regime.

Media reporters have gone wild that in French Cameroun that President Paul Biya has issued international arrest warrants against some 15 unnamed Anglophone activists.

According to reports from Le Jour Newspaper and other leading French Language News paper, the international warrants have been dispatched already for the various diplomatic missions to scrupulously carry out the President’s instructions to the letter.

The international arrest warrants, the media reporters further sustain, have been triggered by the lingering Anglophone Crisis.

Even though Le Jour Newspaper and the others have not categorically state exactly when the warrants were issued, they however suggest that the plans were immediately hatched after the pro-independence peaceful demonstrations in major cities of the North West and South West Regions on September 22 and October 1, 2017.

The warrants, according to our findings, were supposedly issued after some Government officials held talks with some anonymous Western nations. Though the suspects have not been named, rumours hold that the Southern Cameroons’ Governing Council (SCACUF) President' Sissiku Julius and Tassang Wilfred are on the list.

Reports say there's a fresh order for further militarisation of the North West region of Cameroon following the alleged murder of two gendarme officers on Tuesday night breaking Wednesday.

Cameroon-Info.Net reports that the officers were brought down by bullets from unidentified individuals, believed to be 'Anglophone activists.'

David Sallé was shot at the Southern entrance into Bamenda while on duty meanwhile René Hinma received the fatal bullet at a school in the Bayele neighbourhood, reports say.

The murderers are believed to be on the run.

This follows the killing of another gendarme officer in Jakiri on Monday.

The woes of Anglophones in Cameroon were further compounded over the weekend, when two of their soccer flag bearers in the 2017 Cup of Cameroon semi finals were humiliated and boated out of the competition.

After a torrid 2017 in the political, social, academic, judicial and economic spheres, many Anglophones took solace in sports to soothe their excruciating pains as the only two clubs West of the Mungo viz: Victoria United aka OPOPO of Limbe in the South West Region and Young Sports Academy (YOSA) of Bamenda in the North West sailed through to the semi finals of the competition.


As the two clubs took to the green turf over the weekend in Douala, many Anglophones were upbeat that one of the clubs in the former West Cameroon will make it to the final, even if it meant helping the Government to drum her one an indivisible political rhetoric during the final of the competition that will be hosted at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium.  

That was however not the case for Anglophone clubs as their journey to the final of the tourney was scuttled by two uncompromising teams from the Littoral Region.

On Saturday, November 4, Victoria United aspirations of reaching the Cup of Cameroon’s final for the first time came to a premature end when they were thumped 2-0 by New Stars FC of Douala.

After their spectacular victories over Feutcheu FC of Ndjiko in the 8th finals and Racing of Bafoussam in the 1/4 finals, many fans of OPOPO were already celebrating a place at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium for the final of the competition before their match against New Stars FC was played. But the Victoria boys failed to live up to expectation.

Despite the team’s elimination, OPOPO made history in the Cup of Cameroon’s anals as it became the first team in the South West Regional League to reach the semi finals of the Cup of Cameroon.

The team also equalled the 2016 record of FC Internationale of Yaounde to be the second Regional League team to be eliminated from the prestigious tournament at the semi finals.

Meanwhile, despite savouring a back to back victory over UMS of Loum in the just ended Cameroon Pro-League, Yong Sport Academy of Bamenda, on Sunday, November 5, failed to replicate their soccer hegemony over the Loum based team as they were thrashed 2-0 in Douala.

The 2017 Cup of Cameroon final will therefore be an all Littoral Regional affair as New Stars FC will battle it out with UMS of Loum for the trophy, while YOSA and OPOPO will have to go back to the drawing board.


Cameroon’s Head of State, Paul Biya, is fast becoming animmortal in the country’s political chronicle.

Before  1945, very few would have imagined that the then green Biya would go on to establish himself as one of the country’s political patriarchs, given his rather humble, and at best, poor background.

But out of the doldrums of Mvomeka'a in the South Region of Cameroon, rosea pious and a shrewd political strongman.

Biya’s leap to political prominence,despite his economic asphyxiating background, was not a surprise to many.

At the tender age of seven, Biya already exhibited glimpses of a veritable future Statesman, when he left one of his French tutors on tenterhooks with his intellectual ingenuity at Catholic Mission School Ndem.

Astounded by the wits of such a broke native fellow, Biya’s French tutor decided to design a destiny and pathway for the egg-headed native son of Mvomeka'a to serve in God’s vineyard as a priest.

At 14,Biya’s politico-religious cornerstone was laid when he was admitted to the Edea and Akono Junior Seminaries, which were hitherto run by the ‘Saint Esprit’Fathers.

While at the seminary, Biya was formed in body, mind and spirit; a holistic formation that won him a place at the Lycee General Leclerc in Yaounde and subsequently admission into the prestigious University of Paris, where he read Law and Political Science.

Despite efforts made by Biya’s French tutors in mapping out a pathway for him into the sacred priesthood, God had a different destiny for the Lawyer cum Political Scientist. 


After his graduation in Paris, Biya returned to Cameroon in 1962 and joined President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s Government as an official in the Department of Foreign Development Aid, a sensitive Department in Ahidjo’s monocracy which reported to him directly.

Under Ahidjo, Biya served in several capacities, viz: Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency, Secretary General at the Presidency, Minister of State and Prime Minister in 1975.

The young, handsome and intellectually gifted Biya finally succeeded Ahidjo on November 6, 1982, following the latter’s resignation.

Biya’s ascension into the supreme magistracy of Cameroon was greatly facilitated by his priestly formation.

Many Cameroonians acclaimed his rise to power andbasked in the euphoria that he will govern with a tender heart of a Catholic Priest, after having undergone the formation, though without donning the cassock.

As the young, handsome and enigmatic Biya swept millions off their feet into Cameroon’s Unity Palace, early comparisons between the novice-priestly-formed Biya and his Moslem brute- predecessor Ahidjo went viral.

As if to make more political gains from the raging comparisons and lure sceptics into his political fold, Biya, true to his pious formation, propounded and predicated his political philosophy on Rigour and Moralisation.

Cameroonians went wild in ecstasy, referring to the new leader as the new Mosses,who has come to rescue them from Ahidjo’s Egypt.

Before the Rigour and Moralisation furnace could die down, Biya, through his Government stocked the embers again, this time, liberalising the church and granting freedom of worship to all Cameroonians.

The ululations that greeted this New Deal administrative move were enormous. Religious sects and denominations sprouted up inall nooks and crannies of the triangular territory and are still mushrooming today. To religious fanatics, Biya was nothing short of a supreme world leader, sent by Yaweh himself.

Meanwhile, in his 35 years’ stewardship as Cameroon’s President, Biya has invited two Popes in three papal visits. The first Pope to visit Cameroon was Pope St. John Paul II first in 1985 and then in 1995. In March 2009, another Pope, Benedict XVI visited Cameroon.

Despite Biya’s steadfastness to his religious formation in his 35 years’ plutocracy, it is under the octogenarian’s rule thatthe highest pogrom on religious leadersin Cameroon has been committed.

His most cherished Rigour and Moralisation doctrine that was propounded on the basis of his religious formation has been bedevilled by rampant corruption and the unbridled embezzlement of public funds.

However, after 35 years of his ascension to the supreme magistracy of Cameroon, Biya can aptly be described as Cameroon’s pious political strongman of his generation.



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