Bamenda: Victim of police brutality convocated for refusing bribe

Franco-Cameroun govt agents issue "convocation" order to Lady Citizen of the State of British Southern Cameroons, who refused receiving money for her silence on govt abuse and killing of citizens.
October 13, 2017

The LRP gov’t and agents are in Bamenda and Southwest threatening People whose relatives were shot dead or wounded that they should receive a small amount of money so as to stay quiet if the UN or Human rights commission comes to question them.
This lady was summoned to AYABA hotel in Bamenda. She went there and discovered the game going on and left in anger. She was later called on Phone to go back to the same place which she rejected. Later on Friday 13 Oct. she was served convocation to appear before the colonel at up station Bamenda.

Please, whatever we do, we know the devil we are dealing with. If you collect the bribe and stay quiet, next year they will come and shot another family member and still give you 10 or 50 000. The next person to be shot might be you. So, Denounce or reject this SCAM going on. NO amount of money is equal to the life of our brother lost.
It was noted that many fons have collected bribes to stay out of the struggle. Many other people are there working with the agents to identify other fellow citizens such as this lady whose phone number was used by the police to call her while she never gave to them, her this convocation was served to her through the office of her BOSS, meaning there is someone who is giving details about her to the agents.
If only the compensation was to be done, how much has the government allocated for this. Now it is to enrich the agents carrying on the compensation because they will give you any amount of money and you do not have to question or bargain. You are forced to sign under gun point and threatened with arrest if anything comes up. You enslave yourself more by collecting bribe to stay quiet about your relative killed by your enemy you are now eating with.
May the blood of the dead be on anyone who will collect money to hide anyone shot and killed in this struggle.

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Concord Essen

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