Draft constitution of Ambazonia published

Interim government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has published a draft constitution of its 'restored state'.

The draft constitution is available for comments and suggestions.  For now these are some of the highlights.

1. Official Language is English. Pidgin and other languages may be developed for official use.
2. Dual Nationality will be given under federal laws
3. There shall be three states and 13 counties
4. There would be three tiers of government ( Federal, States and Local Government)
5. Three states will be known as Equitorial States with capital in Kumba, Midland states with capital in Widikum and Savannah states with capital in Kumbo.
6. Federal Capital will be in Buea, Federal Economic Capital will be Bamenda and Federal Judicial Capital will be in Mamfe.
7. Nation will be headed by President elected through direct suffrage
8. Prime Minister Head of Government will be elected from the Federal assembly
10. States government headed by Elected Governors
11. Local government represented by county municipalities and elected mayors
12. Traditional rulers shall not engage in partisan politics
13. President and PM shall have shared executive powers in times of crisis to employ the military to intervene
14. PM shall appoint secretary of states and their deputies
15. President shall be symbol of national unity
16. President shall not be elected based on party affiliation. He or she is a symbol of national unity. Only Ambazonians between 35 to 70 yrs of age shall be eligible to run for President.
17. Presidential term of office shall be five years renewable once.
18. Every Ambazonian aged 18+ after graduation must do 12 months military service as a reserve soldier of the nation.
19. Political parties shall be prohibited from operating on tribal or regional lines. Political parties must align with any of the ideologies: Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals
20. Religious liberty shall be granted with an inter church council to check unacceptable religious practices.
21. And much much much more.

Mark Bareta

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