MoRISC releases blistering report of atrocities caused upon the people of the Southern Cameroons

MoRISC releases a blistering and detail 20 page report of the atrocities being caused upon the people of the Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia titled TEARS, JOY & CARNAGE

And in a surprise move and for the first time; MoRISC in the very first paragraph of this report has officially endorsed a total name change of the Nation from Southern Cameroons to AMBAZONIA.

With field report contributions from Tabe Napo, Ntumguia Ralph, John Ful, James Fru, Elvis Ngomba, Tanya Chi, and additional research by Innocent Chia, Vyviane Mbanwie, Catherine Nformangum, Sy Ambe, Jude Ozughen, Lambert Mbom, and Jude Ambe, the venerated spokesman of MoRISC Boh Herbert has with his strong team painfully and meticulously researched and has now put on paper a powerful document detailing all the carnage caused by the brutal regime upon Ambazonians as they joyfully and peacefully moved towards the restoration of their independence and are now in the stage of defending it. MoRISC by he sheer detail of this report has now cemented into all future Ambazonian history books the first official document put together by us Ambazonians as we seek to tell the world of the genocide ongoing in our sovereign nation. This is the type of document the United Nations Human Rights Commission will be needing to have on its table as they meet this Monday and Tuesday in Geneva to discuss the situation in the Cameroons. This is the type of documentation La Republique du Cameroun will never want to see the light of day.

Ambaflashpoint has also gathered that the legal team of the Governing Council is also in the process of putting together a similar type of document for use towards all legal moves against the government of Paul Biya as well as against specific persons. After going through the entire 20 pages of this fine document, Ambaflashpoint would like suggest that the legal team of the Governing Council should take advantage of this ready document and immediately liaise with MoRISC so as to coalesce all efforts as our Nation fights back against one of the only post colonial Colonialist regime of Yaoundé.

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