Pioneer activist Mola Njoh Litumbe writes to the UN

An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General.
Dear His Excellency Mr. Antonio Guterres,
I hope this letter from London meets you in good tidings this morning.
In a Communique published, 28 September 2017, at the UN official website signed by Stephan Dujarric, your Spokesman, I have the pleasure and opportunity to address certain crucial issues contained therein.
The dialogue you propose and recommend is commendable. However, it is not possible to conduct a dialogue with a party that is bent on destruction and killings. This morning, I have obtained classified information that the military and the Police have crossed the international border at the Mungo and camped in Buea and its environs at this moment; shooting and killing unarmed civilians. I would like to draw your attention to the historical fact that the plebiscite of 1961 had no terms that included this infringement and abuses. I am certain that you know the terms of the UN Resolutions including the vote of the Southern Cameroons independence in 1961, and the declaration of 1 October 1961 as the Southern Cameroons Independence Day. As a result, and following gross violations of the territorial integrity of the Southern Cameroons, the people have no option but declare that state fully independent come 1 October, 2017 with or without dialogue. The following is that they will celebrate peacefully.

Now, you rightly refer to upholding the territorial integrity and unity of Cameroon as one of your objectives. You are correct. However, this can only be valid if the terms of the union of the Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun are still in place. To the best of my knowledge, those terms have been overwhelmingly violated by the other party, La Republique du Cameroun, who is a member state of your organisation, The UN. The state of Southern Cameroons and her people have done nothing to jeopardise that union. It follows, therefore, that the territorial integrity you may be referring to is the one that includes the member state, La Republique du Cameroun that gained her independence in 1 January 1960 and subsequently joined the UNO in September 1960. Presumably, we may recall that her borders end, and were delineated east of the Mungo River and Metazem. The consequences are that the present day regions referred to as the North-West and the South-West are not part of this territorial integrity in all absolute terms because they are a separate, independent and recognised international entity as aforementioned.
I will venture into crimes against humanity committed by the Paul Biya regime. It is my fervent view that the Cameroon Republic state criminals are prosecuted and charged at The Hague. More than once, the Southern Cameroons people have called on the UNO to intervene so as to stop these abuses but with little response. I would further like to remind you that the people have the right to self-defence. In their celebrations of 1st October 2017, they will be open to attacks by a barbaric and Apartheid occupational force who are armed to kill unarmed civilians. Most of these forces are trained to kill, and speaking in French, language which the people do not fully understand. This is my appeal for you to act now to stem this impending genocide. Knowing my people well, they will fight back with power to defend themselves if they receive unprovoked attacks by the forces that crossed into the Southern Cameroons. At such a stage, an intervention by the United Nations Organisation (UNO) may be rejected by the people with terrifying consequences as the people’s minds will be fully made up.
I hope that this letter reaches youin good time, and that you act with all urgency to preserve peace and stability before the Southern Cameroons people take matters into their own hands.
Mola Mbua

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