Today the 1st of October 2017,much heralded as the day for the restoration of the Sovereignty of Southern Cameroons

As stupendously stupid as our purported Governors and ministers of Defence, Communication and the secretaries of internal security and Jamjamarie are,instructions were given that unarmed and non violent citizens of Southern Cameroon's be shot like dogs though unprovoked.
This uncalled for tyranny from scum bags whose mental IQ is zero because of the doubtful quality of educational formation.
How can two separate entities that came together in 1961 suddenly become one and indivisible?
Why did Biya single handedly alter the name of the Country from the United Republic of Cameroon into the original name obtained by French speaking Cameroon as of Independence.?
That unilateral act stupidly meant that the other part of Cameroon had become extinct or completely annexed, which Tantamount to robbery and outright fraud. 

Today is that turning point in the history of a nation built on the shores of Falsehood and falsification. Today marks an end to intimidation, threats, stupidity and cowardice from policeman, Jamjamarie elements,beast tagged BIR and Soldiers.
Today these rogues have learned frankly and most sincerely that no amount of threats and intimidation can deter a people whose will of iron can't be broken.
When Wirba Joseph declared on the rostrum of the now infamous House of Assembly that when the people of Southern Cameroon's shall rise, not even the French and Camerounese soldiers combined shall be able to stop them.
The military of countries is meant to safeguard territorial boundaries and integrity of nations but that of Camerounese are meant to crack the shine bones of unarmed civilians, maim them, murder them so that their occultist practice can strive. Unfortunately it has failed them all the time ever since this crisis began.
How many more people does the regime desire being maimed, slaughtered and arrested before it's sufficient for them to know that the people of Southern Cameroon's are resolute and bent to stay as a Sovereign people?
The UN Nations had connived with France and LA Republique Du Cameroun to commit another Rwandan style genocide.
The people of Southern Cameroon's collectively are one of the most industrious and intelligent community of people across West Africa.
Today they have demonstrated that tyranny and tyrants can be fought and defeated without resulting to the use of arms,rather by the use of diplomacy and the excessive use of the pen,which I'd mightier than the Sword as opined by Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous French rogue expansionist.
Napoleon Bonaparte opined this after meeting his Waterloo at the battle of Waterloo against a robust British General whose ordinary missive back to the British Parliament ended a rich military career in frustration.
Thus will be the frustrating end of a regime that thought the world was in its palm and its weight on its shoulders.
The bodies that are slain today across the Southern Cameroon's are a very strong indication that the Biya's regime does not take instructions from the United Nations. Its Savage soldiers,Colonial Governors,Senior Division officers as well as Divisional officers must be held like their counterparts in Rwanda during the genocide for the carnage caused the people of Southern Cameroon's.
The happenings of today mark a new chapter in the history of Southern Cameroon's just like the declaration of America's independence in 1876 ushered in a new chapter and era for the sovereign people of the United States of America. 

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Concord Essen

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