Top UN Official Confirms A Possible Independent Southern Cameroons

A long-serving UN official has confided in National Telegraph that Southern Cameroons has the right to be an Independent Country. While insisting we withhold his identity, the diplomat however hinted that procedures must be followed. He explained to National Telegraph's Editor-in-chief, Eric Tataw that Southern Cameroons must follow the Montevideo Convention. He went on that as at now, Southern Cameroons is already on track with this Convention adopted in 1933 on the Rights and Duties of States.

He further told National Telegraph that the Convention requires Southern Cameroons must declare it's intentions which she did on October 1, 2017. He however added that a referendum is imperative. Our interviewee again remarked that according to the Convention, the seceding country must belong within clearly defined boundaries with a permanent population, this to him, Southern Cameroons already has.

Another remarkable revelation is that as country wishing to secede, Southern Cameroons must have a government as he cites the Southern Cameroons Interim Government as a commendable step. He however added that such a government must canvass for friendship and get into relationship with other sovereign states so that each recognizes her at their discretion.

Our source stated firmly that Southern Cameroons has all it takes from the authenticity of its History, Maps and Boundaries to secede from the Republic of Cameroon. He however noted that the UN doesn't have the authority to recognise a state while highlighting that Southern Cameroons must start the process itself by first and foremost sending to the UN an application letter plus a declaration showing will to respect the UN Charter.

He further told National Telegraph that the application letter and declaration will be followed by a review of the Security Council before the 193 members of the General Assembly would vote with a two-thirds majority for Southern Cameroons to be admitted and recognized.

He then cornered National Telegraph that reports from Amnesty International and other media reports on a somewhat Genocide going on in the area, number of detainees, the Refugee situation as shown by Nigerian authorities and reports of militarization, amongst others are exactly like the case of South Sudan before she gained Independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011.

He ended that Southern Cameroons has a fine and perfect case but must follow procedure and Independence will follow, adding that Southern Cameroons residents have a great role to show resistance to continuously echoe their case to the UN and other countries as a people who want sovereignty.

Eric Tataw, National Telegraph, USA.

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