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Militants of the National Alliance for Democracy and Progress better known in its French acronym as ANDP have taken a firm resolution to fight for the repatriation of the mortal remains of Cameroon’s erstwhile President, Ahmadou Ahidjo.

The militants adopted the resolution in Yaoundé on Saturday, November 4, 2017, during the party’s convention.

They also resolved to compete in the forthcoming Legislative, Senatorial and Municipal elections.

Speaking at the Convention, the ANDP National President, Hamadou Moustapha, said he had predicted the Anglophone Crisis in Kumba, Southwest Region, during a party conclave in 2008.

He said he told the Government that it “has the supreme duty to take care of all and without discrimination because the two Anglophone entities have specific problems, which required appropriate and urgent solutions.”

Going by the ANDP President, the situation escalated when Common Law Lawyers took to the streets, boycotting court sessions and clamouring for the Common Law Legal System.

“Teachers also joined the lawyers by abandoning classrooms thereby leaving children on the streets a few weeks to examinations.”


Hamadou Moustapha bemoaned that some unruly politicians took advantage of the situation and instituted ghost towns, while vandals also took advantage to stir up trouble by setting public and private property ablaze.

“In short, chaos set in, evil-minded persons called for secession and the creation of an independent State of Ambazonia,” he said.

 “To politicians advocating for secession, Cameroon will not back track. Our country is one and indivisible and those who will try to divide it will also face the law.

“But the problems of these two Anglophone Regions are many, complex, varied and required concrete and lasting solutions.”

He urged President Paul Biya to pursue dialogue with Anglophones of good faith to find ways and means of bringing back peace and serenity in the two Regions.

Speaking about Boko Haram, Hamadou Moustapha asserted that the sect has been taking refuge in Islam to perpetrate evil.

“In reality, this sect is more political because it has no concise Islamic Ideology. But its objective is clear, to establish a caliphate”, he explained.

On the party’s activities, the ANDP President said they were there to brainstorm on ways of pooling the party’s resources to enable it discharge its mission with dignity.

“There is need for a deep reflection during this convention on this issue, because we must not forget that 2018 and 2019 will be election years, which will require substantial resources to invest our lists in the various elections,” he said.  


The two  chambers of parliament  are meeting on November 14, next week in ordinary session.

This information is contained in two press releases signed by the president of the Senate and the speaker of the National Assembly on Monday.

Parliament meets thrice a year in ordinary sessions in Cameroon. That's in March, June and November.


This meeting is coming when the stakes are high, especially at the backdrop of the Anglophone crisis.

What are the lawmakers going to tell the people?

Reports reaching Cameroon Concord say at least one gendarme officer has been murdered and two others injured in clashes with local masked men in Kumbo in the North West region of Cameroon.

Prime News reports that the clashes began when the masquerades went round to chase students out of classes, precisely at GTHS Kumbo.


It's reported that the masquerades make routine parades around schools, chasing students from classes.

Kumbo is heavily militarised now, reports say.

This is a continuation of the Anglophone crisis.

I have kept my mouth shut on our brother's activities from May 9, 2015 because I thought we all had a commitment to the common goal of rescuing the Southern Cameroons National Identity.

My realization that International Civil Society Organizations are adroitly pursuing the British and French longstanding policies against Southern Cameroons has prompted me to stop cushioning undercurrents.

After writing what I am forwarding to you, I called Chatham House and was connected to their Africa Program. The person I spoke to did not sound convincing. I encourage you to mobilize our people in London and confront the debate with questions that will bring out the truth of our case and how pseudo-Leaders are trading with it.

Thank you


Criticized for years by market analysts and experts, the presence of two stock exchanges in an economic community was considered as an embarrassment and the actual manifestation of national selfishness.

Following the summit of the Heads of States of CEMAC on October 31, 2017, in Ndjamena, Libreville will not host the headquarters of the Central African stock exchange (BVMAC) anymore. The conference of Heads of States decided the transfer of the regional stock exchange, which up till now was in Libreville, to Cameroon’s capital.

At the same time, while the conference decided to keep the headquarters of the regional financial market regulator in Libreville and, move the headquarters of the regional stock exchange to Douala, it also appointed the Bank of Central African states as the central depository.  

This decision ends disputes between these two stock exchanges. Henceforth, stock market transactions will take place In Douala. This should grow the market and encourage companies which were reluctant to list on the stock exchange.


Foxnews: President Trump announced Wednesday that he will ask Congress to scrap the 1990s Diversity Immigrant Visa program, through which the New York City terrorist entered the U.S.

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, yelled "Allahu Akbar" and ran a truck into bikers and pedestrians on Tuesday afternoon near lower Manhattan's West Side Highway, killing 8 and injuring at least 11.

The visa program, also known as "diversity lottery" was spearheaded by Sen. Chuck Schumer, whom Trump blasted on Twitter earlier today for his role in it.

"Diversity lottery. It sounds nice. It's not nice," the president said to reporters at the White House.

Trump added that he would "certainly consider" sending such terrorists to Gitmo.

He also reiterated that he is in favor of a "merit-based program" for visa approval.

"We're so politically correct that we're afraid to do anything," he stated, adding that chain migration reform bills are being stopped by Democrats because they are "obstructionists."

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