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Accused of involvement in the murder of the son of Rear Admiral Joseph Fouda(special adviser of President Paul Biya), Michael Feumba claims innocence and maintains that he is in prison for having found the phone of the deceased a few days after the murder.

Michael Tonkeu Feumba has cried for help from President Paul Biya, Justice Minister Laurent Esso, and human rights organizations.
Student[at a university] and teacher at a private college in Yaoundé, Michael has  been detained at the Kondengui Central Prison since April 29, 2015.
On April 14, 2015, the corpse of William Fouda was found very  early in the morning between rails not far from Yaoundé central town. William Fouda was a young soldier, aged 29, working with the Presidential Guard.

His right leg was mutilated while the skull was open.

A few metres from the scene, Michael said he had spotted  an empty phone without a battery nor a sim card on his way to the university  where he was studying.

In a message, Michael says he had given the phone to one of his younger brothers who fitted in the missing parts and had the phone going.

Michael relates that he was later arrested together with his father and two brothers by elements of the National Gendarmerie. He was told that the phone belonged to the murdered Fouda. After a few days of enquiry, they were released. But on April 29, 2015, he was summoned by the magistrate at a  magistrate court in Mfoundi for the murder of the son of Rear Admiral Fouda.

Michael reveals that the magistrate took FCFA 400,000 from his family to ensure his temporary release which has never materialised.

Since then, the young man has been appearing in court without a concrete end to his case.

The case has been adjourned severally for one reason  or another.
According to him, the last hearing was due for November 7, 2017 but he was not even taken out of prison.

" Is it a crime to lack someone who can defend you for being kept in prison for no reason? I know you will understand me well. I pray you come to my rescue," laments the young teacher.

It's a huge battle of networks currently going on in Douala where the extraordinary board meeting of Camwater is taking place. According to our sources,the current Minister of Water and Energy [Atangana Kouna] is working tooth and nail to maintain Roger Ondoua Akoa at the head of Camwater, replacing Jean William Solo who had revealed Atangana Kouna's  crooked connections with the Moroccan owners of CDE to Paul Biya.

But then Roger Akoa has not been accepted by Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, secretary of state at the presidency.

While on a visit to a dam in the North region yesterday, Atangana Kouna was summoned to Douala for an extraordinary board  meeting of Camwater.

Given that Roger Ondoua Akoa only came to Camwater in February 2016, there's every indication that the meeting is going to be tense.

As of now, our sources maintain that Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and Magloire Fouda want Roger to quit.



How Antangana Kouna wants to rob the state of FCFA 40 billion

To understand the ongoing war of networks[corruption] at the board meeting of Camwater, it's worth noting that Paul Biya  sent away CDE so that Camwater could equally ensure the supply of water , and Atangana Kouna, who is cited as one of the real owners of CDE, has been activating counter networks to block it for months now.

As a result, the merger failed. His right hand man, Roger, didn't show much interest in it, after all.

But then Atangana Kouna and his Moroccan friends were demanding FCFA 40 billion from the state for breach of contract. Yet CDE owes us some money. However, since the merger didn't work out, the contract is still valid and they continue to rob us.

Now the battle entails putting men at Camwater who will either obey Biya's instructions or work for Antangana Kouna's networks.

By the way, Antanga Kouna had planned a meeting in Douala in order to document a debt of FCFA 40 billion which Camwater owes CDE.

The war of networks is being fought in broad daylight, with the winners to be known soon. But what is certain , unless there's a last-minute U-turn, is that there will be a change at the Camwater. And the question is:with which men?


Soldier murdered in Bamenda, Cameroon

A  second class soldier of the 22nd motorized infantry battalion has been beheaded in Bamenda, reports say.

Yay Emmanuel was murdered and his gun taken away while on duty on Thursday night.


According to a source, the fallen soldier was on duty and had certainly gone out to buy food when he met with 'terrorists'.

This has brought the number of murdered  uniformed men to four in under a week in the North West Region of Cameroon.

In a press release made public today, the telecom company states that it is no longer commercially viable to resume activities in Cameroon.

It should be recalled that the Minister of Post and Telecommunications had together with the telecommunications and regulatory board of Cameroon, seized Vodafone’s license on September 14. E xplaining the suspension, the Minister had said the operator infringed the law governing operations of internet and wireless providers in Cameroon.


Since it’s September suspension, many Cameroonians who were affected by the decision had thought the company is carrying out talks towards restoring operations.

However, today’s press release signed by Antoine Pamboro, Afrimax Cameroon Executive Director,  comes as a hard hit to thousands of Cameroonians. The release indicates that the company stops operations with immediate effect and commends its staff, suppliers and customers for their support and enthusiasm.




Rumours in French Cameroon of possible international arrest warrants against some Anglophone separatists have not left retired Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine indifferent. On his timeline, the man of law downplays the likelihood of having the alleged warrants executed. This is what he says:

“…To secure the issuing of international arrest warrants as Cameroun has done is the easiest of things. To get the warrants executed and the suspects extradited much less. The following is a random cursory look at some of the hurdles to surmount.

Cameroun must prove the existence of extradition treaties with the host countries of those to be extradited. In the absence of such instrument, the matter could well just rest there. Even where such instruments do exist, their enforcement is subject to several inevitable considerations:


(1) Are those to be extradited of Camerounese nationality? It would be recalled that by the Camerounese nationality code, you automatically lose Camerounese nationality upon acquiring foreign nationality. And the moment you have a foreign passport, you are no longer Camerounese. Not too many countries would readily extradite their nationals or the nationals of third parties to Cameroun.
(2) The host countries would also examine the institutional judicial organistion. In all civilized judicial systems, military courts commonly called court martial do not try civilians. The situation in Cameroun being as it is, the host countries cannot assure themselves that those to be extradited would get fair and impartial trials within international norms.
(3) The crimes alleged committed must be criminal offences within the laws of the host countries. Applications for extradition are otherwise rejected.
(4) Some host countries sometimes do affirm that it is competent of their legal systems to hear and determine the “accusations” leveled against those resident within their borders.

Other considerations include the status of the persons concerned in international law. Where all the foregoing considerations are satisfied, the host countries would still invoke the status of the suspects. In international law, no refugee; no-one granted political asylum; no-one fleeing political persecution can be extradited.

Again, morality comes into play. Countries there are that have abolished the death sentence. No such country would extradite someone to Cameroun to be sentenced to death by a judicial system that has failed to prove its mettle before the international community. Let alone through fictitious judicial process by court martial.

If all is smooth and the host country grants the application to extradite, the interested party still reserves the right to fight the decision to extradite in the courts of the host country; and that includes the right to avail oneself of the right to appeal. In the result, this can take years –a decade or even more.

The chances of Cameroun succeeding have dwindled considerably by its own rogue conduct. It is a notorious fact that the world body (UNO), the Commonwealth, the Francophonie and others have all called for dialogue over and over again. Cameroun has ignored them consistently with cowboy grin. And the very Cameroun now turns to the member states of those very organizations to seek favours! The latter will simply invoke the principle of reciprocity in international diplomatic relations to turn down Camerounese requests.

One may daresay then that the Lord Chancellor Asshia Tshiroma did not counsel himself well. And that the legal advisers at the Presidency may have done their homework quite slightly lightly. The net result is that the hosanna about the issue of international arrest warrants may hopelessly end up like a high-sounding NOTHING.

Had we only been wise enough to heed the repeated calls for DIALOGUE!”

Lady shot dead in Bamenda, Cameroon

A young lady who was injured in an attack in the North West region of Cameroon on Tuesday night breaking Wednesday has finally passed on.
Janet Ngwafor was reportedly shot during the attack at a gendarme checkpoint in Bafut.

She died at a military hospital in Bamenda during the early hours of the afternoon, reports Cameroon-Info.Net.

In total three persons are reported dead in the attack, with two of them being gendarme officers.

It's not yet clear who shot these people.

But rumours hold that Anglophone activists advocating independence for Southern Cameroons are the masterminds.

Other sources believe that the Biya regime is behind the attacks which it is using as a pretext to oppress the people all the more.

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