Bat hunting, a new form of employment for the Bamenda boys

Bat hunting is the new occupation that keeps the Bamenda boys busy during this tempting period. The abakwa boys now spend time at up station shooting down bats for sale with their locally fabricated catapults.

They recount, ever since they abandoned school, nature has provided them with new ways of passing their time; hunting bats they say has been great as they are sometimes able to shoot as many as 50 per day.

"I shoot averagely 50 bats per day if I stay here for the whole day and I can shoot even more if I start early" says a young bat hunter.


Bats have also been a new source of income for the boys as the hundreds of people visiting or leaving Bamenda stop to buy one or two of the delicacy.

“Averagely we make between 10,000frs to 15,000frs CFA each from bat hunting every day” confirms a hunter.

"It is been long since I ate this. I cannot go back to Douala without getting some for my children. My children have never seen this and will be very happy when I show them" says a traveller.

Although the flying animals are plentiful now, hunters say they will soon disappear as the rains will increase. Nevertheless the hunters have vowed to wait until their prey returns again next season.

"When this batch will disappear, we will take appointment with them again next year, same time" says an overzealous young hunter.

Reports say, council officials may soon consider levying taxes on these bat hunters in view of the amounts of money they make on a daily basis.

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