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Horrifying video shows man dropping from electricity pole after being electrocuted as he attempts to rescue

A terrifying video shows a man dropping like a stone from an electric pole after being electrocuted.

The horrific footage, taken on a mobile phone, shows the man attempting to rescue seemingly lifeless individual who had been stock between cables.

The video shows two little boys supporting from beneath a ladder that had been place on the pole.At the top of the ladder was a grown up man who had been trying to grasp the individual who was trapped between the cables. Seconds into the clip, the were sparks of electric 'thuds'  and huge flashes of lightening. The individual on top of the ladder had been stroke by high tension electricity.

As it does, the man can be seen dropping about 5 meters from the pole as people watching scream in terror.The video first emerged on Youtube on April 10th 2016.It was posted by a user who claims the tragedy happened in Lagos-Nigeria.

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