Human Bones Sold for Heavy Cash In Africa

East African countries have witnessed an increase in the number of murder cases and assaults on albinos recently. Their bodies if found after a serious search is usually mutilated and those who survive end up  either losing their limbs or suffering deep scars on their body inflicted by their hunters seeking their body parts to sell which is a lucrative business for those seeking quick wealth in these east African countries.

Albinos in Malawi feel extremely insecure in their own homeland and prefer staying in mission premises or hospitals where it is difficult for men wanting them for their body parts for charms that bring fortune and good luck.

Rumours go that an arm of a live albino costs 3000 USD and that of an albino corps is 1500 USD; making it a highly lucrative business in this impoverished less developed country.


Beatrice Namvaleni lost her husband last year to this Albino killers who mutilated his body and went away with both his arms and legs, his body was later found six days after he was declared missing in neighbouring Mozambique. The government had to bury him under well mixed concrete block to avoid his corps being exhumed for his bones by the perpetrators of these acts.

“I could not recognize him again because his arms and legs were all gone and his body was already in an advanced stage of decomposition. I don’t know how I am going to manage with this four children, he was the father of the house and provided for their needs and fees. Now I can barely feed them and they have all dropped from school, I don’t know what their future will look like”

The government of Malawi is trying to bring this criminals to justice but some people say that some police officers who should be protecting the people are working with the criminals especially when an accused is arrested, they ask for heavy amounts of money from them to close the investigation and the poor people have no headway to bring this murderers to justice.

So is being an albino a curse? There is no peace while fighting to survive and even after death they still don’t have peace for men will still exhume their bones to sell.


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