Bamenda/Buea Strike: Pressure Mounts On Cameroon To Ivestigate Human Right Abuses By Security Forces

Molinge Henry Nyoki, international peace crusader who currently serves as the Central and West African Regional coordinator of the World Peace Initiative Foundation and the country representative of the African Youth Movement has called on the government of Cameroon to investigate the inhumane treatment and human rights violation on peaceful protesters by riot police officers in Bamenda and Buea during the twin protest that took place at the two English speaking regional capitals.

The peace crusader who until the Buea student protest was in Guinea Bissau where he was received at the Presidency had to cut short his trip after getting news of the gross human right violation of unarmed protesting students of the University of Buea by armed to the teeth irate riot police officers.

In a press statement sent to our South West Regional office and captioned “Human right abuse, a violation to Cameroon’s peace”, Prince Molinge Henry opined that with Cameroon being a signatory to several human right accords, the only way to redeem its image was for the government to open up investigations to ensure that the police officers found guilty of violating the rights of either the striking common law lawyers, teachers, students or the local population be brought to book.

“When did freedom of speech become a crime? Is violence and brutality the only means to manage a crisis?

Have the perpetrators of these acts of violence ever taken a second to look at the man in the mirror?

What if such pain was inflicted on you or your loved ones, how would you feel?

When there is an outcry, people need to be listened to in order to find a common ground through dialogue and not intimidation and abuse of human rights. That is a threat to peace!”a section of the statement read.

While calling on the government to maintain peace and restore the dignity of those brutalised by ensuring that the perpetuators are brought to book, he added that. “Note should be taken that the current strike action has different reasons as projected by the groups leading it but this all boils down to the fact that Cameroonians from the minority English speaking regions have been marginalized for over 60 years. All what is being asked is for better treatment. This strike should not be mistaken in any way as a battle between Anglophones and Francophones.

It is simply a cry by other children in the same house who need equal treatment from their parents-the government. Hence, as Cameroonians we prefer peace to war.” He however emphasised that the on-going strike actions is not in any way related to session as “there is no Anglophone or Francophone Cameroon but only one country-The Republic of Cameroon.” Molinge Henry who equally doubles as a prince of Upper Muea, a town considered as the economic hub of Buea, sounded a clarion call to Cameroonians of French origin to join in the struggled emphasising that it’s not an Anglophone matter but one that concerns all Cameroonians.

In a brief interview with this reporter upon his arrival in Cameroon Thursday December 1, 2016 he was categorical that the dignity of the English speaking Cameroonians needs to be restored and this can only be achieved if the government stops trying to supress the Anglophone voice but rather tries to listen to them. “What the government needs to do is to have more dialogues and not just dialogue but trying to see how it can address the problems rose by the various groups. But what is very pertinent and disturbing about this situation is the human rights abuses as so many people have been beaten, molested and their rights smashed to the mud. The government needs to take measures to address these situations.” He cried out.

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