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1) The more they call us Extremists , Terrorists the more we dig in to discover who we really are . And thanks to the Assimilation , we now understand perfectly our history , culture and who we really are .
2) The unity slogan of " cameroon is one and indivisible" has provoked us to understand better that there is no smoke without fire given room for research to know how that so loud unity came fruition . Now we understand we were an Independent State .
3) By disconnecting the Internet , we have learnt  a lesson of self-sustainance . Not even the disconnection of water , electricity would mean anything anymore to us.
4) For soldiers to display their tiny muscles and armoury to an unarmed People , we have only been empowered to fight on .

Just one southern cameroonian is capable of taking on five of La Republique's scouts .
You dare ? Lets go . One on One .
5) The lies that have been broadcasted on crtv has only made the southern Cameroonian believe that a chinese language tv/radio could even be more distracting than watching news or listening to crtv .
6) The more our children , fathers , mothers , Leaders are captured ,  tortured , gives us the bile and venom to be transformed leaders , fighters and guerrillas in our own right to defend ourselves and our loved ones . The "ready to die attitude" has been injected into system- dna .
Now that we know who we really are , and fully aware we cohabited with a disguised backstabber , wisdom has superseded mere knowledge .
Thanks to La Republique , we now understand that our fate lies in our own hands and noone else .
We can see clearly now the throughway to the Independence of Southern Cameroon thanks to the good work of La Republique Du Cameroun.

Concord Essen

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